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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Invite Keith Richards Into Their Romance! Best Threesome Ever?!

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johnny depp amber heard dinner date keith richards

Maybe not the BEST threesome, but definitely one of the coolest, LOLz!

Johnny Depp and ladylove Amber Heard were spotted leaving Ago restaurant in West Hollywood Wednesday after a dinner date…

And the attractive pair were accompanied by Keith Richards (above)!

The couple must be HUGE Rolling Stones fans, because their public debut happened at the recent LA concert! That, and Keith was the inspiration behind Johnny's incredible Captain Jack Sparrow performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean films!

Hmm… could Keith be trying to roll himself into Jamber's intimate adventures?!

Hey, he's a bad ass rocker and Johnny and Amber seem like swingin' cats, so why not LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out some more pics of the dining threesome (below)!

[Image via National Photo Group & Mavrix Online.]

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655 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Invite Keith Richards Into Their Romance! Best Threesome Ever?!”

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  1. veritas says – reply to this


    Amber was with Tasya two weeks ago

  2. Baudelaire says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – Amber is very jealous and insecure, she knows that Johnny is not be totally involved with her. She didn't want to go to the Q & A because the character, six, is much like herself and she wanted to avoid embarrassing questions

  3. Gwen says – reply to this


    Re: veritas – They share custody of their dog! Tasya helped Amber out early on w/ photo ops, so there probably aren't any hard feelings. Maybe she and JD have a open mess of a relationship. Nobody really knows…

  4. 204

    Why are Johnny and Keith both wearing sunglasses if they are coming out of a restaurant at night? And shouldn't Johnny be walking with his supposed date not keith? Seems like one big photo op for all involved. The thing that really bothers me is that Johnny never is walking along side amber and never puts her in a vehicle. He makes her walk out of his camera shots and his security escorts him to his car and amber has to walk alone and get in the other side of the vehicle unattended by anyone. Seems like Johnny has her as a paid escort or something for his publicity.

  5. Emilio says – reply to this


    Re: sunshine63 – What a bad publicity then it is! Come on, everybody are disappointed of them together and they also know this so it's not a publicity matter, Johnny could get a good publicity with any other actress who is not so young or bisexual because since Amber is much younger than him and also bi and often rumoured of being unfaithful, he's not getting any good publicity and you know it. He's into her for real if he even decided to go in public with her. Then here there are too many stupid rumours by lesbian fans that still don't get a reason that it's over between Amber and Tasya. The fact that Amber is still friend with her and still ask her to take her doh for a while doesn't mean they go to bed together. Tasya got a reason that Amber is with Depp long time ago, it's only her lesbian fans that aren't able to do that and noe are trying to spread at any cost false rumours with the hope they can get some attention from tabloids. You're so pathetic and nasty and no true fans of Amber because you're just defaming her because you want her to be with Tasya at any cost. Go to ask for some psychiatric help you really need it. My God get a life because Tasya is not into Amber since long so Amber is.

  6. manie says – reply to this


    Re: Emilio – I can't see any problem if Amber is young or bi. I don't like her because she is not a sincere person, she is very manipulative. I can't see love in Johnny's eyes. And yes she slept with Tasya two weeks ago. She broke her heart again.

  7. Michelle says – reply to this


    Manie, unless you're an insider who knows very well Tasya or Amber or someone very close to them I think you're lying. I think it's only one person here who is using more than a name to tell lies and she's desperately trying to spread false rumours as someone already told. If what you said was true tabloids will be already informed you can bet on it because such a news wouldn't be so unknown since you're talking about it like you know it for sure. If this rumour was so famous in LA as someone told in an Amber lesbian forum, also the tablois would know it, but it's just your way to spread a false rumour but if I'm wrong why don't you find the courage of being totally honest and tell us all that you know? You hide behind a pc but listen, you can't spread a rumour and thousand doubts and then disappear or say you can't tell more because the truth is that if you were not allowed to speak then you wouldn't have told anything at all. If you know more then give us all the details and tell if you personally know one of them but I guess there are 2 chances: you'll disappear or you're gonna say you can't tell all and that the truth will come out but itself…. by now you mithmaniac people are so predictable! If I'm wrong then you have no reason to avoid of telling all that you know and who are you, so we're waiting….

  8. 208

    Re: manie – Do you have proof that they were together? I say this because there have been no rumors or sighting of Amber and Tasya being together since her art show in November. They were both at the concert but I read here and on other sites that they ignored each other. I also read Ruby Stewart was confirmed to be with Tasya.

  9. 209

    I'm an Amber and Tasya fan "Tamber" but I don't believe the rumor that they haven't been together because someone would have seen them, no one is that good at hiding from the paps.

