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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Invite Keith Richards Into Their Romance! Best Threesome Ever?!

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johnny depp amber heard dinner date keith richards

Maybe not the BEST threesome, but definitely one of the coolest, LOLz!

Johnny Depp and ladylove Amber Heard were spotted leaving Ago restaurant in West Hollywood Wednesday after a dinner date…

And the attractive pair were accompanied by Keith Richards (above)!

The couple must be HUGE Rolling Stones fans, because their public debut happened at the recent LA concert! That, and Keith was the inspiration behind Johnny's incredible Captain Jack Sparrow performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean films!

Hmm… could Keith be trying to roll himself into Jamber's intimate adventures?!

Hey, he's a bad ass rocker and Johnny and Amber seem like swingin' cats, so why not LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out some more pics of the dining threesome (below)!

[Image via National Photo Group & Mavrix Online.]

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655 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Invite Keith Richards Into Their Romance! Best Threesome Ever?!”

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  1. Carol says – reply to this


    Re: Lupus in fabula – PRIVATE????? Why she intentionally let be photographed with t-shirts of Johnny and with Navajo jewelry??? One photo shows she and Tasya walking and Amber was with her arm lifted to show the bracelets.

  2. Gigi says – reply to this


    Re: Lupus in fabula – So you are our the latest insider.
    If Amber started dating Johnny when he was already single, why didn't JD and VP release a statement where they admitted to have split before the official split and only appeared as a couple for the kids? It would have saved everybody involved a lot of BS on the gossip side. Vanessa complained about the media. If what you claim would be the truth they could have easily stopped the rumors. Thing is, they didn't.

  3. Scarly says – reply to this


    Re: Carol – She wore in public the clothes and the jacket of Marie De Villepin, too ! For a while they were close friends. Good evening Carol.

  4. Carol says – reply to this


    Re: Scarly – Thanks. Good evening or for me good morning

  5. Engel says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – Johnny is very reserved and he doesn't expose his private life. Amber gained a lot of bad publicity when she went public with Johnny and since then she has been purposely photographed in ordinary moments. She was photographed chatting and smiling with fans in NY (who would recognize Amber in NY?!?!?!?).
    I agree with Carol in all these new pics she has tried to show happy and angelic. She probably will not attend Syrup's premiere, but it seems she wants to go to the premiere of TLR. I think it will not be good for her to go to TLR's premiere, I personally think it is too early. For me, she still must wait a little while to appear in a significant event with Johnny

  6. Engel says – reply to this


    Re: Carol – You probably noticed the ostensible way in which Amber showed her arm with the Navajo bracelets, am I right?

  7. Engel says – reply to this


    Re: Scarly – I agree with you, I also don't buy this love story. For me the truth will come out. I know that Johnny is not with Amber for publicity, but I'm still not sure why he is with her

  8. Veritas says – reply to this


    The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.( St. Augustine).

  9. pauline says – reply to this


    Re: Thad – Perhaps, that's why Amber is so jealous of Johnny

  10. Michelle says – reply to this


    I think that maybe Amber is trying to get publicity but not him. He doesn't show almost anything about this relationship. He's acting cold with her in public and this is not the behaviour that any people who needs publicity would have, moreover he really could have any woman he wanted to get attention and publicity but I don't really buy that a man that all the women would like to date like Johnny needs to pretend date a woman to get publicity. That's absolutely crazy since he could date a woman for real and wouldn'thave any difficulty to find a woman interested in him, so please stop with this thing that he's dating her for publicity because it's a ridiculous theory that doesn't fit at all. He wouldn't have any reason to pretend of dating her unless he's gay too and needs a cover or a decoy but I don't really think he's gay. Do you maybe?????

  11. Scarly says – reply to this


    Re: Engel – As many other young actresses in career, she needs attention and publicity from mass media. I know well the star system for professional reasons. I agre with you. Johnny is already a powerful star, but he can give her some help or advice to become a good actress. He is a very generous person. We'll see. Bye Engel ! Greetings from Italy.

  12. Michelle says – reply to this


    Scarly he's very generous man yeah, but he's not a fake person and he wouldn't pretend to have a relationship also because he could help Amber in many ways to make her becoming a better actress, he wouldn't help her for sure by pretending of dating her because this would only help to get fame in the gossip world and not in cinema world. And actually gossip aren't helping Amber career because she's getting attention only about her private life and not about her as actress. Nobody still gives a shit of her as actress. If Johnny wanted for real only help her he would do that with better strategy and not with a false relationship. I also think you the same user who wrote other lies about Tasya. You're nit working at all as publicist I bet.

  13. Scarly says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – Sorry,I've only expressed my opinion as everybody. I don't tell stupid lies. I'm not the user you think. I'm a vey serious person. I don't judge anybody. I respect all the opinions here and I also pretend to be respected. That's all. Goood bye.

