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Maybe not the BEST threesome, but definitely one of the coolest, LOLz! Johnny Depp and ladylove Amber Heard were spotted leaving Ago restaurant in West … Read more…

655 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Invite Keith Richards Into Their Romance! Best Threesome Ever?!”

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  1. Melman says – reply to this


    I think Johnny was expecting another kind of "threeway" when he considered Amber's bisexuality XD
    Anyway, at the dinner was also Ronnie Wood. Maybe they were talking to Rolling Stone to play at the wedding? LOLZ!!

  2. Meg says – reply to this


    Is the Beetlejuice?

  3. M says – reply to this


    Way different from the pics of them at the Stones Concert. In those she had death grip going on with his hand but in these she couldn't have sat further away from him in the car. Her legs crossed away from him. And Johnny's grabbing awkwardly to her arm.

  4. liz says – reply to this


    Yeah they dont look like the reported loved up couple. Maybe they are friends with benefits :(

  5. meh says – reply to this


    They both look absolutely wasted. Maybe he's trying to hold her up…but they sure don't look too cuddly…

  6. hannah says – reply to this


    Johnny looks gorgeous as always!

  7. yup says – reply to this


    She can do so much better….stay with the ladies Amber- men can never do what a lady can do…just sayin'…..Johnny looks disgusting and unclean…yuck. He will only keep her interest for so long…I am sure she is already bored…

  8. and says – reply to this


    and just an FYI…I hope she does not have threeways with him….Bi girls are not here to serve men…they like to be with women alone….who needs a man???? Just sayin'.

  9. Mia says – reply to this


    She looks drunk or drugged. For who said it would treat the drunken old man is going well.

  10. Jenna says – reply to this


    What's wrong with this girl? Johnny Depp is old, has gross hair, gross clothes and looks like he never showers. He always has a stupid goatee and stupid weird glasses. He looks disgusting.

  11. Moon says – reply to this


    They dont look like a couple and Amber is very sad

  12. 12

    Amber doesn't look too happy, I think she misses her true love Tasya Van Ree. She always was happy and had a spark in her eyes when she was with Tasya that spark is not there anymore.

  13. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: Jenna – Yes, all true…. But he's rich and well connected! Check Mate!

  14. Lady says – reply to this


    AHAHAHA! the comments here all those soothsayers, getting all the radiography to their whole relationship, just looking two or three pictures!
    Of course, they look like a couple…a famous and private couple in front of paparazzi! they are a couple and they have been a couple for almost two years…JUST GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

  15. Kim says – reply to this


    What a way to rain on lesbians' parade. Hahahaha

  16. 16

    Re: Lady
    Wrong Amber may have been with Francesca Gregorini, and there are people who say Amber was dating Marie De Villepin last summer, and there is evidence that they were together.

  17. 17

    Also Amber looked happier when she was with Valentino Lanus then she does with Johnny.

  18. hello says – reply to this


    Heard was not in a relationship with Gregorni. Just a handful of pic when they went out for dinner, gregorini kissed her and heard looked like she wanted to be somewhere else. this cocksucker is just doing what she's got to do when you are a sorry ass actress: fuck your way to the top. even if it's dirty old men.

  19. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Jenna – whats wrong with this girl? she loves him and johnny is not old because 49 can't be old and johnny depp will be young forever and all of the things you've said doesn't mean anything because johnny have gained the title of the sexiest man alive 2 times and you are just a lesbian fan or something.

  20. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: hello – johnny is a dirty old man now! Woow some ppl talk like if he's a very ugly man in his 80's or something! Wakeup you are talking about the sexiest and the most beautiful man alive!

  21. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: yup – no she can't do better because she is just a cheap wh*re she won't find a man like johnny even in her very dreamy dreams and johnny looks hot and sexy

  22. 22

    Amber do yourself a favor go back to Tasya or find yourself a nice girl, it's obvious you are the happiest when you are with women.

  23. 23

    Re: Lady – Look at Amber's eye does that really look like a woman who is in love, that looks likea woman who is waiting for her contract with Johnny Depp to end.

  24. 24

    She looks bored and paid for…..

  25. 25

    This "relationship" is like a car wreck you don't want to look at it but you just can't help it.