  10. Manie says – reply to this


    I'm not the same person who told this news in the forum, I'm her friend. Unlike her, I don't like Amber, for the reasons that I already said above. Amber is false and manipulative person. Don't believe in tabloids. Almost everything that has been said previously about Johnny and Amber are lies. The horse, Arrow, he really gave her to Amber, the rest are lies. Amber used Tasya, Johnny, Marie and others. And recently she met Tasya and they were together for one night. I don't know if Tasya believed they could be together again, but Amber is still with Johnny and hurt Tasya again. I don't like manipulative people who play with the feelings of others.

  11. Michelle says – reply to this


    Sorry Manie but it's really hard to believe what you are saying and not because it's hard to believe those things of Amber but because it's hard to believe that a friend of Tasya would come here making such big revelations. Sorry, but a real friend wouldn't slag her friend on the web like you're doing. Close friends are reserved, they respect their friend's secrets and they wouldn't talk with anybody on internet about their friends private life as you're doing.

  12. 212

    This person was asked on another site to provide some proof that Amber and Tasya were together but they wouldn't do it.

  13. Sarah says – reply to this


    I don't know why but I personally want to believe in what Manie tells because I never bought that Amber and Johnny are in love. They simply don't look like they are and Amber doesn't seem a sincere person. I trust you Manie but can you tell me more? I mean what's not true about her and Johnny that magazines told? Can you do some examples? Aren't they living together? Then can you tell me if he knows that she's unfaithfull? I mean they are in an open relationship or what? Because I heard a rumour about them being an open couple, is that true? Why she went to Tasya again? What's the matter, Depp isn't able to be a good lover in bed or what? So that's why she come back to Tasya for a night? Please tell. Amber always looks unhappy and do you know why?? Doesn't Depp treat her well? Why then she's still dating him? What's their situation and why Tasya accepted to spend the night with Amber if she's dating another woman? She did wrong too in this case. Please, can you answer to all my questions? Pleaseee, thanks for the patience in this case and don't mind if someone doesn't believe you, I do.

  14. Anthony says – reply to this


    Sorry Manie but in this case if Amber is using everybody why then Johnny would let her do it? He's not a child and he's not stupid so if she's using and doesn't love him I don't think he would have good reason to stay with her. We're talking about Johnny Depp, come on guys, he could have all the beautiful women he wants, why the hell then he prefers Amber??? It doesn't make sense at all. You must give us an answer Manie if you're really true.

  15. Michelle says – reply to this


    Anthony, Sarah, don't waste your time believing in what Manie told. She's just pretending to know things because she only wants to spread rumours but then she disappears. You'll see, she's not gonna answer you at all because she knows nothing!

  16. 216

    If you have proof that Amber and Tasya were together 2 weeks ago prove it, it's as easy as that.

  17. Patricia says – reply to this


    Re: Manie – girl you are sick. I pity you, you will live your life and stop pretending, really think up lies about people makes you a better person?

  18. Sarah says – reply to this


    She's not answering indeed… don't know at this point I guess you were right Michelle, she knows nothing :(

  19. 219

    I guess Marnie was just a troll trying to stir things up because she never came back with proof that Amber and Tasya were together for a night.

  20. Manie says – reply to this


    Oh, of course I can explain more. But now I'm at a theatre. Then, I.ll answer you,later, sorry

  21. Sarah says – reply to this


    Ok Manie thanks :) then I'll wait for your answer and please, please, please, answer to all my question giving as many details as you can! Thank you again!

  22. Patricia says – reply to this


    Re: Manie – manie this is a joke ready. Do the same theater, to be able to better interpret a liar

  23. Sarah says – reply to this


    By the way Manie, can I add just one more question to the others? Do you know why Amber several weeks ago was visiting the same medical center that also Depp visited? Did she have any health problem?

  24. manie says – reply to this


    Michelle, I'm telling the truth but you don't have to believe in me.
    Sarah, unfortunately I don't know everything about Amber and Depp, but I know she planned date Johnny, she played many games. But Johnny treats her very well, they don't live together, they are not in an open relationship, in fact their relationship is not serious, yet. I don't know what she was doing at the clinic, but I know she had a crisis with Johnny because she wanted to go public with him. She wanted to go to the concert with him.
    Anthony, Johnny is not stupid, but he couldn't see who Amber really is. In fact, he never wanted more than a fling with her. He didn't want to have a relationship with her. He broke up with her in December, but she played her games again.
    Now she goes to everywhere with him. She is glued to him and she tries to make the relationship with him really seriously.
    I'm sorry for Johnny he seems very depressed.
    Ruby is not Tasya's GF.
    Amber feels that Johnny doesn't love her and maybe she missed Tasya and they were together two weeks ago.
    But I think Amber will not give up Johnny she is obsessed with having a serious relationship with him

  25. 225

    Re: manie – Let me ask a question did Amber know Tasya was going to be at the concert too? Did they have any contact or did they ignore each other like I've read and heard?

