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Bill Hader Slams Justin Bieber But Praises Justin Timberlake's SNL Skills! Watch HERE!

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bill hader howard stern show interview

He makes a good point, this one.

Bill Hader bid the Saturday Night Live audience goodbye on Saturday, following his final show. But the HIGHlarious comedian took a seat with Howard Stern yesterday and gave some insight into his years on SNL — including his thoughts on some of the guest hosts’ antics backstage.

On Justin Timberlake’s mad skillzzz, he said:

"He's great…Also, guy doesn't show up with anybody. It's just him."

Bill continued his praise of JT by comparing him to another Justin:

"Justin Bieber showed up with like 20 guys. And every time, backstage is a very small constructed place, he had a guy holding a slice of pizza, a guy holding a Diet Coke. You were trying to fight around all these people to get dressed. Timberlake, it was just him. He's a real class act, that guy."

Beliebers, are you out there?! Buuuurrrrn!

Ch-ch-check out Bill’s interview (below)!!

[Image via WENN.]

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25 comments to “Bill Hader Slams Justin Bieber But Praises Justin Timberlake's SNL Skills! Watch HERE!”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    Timberlake always seems like a pretty genuinely nice funny guy, who doesn't have his head stuck up his own a**. I think that's why he's remained so popular for so long a time, and has been able ot maneuver into so many facets of the industry. Bieber's issue is different, he seemed like a nice kid at first but theres all these people who blow smoke up his a** and he believes every word of it.

  2. G says – reply to this


    Re: fid – No JT just hides it better lol. JB get a few pointers from JT and learn to hide your asshole ways. Yes there have been stories about JT but they often get bury under the rug.

  3. 3

    Another reason I like Bill Hader. Telling it like it is! Justin Bieber is such a tool. I love watching Justin Bieber self destruct his own career.

  4. 4

    SNL sucks, hasn't been any good for years. who cares what this creep thinks

  5. 5

    There's no way a kid like Bieber can stay grounded with an entourage constantly yes-ing him to death.

  6. Natasha says – reply to this


    O for goodness sake. Ya'll jealous of Justin Bieber. He has it all - the looks, the talent, the money, the fame AND a genuine good heart. Jealousy makes people nasty …

  7. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Natasha – So I suppose you know him personally then? For one, he looks like Hilary Swank in 'Boys Don't Cry' and second, what talent? He's just another overproduced, talentless representative of what we still, unfortunately, call a music industry whom also happens to be a self-destructing brat of a child.

  8. LC says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous, why is everyone going HAM at Justin Bieber? He's a super rich kid put on a pedestal with no supervision, of course he'd act occasionally like a jackass. But other than that all he wants to do is music, and let's be real here there are way worse "artists" than him right now. The music industry is now a mixed garbage of autotuned lip-syncing bitches and computer robotic sounds.
    Comparing JT to JB was pointless, even the attitude ….. JT is completely out of JB's league.

  9. tasha says – reply to this


    Re: G – Not true. Every single person who REALLY knows JT have said the same thing about him as Hader. I've never seen one single person who really knows Timberlake that doesn't say he is the most humble unassuming nice person for someone who is such a superstar. I believe people who actually have met and know the person more then bloggers and tabloids who just make shit up. Bieber could definitely learn some real lessons in being humble and a genuinely nice person from Timberlake.

  10. 10

    classy 40 year old slamming a 19 yr old

  11. Geraldine says – reply to this


    Who compares JT to JB? They are both on way too different levels. JT is unbelievable. JB was okay for a while but then he just let the fame go to his head. However, JT will always be on top.

  12. ivan says – reply to this


    Timberlake is not in danger of being attacked as Justin is since he is now past the time he was called gay, untalented, girly voice, etc when he was Bieber's age. Also, remember, Bieber was almost kidnaped and killed by 2 guys arrested in N.Y.C. that's way he needs much security.

  13. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Wishing a young man to self destruct? You obviously hate this kid who has done nothing to you and of whom you know next to nothing.

  14. melissa says – reply to this


    wtf! are u serious? JB is a teenager talk about someone your own age.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yeah, the 19 year old kid has to learn to dump most of the hangers-on, who don't want to lettheir meal ticket stray too far out of their sight. Beiber generates INCOME.

  16. KylaD says – reply to this


    I don't hate Justin. I even bought his book as a gift to my niece when she graduated in elementary. But SNL with Justin Bieber was the worst episode for this season. He literally ruined SNL. And seriously, Justin Bieber have 20 dudes in the set?

  17. Leeroy says – reply to this


    OH JT is a freaking ass hole too. He is just good at hiding it! he insults fans, he fires his workers for no reason at all, they claim he is impossible to work with(some of em) and all…… but Right now at the moment, everyone is working hard to bring down Bieber since timberlake made it through anyways. Both are jerks! the difference is, JB is a jerk because he failed to get approval of older people and he is acting out. JT he is just a natural pain in the freaking ass(brilliant singer tho)

  18. Natasha says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – o get a life will you. If you don't like Bieber, then what the heck are you poking your nose in his business for? !!!

  19. AlexBelieber says – reply to this


    Maybe Justin has all the crew because he a young 19 year old and Justin Timberlake is a fully grown man so he had learned how to do it on his own and Justin is still young and can everybody stop giving him a hard time he is really having a bad time atm and you guys arnt helping stop hating and bullying him FOREVER JB

  20. Ashley Griffin says – reply to this


    Re: judalon – since you don't have anything better to do than hate on Justin…. GET A FUCKING LIFE

  21. Ashley Griffin says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – OMG I agree he's amazing

  22. Ihatehaters says – reply to this


    Re: MissEvonne – shut up no one likes you. How can you expect him to be completely grounded when all the FUCKING STUPID HATERS LIKE YOU AND THE PAPARAZZI ARE ALWAYS ONTO HIM! Think before you speak please.

  23. -a says – reply to this


    first of all everyone is acting like hader was roasting JB.. stern asked about JT on SNL and he just gave an example on how JT is classy.. JB fans stop defending someone who doesnt even know you JB isn't that young anymore he is 19 years old that is old enough to start acting like an adult and P.S every single celebrity needs security doesn't mean that the people he brought was security and if they were you bring one person not 20. JB is immature and is a disgrace to music. JT is the prince of pop and no little shit is going to take that away from him because well he just isn't good enough to do it

  24. 24

    Re: Ashley Griffin – Enjoy the purity of your stupidity.

  25. Dan says – reply to this


    "Justin Bieber showed up with like 20 guys. And every time, backstage is a very small constructed place, he had a guy holding a slice of pizza, a guy holding a Diet Coke. You were trying to fight around all these people to get dressed. Timberlake, it was just him. He's a real class act, that guy."


    Because, JB is a kid. JB still has a long way for him to learn adult responsibility. Celebrity life has far more responsibilities than a normal life. Not to mention the fucking death threats haters keep spewing, and the paparazzi & the press keeps beaming on him, and the fuckheads @ any various meme websites would find that, and fucking exploit it, and interpret it in the same, usual, tasteless, hate-filled manner.

    JT, however, is already an adult, a veteran who knows how to evade publicity. What else you expect.