  26. Shay says – reply to this


    Re: hello – She'll be lucky if she can fuck her way to mediocrity! She's probably bored to death w/ hanging around him and all his senior citizen friends.

  27. clarisse says – reply to this


    Johnny is very beautiful but when he is with Amber looks old and serious.it's impossible not to notice something strange in his actions, is too tense.

  28. T says – reply to this


    Wonder when we will see a picture of the 'happy and so in love' couple the press claims they are. There is something just not right about this relationship. Johnny has been looking absolutely miserable lately. He sure doesn't look like a man who's supposedly head over heels in love with this woman.

  29. tega says – reply to this


    Perez - don't be ridiculous. Ronnie Wood was also at the dinner along with other people. And PLEASE don't start with the "Jamber."

  30. tega says – reply to this


    Well, Amber got what she wanted in getting Johnny to go out in public with her but now she doesn't seem to like it.

  31. Mia says – reply to this


    If she needs to drink to be with him. Will end up having disabled children.

  32. Gui says – reply to this


    If she needs to drink to be with him. Will end up having disabled children.

  33. XJ says – reply to this


    Leave them alone people!!!They are happy together and no one has the right to tell them how they are going to live.I wish them to be happy for a long time and God bless them!!!(sorry for my english)

  34. Mandy says – reply to this


    I really don't understand such stupid comments. What Amber should be supposed to do to show she's happy with him and with the fact that they come out publically at the end? She should sing and dance while getting paparazzed?? Or does she have any obligation to smile to them even if maybe she doesn't want to?? She probably was drunk and didn't mind about them. Maybe she just wanted to get into the car as soon as possible because she felt her head spinning. It's not a rule to smile for the camera everytime we aspect her to do it. She could also be annoyed by all those journalists who were taking so many pictures and then what they should be supposed to do to show they're in love? They should make a show for the curious public about it? They should make love in front of anybody? It's evident that they were annoyed by paparazzi and Depp is well-known for being since ever uncomfortable in their presence. He's really reserved and doesn't enjoy media attention as Brad Pitt and George Clooney do when they are pictured with their girlfriends…

  35. Mandy says – reply to this


    Then I want to add that those lesbian Amber's fans who don't stop to say that Amber was happy only with Tasya Van Ree and that she was her love-life are pathetic. If Tasya was her true love why they are not together then??? They broke up long time ago and long before Depp started to date Amber so if they were really soul-mates Amber had so much time to come back from her but she never did. They remained friends and that's it. If they were soulmates nothing would have stopped their love. Now Amber is more mature and she has changed and made other choices in her life. She doesn't smile in front of paparazzi because she doesn't have to but you can't tell she's not happy with him just because she looks annoyed as he is by paparazzi. Maybe in their private they are happy and you simply don't know and can't judge. And if Tasya was her true love, well, nobody is pointing a gun in front of her to stay woth Johnny. She could come back with Tasya in any moment if their love was so strong as you think but they broke up in 2011 and there's nothing more that connect them now, get a reason. You lesbian fans can't get a reason that she likes men too and not just women. She also stated in an old interview that she preferred old men, so get a reason, this is the real Amber and not the one you would like her to be.

  36. 36

    Re: Mandy – Not everyone ends up with the love of their loves of their maybe something happened between Amber and Tasya and they decided even thought they will love eachother they can't be together.

  37. 37

    Re: Mandy – There are people who say they know her and they say she likes women more then men.

  38. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    What you wrote it's ridicolous because it's everything only in your mind. You even don't know Amber and what her feelings are, so how can you judge who is the love of her life? Just because your lesbian fanatism tells you that a bisexual woman can be happy only with another woman?? Look, Amber can love who she wants, but we don't really know how much Tasya meant for her and how much Johnny means now for her. Seeing a few of picture of Amber with him while they're even annoyed by paparazzi is not enough to judge if she's happy with him. You should see them in their private life everyday to know the truth. After all it's not a month they're dating now, we got to admit that it's more than a year and if she wasn't happy with him she wouldn't have lasted so long in a relationship with him because mental happiness has no price. Then nobody is pointing a gun on her head to force her to stay with him. What's wrong is when people is soon ready to judge the private life of people they even don't know and decide if they're happy just because they don't wanna smile for the camera and are annoyed by paparazzi. I remmeber you also that Amber started to see other people only a month later she split with Tasya so if you're ready so soon to see somebody else, it doens't sound like a deep love to me because when you were so deeply in love with a person you need time to forget her before feeling ready to get cozy with other people.