  26. Sarah says – reply to this


    Oh thanks for all the answers Manie! I truly believe in everything you said! Thanks a lot. I always knew that he doesn't love her because it's evident fron their pictures they he just likes her. So can you tell me why then he accepted to be with her for more than a fling? If he doesn't love her why he keeps dating her? Why he simply doesn't leave her?? Who is forcing him to take her with him? Then why is she obsessed with him? It's love or a crush? Is she his fan for real or she just want public attention from this relationship? If he doesn't love her how can you say that he treats her very well?? If he wanted a fling with her why he accepted to go public with her and keeps dating her? And can you tell if she has been for real the one who caused the split between him and Vanessa Paradis? Why do you said she's using him, Tasya ad also Marie? What was her purpose and how she used them? Finally do you know if she likes sex with him or if she doesn't because she prefers women? Please answer me again at any question of these you know what to answer, thanks for all! You're very gentle!

  27. Anthony says – reply to this


    Sorry Manie but I think you're making up all this story. I think you're inventing things. You wouldn't write here if you really were an insider because nobody who is close to Amber and Tasya or Johnny would be allowed to talk and only who is really really close to them would know such things and not anybody, so if you are a friend of Tasya I don't think you would slag here her private things. Michelle is right. Then I think you invented everything because it doesn't make any sense that if Johnny split with Amber last Decemeber and finally got rid of her since you told he didn't want a relationship with her then he took her back. Come on! If he got rid of her on decemeber why he should have taken her again? No sense at all. If he doesn't love her who is then forcing him to keep dating her? That doesn't make sense either and please don't tell that he's dating her only for publicity because we know that almost everybody hate then as couple. There are really a few of people who like them and he's got an awful reputation since he's dating her. Almost all his fans hate Amber come on, he could have got all the good publicity he wanted with any other woman better than Amber, I don't believe he's accepting to date her for publicity because he knows that this publicity is not doing well. You're just lying and inventing things. Shame on you! Only a close firend of Tasya would know what you said and I don't think you are.

  28. Kiwi says – reply to this


    I agree with whom doesn't trust Manie. She's just making up stories because only a close friend of Tasya would know such intimate details and a close friend would respect her privacy and wouldn't talk about her intimate life on internet sharing such personal things with strangers. It's so obvious that Manie is just a troll who is trying to spread false rumours because she can't stand that Amber is with Johnny now. Her lies are so easy to understand because if Johnny didn't want a relationship with her and split with her last December whoever in the world forced him to come back with her again? Nobody is forcing him to keep having a relationship with her if he doesn't want it and it's right, the excuse of the publicity doesn't fit in all this neither because Amber is only damaging his image and she's only giving him the worst reputation possible. It's true, almost nobody likes them together and he knows well that so he wouldn't have any reason in the world to support this bad publicity and a relationship he doesn't want.

  29. MR says – reply to this


    Come on people, here trolling is so evident! Why some of you waste time to believe their lies? Lies are so evident! She says that Amber is obsessed by Depp and when you're obsessed by someone it means you're totally into him because you love him, but then she says she went to Tasya… well, when you're in love and obsessed with someone, in your heart there's no place for anybody and you don't miss at all your ex, so you don't come back to her. Moreover Tasya wouldn't make the same mistake of letting Amber using her again after that it took months to her to recover. Tasya has her own life now and from the pictures we see of her is often with Ruby Stewart and they look happy. Tasya doesn't look like she's still dying for Amber but as someone who went on with her life since long. Then the troll says that Depp treats Amber "very well" but she strangely adds that she doesn'… my God, don't you everybody see all these contradictions in the troll tale??? How can he treat her well if he doesn't make her feel loved??? Treating well a woman means making her feel loved first of all ’cause this is what all women wants from their men!!! If Depp doesn't make her feel loved that means he's treating her like a shit or a wh*re!! Then if Depp is really so depressed and doesn't want to date Amber, why the hell he would do that??? Nah nah, everything the troll told has lots of contradictions.It's a freaky miserable troll.

  30. MR says – reply to this


    If Amber doesn't feel he loves her that means he's not treating her "very well" at all.
    Contradictions, contradictions, contradictions, ONLY contradictions, the troll game is so evident!

  31. 231

    What a shock the troll disappeared when she was asked to provide facts that Amber and Tasya or Tamber were together for one night..

  32. manie says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Sorry, I don't know if Tasya knew that Amber was also going to the concert.
    Tasya was at the concert because she likes the Stones. But, she knew that Amber was crazy with Johnny and for more than a week before the show, Amber pressured Johnny to go public.
    Tasya is very sweet, sometimes she forgives Amber and sometimes she tries to forget her.

  33. Lupus in fabula says – reply to this


    OMG I come back here after some days and I find out that this old news got 3 pages of comments?? Is it for real? O.o

    Someone is spreading shit here. Pretty much shit I'd say. Come on guys get a life instead of writing and fantasize such in a shitty way about them!

    Amber is this, Amber is that… Johnny loves her, Johnny doesn't love her… just get a reason they're together, it's not so complicated!

