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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Invite Keith Richards Into Their Romance! Best Threesome Ever?!

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johnny depp amber heard dinner date keith richards

Maybe not the BEST threesome, but definitely one of the coolest, LOLz!

Johnny Depp and ladylove Amber Heard were spotted leaving Ago restaurant in West Hollywood Wednesday after a dinner date…

And the attractive pair were accompanied by Keith Richards (above)!

The couple must be HUGE Rolling Stones fans, because their public debut happened at the recent LA concert! That, and Keith was the inspiration behind Johnny's incredible Captain Jack Sparrow performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean films!

Hmm… could Keith be trying to roll himself into Jamber's intimate adventures?!

Hey, he's a bad ass rocker and Johnny and Amber seem like swingin' cats, so why not LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out some more pics of the dining threesome (below)!

[Image via National Photo Group & Mavrix Online.]

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655 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Invite Keith Richards Into Their Romance! Best Threesome Ever?!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Mandy – Amber and Tasya dated for over 4 years they broke up in November but it wasn't announced until after Johnny and Vanessa's breakup was announced. I read it on this site.

  2. 102

    Re: Moon
    ITA Amber does look sad her body language says it all.

  3. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    Also your stupidity and jealousy say all.

  4. Mandy says – reply to this


    They dated for 3 years. They dated since 2008 until 2009 and if you can count it's 3 years or evn less (it depends on the month they started to date and on the month they broke up). They didn't break up in November 2011 anyway, it was before, believe what you want.

  5. Didy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Her body language and her eyes says that she is annoying and it's because of the paparazzi. Also Johnny is not comfortable in this situation! You don't know what shit the paparazzi were shouting at them.

  6. 106

    Re: Didy
    ITA Johnny isn't comfortable.but I'm sorry I don't see any love there that is JMO.

  7. 107

    Re: Mandy – Actually they were dating in 2007 there were people who say Amber was seen with a long haired tattooed brunette woman when she was on Hidden Palms.Your right about the breakup I was told they broke up in September 2011 but it was made official until months later.

  8. Mandy says – reply to this


    Skins fans it's only speculation that the brunette you're talking about was Tasya. It could be anyone and actually all the sites reports that they start to date in 2008 and some sites speculated that Amber and Tasya broke up early in 2011 and not in September, but in any case they dated for about 3 years and that's it. Next Novemeber will be 2 years that Amber is dating Johnny so if they weren't serious it wouldn't have lasted neither 3 months. Amber has changed a lot you gotta admit it and anyone's opinion is irrelevant.

  9. luke says – reply to this


    Johnny and Amber are obviously seeing each other.

    Mandy, Didy,SkinsFan get lost, your stupid arguments are annoying or go to a private chat-room and continue trying to be right.

  10. enobo says – reply to this


    I think Amber will leave him. She already looks bored. She knows all his contacts and friends in the buisness, that is what probably counts. Not to many people are commenting on what a deep creative talent she is she is at 27. Screwed up Lindsey Lohan has more range as an actress even burned out and stoned. Amber has a few more years of slutty whore parts. He may marry her because she is young and hot and will have babies then she can blame him for ruining her career, Vanessa did that theoretically. I think she will bail before that and take her chances with a good acting coach.

  11. 111

    I think this "relationship" will last maybe until next year. Like I said Amber's body language says it all and I really believe in the theory that people can tell a lot by looking into people's eyes and she doesn't look as happy as she used to. This is my opinion and I'm not changing it.

  12. margo says – reply to this


    Re: enobo – no she won't because she loves him and she looks drunk and high and tired not bored and do want her to be so happy with all this paps and flashes at her face? she is a very terribl actress with zero alent and thats why every this she in bombs big time

  13. 113

    Re: margo – It is not Amber's fault the movies bomb, it's the other actors fault everyone know it was Nic Cage's fault Drive Angry bombed, she was great in it.

  14. Lisa says – reply to this


    now i think Johnny should have kept their romance hidden,because this show is pathetic

  15. 115

    Amber does look a little drunk and maybe high but she does not have a glazed look in her eyes so she isn't out of it.I still say she also looks sad.I don't care how many times they are seem together on the red carpet and whatever this " relationship" will always look fake to me.I also won't be surprise if we hear a rumor about Amber and some woman in the next year.