  14. Lupus in fabula says – reply to this


    I repeat once for all for skeptical people and I'm not going to do it again in future, Johnny and Amber started to date ONLY when he was already a single. He and Vanessa were already over. So why then they didn't deny rumours asked someone… well actually Vanessa did it but some people pretended of not hearing that. "Nobody knows the truth or has done a proper journalist's work on that situation" she said in an interview last year so this is already a denial about the falsity of all the rumours that were spread regarding their split and now whoever wanna believe her then just believe her and about Johnny well, he didn't deny rumours because magazines spread rumours on him being unfaithful and other shit since many years and he never denied them neither in past, so why should he start to do it now? He really doesn't care so much about all the tabloid junk, that's it.

  15. Lupus in fabula says – reply to this


    Then just to make a point: I didn't say that Amber is PRIVATE. I've just said he is so and that she had to put up with his ways about that because the truth is that she's different. She got frustrated about the fact that he didn't want to go public with her as she got frustrated that she couldn't give interviews anymore and neither answer to journalists when asked about him because he asked her of keeping what they're having absolutely private. He suggested her of never complaining and never denying or confirming anything to journalists because you know, that's what he really does since many years. Now listen, I'm not an insider, I've just have a friend who told me something and I know more than I can tell of course because there are many details in this story you'll never know maybe neither in future but I can tell you that nothing is fake between them. It's not my duty to sell their private life telling more as I would never pretend to be an insider just to spread some shit as someone already did here. I wrote what I wrote just to try to avoid that people keep spreading shit but now I can see it's pointless because some people keep doing that, so good luck.

  16. Gigi says – reply to this


    LupusRe: Lupus in fabula – The statement Vanessa made, only denies that people don't know what drove VP and JD apart not a possible overlapping of the relationships.
    So, you are not an insider but your friend is. Like everybody else with inside connections here, you can't tell the details and all you can come up with, is what the tabloids have been telling us already. If it's not your duty to sell their private life, what are you doing on a site like this anyway? You are the good guy who came here to defend them? If you want people to believe you, you have to give them one new thing at least, not only the warmed up stuff we can all put together to our own liking.
    Johnny and Amber are dating, i think that's obvious by now. Who is more smitten with the other or in love? Who knows?

  17. Lupus in fabula says – reply to this


    Re: Gigi – "Nobody has done a proper journalist's work on that situation" = "what tabloids wrote about my split with Johnny is not proper".

    You wanna a new thing about them? Okay, they'll attend The Lone Ranger premiere together. I don't know the exact day but she will be with him and anyway, I already gave you many informations that many people here don't know like the Marie de Villepin thing because many people and many tablois believed that Amber really dated her and dumped Johnny for her, well that's not true. Then I told you that Amber is really in love with him but many of you don't wanna believe it, so why should I keep telling things you wouldn't believe in any case and that are anybody business after all? I came here just to deny some shit because I think it was becoming outrageous, but I did wrong. I just shouldn't care about it. I repeat, believe what you want, I don't owe you nothing and I won't waste my time anymore to stop the shit. Good luck.

  18. 318

    Oh gee Marnie never came back with this so called proof that she had about Amber and Tasya spent a night together what a shock NOT!While I don't think this relationship will last I think it is insane that someone would start a rumor like that to try to hurt someone like Amber who she probably doesn't even know.

  19. 319

    Re: Lupus in fabula – I don't know if you would know the answer to this question but I will ask anyway. If Amber hadn't met Johnny do you think she would still be Tasya?

  20. Reese says – reply to this


    Re: Lupus in fabula – Sorry, but the Marie decoy seemed obvious from the get-go, just like the staged pap pics with Tasya early on when the rumors began. Amber was going to France, where Vanessa is an icon, and she didn't want to deal with that hatred. But all the while she was still sending hints about her relationship with JD by wearing his stuff and endulging in his life style, things that she wouldn't be able to afford on her own. This doesn't really seem like insider information, just pay attention to the details and it was all crystal clear.

    But why is she so intent on walking the red carpet with him? If they can't even walk out of a restaurant infront of a few paps (compared to a red carpet) comfortably, why invite that attention. It doesn't seem like JD's style…

  21. martinique says – reply to this


    Re: Lupus in fabula – hmmmm, Amber will go with Johnny at the TLR's premiere? Together?????
    It will not be good. I know many forums of Depp fans and all are full of PMs, saying that they hope Amber does not attend at the premiere. Nobody says that in the topics, because they don't want to hurt Johnny, but we all really hope Amber does not attend.

  22. Martinique says – reply to this


    Re: Lupus in fabula – You said that Amber really loves Johnny, but for you, does Johnny love Amber? Why since February he's so sad?

  23. Gigi says – reply to this


    Re: Lupus in fabula – The Marie thing isn't new. It was discussed that she is only a decoy when the rumor about them spread.
    Johnny and Amber on the red carpet for TLR premiere together is what i expect to see. If they don't attend together there will only be more speculations about their relationship. I believe that those sudden public appearences of them where made to prepare the fans for this .
    They are actors and on the red carpet they can put on a show, so it will be easier for them to walk on the red carpet together, especially since they have done it before.
    Sorry Lupus you didn't tell us anything new that we couldn't have figured out by ourselves. But i think we can agree that JD and AH are an item at the moment.
    SkinsFan: Manie wasn't back, but Veritas was.