    Yeah yeah, it's true, Amber played some games and she's pretty much obsessed by Johnny but what about your obsession for them and for their life?
    They aren't living together? Pretty sure about that??? I wouldn't say so especially now.
    Amber is sleeping around? I wouldn't say such a thing either.
    Her and Johnny aren't serious?? They are? Oh Jesus, whatever they have together is just their business but yes, don't believe in everything that tabloids tell as you shouldn't either believe in all the shit that someone everywhere can tell.

    Life is beautiful… when you have one!

  34. Anthony says – reply to this


    Oh look, the troll can't say how come that if Johnny doesn't want a relationship with her he's still with her as she can't explain why the hell in the world he would keep dating her even if he doesn't love her and want her. She told he's depressed because of Amber but she can't explain why he simply doesn't leave her as she cannot tell why after that he got rid of her last December then he took her again. You troll sound so ridicolous with your statements. Nobody is forcing him to date Amber, he could leave her in any moment if he really didn't want her and he could have all the women he wanted and WE ALL know this as we ALL know that he's not getting any good publicity with Amber as his new girlfriend. Almost everybody hates them as couple and he got the reputation of the cheater and of the half aged dirty man who dies to have young women with him, so please don't tell me that it's a publicity thing for him because he's risking of losing all his fans since he already lost many of them, but you troll can't give any answer to this obviously because you know that your statements don't make any sense at all.

  35. Anthony says – reply to this


    Oop, sorry just a correction, I didn't mean your "statements" troll, but your "lies" obviously that is more appropriate.

  36. manie says – reply to this


    Well, well, I'm not a troll, I'm not a hater, I'm not selling anything and I'm not a silent person (MLKJr).
    And obviously I don't know everything, because I can't be with everyone in everywhere at the same time. But, it is a pleasure to me to answer you.
    Well, life has its own life and please don't be so naive, people are not like products, they don't have a manual saying how they can be. You can't be in love with someone, but at that moment the best thing to do is to be with that someone.
    Of course, Johnny could have all the beautiful and interesting women he wants.
    It's logical, that Johnny never sells his private life, he hates exposing his private life, he is very reserved.
    Johnny, as Steven said: Johnny has core values.
    Briefly - Amber, I still don't know what she is and if she has moral values, but I know that she is not sincere, she is manipulative and she just loves herself.
    Tasya is sweet, sincere and has moral values
    Johnny is sweet, sincere, good character and a gentleman

  37. Anthony says – reply to this


    Manie you're just a liar no matter what you say. Anyone who knows intimate facts of her friend, don't talk about them with strangers, slagging her private life, please we're not stupid. TROLL! It's evident to everybody you're just a troll or a mythmaniac.

  38. manie says – reply to this


    oh, and of course Johnny has moral values

  39. Anthony says – reply to this


    By the way, if you are so sure that Johnny doesn't love her you should know also why he keeps daying her and why he took her back because if you didn't know so much about him because you just know Tasya then you couldn't know any details about Johnny, but you did several statements that you couldn't have done unless you knew him also. Your game is so dirty and evident. Try to understand, nobody here is stupid and it doesn't make sense to tell that HE DOESN'T WANT A RELATIONSHIP WITH HER and see that he keeps having it instead. Being a gentleman has nothing to do with all this. You date someone only if you like or love her and only if you wanto to date her and that's it. Shut up now and forever troll!

  40. manie says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – Well, think what you want. I'm not here to convince anyone. I just tell the truth, " à bientôt".

  41. manie says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – Sorry, I din't see the question - Don't be naive, things may not be so simple.

  42. Michelle says – reply to this


    Manie are you still here?? Can't believe it you keep lying!!! "The best thing to do is to be with that someone?" You said but why? Listen, you have to explain why if he got rid of her last December then he took her back. Why he did that? Tabloids are telling that it's him who prayed Amber to come back and why he did such a thing if he doesn't want a relationship with her? It doesn't make any sense at all it's true. Did Amber tell him that she would have killed herself if they didn't come back together to push him to take her back? Don't think so. Then you told she played games with him okay, now that you seem to know this, you have to explain what these games are. What do you mean? What did she do? You gotta be specific at this point but I guess you'll find excuses or disappear.

  43. Michelle says – reply to this


    Tell us what these games are and first of all, can you tell if Amber cheated Tasya with Johnny? Look if you really know Tasya you surely know what happened and if Amber cheated on her with Johnny and WHEN. These are important details that as friend of her you should know for sure. If Tasya told you she slept with Amber 2 weeks ago she surely told you all the rest about their relationship. And Tasya surely also know if Amber has been what caused the split betweem Johnny and Vanessa Paradis, then can you tell me if rumours about Johnny cheating on Vanessa with Amber are true? You should know this important thing also if you know Tasya. Then tell us when for real Amber started to sleep with Johnny?

  44. Anthony says – reply to this


    Michelle now even you trust her? Come on! She's lying and it's evident! She's not gonna answer you, just wait and see. She could disappear now or she could tell that she doesn't know these details and this will finally prove that she knows nothing and she's just making stories up because a friend of Tasya you're right, would know for sure if Amber cheated on her with Johnny and also when she started to sleep with him and she would know if rumours of Johnny cheating on Vanessa with Amber are true also because Tasya surely knows this and so their real friends.