  16. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – show? do you call this a show? they were having a normal dinner with some freinds then boom all the paps came and if it was a show we aren't they kissing or something? you know like the fake show the celebs do (e.g nicola kidman in cannes)

  17. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: yousef

    I agree. If they wanted to make a show and they were fake, they would kissing and hugging in front of anybody. They would try to look happy and cozy if they were fake as George Clooney does with all his girlfriends. I don't see any fakeness between them They even waited more than a year to come out! Actually they are living together and I'm sure that next year she'll get pregnant. Unfortunately lesbian fans of her keep being jealous and they wish her to be with a woman, they can hardly admit that Amber is bisexual and just a lesbian. Johnny was her idol since she was a teenager so I don't judge her if she's with him. A lot of women even younger than her would like to have a chance with him and they're surely envy Amber!

  18. Mandy says – reply to this


    Sorry I made a mistake in my last post, I wanted to write that her lesbian fans can hardly admit that Amber is bisexual and NOT just a lesbian. They like to think that she can't be into a man, but she's. She could even end up with Johnny even this is not her lesbian fans hope. They keep being in denial about her bisexual side. They're so pathetic! At the beginning they had some difficult to admit that she was dating him. They used to say that there was no proof about that, that all the clues were just coincidences and that Amber was only into women, now that evidence came and we found out that those clues weren't only coincidences they're saying it's fake and that Amber will come back soon with a woman, oh please you sound so desperate and pathetic about all this! get a life, get a reason, Amber and Johnny are a couple, they're dating since mre than a year and they're living together and they have no obligation to smile in front of paparazzi. Your jealousy for their relationship won't change that they are together.

  19. Mandy says – reply to this


    Amber is not a lesbian. She has said so herself so many times that she doesn't label herself in a way or another. She said she loves who she loves meaning she doesn't care whether this one is a man or a woman. She liked men for years before Tasya and now she's into a man again. Her lesbian fans decided to ignore she's able to date women and men and they labeled her as a lesbian thinking that she's more into women like they know her better that she does herself. Don't be mad at her just because she's into a man now. You're so delusional!

  20. 120

    Re: Mandy – Actually there is a video on Youtube where she says she is a lesbian but people don't want to admit that she said it, they try to say she said she's late or something like that. It was up loaded in 2010 4 months before she came out at the GLAAD awards.

  21. naty says – reply to this


    Please God, please! It's just a nightmare! I HATE THAT…!

  22. 122

    Re: Mandy – What make so sure that she will get pregnant or that they will even be together? Couples break up all the time everyone thought thought Tasya and Amber were going to last forever and they didn't it could happen with Amber and Johnny too how do you know Amber won't want to go back to women in the future?

  23. Gwen says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Because Ellen is taken! She hit the jackpot with Depp, so she won't be going anywhere. She's a crap actress so at least she'll be financially secure with him, and the scrap acting roles he gets his friends to throw her every now and then.

  24. Mandy says – reply to this


    Skin Fans, you sound so desperate about Amber lesbianism! She never called herself a lesbian, it's you lesbian fans that don't wanna admit it. In that video you can't actually hear the word lesbian. The pronounces of that word isn't clear at all but you don't want to admit it. She said "I'm late"…. you're so ridicolous…. do you really think that it would make sense that a woman who specified that doesn't want to be labeled in any way would call herself a lesbian?? Come on! You'd do anything to show she's lesbian but she isn't, get a reason. She's bisexual. A lesbian would never have sex with a man, neither for money because if you don't like men, you don't like them and that's it, no matter how many money they have because a true lesbian couldn't stand to have sex with a man for months and months for any reason in the world and please don't tell again that it's a fake between her and Johnny ’cause he wouldn't have any reason to pretend of being with her since he got only a bad reputation since he started to date her. That's why he hasn't yet the courage to come out officially with her. He fears his fans reactions, so he's doing quite slowly his moves with her, preparing the public to accept the idea.