  39. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy

    Yes and those people you're talking about also used to say that it wasn't true that Amber was dating Johnny Depp and that it was only a PR's stunt but facts now are showing the contrary so I don't know about you, but I personally prefer to believe in facts than in rumours spread by people that I even don't known and never met in my life and facts are saying now that it was true that Depp and Amber were and are seeing each others. They didn't make it official yet but it could happen at any time now.

  40. Susie says – reply to this


    These two don't look happy, it's all in the eyes which are the window to the soul. Johnny doesn't like the media, he has never wavered on that, but he ignored his fans requesting autographs which he rarely does and usually is very kind to his fans. Not this time, only Ron Wood signed autographs for fans. Something doesn't look or feel right about these two, perhaps has more to do with his children's acceptance of Amber then anything else. She wanted them to go public months ago, he held off, why? JMO

  41. 41

    Re: Susie
    ITA with everything you said.

  42. 42

    Re: Mandy
    Whatever you can tell a lot by looking at aomeone's eyes and she doesn't look like a happy woman.

  43. 43

    Re: XJ
    What gives you the impression that they are happy?

  44. 44

    Re: hello – I will agree that Amber didn't look too happyRe: liz

    That is my opinion, I don't see a couple when I see them I see 2 people who are friends.

  45. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    When I look in her eyes in those pictures I only see she's quite drunk and annoyed by paparazzi presence. You can see whatever you want to see in her eyes, but the point is that you can't decide if she's happy just looking at some pictures of her, it's superficial and you can't decide if she had to look happy surrounded by all those paparazzi. You think that a few of pictures we can see of them just sometimes are enough to decide if they're happy??? Ehy, we don't live her life and how can we know if she's having fun and if she looks happy when paparazzi aren't around her??? Indeed she never looks happy when she has them around her and this happened even months ago when she wasn't paparazzed with him. Then I remember a bunch of pictures taken of her with Marie de Villepin when they were walking in Paris and Amber looked so sad, serious and bored… so what? Amber has changed, she doesn't like anymore so much attention focused on her private life, that's why she doesn't look comfortable when she's surrounded by paparazzi.

  46. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Why would they last year and half together if they weren't happy?

  47. Moon says – reply to this


    they have been together for one year but is less time.They have been separated for long periods

  48. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Moon

    To be honest I think they never separate. It's probable that either Tasya and Marie de Villepin were just a decoy for her to hide what she was really doing. Maybe it's been Depp to ask her of letting public see her with them on the cover of magazines to confuse the truth. Maybe he wasn't ready at the time to be seen with Amber anywhere because he had an agreement with Vanessa Paradis of not coming out with any woman for a year at least after their split and that's what really happened indeed. He started to come outwith Amber after about a year after he officially separated from Vanessa, so who knows… hollywoodian vips play often many games to hide what they really do… since they came out Amber looks more relaxed and not in tension as she looked for moths and it seems that Tasya and Marie aren't around her anymore, so yes, I bet they were only her decoy, justa cover but that's just my opinion of course.

  49. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – you are so right! all of what you've said is true!

  50. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef

    Thanks. I'm glad that somebody else thinks what I think.

  51. Prett54 says – reply to this


    JD has an old pervert face that he drops…ja ja ja

  52. 52

    Re: Mandy
    Tasya wasn't a Decoy thRe: Yousef – ey haven't been togeth

    Amber was with Marie last summer that was confirmed on another site.

  53. 53

    Let's see how long this so called" relationship" lasts if Winona Ryder becomes single, Yes I was a JD and Winona fan back in the day and I admit I would like to see them get back together one day.Also how can anybody so sure that Amber won't go back to women?

  54. Lisa says – reply to this


    OH i see Amber went for a walk with the monkey

  55. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – if johnny depp is a monkey then what are you? this monkey is wanted by all the women over the world and you can't imagine how lucky amber feels for being with him! and that monkey gained the title of the sexiest man 2 times!