  45. Michelle says – reply to this


    Well, now we have the proof that Manie knows nothing and was lying. She disappeared because she can't give any answer to my questions. She told Amber did some games, but of course she can't explain what they were because she doesn't know what to invent as she can't explain when Amber started to sleep with Johnny and if she cheated on Tasya with him and him on Vanessa even though a real friend of Tasya would know for sure these details. Now we have the proof that Manie knows nothing but just invented things that are true only in her mind.

  46. 246

    This was a non story from the beginning.

  47. manie says – reply to this


    I didn't disappear. I'm working now. I come back later

  48. Michelle says – reply to this


    If you were really so busy with your work, you wouldn't have had time to read all the posts right now. You would have done it only after finishing of working. I guess you're just thinking what you can invent that it could be believable without compromising what we could find in future. But I'm still curious to read what your answers will be ’cause it will be easier than ever this time to understand if you'll tell news lies about all of them.

  49. 249

    Veritas who started the whole Amber and Tasya rumor has also disappeared.

  50. Kiwi says – reply to this


    Skins fan, don't you understand that it's just one person who was pretending of being 2 different people? No matter how she can't deny it, but it's only one person, one troll and is actually trying to spread at any cost that rumour about Amber and Tasya. Everybody understood her game by now but she's not gonna answer anymore because as someone said she just knows nothing and she can't risk of spreading other big lies about Tasya and Amber relationship, that's why she won't answer to Michelle questions.

  51. 251

    Re: Kiwi – You are probably are right it is the same person and she probably won't return because every knows she tried to spread a false rumor and when she was asked for more information or proof. She couldn't come up with it and left.

  52. Tia says – reply to this


    Johnny Depp: "There is no truth anymore:"
    (May 2012)

  53. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: Hans – Ambitious Heard / Amber Whored (ha ha ha) Very funny!!!!!!!!

  54. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: Tia – ?????

  55. Oliver says – reply to this


    Finally the troll has gone with the wind ;) ok, I read here since long and I wanna say that I don't like so much this couple because I think the gap age is too much and I don't see any love in their eyes and neither in their way of acting when they are in public because they're very cold to each others BUT I also think this is more than normal because Johnny Depp split just a year ago with his long-time girlfriend and after 14 years together, 2 kids and all their properties all around the world plus the vajolija you easily understand that what they had was serious and you can't aspect that someone who was in a such long and serious relationship with a woman could suddenly fall in love for another one. Sometimes, after such a split it's not easy to fall in love again for real and surely not soon, so that's why you don't see love in his eyes yet. Maybe he's not in love yet but he likes Amber and wants to keep dating her because her company is good for him. To love again somebody after being broken-heart for a split needs time. Maybe she really loves him and wants more from him but she's not getting yet and that could make her sad. Did you ever consider something like this before of judging?

  56. Oliver says – reply to this


    Yes, she looks sad and probably it's because she knows he doesn't love her as she would like to be loved. Maybe as time goes by they'll fall hard for each other and nobody can tell if it will last or not but nowadays everybody thinks to know everything of their favourite celebrities just watching a few of pictures. Nobody really knows or can judge their relationship. What if a stranger came into your house and judged you in a wrong way without even knowing you?
    Then I think that some Depp fans should just stop of being jealous of Amber judging her without even knowing her as Amber fans should just stop of being jealous of Johnny just because he got her. He took her back to men, so what? Didn't you know that she is bisexual and dated more men than women in her life until now? Please just get it over and get a life! Let them be and do what they like to, after it's their life and not yours.

  57. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – I'm not jealous of Amber, despite the fact that Johnny is handsome I don't see him as a man, I see him as a great actor and as a friend. He has candy eyes, he is beautiful inside.
    When I see him with Amber I feel a strange knot in my stomach. I never felt it when he was with Vanessa or when someone told he could be dating Robin Baun or Ruth Wilson. I don't feel something genuine in Amber.For me they don't match, something doesn't match.

  58. DOOL says – reply to this


    Like it was mentioned before I think there is more to this relationship. I have no doubt they are together but it wouldn't surprise if Johnny has a another girlfriend on the side and Amber too.

  59. Sophie says – reply to this


    I also feel a knot in my stomach. I think Johnny is in a new sad phase like he was when he was with Kate Moss.

  60. DOOL says – reply to this


    What do the supporters of this couple see that makes them think Amber and Johnny are in love?