  25. Mandy says – reply to this


    Skin fans, you bases your beliefs on Amber lesbianism only on rumours and on your speculation, believing also to hear from her words that she never said actually and whose pronunciation wasn't clear to anybody… it's ridiculous, try to be more honest and objective. She dated men in past, she said that she loves who she loves and that for her it's the person that matters, a lesbian would never said such things and before, she also said in an interview that she likes old men….. these aren't rumours, these are facts and you know it, so stop believing in surreal things. Real things are that she's dating a man now and that she stated she likes women and men dating both of them even in past. She likes old men and it doesn't surprise me that she likes Johnny Depp. Be honest, after all Tasya was the masculine version of him with her so many tattoos and her dressing style….. Amber likes the masculine type in a lesbian relationship and it's quite evident that it is because she likes masculine features in a person. She's really feminine while Tasya wasn't. Amber likes people with a trucker look, that's why she dated Tasya and now she's dating Johnny.

  26. Mandy says – reply to this


    And for the rest I agree with Gwen: Amber hit the jackpot with him, so she won't be going anywhere. See the truth: it's her the lucky one because Johnny could have all the women he wants since he's fascinating (not for you maybe but for most women in the world he still is) very rich, powerful and charismatic, considered one of the best actors of his era. Who is Amber instead?? An actress considered mediocre, not very rich nor powerful and a p.u.s.s.y can't give her all that Depp can. He's got the whole package in every sense. A lot of women would take Amber's place close to him if they could, that’s a fact and Amber is not stupid to renounce to all that she can have with him just for a p.u.s.s.y. I think they will last more than anyone can imagine and after all, I like Amber. She's nice and I wish her and Johnny the best.

  27. M says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Do you know what the title of that video is? I'd like to hear what she says myself but can't seem to find it. But I am finding a lot of Amber chatting it up and playing around with paps…So much for people saying she's always been uncomfortable in those sorts of situations..

  28. Lisa says – reply to this


    JD is like George Clooney and others.superficial and need a trophy wife young to feel young and be admired.JD in the background is an airhead

  29. 129

    Re: Lisa – Please don't compare JD to George Clooney, JD is so much better and he isn't a phony like GC .

  30. 130

    Re: M
    Yeah it's on youtube, it's called Amber made for a hot Zombie in Zombieland, it's around the 30 second mark , it really sounds like she says sorry I'm a lesbian, but if you disagree that is fine,

  31. 131

    Re: Gwen – She's not crap the only reason those movies have failed is because the writing and directing of those movies were awful.

  32. 132

    Re: Mandy – There is a picture of them at a club in LA and they look very much like a couple. I have to admit after looking at that picture again on another site that Marie looks more into Amberthen she does into Marie, she looks flattered but I didn't see any love coming from Amber for her either like I don't see any love between Amber and Johnny.

  33. 133

    I also honesty think Amber and Joesph Gordon Levitt would be a better couple but that is JMO.

  34. Gwen says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Then why isn't she offered better roles? Executives aren't gonna waste good material on her. The greatest actresses of our generation have a hard enough time finding good roles, AH just doesn't hold up! Thus she decided to stop being a lesbian as soon as JD's pitiful self came around. Look at pap pictures of her before she got involved with him. She courted the attention, because she needed whatever she could get. Even before their relationship was pretty much confirmed with the hand holding, she was fueling the fire by wearing his stuff around L.A, and JD was still claiming all was well with Vanessa. Now all of a sudden she's bothered by the paps, as if she's Meryl or something. She's playing the role with him, and she'll ride it for as long as she can.

  35. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – you can say this if johnny's jumping from young chick to a younger one BUT he's not doing that because he's not a womanizer like GC! johnny is with amber since year and he is not with her because she is younger he is with her because he loves her and so does the luckiest girl alive Opps i mean amber

  36. M says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Thanks. It was definitely lesbian. That's why Tasya and the other girl laugh. "Hey girl.." "Sorry I'm a lesbian" "hahahah"

  37. 137

    Re: MRe: M – Yep it's good to see that someone esle agrees with me that she did say it and it does not sound like she was kidding. I think someone from her PR team saw that video and advised her to say that she was "Bi-Sexual" but that is JMO.

  38. 138

    Re: Gwen – I don't think Amber is a great actress or anything close to it but I do think she has talent. I thought she was good in her scene in "North Country" and I thought her and William Fitchner were the best things about Drive Angry.