  24. Gigi says – reply to this


    Re: Lupus in fabula – You can't tell us the date, but you know that she will be there.
    Well, it was discussed on other sites that she may not atten the LA premiere but the one in Russia. So that's not new either.

  25. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: martinique – why does some ppl don't want her to attend the premire with him? whats gonna happen if she attended it with him?

  26. georgina says – reply to this


    Why Amber would go with Johnny at the premiere? Currently, actors / actresses don't take their GF/BF to the premieres because they stay with their fans. Maybe she goes to an after party, but I don't believe in it

  27. 327

    Re: yousef – So what if they do it's still doesn't mean it's true love alot of couples go to premiere together but live separate lives when they get home.I

  28. Michelle says – reply to this


    I'm not saying that Lupus in fabula pretends to know things like Veritas and Manie who are a same user did (and no matter if she denies it) because after all it's not so foregone that Marie was a decoy since many people always used to think that Amber really dated her and really cheated on him, I also read people who told they know for sure that Marie and Amber were a couple, they used to tell that this was a fact, as people now are telling they know for sure that Amber is using him and doesn't love him, so at the end, who's telling the truth?? Some people here tell they know for sure things and what they tell often doesn't match with each other statements, so we really can't know who's lying or who not and we can't say that someone told things that already everybody knew. Nobody actually knows what's the truth about it and only future will tell us who was lying and who not.

  29. Miguel says – reply to this


    I'm not sure the Marie thing was a decoy I do think they did date except I think Marie was the one really more into the relationship. I've seen the pictures of them at a club last year before Marie dropped out of sight in October and it looked like she was really into Amber who looked like she was flattered but it didn't look like she really was that into her.

  30. Michelle says – reply to this


    Now lupus in fabula said he knows they will go together at the lone ranger premiere and this thing nobody could be for sure neither because it hasn't be announced officially that they will be there together, they couldn't even go together, it's just speculation because we haven't any clues that she'll go, so lupus in fabula is risking on losing credit if this is not gonna happen. I think that only someone who knows something for sure can tell for sure that she'll go because there's no assurance about it yet, but he seems sure, so I guess he couldn't be lying even though I doubt that she'll go but we'll see. I personally believe that he won't take her there because if he does, all the attention will be focused on them as a couple and not on his movie, so I don't really think they will have the courage of walking together on the red carpet. Maybe in future they will, but not now. I think he could go with her on the red carpet when she will attend the premiere of her movie Paranoia maybe, but I bet we won't see them together at the lone ranger premiere. It could be a media massacre for him if he does. Don't know but for me here everybody pretends to know things that are just their own speculations and nobody really knows anything or the truth. Only time will tell and I don't even think that if somebody really knew something would waste his or her time writing here.

  31. 331

    Unless Amber or Marie talk we won't find out the truth about their relationship. It just seemed like they were more then just friends because really it seemed Marie was always seen with Amber from sometime in August until October then she dropped out of sight and mysteriously reappeared during the holiday season..

  32. 332

    This whole thing has been strange from the beginning, I'm still trying to figure what was Amber doing with Francesca Gregorini? That just seemed to be so bizzare and it looked liked Amber was looking at the the paps when they were hugging after the kiss.

  33. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – To be honest I don't think they were more than friends and I believe that Lupus in fabula was right in this case like they were all the people who figured out that Amber was using her just as a decoy because even when Amber was hanging out with her she was always seen wearing his stuff and you wear your lover stuff only when your relationship with him is still going on. Amber and Marie wnt together to the same dance clas, that's why they were a lot together last summer and I never seen nothing that proved that Amber was into her at all. They looked just like two best friends at the time and actually there's even no evidence at all that Marie is lesbian. She has been rumoured of being but there is no proof because she was never seen getting cozy with women. There's only evidence that she dated men instead. In 2010 she dated Lapo Elkann and they were seen together, so since there's only evidence that Marie dated men, I don't even think that she was lesbian. Amber used also Tasya as a decoy at the beginning, so yeah, I truly think that she was only dating Johnny Depp and that all these women (also Francesca Gregorini) were only people she saw occasionally to confuse media from the truth.

  34. Oliver says – reply to this


    I don't trust anybody here. I don't think that on this site there are insiders or people who know insiders. Nobody knows the truth but many people speculate like they're right but here every speculation can be wrong or right, we just don't know. I personally think that they're dating for real, not sham at all but I also things that she's dating him only because he's JOHNNY DEPP. If he was a common man she wouldn't have given him any chance. Depp is a huge thing from many points of view: he's rich, powerful, one of the greatest actors of his era, handsome for many women, also a funny person when not drunk and many women would like to date him, really many in all the world so it's not so difficult to believe that also Amber can be one of these and that she could also like him since she always liked old people. Yes, she could also get some help from him to improve her career but I bet she's dating him because of all these reasons that I mentioned. She knows that dating him she has got the whole package. Seriously, which woman wouldn't date him if she had the chance? Come on! And Amber is very lucky that he just didn't have a fling with her because he could really have any woman he wanted, young or not, any!