  56. Lisa says – reply to this


    He's not wanted by all the women in the world.Only in USA and People Magazine in an American Magazine……

  57. 57

    Re: Yousef
    You don't know how Amber feels like none of us do, we are all just speculating. I still think she doesn't look happy to be with Johnny. She doesn't have that spark in her eyes that she used to have.

  58. Lisa says – reply to this


    Johnny Depp is just another cheating man in this world.Vanessa's song says it all

  59. 59

    BTW I don't think Amber looks drunk, I think she may be kind of buzzed and feeling no pain but she doesn't look to be out of it that's JMO.

  60. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    Yes Tasya was a decoy in 2012 because she made some appearances with Amber just anytime Amber got caught with him somewhere. When she was seen by people of Colorado with him around the town (there are a lot of testimonies that she was there and even a picture while she was getting into his car) and this news was spread over the planet some time later Amber was seen with Tasya in LA taking a walk. Then, in November when Amber got paparazzed again while getting into his car after they went together to the Petty festival again she was seen with Tasya at one show 2 or 3 days after the Petty festival accident so… everytime she got paparazzed with Depp she made some days later letting public see herself with Tasya, so come on, this is not just a coincidence, this is a decoy! And indeed Amber now doesn't need her anymore and they didn't get pictured anywhere since then. Just think, at the Rolling Stone concert also Tasya went but Amber ignored her like she never did when she needed her as a decoy because after the concert they didn't take neither one picture together as friends and nobody saw them talking to each other or it would have been reported for sure such a thing, so yeah, this make me sure Tasya is nothing in Amber's life by now, she served just as a decoy for nore than an occasion last year and that's it.

  61. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    And about Marie, I have to say that you don't know if Amber spent the whole summer with her. It's possible that going to the same dance class they were hanging out occasionally as friends. Depp is not a jealous type and he still needed a decoy about the fact that they were still seeing each other and as lovers of course and the proof of what I'm saying is given by the fact that once when Amber got paparazzed with Marie and some other friends (because most of the times they were seeing hanging out with friends and they were caught alone just a few times and even in that case they never looked like a couple but just as 2 friends) she was wearing Depp's shirt and she did it to make people understand that they were lovers of course because if she had really broken with him at the time and if she was seeing Marie not just like a friend, she wouldn't have had any reason to wear his shirt. You wear the stuff of your lover only when you're still into him and still dating him and if Amber was wearing it while being with Marie last summer (there are pictures) this prove that Amber was still into him at the time and not at all into Marie. Get a reason: Marie was also her decoy, just a friend whom she shared something that wasn't love.

  62. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    She is not obliged by anything to have spark in her eyes when she feels annoyed by paparazzi. You're so blind that you didn't realize that Amber got serious anytime she notices she's getting an unwanted attention about her private life. She rarely looks happy when she has paparazzi around her and that happens even when got paparazzed without him. But you can't decide how much happy she is with him just seeing a few pictures of her drunk and annoyed by paparazzi ’cause it's ridicolous. She was drunk and by the way she moves and by the way he keeps her it's pretty evident. Also if you look at how she stared people and things you can realize she wasn't sober. They probably were all drinking during the dinner but I don't see that Amber looks sad in the pictures neither. She has no sad expression at all. She just look normally drunk and maybe a little bit tired. She hasn't any obligation to have spark in her eyes if she's tired and just because that would get all of you with your mouth shut. You don't wanna admit it, but the truth is that if she wasn't happy with him, they wouldn't have lasted so much until now and nothing forces her to keep her relationship with him.

  63. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – oh really? i'm not from america and all the women in my country wants him! and he didn't cheated in vanessa because he started to date amber way after the spilt and maybe vanessa is the one who cheated because she was seen dating younger french guy just days after the spilt!

  64. Sira says – reply to this


    What you're doing with your life Amber?

  65. Sira says – reply to this


    The drunk old man will ruin her life?

  66. Xira says – reply to this


    The drunk old man will ruin her life?