  39. 139

    Re: M – I'm sorry I forgot to say your welcome.

  40. 140

    Re: yousef – What evidence have you seen that Amber loves Johnny?

  41. Lisa says – reply to this


    Reality this is a relation like father and daughter

  42. 142

    Re: Mandy – LOL no I'm not jealous of a relationship that isn't going to last.

  43. mai says – reply to this


    @ Skins fan she could have said something else in that video. STOP with this stupid war over her sexuality. She has clearly stated that she does not want to be labelled either way and she has also clearly dated men in the past(more than one) and only one woman officially. Now she is with Johnny, so that clearly makes her Bi-sexual. Also, in some of her interviews, she was introduced as Bi-sexual and she did not dispute that. Let her be what she wants to be, YOU DO NOT OWN HER!! She and Johnny may or may not last, you never know. But you are in no position to say that it will definitely not last cos you just never know. A picture does not show one's heart or true feelings. I certainly would not be smiling or act all loved up, if people were shouting mean and hurtful things at me. Based on clear evidence, it seems she is Bi-sexual and not exclusively lesbian. I wonder why Anna Paquin was not fought over like this. Besides, if Anna Paquin can date a man, get married and have kids, then perhaps so can Amber. It is her life at the end of the day and she can choose to date whomever she likes. Actions speak louder than words…and presently, she is with Johnny, so DEAL WITH IT!!

  44. Lisa says – reply to this


    If Amber was presented with Tasya publicly in Glaad is because she wanted to tell to world that she loves women,no one forced her to leave the closet.for that is logical to think that she is a lesbian and now she is with Johnny only for convenience and other interest

  45. 145

    Re: mai – If you think she said she said something esle in that video that's fine it's your opinion.

  46. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – All this war about Amber sexuality is absolutely ridicolous. Here everyone thinks to know the truth just because of a picture of just because of his\her own speculations, but it's really ridicolous that everyone still call Amber Heard a lesbian because she herself stated that she doesn't eant to be labeled and that she dated men in past and actually she's dating a man and nobody can tell for sure if it will last and if it's for convenience or not, but even in the case that it was for convenience, she's bisexual in any case because when you're lesbian you don't date men and you can't have sex with them for any reason and actually their relationship can't be fake because he doesn't have any reason in the world to pretend he left his wife (or whatever you wanna call her) for a woman who could be his daughter since their gap age! He got only a bad reputation since he's dating her, trust me many fans of him are disappointed and they told they're not gonna see his movies anymore, so he wouldn't risk so much if it was a sham and Amber wouldn't be able nor stand of having sex with him since more than a year if she was lesbian, but if you're able for any reason to have for long time sex with men, then you're bisexual. Lesbian should understand this: nothing can change homosexuality in people, nothing! Neither money ’cause natural instincts and desires has not price and they aren't a choice.

  47. Michelle says – reply to this


    So please stop to say she's lesbian. No lesbian woman would have sex with a man for any reason in the world. Neither money can change your nature or your sexuality and anyone who is lesbian would understand that no lesbian woman could stand to have sex with a man for more than a year unless she's bisexual. Amber stated that she loves who she loves and it's the person that matters and the thing she said those things only because it's been her PR's advice it's just your speculation. Maybe you don't want her to be bisexual and you're trying to believe what's convenient for you, but if you knew more bisexual people you'd realize that they can have long relationships with both, women and men because for them it's really the person that matters. You know very little of bisexual world if you think that Amber is only into women. No way. The girl had only a serious girl in her life after all but she dated more men, so how can you tell she's lesbian?? She also had a boyfriend who helped her to take some contacts in show business before of dating even Valentino Lanus, so get a reason. Amber always dated men and always had sex with them and now after Tasya she came back to straight world and that's it.

  48. Michelle says – reply to this


    Then there's to say that Amber also missed a Q&A on her movie Syrup to follow Johnny in New Mexico. This Q&A took place but Amber wasn't there. She missed it to go with hin in New Mexico, people saw them together yesterday while he was putting gas on his car. He was travelling with Amber, so if she renounced to an important event that served to make some publicity to her movie wuell… that means she gives more importance to Johnny than to her work. If she was using him to get more fame, she wouldn't care about following him in New Mexico and she would focus herself on her career putting him after it, but actually it seems that it's Johnny her major priority, so I don't see how can you judge her of not caring for him just seeing a picture of her where she got annoyed by paparazzi and didn't smile. She cares and she loves Depp if she gives him priority on her career otherwise she wouldn't have any reason to do that. At one point neither Vanessa was giving him anymore priority in her life and she started to focus on her career in France, while Amber seems very devoted to him now. That's love and not convenience at all.