  35. Oliver says – reply to this


    Yet I think that he's not dating her because he loves her. He keeps dating her because she's a young and very beautiful p.u.s.s.y. He's been know for years for dating younger women (quite younger than him) so it's nothing new. Which man wouldn't date a hot woman like Amber if he had the chance after all? Amber is one of the hottest women of show business, so it's quite evident why Johnny can't stay away from her. It's his mid-life crisis. He wants the young and hot woman in bed and honestly Vanessa isn't anymore that. So I'm pretty sure that it's just a sex-matter for him the reason why he's still dating Amber, but love is another thing and I bet he doesn't want to have any serious relationship with Amber. He's just enjoying her company and sex with her at the moment but I think it won't last. Many it will last a few of years but not forever. This relationship is very similar to the one he had with Kate Moss. He wasn't in love with her and never got serious with her. He just liked her for company and for sex and Kate even told it recently. That's why Depp acts cold with Amber in public, because he simply doesn't love her and I bet he won't take her to the premiere of his movie because it's evident he doesn't feel okay with her in public.

  36. chrisan says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – I partly agree with you. I also think Amber is interested in the whole package and Johnny was just attracted to her in the beginning but now he seems to be very uncomfortable with her, it seems to me that he doesn't want to be with her anymore.
    I also think it won't last long, because Amber is showy and Johnny is quiet. Then, how she will show her package?

  37. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – sorry but you said that ppl here acts like insiders and thats excactly what you are doing!
    "here every speculation can be wrong"
    yup and yours is very wrong! you don't know them or live with them to know any thing so shutup

  38. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – how is it a mid-life crisis if he was dating younger women since ever? he broke up with vanessa because they weren't happy for years and thats what she said so it doesn't have anything to do with if she's not young enough or hot for him anymore.

  39. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – why do you keep lying to yourself? why don't you just believe the fact which is they are in love and she loves more than he does? she wanted him and now she's with him and she won't find a man like him even in her dreams so she will be with him as long as she can

  40. 340

    Re: yousef – I don't see any love there, they only look like friends like Amber and Marie did that is JMHO.

  41. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Lupus in fabula is lying. I know it for sure that Amber has been what caused Johnny's split with Vanessa. She left him after she realized that he had sex with Amber. It's true the story that then he tried to come back with Vanessa but she didn't forgive him. She got tired of his betrayals and then Amber did everything she could to get his attention and to be more than a fling. He just wanted to f*ck her but he didn't want to keep dating her but she planned of dating him and when she let him f*cking her she wanted more from him and since then she never let him go.

  42. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Seriously, she's obsessed with him and Manie was right. Don't know if she saw Tasya 2 weeks ago but Amber is really obsessed with Johnny and she's manipulating him since 2011. She'll try to get married with him and have children trust me. She just doesn't want to let him go and yes it's true that Marie de Villepin was just a decoy for the media. She never dated her for real, she just used her and now Amber is doing everything is possible to walk on the red carpet with him at the lone ranger premiere. She's pushing him to take her there but I don't think he will do it because he's not okay about becoming official with her. He doesn't love her, he doens't want her, she's just his b.i.t.c.h., trust me. He's with her just for sex and because he can't get rid of her because she's highly manipulative.

  43. Mi says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – Please come up with proof with what your are saying because if you can't you will be considered a troll like Marnie/Veritas was.

  44. 344

    Re: Veritas – When where Amber and Tasya supposedly together?

  45. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    I'm not a troll and I know what I know because I know a sort of insider but if you don't wanna trust me it doesn't matter. I'm just telling what someone told me and trust me the truth will come out sooner or later because you all see by yourselves that Depp is not in love with her and that he doesn't want to get official. Wait and see. He won't take her at the lone ranger premiere. He's trying to get rid of her and he's praying that she got tired of him and decides of break up with him. Now just decide if you wanna believe me or not, it doesn't really matter to me. I just can't understand how some people can tell that Johnny is in love and that Amber is a good woman. She's highly manipulative, she made him split with Vanessa. You'll see that it won't last long but the story that he's serious with her and in love it's just a PR strategy to make him looking like the serious guy who didn't anything wrong and if in the future he denies that he ever cheated on Vanessa, he's really an as*-h*le. The truth is that he just wanted to f*ck her and got f*ucked up by her now.

  46. Miguel says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – I'm sorry but you seem to be the only one who sees some kind of love between them, I would like to know what makes you think they are in love? You are the only one who sees it. No one esle sees it.

  47. 347

    Re: Conan The Barbar – I do agree that there is no love there and that it probably won't last long..

  48. 348

    Re: Miguel – I agree this poster is the only one who sees loves in this so called "relationship".

  49. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Yes, he doesn't love her and he's trying to get out from this relationship but I'm not so sure that she would letting him go. Can I ask what do you like in Amber? How can you be a fan of such a manipulative and fake person? She's not a good actress either so if you like her just for her beauty it's a poor thing because Amber is not a good person. She destroyed the strong couple Johnny-Vanessa. I'm not saying Depp is a saint neither but he's far better than Amber anyway. If he's gonna deny that he cheated on Vanessa with Amber is really an as*h*le. He should shut his mouth at least and that's why he's not giving interview since 2011 and he's avoiding of talking with journalists. He doesn't know how to handle their questions because he feels guilty and that's why he won't take Amber with him at the premiere because this way he will avoid half of the questions and of the attention. You won't ever see him sweet and in love with Amber anywhere because there's not love from his part (don't know about her because I don't know if she's in love or simply obsessed with him) but I repeat that the point is that Depp wanted only to f*ck Amber once or twice and got f*ucked up by her now.