  67. Lupus in fabula says – reply to this


    No matter what tabloids told about them and no matter how they decide to act when they're in public and in the viewfinder of curious paparazzi because they don't feel like they have to make a love-show for public. They're not an official couple yet after all, they need time and they've been making their moves quite slowly ’till now but people ignore that they already went to many events together: dinners, parties, gigs and she often travels with him, she accompanies him in the film locations since the beginning of 2012 even though there aren't any picture of all this ’cause they tried for long time to keep their relationship on a low profile. He didn't want to be seen with her, didn't like publicity and wasn't ready to come out for many months. After all he's always been private and he rarely let his team call paparazzi when he's enjoying time with his girlfriend(s). Next month we'll see them together on the red carpet, so step by step they're trying their best to let public getting familiar with the idea they are a couple because they know it won't be easy to be accepted since most people used to love him with Vanessa. And most of you don't help them when you write nasty comments and when you make judgements almost without knowing anything about how their relationship has been and is going. True fans should support them and not judge them because they know nothing. Jesus, it's their life after all, so let them live it as they want!

  68. 68


  69. 69

    Do not understand, what did you like?

  70. Lisa says – reply to this


    this song is:

  71. 71

    Re: Yousef – I will have to agree there was never any evidence that Amber and Johnny ever cheated on their partners when they were filming TRD . I don't think they got together untill 2012 IMO.

  72. 72

    Like I made it clear i am no fan of this couple and i think they will break up sooner or later but I do not think Amber and Johnny cheated on their partners during the filming of TRD. Unless someone can prove that they did people need to stop calling Johnny and Amber cheaters.

  73. Lisa says – reply to this


    The song is " The Dark It Comes" of new Vanessa's album.The lyrics are clear.

  74. 74

    Re: hannah – i agree.

  75. 75

    Re: Mandy – There is a rumor that Amber got Tasya tickets for the concert since it was Tasya's birthday, and there was a picture on Tasya's that had a note saying call me, some people say that was Amber who left her the note because it was supposedly her handwriting. It was never confirmed though.

  76. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    The rumour you're talking about is irrelevant because facts proved that Amber ignored her at the concert or we would have seen a picture of them together or people would have talked about seeing them getting close and having a talk, but nothing. She was totally into Johnny and I really doubt she will renounce about all she has with him just to have some p.u.s.s.i.e.s. I mean, with Johnny she can have everything that any woman can want from life: success, money, good sex, a man who takes care of her and who can help her taking future movie engagements, maybe a family together and so a wealthy life…. who would renounce to all this just for a p.u.s.s.y??? I'm not saying she's only interested int it and that she doesn't love with him, I'm just saying that he can offer her a lot more than an unknown woman can and that any woman always chooses the best at the end. Any woman would choose the whole package and not just one thing. They are cool together and I think that they will make soon a baby. I really wish them the best. I like Amber much more than I could like Vanessa Paradis who is just a snob french and a mediocre artist for my opinion.

  77. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    They started to see each other before 2012. Yes, she has been seen wearing his shirt in January 2012, but it's because they were already dating since a while. Friends of him revealed that they started to sleep together during The rum diary promotional tour, so in Novemeber 2011, but there were rumours already in 2009 about the fact that they were cheating on their partners. Here you can read them (this article is old. It's dated 2009):

    h t t p : / / w w w . j o b l o . c o m / m o v i e s - n e w s / r u m -d i a r y - s e t - p i c s

  78. Mala says – reply to this


    Re: Susie – Idiot those didn't were HIS FANS. those were professional autograph hunters…yep, the ones who sells the autograph!! or you, who can see through his eyes (and eye glasses) his soul (cuuuek!), can't see the autograph hunters have official pictures in their hands and they were waiting for the Stones who dined there, almost every night in this tour.
    That's why the paparazzis were there. they know the Stones went to that restaurant often. They were lucky to catch Johnny and Amber that night (and that's why there are pictures also when they arrived). Paparazzis were waiting for any celebrity and they catch the IT couple
    Now, I wonder what nasty things they should asked them, for them be so serious (well, Johnny always seems annoyed around paparazzis, but Amber try to keep it cool, like the night they were at the Stones concert)
    I saw a clip- when it wasn't even confirmed that JD and Amber have a relationship- and some paparazzis asked her what it feels to be a homewrecker? that was so mean!