  61. DOOL says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – Maybe they don't match because Amber is gay.

  62. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: DOOL – DOOL how do you know that Depp would cheat and also Amber? Do you personally know them to say that they could be unfaithful or you bases your doubts just on some stupid gossip??? It has never been proved that Depp is unfaithful and I really don't understand why you think that Amber would cheat also. Just because she is bisexual? Your jugdements are nonsense. Someone is not unfaithful just because of bisexuality. There are straight people unfaithul as there are also lesbian women unfaithful, so even bisexual people can be unfaithful or faithful. This doesn't depends on your sexual orientation but on your nature. Stop with these ridicolous clichés that bisexual people can't be faithful. The only true difference is between the faithful or unfaithful nature of a person and since nobody if us knows Amber for real, nobody can't tell if she's the faithful type or not. Rumours are really a poor thing to judge someone. You must be know her \ him because most of what you can read on tabloids is often false and made up by journalists.

  63. Oliver says – reply to this


    DOOL please stop also with this thing that Amber is gay. She never said she is. Everybody knows she said she doesn't want to be labeled. When she was labeled as lesbian she told she was disappointed about that and she explained that she dated men for all her life in past and that at the time it happened to her to be with a woman. Now it's happened to her to be with a man. You can't say she's gay just because she dated a woman in her life because there are many celebrities that dated for a while people of same sex and then dated again people of opposite sex. Angelina Jolie for example dated for a long period Jenny Shimizu and she also stated that she would have been married her if she didn't know then her second husband. So as you can see dating a person of a same sex just once or twice in your life and then dating people of opposite sex doesn't make you gay, but bisexual if we have to label things. Amber also said she would like to be like Angelina Jolie and maybe she is and she will.

  64. 264

    Re: Emilio – First of all proof read your stuff before you post it. It makes no sense. Secondly, I am not a lesbian, nor a lesbian fan of Amber. I am a Depp fan. Amber is bought and paid for, period! She never looks happy when out with Johnny. He bought her home, horses, probably bought her car, etc. THAT, my dear is a kept woman. Seems she'll suck the press out of this relationship and get as much work as possible then leave. Problem is what happens when Johnny takes back the house and stuff he bough her? Exactly……She's right back to the nobody she is now doing very bad movies. So as long as Johnny pays for everything she'll do what he wants.

  65. 265

    Re: Oliver – Actually there is a video on Youtube where Amber says she is a lesbian, it has been talked about on this site and other sites.

  66. 266

    Re: OliverRe: Oliver – Actually there is a video on Youtube where Amber says she is a lesbian, it has been talked about on this site and other sites. The video is called Amber Heard Made For A Hot Zombie in Zombieland she says at the 30 second mark, BTW Other people heard her say it not just me.

  67. Oliver says – reply to this


    skin fans, I don't wanna seem nasty, but actually it's only you lesbian fans who seem so sure that she said the word lesbian. I saw that video and I can't really hear clearly what she said and evn if she said it maybe it was just a gag to the journalist who was following and almost stalking her… or maybe that was how she felt in that period while dating a woman. Many bisexual women when they don't wanna be annoyed by someone say: "I'm lesbian" but I don't think that a lesbian woman would say she's disappointed of being labeled as lesbian nor she would tell she had successful relationship with men in past. "I love who I love, I've been in successful relationships with men and now I'm in this relationship with a woman, it's the person that matters" she said and this sounds only like the coming out of a bisexual person. Now she came back to men and this is quite a proof she's bisexual because she had more boyfriends than girlfriends in her life ’till now, deal with it. Tasya could also be her only girlfriend or maybe not, you never know, but please stop on being so obsessed with the fact that she's lesbian when she personally stated she falls for the person and not for a sex. You're just not able to accept it, aren't you?

  68. Miguel says – reply to this


    I wouldn't say it is Amber's fans who are saying that she said it. There are alot of people who say she clearly said she was a lesbian.Also the Bisexality thing sounds like PR to me. Except for Valentino Lanus what man has she dated? The Crispin Glover rumor was confirmed by Amber herself to be false. I agree with everyone who thinks this relationship is doomed.

  69. Oliver says – reply to this


    Listen, I don't waste my time with her lesbian fans who can't accept that Amber is bisexual. She didn't date only Valentino Lanus. Before of becoming actress she was engaged to a boyfriend she mentioned in an interview. This boyfriend helped her to get in contact with show business people. She told it in an interviiew then she could have dated other boys not famous of course. And now tell what you want but she's dating Johnny Depp and it's not a PR stunt. He got a bad reputation as it happened to her ’cause she has been called "homewrecker". She wanted him from the beginning. She was obsessed with him and this thing has been told by someone who knows her: Arthur Wybrands and since there are several clus I believe it's true. She probably dumped her girlfriend to have a chance with him. Deal with it. Evidence tell us that she had more boyfriends than girlfriends and a video where she's making joking doesn't prove anything also because she would have never said "I'm lesbian" to a journalist. And after all how many girlfriends she had? Just one. You know better than me that she dated most men in her life and she also talked about them in interviews (not all of them were famous though) but that is clearly annoying you… think what you want, it's evident you're in denial and you'll always be. I'm not going to convince you about anything ’cause I'm not even interested into it. Good-bye.