  50. 350

    Re: Conan The Barbar – I saw Amber in a couple of movies and I liked her. I'm not going to say anything about her personalty because I don' know her.I will say this she doesn't look like she loves Johnny at least not like she loved Tasya she always looked happy with her.She doesn't look like that with him.

  51. Reese says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – I believe you Conan!! Especially about the cheating part! Johnny and Vanessa were definitely together until fall 2011 and that's when TRD promo started… But JD was still wearing his commitment ring and professing his love for Vanessa in interviews. I think she learned about something that happened between him and Amber and ended it, cause that's when her tune about soul mates changed. Before then she always said she wanted to be with him forever and she knew they would be together even before they were. That story about then being split for 2 years sounds completely made up and random to cover for any indiscretions on JD's part.
    I do believe he is with Amber by default, because it cost him his relationship with Vanessa. People keep coming up with these romantic stories about him naming that island after her, but he bought that island for his kids and Vanessa and there is a beach there he named after her. Why would he regifted it to Amber, and who would consider that romantic? I believe for him this relationship is transitional, and for her she probably is infatuated with him, but most of that has to do with his status and access to the industry…

  52. Paco says – reply to this


    There was Blind Item posted not too long that Amber was supposedly seeing a 18 year old waitress not too long ago.

  53. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Miguel – the only one here? i've read all the comments here and in other sites and there is so many ppl who sees this love! you don't live with them to know right? you just believe any BS you read?

  54. 354

    Re: Paco – That Blind Item was from January and it was false.

  55. 355

    Re: yousef – Where is this great love you see? I don't see it and there are other people who don't see it either.

  56. meryl says – reply to this


    Re: Reese – ok now lets put this all together.. he had a fling with amber and slept with her in the TRD promotition days and vanessa knew about it and she was angry and he tried to work out their relationship but she didn't forgeive him? but how did she knew about him and amber?

  57. kayle says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – i kinda believe what you said! amber is such a cheap whore! what she did is so disgusting ! what a fake plastic bitch she is! terrible actress and terrible person, but why is johnny still with her? maybe because he loves her cheap little P.U.S.S.Y? she don't deserve a great human being and a good man like johnny

  58. Miguel says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – I can't wait to see your reaction when this farce of a relationship ends.

  59. Reese says – reply to this


    Re: meryl – I don't know if they tried to reconcile, but JD and VP went on a famous vacation before TRD promo, so I don't believe they were split for 2 years. During the promo Amber was dropping hints about keeping something special from the set, but it was a "secret"! VP stopped wearing her ring in nov/dec, around the same time JD started stumbling out of clubs drunk! As to how VP found out, I don't know, maybe a woman's intuition. I find Amber to be sketchy because it was clear that JD and VP were trying to be discreet for their children, but Amber kept courting the attention by wearing JD's clothes in public. I just don't like the way she played her position it was really careless and insensitive. That's why I don't think they'll last, she seems immature and media hungry!

  60. DOOL says – reply to this


    Neither do you. So you have no idea if they are in love, so don't pretend to know they are in love.

  61. T says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar
    I believe what you said. Johnny is not in love with her and looks like he wants out. He has looked absolutely miserable lately. He sure doesn't look like a man who, as the press claims, is head over heals in love with this girl. Why he's still tolerating her I don't know. Despite the media saying "sources" said that this relationship started after Johnny and Vanessa parted I always had a feeling in my gut that Amber was the final straw that caused them to split. I don't like Amber. I didn't like her before she was associated with Johnny and I like her even less now. She's playing games with Johnny. He's seem lost right now and she's using that to her advantage to get him to do what she wants but when all is said and done she's the one who's going to get burned in the end and rightly so.

  62. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Miguel – ends? maybe after years but not after days or months. they are together since almost a year and half and they have been through so many things but they didn't end their mad love story! i don't know why do you care too much? get a life you stupid troll and stop talking about something you know nothing about and yes i do

  63. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: DOOL – yup they are not in love and thats why she followed him to new mexico to the set of his film and skipped the Q&A of her movie! what does that mean? she prefer him over her career! and not to mention that she was with him when he went to las vegas in april and she was was with him in the set of the lone ranger! IF THEY WEREN'T IN LOVE THEY WOULDN'T STAY TOGETHER AS A COUPLE FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS!

  64. 364

    [re=6437553]Re: yousef[/re Please stop pretending to know that they are so love you act like you know them if you do it prove it.

  65. 365

    Now moving on to a happier subject Happy Early Birthday Johnny Depp, Hope you have a great day!

  66. 366

    Re: yousef – BTW Neither Siloh Or Kellen showed up for the Q &A either, Her agent probably told her that they weren't going to be at the Q&A so she may have decided to go on that trip to NM.