  79. Nathan says – reply to this


    I think Amber and Johnny were having an affair long before they were seen together in April 2012. I believe that something happened between them on The rum diary set because since then things between her and Vanessa started to go bad and Vanessa started to focus on her career disregarding and letting him alone with his doom. Since 2009 indeed they have been seen quite rarely together, like 2 or 3 times in a year and she started to accompany him quite rarely on the red carpet. Maybe she knew he cheated on her with Amber and got tired if him and things weren't anymore the same because they started to grow apart since 2009 I repeat. At the time it was just a cheating with no so much importance. Maybe it happened just once and Vanessa forgave him who knows. She talks about being cheated in her new album. Some songs talk about her pain. I also think that since Depp and Amber are dating, they never separated. Francesca Gregorini, Tasya Van Ree and Marie de Villepin were only a decoy for her in the past months. They served in turn just as a cover to hide what she was really doing. She was supposed to hide that she was dating him so in November 2011 she started to use all of them as covers in turn.

  80. 80

    I guess I'm in the minority who thinks Amber will return to women because I've read on other sites from people that say they knew her in Texas that she leans more towards women then men. I'm also a Johnny and Winona fan from back in the day so I wouldn't mind seeing them get back together either some day..

  81. 81

    It wouldn't surprise me when they break up that we find out that they lived seperate lives, that they were only seen together for public events and that they both had relationships with other women. I really don't see a long lasting realtionship here. Most people on other sites think the same thing.

  82. 82

    I'm sorry again one more thing I will one good thing about them they both are nice with their fans, and if they didn't sign any autographs that night I am willing to give them a pass because they may have been drunk and wanted to get away from the paps.

  83. Mandy says – reply to this


    Ehy SKIN FANS, you're desperately jealous and disappointed that she's with a man now so you're trying to prove that Amber is more lesbian than bisexual, poor you, I can see how much frustrated you are since you found out that Amber is dating him. At the beginning lesbian fans of her tried to prove that rumours about her and Depp were false and now you' re trying to prove that she leans more towards women when in truth she had more boyfriends than girlfriends… she stated she was in successful relationships with men in past and Tasya has been her only girlfriend ’till now and I really don't mind to rumours especially if they are unproved and told by their lesbian fans who desperately want her to be with a woman… I never read or heard anywhere that in Texas people say that. Only radar.com site invent the news that she leans more towards women, but that site invents often a lot of false news on celebrities. It's not a reliable source.

  84. Mandy says – reply to this


    The truth is that Amber stated that she's open about love because for her it's the person that matters and not her\his sex. She said she doesn’t care abput the sex of the person when it comes to love, so I believe far more in her statements than in rumours or in her lesbian fans speculations. It's normal that they want to see her with a woman, but she's with a man now since than a year or more than that, so get a reason. I knew in past some bi-women and they usually end up with men. Just an example. I had a friend who had a 5 years relationship with a woman in past. They were officially engaged and they moved together, but then suddenly they broke up and right now she's married and have 2 children with my cousin. Just saying.

  85. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    What you're saying it's also nonsense. If they lived separate lives, going together only to public events and if they both had relationships with other women why then they should pretend to have a relationship? He wouldn't have any reason to pretend of having a relationship with her since he knows that a lot of his fans are disappointed that he's now with a girl very much younger than him. It wouldn't make sense for him to pretend of having a relationship with her, what you said it's so ridiculous and stupid! Maybe for her would be good pretending such a thing but not for him who got only a bad reputation since he started to date her, so please don't say silly things just because your obtuse lesbian world can't stand that Amber is in love with a man now. Amber also stated once that she likes old men, so get a reason. You wouldn't never admit it but since she's dating Johnny, she changed a lot. She changed her style, she has new friends, she has become more private like him and maybe she also wants children with him because rumours about that are becoming persisting. Since she's with him she became more woman than ever. They're just a private couple, get a reason. I think they are a nice couple and the age gap doesn't matter when it comes to love. Also Catherine Zeta Jones is 25 years younger than Michael Douglas, so what?? They lasted anyway as couple and had children together.