  49. Lisa says – reply to this


    OK! you right¡ if you say that must be so,i had not idea but there are many others reasons for dont to believe in this "love"

  50. 150

    Some people say not me because I don't this show say it was discussed on the Chelsea Handler that Johnny wants Amber to stop being bisexual? Did anyone hear this because I do find this hard to believe.Amber isn't straight she can't just turn off her feelings for girls.

  51. 151

    Re: Michelle – If Amber does not label herself a lesbian why did she say it in that video I mentioned? I'm not the only one who heard her say it and she didn't sound like she was kidding.

  52. mai says – reply to this


    @ Skins fan Again i repeat STOP THIS STUPID RIDICULOUS FOOLISH WAR OVER HER SEXUALITY!! you sound so desperate its ridiculous!! She may have said that just to please her girlfriend at the time or she may have actually said something else. GIVE IT A REST!! YOU DO NOT OWN HER!! Also since when did Chelsea Handler become a reliable source?? everyone knows that woman chats shit!! Johnny probably doesn't even know who she is. Seriously you are starting to appear rather silly now. I wonder why you did not fight over Anna Paquin eh (also bi-sexual) who is now married with kids. Just leave Amber alone to live her life as she wishes (she will anyway regardless of your arguments and desperation). SHE IS WITH JOHNNY NOW!! if you are a fan of hers..wish her well and if it does not work out, she could end up with either male or female. For now just PACK IT IN and DEAL WITH IT!! Her life does not affect yours in anyway.

  53. Hmmmmm......ooooook says – reply to this


    All I can say is, I hope while she's on the arms of Johnny he'd give her some acting lessons. Recently saw Syrup on Pay-Per-View, dumb movie…. While she delivers her lines well her body language is stiff and arwked.

    In the pictures above, to me she looks a little uncomfortable. Johnny seems to be Johnny - trying to ignore the paps. Someone said he didn't sign autographs? If that's true then something is wrong. 99.8% of the time Johnny stops to greet at least a fan or two.

    IMO this wont last. Truth be told Johnny (and perhaps Amber as well) is on the rebound. 'Nuf said…

  54. Sum Peeps R Just Dumb says – reply to this


    Sitting here reading comment after comment that a lesbian WOULD NOT or CAN NOT have sex or be with a man is totally off-base. One of my moms friends is a lesbian, has always been one and came out or more less made it clear she was into girls at when she was like 12. Well when my moms friend got into her late 30s she wanted to be a mom and have a child. She couldn't adopt - that only works and is allowed for your famous gays, not your average everyday working stiff. She couldn't go have artificial insemation (sp?), that's VERY exspensive. What she did? She had one of her male friends be her f u c k buddy to get her pregnent. It took a couple months and she hated it, but got her wish. By having a beautiful baby girl. So yes, there you go…a lesbian CAN have sex with a man.

  55. Lisa says – reply to this


    There are many lesbian women married to men.then ¿Amber….

  56. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Sum Peeps R Just Dumb – Yes, but your friend was desperate to have a child but Amber ihasn't any problem like that. If she wants a child she can have it because she has money enough like Jodie Foster did and she's an artist, so she can do as Jodie Foster did. Please stop with this war about Amber sexuality! it's ridicolous, you sound so desperate to prove she's lesbian. Why then she dated men in past??? Why then she would lie about her sexuality? She doesn't seem the type who can stand of lying. She's bisexual and I saw the video where she's supposed to say she's lesbian and I didn't hear clearly that word. Only her lesbian fans pretend of hearing that clearly and it's quite pathetic and desperate. But even if she said that word maybe she was joking to get rid of the annoying journalist or maybe she said that because at the time she was in alesbian relationship so she felt she couldn't get any straight attention. If I was in a lesbian relationship for a while and I was bisexual, I'd probably have said "I'm lesbian" because that's how you can feel when you're with a woman in a lesbian relationship.