  67. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – yea i don't know them but i know some FACTS about them and you act like you know them too! how the hell would you know if they loves each other or not? do you live in their mind to know ?

  68. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Yousef, I never said that my speculations are right indeed, but I wanted to tell what I think in any case since everybody has the right to do it, so if you want to tell your opinion about this couple, why I can't tell mine? You don't have any right to tell me "shut up" because not everybody see things like you do. It's your choice to believe that they are in love but I don't see love between them. They always walk distant from each other and there's no happiness in their eyes and you can't deny what is evident. If they were so in love as you think, they wouldn't give a shit that paparazzi are were taking pictures of them and they would walk like two people that are in love and not like two strangers who walk distant and also sit very distant from each other in the car.

  69. Oliver says – reply to this


    Love never hides and Johnny put always his head down when he's in the car with her. Never embrace her and I don't buy that he acts like this just to protect his family. His children know that he's dating Amber and so does Vanessa, so they wouldn't get scandalized if he got cozy with her in public because it's a year and a half that he's seeing her and I guess that his children already saw him sometimes kiss or hug Amber, so it's not for them that he's acting cold with her and I don't even buy that he acts cold only because he's annoyed by paparazzi presence because he never acted cold in past with his girlfriends. Did you ever seen him walking distant and sitting in the car very distant from Winona Ryder or Kate Moss for example?? No, he got cozy with them even in public, so you shut up! It's evident to everybody that he feels uncomfortable with Amber in public and that's because he doesn't love her. I believe too in what Conan the barbar told. I always thought that he doesn't want this relationship and that he just can't put and end on it for whatever reason. He looks unconfortable and miserable when he's in public with Amber and only a blind person woudln't notice that.

  70. Oliver says – reply to this


    All the truth about them, all the elements that we have about them are enough to understand that he doesn't love Amber. Maybe she does, but not him. It's simple: do people who are really in love walk and sit in the car very distant from each other? No, never and they do. Did her ever walk distant, sit distant and put his head down when he got pictured by paparazzi with Winona Ryder, Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis? No, never so the excuse that he does that when he's with Amber because he's annoyed by paparazzi doesn't fit. If this was true he would have done this too with his past girlfriends but he never did and he never looked cold and uncomfortable with them in public. He's been also pictured kissing his girlfriends in past when he was in public and now with Amber he always keeps distance. The only time when he was photographed walking hand in hand with her, it seemed that it was her who wanted that and he looked so sad and uncomfortable, He also stared down like he was ashamed and embarrassed.

  71. Oliver says – reply to this


    Just to make an example: also Brad Pitt left his wife for another woman, but he never looked like he was uncomfortable with Angelina in public. He never walked distant from her when they came out in public and he never looked sad and he never put his head down. He never looked like he was ashamed of showing his love for Angelina, so that's love and not what Amber has with Johnny. He'll never take her at the premiere of a movie if he doesn't even have the courage of walking hand in hand with her and sitting close to her in the car and also stopping of looking miserable and uncomfortable.

  72. Gina says – reply to this


    Sorry,but Angelina and Brad are a couple of fakers and rascals like Johnny and Amber also.

  73. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – How can they be fakers with six children together? And she had a hard time lately and Brad really took care of her and it's evident. How can they be fakers?? And by the way for what reason in the world they should pretend of having a relationship? Oh please, be serious, it doesn't make sense at all.

  74. Gina says – reply to this


    I did not say it that way.I mean in the sense of infidels…….

  75. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – Oh, okay Gina now I got it and I agree, I don't buy their relationship is like they wanna make it seem. Also in this case I guess that their PR strategy is faker and hiding many things. I've always heard that they're both bisexual and in an open relationship. There's even a forum that dedicated lots of pages talking about this.

  76. Oliver says – reply to this


    What I meant anyway was that although even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren't the couple that many people think they are, they have a relationship and they wanted to have. Then it's a personal choice to have an open relationship or not, I don't even judge that, but Brad at least never hid his thing with Angelina and never acted cold with her when they got public I mean. At some point he didn't care about media or about his public disappointed and showed his feelings for Angelina (whatever they were) without putting his head down and do such ridicolous things like walking distant from her. It really doesn't make sense now that Depp accepted to go in public with Amber but still looks uncomfortable. If he's not okay about showing up with her then why did he do such a thing like that? I still don't understand why he came out but acts like he's ashamed of that. He could avoid of coming out with her and he could have left her also, but he didn't. That's the thing that doesn't make sense. Still something doesn't fit in all this story. There's something strange and kind of contradictory.