  70. Miguel says – reply to this


    Re: manie – Sorry no one believes this silly claim that Amber and Tasya slept together not the Amber and Depp fans and not the Lesbian and Bi Amber fans. You seem to have something personal against Amber and are making up lies about her.

  71. Michelle says – reply to this


    I agree with Oliver. Amber was probably joking because the journalist was really idiot with his questions. Then if I was dating a woman I'd also say I'm lesbian because in such a phase you could think you are, it's normal. But I still can't hear what she said clearly. It seems her first words are "gotta get dress, I'm…" and then I can't hear clearly what she adds, but only after that she said "I'm sorry"….. in any case that was her lesbian phase or whatever you wanna call it. Maybe she felt it was right to use that term at the time or most probably she was teasing the stupid journalist with mocking answers. What I know that it's true now is that she's dating Johnny Depp since a year and a half and a true lesbian wouldn't stand so much of having sex with a man unless she's bisexual. Nobody is forcing her to date him (as nobody forced her to date men in past also) and I think that when you're a real lesbian your sexual nature has no price. I think she's in love with him for real and she's sad because he's not into her like she's into him and it's pretty evident. She didn't even attend her movie Q&A to follow him and as someone already said, that's a proof of love and not of using him.

  72. 272

    I'm sorry but I don't see any love coming from either of them I don't think it will last, As for the video tape I think she was serious when she said it and that is JMO, I do respect the opinions of the people who don't think she said it or was just kidding. I also still think her and Joesph Gordon Levitt would make a better couple but that JMO too.

  73. Thad says – reply to this


    This is all blown out of porportion. My uncle worked detail for Johnny when he made his trip to Oklahoma for that Native American thing there. My uncle told my Mom that Amber Heard wasn't anywhere around but that Johnny visited a woman while in Oklahoma and from what he could gather Johnny and this woman have known each other for years. Twist to the story? She's a blonde too!

  74. chris says – reply to this


    Re: Thad – Thanks for sharing. Could you tell us more details, please? I know Amber visited Johnny a few times when he was filming in Creede, but it's only that I know.

  75. engel says – reply to this


    Do you know that some actors and actresses or their publicists call the paparazzis? Johnny never did it. Perez didn't show all the pictures, but there are pictures of Johnny and Amber were arriving at AGO. For me, these first paparazzis were called.

  76. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Thad – Amber could have not been in Oklahoma because she was shooting a movie. She went to vivist Johnny while he was shooting The lone ranger when she had time, but she couldn't be there all the time of course since she was working too for her movie. But it has been proved that she was in Creede because there are pictures (and it was proved that it was her in the picture) then also many many people told of having seen her in Colorado several times with him in several stores and restaurant, so yes, she visited him as much as she could find free time at the time but Johnny also visits quite often his friend, there's nothing wrong with it.

  77. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – I also respect your opinion that for me is just your speculation since facts prove that she's bisexual. No matter what her lesbian fans think, but facts are pretty clear about the fact she has no problem in dating men. More men than women ’till now and that's it.

  78. Michelle says – reply to this


    Then I think that only 2 types of lesbian women could ever stand to have sex for a long period with men: a lesbian who wants a child of her own at any cost and she can't get artificial insemination for any reason or a prostitute who is forced to do that because she absolutely needs money or because her pimp forces her to do that. So since the first option coudn't regard Amber, do you think that she is just a prostitute??? Well, what a good fan of her you are then!!!!!!!

  79. Philip says – reply to this


    Just sayin' I have a bisexual friend that dated women and men and in the period of time she was dating a woman for the first time she often used to call herself a "lesbian". I'm not kidding. She also told his parents "I'm lesbian, deal with it" and that's because maybe when you're dating a woman you doesn't feel straight anymore, I don't know what's the matter, but I know that now this friend of mine is dating a man and she started to say: "I'm not lesbian anymore". Sometimes people give themselves names and I can guarantee that she's not the first bisexual woman that I know that she called herself lesbian once in her life at least while she was living a lesbian phase. Just sayin'.

  80. Michelle says – reply to this


    I totally agree Philip. At the end it's actions and facts that matter and not simple words and actually actions and facts prove that Amber doesn't have problems in dating men. She never had.

  81. lilib says – reply to this


    Amber looks chubby. Is she pregnant?

  82. Carol says – reply to this


    Maybe you know that Amber worked in some episodes on Criminal Minds I like this series and I'm a fan of the actor Matthew Gray.He really helped Amber and all who know him say he is a very nice person. Once an interview was conducted on Mathew and Amber was extremely stupid in her comments on Mathew. Amber is known for being stupid. She shouted at Shiloh in the middle of a scene. I hate Amber and as I am also a fan of Johnny Depp I hope Amber quickly leave his life. I've never seen Johnny so angry and sad as I have seen him in the last time

  83. 283

    Re: lilib – LOL no Amber has been gaining weight for a while.

  84. Pears says – reply to this


    Re: lilib – she used to be "chunky" when she first started out…

  85. Scarly says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Tasya Van Ree just deleted several videos of Amber on Youtube. She only left one. That's a pity !
    Skinny,I agre with a lot of things you said ! Greetings from Italy.