  57. Michelle says – reply to this


    There are too many speculations. Amber had sex in past with men and she's having it again and nobody ever forced her to do it as it happened for the desperate woman who wanted a child to any cost since she had no choice. If you had sex with men in past and now after a girlfriend you have it again, then you're bisexual but if you're so desperate that don't wanna accept Amber bisexual nature trying to believe in every possible excuses then it's your problem. Deal with that and if you can't then get a life because Amber has one and she's sharing it with a huge worldwide superstar now. Get a reason.

  58. Anthony says – reply to this


    At this point I doubt not Amber bisexuality, but her lesbianism. Maybe she got with Tasya just to get attention. At the time nobody knew her or gave a sh*t of her but suddenly, after her coming out, she got some attention and people started to know who she was. If she didn't start with the thing of being into women, she would have been considered only an unknown hot blonde woman. Her coming out actually helped her to stop on being anonymous. So I wonder how much she really was into women since she dated only men before of coming out. She had several boyfriends and she was never seen kissing Tasya anywhere so how can we know it wasn't a sham?? They never looked intimate and Amber also said she would have done everything for her career so…..

  59. Anthony says – reply to this


    Then also when Amber was seen kissing publically Francesca Gregorini she didn't seem to be into her for real. It looked like she was acting while being kissed by her. It was so unconvincing….. Amber dated men in past and even while being with Tasya she was rumoured of dating some men like Arthur Wybrands whom confirmed he wasn't just a friend with her and actually he even told in an interview that he knew she was pretty obsessed by Johnny Depp. So I really think that Amber always liked men, always liked Johnny Depp and that her coming out was just her game to get some public attention when she was almost unknown everywhere. But her lesbian fans will be always in denial about the fact she really likes men. Even when she'll have babies with Depp, they'll still try to find any possible way to prove she isn't into straight relationships for real.

  60. 160

    Re: Anthony
    There are people on other sites who claim they knew Amber in Texas and they say she always liked both sexes.

  61. 161

    Re: mai
    I don't mention Anna Paquin because I don't really care about her one way or another. I agree with you about Chelsea Handler That is why I don't watch it. I was just told by someone that they heard someone say it on there.

  62. 162

    This really isn't about her sexuality I just don't see any real love between them and I didn't see any chemistry between them in TRD I do think her and Marie did date too but I never saw any real love there either. It's just too bad that her and Tasya didn't last more then 4 years but oh well.

  63. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – You're so naive! Anybody can pretend of knowing her and saying to know things about her. If someone here comes and says for example he knows Amber and Johnny personally and he says that they're deeply in love with each other then you're gonna believe him? And how can you be sure he's telling the truth??? What if somebody after two weeks starts to tell he knows Amber and knows for sure she pretended to be lesbian? I'm just saying that anyone can make up stories and state to know Amber, but you never can tell if they're lying or not. People who really know Amber sexuality wouldn't waste their time writing on the web about it. I guess she talked about her sexuality only with intimate friends and not with anyone, so I really doubt that her intimate friends would have slagged her on the web saying she's more into women. Believe what you want, but only her intimate friends can know if she likes more women or men and my opinion is that they would never talk about this on the web. People on the web are often making up stories about a lot of celebrities, get a reason.

  64. Anthony says – reply to this


    Anyway, my personal opinion is that her thing with Tasya was all a sham to get attention. She dated men in past and she's still dating one. There are even rumours about the fact that she had something with Depp while they were shooting their movie…. now she's with him and I really doubt she's gonna dump him. She probably never did it neither before. Marie de Villepin was an evident cover for both of them, especially for him who wanted to hide that he was dating her.

  65. mai says – reply to this


    The bottom line is that all this going back and forth..speculations..videos..a friend said this and that…blah blah would not change anything. The fact is that she is now with johnny and whether we think she is happy or not, would not change that fact either. All we can do now is to wish them well (her or his fans) and see how long they would last. They may or may not last long, but nobody knows either way. JUST LET THEM BE AND LIVE THEIR LIVES AS THEY WISH!! Their relationship has nothing to do with any of us.

