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16 comments to “facebook-this-was-not-my-best-year-in”

  1. 1

    You're still ugly and your hair is still awful … what you're managing to keep, that is, because that shit's falling out faster than you can get hair plugs in. Stop posting pics of yourself. You're not a celebrity, no one is interested in you, and it's as pathetic as it is transparent that you post these shitty pics of yourself to try get people to say complimentary things about you. You were as unattractive then as you are now, and that's a fact that you're just going to have to learn to live with, ape face.

  2. adele says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,

    In order to keep balance and peace in this world, please cover your ugly pigface.
    A concerned citizen

  3. dani says – reply to this


    how unfortunate

  4. 4

    You look like a fat Eddie Munster. I'm glad your hair plugs too though. They make you less visually assaulting, although you and your baby are still ugly as fuck.

  5. krystal says – reply to this


    soooo cute, in a fat&ugly kind-of way! awwwwwww

  6. ashley burse says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Wow Pansy, you have quite a bit of anger and hatred inside of you. May the lord bless you.

  7. 7

    Awww you still look like a sweet boy. Don't hate on yourself!

  8. LittleFrenchGirl says – reply to this


    I think you were cute. I'm not fan of the haircut but mine was worst at this age. You had and still have amazing eyes so don't listen at mean people

  9. 9

    Young Perez "I want people to like me when I get older".

  10. P says – reply to this


    It's still not your best year. Try again

  11. 11

    this is my first (and LAST!!!) time on this bullshit website.

    The few comments that exist are by posters that hate you. the entire website is a waste of time and you're such an ANNOYING presence! Get a real job because you royally such at this website. you've over-exposed yourself and all we see is that you're an idiot without an audience.

  12. Abby says – reply to this


    Totally adorable. Blissful age when we don't notice any of our awkwardness. Reminds me a photo of myself holding my pet turtle. Chubbyish, two braids, short synthetic blue Adidas shorts and tube socks. Painfully cute!

  13. 13

    Re: Pansy Hunter – Such passion for Perez! You're secretly in love?

  14. ohmy says – reply to this


    His eyes look darker/brighter blue now…he must wear colored contacts. Note to self: Doesn't help your looks at all. You look like you smell.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Lol. Pretty sure everyone on here has a style victim, bad haircut or gawky pudgy photo they could haul out.

  16. j'adore says – reply to this


    you are beautiful! then and now. thank you for sharing :-)