  77. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Reese – thanks for believing me Reese, also because I'm not lying or selling anything to anyone. I'm just telling what I've been told by a serious source that I got in contact just for case (it's a very long story) and I couldn't myself believe in what I heard because at the beginning I was about to believe to tabloids stories, but I've been told that half of what they write is false. So yeah, you're right, all these tales of him getting romantic and in love with her aren't true. I repeat, they are part of a PR strategy to make his image looking as better as they can. In 2010 Vanessa went with him at their last event together but they weren't done yet, you're right. Though they lived several crisis since then because he was often f*king around with some nymphs. So these latest 2 years haven't been easy for them in any case. They worked hard to save their relationship, that's true but at some point Vanessa realized that she didn't want to fight anymore because she got really tired of his betrayals once for all. And trust me, Amber did a very dirty game to get what she wanted. She's not the angelic person someone thinks her to be. She planned to date him since long and it's true she never missed his movie premieres since 2009. She always fantasized of ending up with him someday. She's highly manipulative person I repeat, that's why Johnny isn't able to get rid of her.

  78. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Okay, if you think that she's a good actress I can't contest your opinion even though I totally disagree because I really can't see acting talent in her but I really can't understand how you can be so blind about her as a person because many clues should have showed you she's not an angel. You're her fan and I respect this and I also was about to like her as Johnny's new girlfriend but not after what I heard because I've been told she's a very bad person and that nobody of Johnny's team like her. They're all worried for him because she could destroy him and take him in the mud with her. Just wait and see.

  79. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Oh, by the way I wouldn't say that Amber loved Tasya like she can never love anybody else because it seems that Amber loves herself like she can never love anybody else. Actually she dumped Tasya for Johnny. I've been told she cheated on her and that it took some months to Tasya to forgive her. Tasya got frustrated for a while but she really loved and cared about her and always waited and hoped for her return but Amber is not gonna give up with Johnny. She wants all that he can give her and I wouldn't say she's dating him only because he can help her with the career. Amber was obsessed since she was a teenager with him. She dreamed of meeting him someday, he was her type of man and I've been told that she was trying of turning Tasya in a female version of him. She wanted her to look like him, that's why Tasya had often a masculine look but as soon as Johnny was thrown out of his home by Vanessa who didn't forgive his last betrayal, Amber didn't hesitate to dump Tasya for trying to be more than a fling for him.

  80. 380

    Re: Conan The Barbar – I don't think she is a great actress or anything like that but I do think she has talent she proved that in "North Country and Soon The Darkness IMO.I'm not commenting on personalty or anything like that because I don't know her. Like I said before I don't think this relationship will last anyways because I don't see any great love because of their body language in the pictures I have seen of them when they are together.

  81. 381

    Re: Conan The Barbar – I have another question if Winona Ryder ever becomes single again do you think Johnny will try to get back together wih her again? Of has that ship really passed by?

  82. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – It doesn't seem coherent that you don't judge her as a person because you say you don't know her and then judge her relationship with him because you don't know how it is too. If you feel you can't judge things you don't know, well you shouldn't jugde anything, neither her relationship with Johnny, but you've just chosen of judging it even after all you don't know nothing about it and don't tell me that a few of pictures are enough to judge something because you are choosing of believing that her relationship with him won't last but you just don't wanna believe that Amber is what caused Johnny and Vanessa split even though there are many clues about it, many rumours and many insiders who confirmed it.

  83. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – You're in denial if you think that Amber has nothing to do with his split from Vanessa. And you're in denial if you also think that she didn't cheat on Tasya dumping her. I'm not lying about it then it's your choice to believe and accept it, but I really hope that the truth will come out soon and that everybody realize how bad Amber is. Just one thing: don't you find suspicious that around the time that Johnny split with Vanessa, Amber split with Tasya? Do you really think that it's a coincidence and that gap time between these separations is too brief? Maybe she won't ever have enough courage to confirm this story in future, but I don't think that Johnny will be so a*s*ole to deny that he cheated Vanessa with Amber (if he does I won't watch his movie anymore because since he did wrong he should assume the responsibility for his actions at least and tell the truth instead of denying it) when he will be asked and I'm waiting for that moment so that people can know who Amber really is.

  84. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Winona? Are you serious? Their relationship died long time ago, too much is happened since then and they changed, they also grew apart and they aren't anymore the same they were at the time. I really doubt they could get close again and having something together, but that's just my opinion. It's instead a fact that Johnny likes to date very young women and nymphs and Winona is about 40 years old, so she wouldn't have any chance in any case. Just waitand see. Johnny will always choose of dating women from 25 to 35-36 years, not more than that.

  85. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – "Johnny will always choose of dating women from 25 to 35-36 years, not more than that."
    well he's not the only man who do that! all the men in hollywood dates younger women (e.g leonardo dicaprio,george clooney)

  86. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – "because he was often f*king around with some nymphs"
    and were is the proofs of that ha? some made up stories by so called sources?

  87. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – If you don't wanna believe it I really don't mind, it's your choice. Truth will come out by itself. It's already coming out and you'll realize that I'm not lying and that neither the source which I talked about is reliable. Just wait and see. Johnny is uncomfortable with Amber and everybody noticed that and trust me, he will keep looking uncomfortable with her in public and he won't take her at his public events because he doesn't feel okay about doing that since he doesn't love her. You'll see by yourself that he will keep treating her like she's not his (official) girlfriend, then you'll understand how things really are. What do you think? I'm a fan of him too and I was about to like them as a couple but then I knew what I knew and my opinion has changed. I could tell you more about what is behind this relationship but I guess you wouldn't believe me, so keep being naive if you like, but your awakening will be really bitter then.