  66. brandin says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – There are rumors that Tasya and Amber are still together

  67. andy says – reply to this


    This relationship will not last long.
    Is evident that someone called the paparazzi because they were already when Johnny and Amber have arrived at the restaurant.
    Well, Amber has many friends who are paparazzi.
    Amber tried not to look or smile to them, but she almost smiled.
    Keith didn't know what to do and Johnny was very angry, his look was similar to Mort Rainey (Secret Window).

  68. brandin says – reply to this


    Amber has always done everything to show to everyone that she and Johnny were together. There are thousands of pictures of her on the web using Johnny's t-shirts and Navajo jewelrys that she bought in Creed. Oh, and she also tryed to prove that she was with him at Petty Fest!
    Johnny and Vanessa are private people, they are totally different from Amber. Vanessa once said that "I do not sell my private life, and nobody knows the truth.' Nowadays, people speculate, but nobody knows. I have to protect my children, so it's no one's business but the family".
    If Amber really want to stay with Johnny she will have to change herself and she has to learn to respect children!

  69. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: brandin – Yes Brandy and where did you read them? You have to prove what you said. If there are rumours than give us the link where you read these new rumours.

  70. brandin says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – Tony, if I can link you to my brain, you will have enough evidences

  71. mai says – reply to this


    @brandin so basically no evidence….oh dear am soo shocked SMH

  72. mai says – reply to this


    To be honest, i never comment on this site or any other, i just felt bad for the poor woman involved in this ridiculous tug of war over who she should date or what her sexual orientation should be (As if they know her or own her). People can either believe rumors or facts supported with clear evidence. I do not care for Amber or whatever she does with her life or whomever she chooses to date. I couldn't care less. I HAVE A LIFE and it does not involve following Amber/Johnny's every move. I suggest you lot should GET UR LIFE!! lol PEACE!

  73. andy says – reply to this


    Recently many rumors are appearing involving the name of Amber. Someone posted a link of the Tasya's tumblr that I found it very interesting and I was looking there for something and I found a few more posts.
    (last year)
    (2 weeks before the pics of Depp and Amber go to RS show)
    (1 day after the RS show)
    (15 days ago)
    (the next day in which JD and Amber were photographed at the AGOrestaurant)

  74. Michelle says – reply to this


    And what these posts are? What they say? Can you give us the link please?

  75. andy says – reply to this


    I'm sorry Idon't know how can I post a link. I'll try again
    [url] (last year)
    [url] (2 weeks before the pics of Depp and Amber go to RS show)
    [url] (1 day after the RS show)
    [url] (15 days ago)
    [url] (the next day in which JD and Amber were photographed at the AGOrestaurant)

  76. Michelle says – reply to this


    It didn't work. We can see only the post titles… try to copy directly what these posts said. Their contents I mean, thanks.

  77. Baudelaire says – reply to this


    Re: brandin – I also think the same, that this relationship will not last. I read an article with the director of Syrup, Rappaport, where he talks about the film and about Amber. He said what everyone already knew that Amber is grumpy and rude he told a case where she yelled at the other actor who played opposite her, he said
    " There was a scene that we were shooting in New York and Max Barry was with us as she started this scene where she was pacing back and forth. Max was apprehensive at first but then Amber started spitting lines and Shiloh mumbled something that wasn’t in the script and she snapped back in character yelling, “Are you talking, because I’m right in the middle of a thought right now.” Everyone was silent as they kept doing the scene until I called cut."
    Johnny is very different from her, he is always kind to people.

  78. Baudelaire says – reply to this


    Rappaport also said that amber was perfect for the role of six which he said:
    "I met Amber at a party and after a short period I realized that this movie was not going to happen if she said no to the role. She was absolutely 6 [the character]"
    " Six, is a woman who changes her name to a number that resembles the word “sex” so that she can become more alluring. And that’s just the first of many things that she does to brand herself as a living, walking advertisement" .
    Amber is totally fake. All the time she is keen to promote herself.

  79. 179

    Re: brandin – I thought Tasya was dating Ruby Stewart.

  80. 180

    Re: brandin – Never mind i just went to another site and they are talking about the rumor about Amber and Tasya, they are saying Ruby and Tasya are no longer together.Even if Amber and Tasya are hanging out it's probably just as friends I read somewhere Tasya still takes care of Pistol sometimes when Amber is out of town.