  86. 286

    Re: Scarly – Yes I saw that. I also saw there is someone esle named Hana Van Ree who has videos 2 or 3 videos of them.

  87. lilib says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Thank you! :)

  88. Carol says – reply to this


    Did you notice that, lately, Amber has TRIED to show a relaxed and angelic facial expression?

  89. lilib says – reply to this


    Re: Pears – Thank you! :)

  90. Didi says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – I saw pics of Amber at TRD's premiere. She is so different now, I couldn't recognize her. Johnny looks serious, good but serious

  91. Thad says – reply to this


    No no. I was aware it wasn't Amber Heard in Oklahoma. That's what I was saying, it was not her she was no where around. My uncle stated that he visited a lady friend. Somebody Johnny had known for a few years. She was a blonde. He didn't say anything else really. He said the lady was in or around her 30s but that's about it. Nothing too exciting really. It just makes me think he might be seeing a few different girls. That's all. Sorry for the confusion on my last post.

  92. A says – reply to this


    He's taking her publicaly out for diner and concert, they are obviously dating.

  93. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Thad – Oh okay, now it's clear. Yes, it's possible that Amber was shooting her movie while he was in Oklahoma, but the fact that he was visiting this lady friend doesn't mean there was something between them because maybe she was just a friend. Johnny has a lot of friends everywhere, women and men, so the fact that he was visiting this woman doesn't prove that he was cheating on Amber because friends can spend time together and they can visist each other sometimes and there's nothing wrong about that unless your uncle told you that he knew for sure that she wasn't just a friend for Johnny. Does your uncle know details about this story? Can he tell if he knows for sure that this lady friend of him wasn't just a friend? Did he have any clue about her being more than a friend with him?

  94. Scarly says – reply to this


    Re: Carol – I agree. A young career actress can change for personal and professional reasons. And also for marketing strategies adopted by her entertainment agency. Maybe, the couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp could be one of those. I know well this kind of things. I'm a publisher, a journalist and a theatrical producer too. The truth will come out, soon or later ! We'll see ! Greetings from Italy.

  95. Michelle says – reply to this


    I really doubt that their relationship is for publicity or is for some marketing strategies because if these were their real reason, then it wouldn't make sense for them to hide. They were hiding for a lot of months and still now when they are in public they don't show so much they're a couple. It's quite rare to see them together and if their relationship was fake and had some publicity purpose, they would act in a total different way. They would show up often and they would try to show people they are 100% a couple getting cozy in public for example. When you wanna show up something just for publicity, you don't hide ’cause it wouldn't make any sense but you wanna show up as many things as possible.

  96. Michelle says – reply to this


    For example, George Clooney looks fake to me with his girlfriends because as soon as he split with one woman, he's seen with another one and they try to be seen everywhere as much as possible and they do their best to look like a couple showing all they can show to get attention and so publicity. Same thing do the Brangelina for example, don't say they are fake but they like publicity and it's pretty evident by their actions but Depp actions in public are rare and he also acts shy when he's somewhere with a woman. He isn't showing up so much with Amber, almost never I'd say, so he's keeping his relationship with her in a very low profile and you know that famous couples who adopt marketing strategies show up a lot and try their best to keep a high profile…. well that's what Johnny is not doing actually and never did with any of his girlfriends. He keeps being a private person so it's really hard to buy the theory of the marketing strategies and of publicity.

  97. Lisa says – reply to this


    and then ¿ why they appeared holding hands at a public event? all the paparazzi were there.They did not need to do that.For some stars good o bad publicity is always right.

  98. Lupus in fabula says – reply to this


    People should just stop speculating. Their relationship is not a sham at all. It never was and I know it for sure. Amber is in love with him, she's really taking care of him in many ways, she's not that fake and manipulative woman that malignant people think her to be. She was a fan of him pretty obsessed also since she was a teenager and being with him now is just like her dream come true. Stop spreading shit please if you don't know things because is becoming really annoying now. Someone pretty much informed about this relationship told me that it's probable that Amber is much more in love than him and I found out that the real sham was between Amber and Marie de Villepin a French model she wad rumoured of dating. Well she never dated her and there was nothing more than friendship between them but at the time someone informed journalists that they were dating with the specific purpose of confusing media to not give any credit about Amber and Johnny relationship. Actually they never split, she never dumped him for any woman but she probably often looked miserable because she couldn't stand to be just a secret because she didn't do anything wrong. She started to date Johnny when he was already a single, maybe not an official single but single enough to date any woman he wanted. Amber is not a homewrecker but she had to put up with his ways and privacy wish since the beginning because she simply loves him. Now think what you want but this is the truth. The real one.

  99. Scarly says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – Personally I don't buy this lovestory, it' s only my opinion. We'll see. However, they are free to live their lives as they want. Bye !

  100. Carol says – reply to this


    Re: Scarly – That was exactly what I noticed

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