  88. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar

    Please tell us more.

  89. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: liz – There are many things that could be told, but most of them I prefer to keep for myself since nobody would believe and many people would start to tell that it's not possible and blah blah. I just can tell you that Johnny would have taken back Vanessa in a moment if she had forgiven him. Amber is just a rebound for him and he was seeing other people while seeing her. That's why now she tries to follow him everywhere. She's jealous and insecure. Johnny isn't serious at all with her and time will show it soon this year if they ever last for other months, who knows. But he's also a gentleman and he would never tell to a woman that he's seeing that he's dating other women also but he did it and he wouldn't give a shit if also Amber did the same.

  90. 390

    Re: Conan The Barbar – I have heard rumors that Amber had cheated on Tasya so no one is in denial about that, there have been too many stories for it not to be true. BTW I do believe the things you say. It's nice to hear from someone who does know what is going on.

  91. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – Oh well conan, but that's nothing new! I mean, there have always been rumours from many tabloids since 2012 that Johnny was seeing other women and not only Amber. Tabloids mentioned 2 names: Ashley Olsen and Rith Wilson, while the user Thad of this site wrote of knowing for sure that when Johnny made his trip to Oklahoma for that Native American thing, he was seeing another blonde woman around her 30s that wasn't Amber obviously, so what you told us has been already rumoured by people and by magazines. There are since ever rumours about the fact that he's not the faithful type. And also the fact that Amber is only a rebound and that he actually wanted to reconcile with Vanessa has been rumoured for months last year. These infos have been spread long time ago and if Amber is really the jealous type weel, she has no future with him because I read that he doesn't like jealous partners. Vanessa for example even explained in an interview that she had learnt that was important for them giving space to each others to make their relationship work…. Johnny has been always rumoured of being a wild and free spirit so if Amber is really jealous her thing with him is doomed.

  92. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – i kinda believe you now! tell us more please we all brlieve you here so tell us all what you know now..

  93. Lupus in fabula says – reply to this


    I promised to myself of not writing anymore in this topic but since I've been accused of lying I can't help answering you Conan, but I'm not going to spend many words because you don't deserve any attention actually but… okay, let's see soon who's lying and who not. I've never read so much shit in my life. You only wrote shit and if you really know an insider who told you those things, well this person is not very different from all the tabloids who are often spreading bull-shit about him. Are you sure this person you know is a reliable source? Oh please, shut up! He's not ashamed at all of going in public with Amber. He just hates paparazzi and their absurd shit and attention, He's just waiting for the right moment to get official with Amber and yes we'll see them together on the red carpet quite soon and when this will happen you have to put your shitty face in the sand for shame. Oh please, Johnny is not at all as you describe him. He's a nice and kind person and not someone who collects young women. Moreover he doesn't treat Amber like shit, he treats her very very well. Do you think that she would still date him if he was so nasty and uncaring with her?? But only in one thing you were right, time will tell us soon if they are serious or not and when this will happen people who don't like and accept them as a couple need for sure to get a reason.

  94. I Love Football says – reply to this


    None knows the truth about this relationship, I guess we will find out in the next few months if they truly love each other or not. I personally believe they won't last long but that is just my opinion.

  95. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Sorry but I can't because at the end it's not me who is telling these things. I've been told these things by someone else and I don't wanna argue with anybody. There's no need to tell more. Things will come out by their own and also the truth.

  96. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Lupus in fabula – Okay, we'll see who is the one who will need to put his face in the sand for shame. Amber won't walk with him on the red carpet for the lone ranger premiere I said. Just wait and see.

  97. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: I Love Football – I totally agree with you. Nobody knows the truth here, only during next months we'll see if Johnny and Amber are lasting and if it's love between them, but nobody knows any sources. There are only lots of people who pretend to know sources but they know nothing at the end. On perez hilton is very common since long time to read comments of people who say to know things for sure and to know sources that inform them. Once on another topic of Johnny on this site I even read that someone stated that he knew for sure that Johnny likes to have bondage sex because he personally saw him doing it, but please, there are some jerk and mythmaniac people here really ridicolous. Like the user who stated that Amber slept with Tasya 2 weeks ago.

  98. Michelle says – reply to this


    There are too many trolls on the web and trust them is really stupid. Nobody can know the truth. Only Johnny and Amber know if they are in love and real insiders who know personal things about them wouldn't tell them to strangers. They wouldn't betray Johnny or Amber and that's it. So stop making up stories, stop judging like you know for sure what will happen and stop speculating just because you don't like them. It's their life and they can live as they want. They're celebrities and they have nothing to do with us. I will keep love Johnny in any case, no matter if he cheated or not and no matter which woman he will be dating and if he's serious or not. I'm nobody to judge what he does in his personal life like the rest of you and you shouldn't judge Amber neither because after all you don't know her at all, so you don't know if she's a good woman or not and you don't know what are her feelings for Johnny.

  99. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – can't agree with you more in all of what you said!

  100. 400

    Re: Michelle – ITA with you also.

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