  81. DD says – reply to this


    Reply to Lupus: "Next month we'll see them together on the red carpet".

    Please I DON'T WANT TO SEE Johnny with Amber on A RED CARPET, it would be horrible

  82. 182

    Re: Anthony – That's why i said they claimed to know her.Nno one knows who she really likes more. She could go back to woman after this "relationship" ends or she could end up with another dude.

  83. erwan says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – I also read the news about Amber and Tasya are seeing each other on another site and I believe this is happening. I think Amber is still with Johnny, but she is still seeing Tasya sometimes

  84. Hans says – reply to this


    Amber fell into her own trap. She wanted so much attention and she just got a bad reputation.
    The search for her has increased a lot in google but the phrases most sought are: Amber is a homewrecker, Amber is a whore, Amber is a bad actress or the new girlfriend of Johnny Depp and the worst thing I read that are calling her Amber Whored .
    Amber needs to hide out for 3 months for everyone to forget about it all

  85. meg says – reply to this


    Re: DD – I don't either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amber, don't go to the TLR premiere

  86. 186

    Re: erwan – Now someone is saying on that site that rumor isn't a true, that is was a troll who started it becasue Amber and Tasya haven't been together since last June.

  87. erwan says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – I do not know what is a troll, but I think that is true. For me they are seeing each other.

  88. erwan says – reply to this


    Re: andy – I went to the Tumblr of Tasya and understand what you try to say. Is about the post that she described as slight-detour ?

  89. 189

    Re: erwan – A troll is someone who makes things up and like to make trouble . It would be nice if this rumor was true but Amber and Tasya haven't been seen together since June and they supposedly ignored each other at the Stones concert. Also Ruby Stewart was with Tasya at the concert.

  90. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: erwan – I don't know how can I confirm this, but believe me, this is true. Amber is cheating on Johnny with Tasya.
    Tasya is not dating Ruby, they are friends.

  91. erwan says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Thank you. But I still believe that Tasya and Amber are still seeing each other occasionally

  92. erwan says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Oh, ok. I believe, thanx

  93. Soleil says – reply to this


    Johnny needs to jump out of that relationship. He is clearly depressed and sad.

  94. 194

    There is someone on the other site insisting that there is no Amber and Tasya rumor and that person who said there were together is in deep denial about the truth. The last time Amber and Tasya were seen at he same place was at the Stones concert and there are people who say that they ignored eachother, there are others who say Amber got her the tickets. No one knows what is true or fan fiction.

  95. Lisa says – reply to this


    She got what she want.Amber will go with Johnny's arm at the premiere LR……..buuuuuu

  96. Caliber says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Sorry I think you're lying and trying to spread false rumours. People do that all the time here and also on other sites. Everybody can pretend to know, but they know nothing. There are no clues about Amber still seeing Tasya, no sightings, get a reason, they would never come back together this is a pure fanfiction, Tasya felt deeply hurt by Amber, she suffered a lot when they had to split and actually she would never take her back. They're just friends so maybe it's true that they're still seeing each other but just as friends and there's a big difference. They split long time ago and it took months to Tasya to get it over and feeling better, she wouldn't do the same mistake again. People should just stop to spread false rumours and they should try to get a life. Tasya is seeing other people since a while and Amber won't let go a worldwide huge star like Johnny Depp. No way that she will be so stupid to risk of losing him because she knows that there are a lot of girls in all the world who would like to take her place in a minute as she knows that it wouldn't take him so much time to replace her with another young woman who would die for him also.

  97. 197

    Amber might show up at the LTR with Johnny but that doesn't mean everything is great, Amber and Tasya were seen together not too long before they broke up and everything seemed to be okay but of course we found out things were not okay. They broke up for whatever no one knows the real reason they broke up. I don't think Amber cheated on Tasya because if she did I don't think they would still be friends but that is JMO.

  98. 198

    Re: Veritas – Just curious if this is true when were Amber and Tasya together and why haven't there been any sightings of them? I would have thought the tabloids would have been all over this.

  99. 199

    Re: Anthony – -SMH

  100. Hans says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – Only if she wants to be called by her real names as Ambitious Heard or Amber Whored

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