  86. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan

    Then let Winona Ryder live her life. Her and Johnny won't come back together and the thing that she said she would like to win him back is just a stupid rumour. Winona is dating Scott Mackinlay Hahn since 2011 and she would have never said that she still wants Depp. You believe only in bulls..t! Keep dreaming if you want.

  87. del says – reply to this


    WTF you amber,why you can't stay with girl

  88. Didy says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Clap, clap, clap, clap! You and "Lady" are two of the few people here that can really think and understand the things. I support Johnny and Amber. And as a true fan, I think that now they'll need our support more than ever because the hate and jealousy will be huge (more than it already is)!
    I only disagree with you about Amber being drunk. I don't think so. She (and them all) are really upset about the paparazzi. But nobody is sad, at all! And Johnny doesn't drink alcohol anymore, so what I see is that the only thing they want is to get out of that place quickly.
    God bless Johnny and Amber and their beautiful and strong love!

  89. Mandy says – reply to this


    One more thing. Skin Fans you wrote: "Amber was dating Marie De Villepin last summer, and there is evidence that they were together"… what evidence are you talking about??? I'm sorry but you sound so absurd!! Amber and Marie never did anything that could prove they were a couple. They were never caught kissing or walking hand in hand and so nothing about them that makes think they were a couple. They looked like strangers when walking in the streets of Paris for example and they both looked so bored with each other company! They just looked like two friends in some other pictures and nothing more. There's no evidence at all that they've ever been a couple and actually there's netiher evidence that Marie is lesbian. There's more evidence that she's straight indeed since she dated Lapo Elkann in 2010. She has never been caught getting cozy with any woman anywhere. She has been seen hand in hand only with Lapo Elkann. There are just rumours about the fact that she could be lesbian, but rumours and evidence are different things.

  90. Mandy says – reply to this


    I think that especially Amber lesbian fans will always have problem to accept this relationship. They always going to be on denial, no matter what happens. First it was because there weren't pictures of them together and they speculated that all the rumours were false, when first picture of her in Creede with him appeared and we could see only her back, they said it wasn't her and that it was impossible that she went to Colorado (but at the end it was proved that it was her). Then when she was seen wearing his clothes, they said it was because they are friends. Then when we saw a video if her getting into his car after the Petty Fest, they pretended of haven't seen anything…yeah, always making excuses…

  91. Mandy says – reply to this


    Lately we got pictures of them holding hands at the Rolling Stone concert and they still tried to prove that it was because they're just friends and he was maybe helping her to come out taking her hand (grasping their hands and interlacing their fingers, uh?) but they kept holding hands also into the car and her lesbian fans couldn't explain this so they ignored it. Now they have been seen together again and they arrived together and departed together, Johnny wasn't ashamed to put her hand on her arm but some people want to see more to believe they are together and that they're in love. Maybe they want to see a porn with both of them to believe it. Yours is just an insane curiosity because they don't have to get cozy in public to make you happy. They don't have to show you anything in paparazzi presence because it's their life.

  92. Mandy says – reply to this


    Her lesbian fans will be always in denial. They will always say that it isn't a true relationship and that they never slept together but only pretended (what for??? What he could get from such a sham??? Since he has been rumoured of being with Amber he got the reputation of the cheater, of the half-aged man who wants only to have party and to have sex with young girls and he already lost some fans, so it would be crazy for him to pretend of having a relationship with her unless it wasn't true but her lesbian fans pretend of not understanding this!!!)
    Her lesbian fans will always try to have some excuses and they will always be sure that it won't last just because they don't want them to last but actually Amber and Johnny have been a couple for more than a year and not for one month and maybe they will last more than anyone can think, so, people who dislike them as couple need to get over it and stop acting like jealous ex-girlfriends!

  93. 93

    Re: Mandy – I wouldn't call a 9 month relationship with Valentino Lanus successful she also looked unhappy in that relationship too. If she was to be with dude I wouldn't mind it if it was with Joesph Gordon Levitt. I think the would look good together and I've see a picture of them together I saw some chemistry there.

  94. nathaniel says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Write a doctoral thesis on them. Stop drowning us!!!

  95. 95

    Re: Mandy – I didn't believe the tabloid rumor about Winona Ryder either I know Johnny and Winona probably won't happen again. I think that ship has sailed but like I said I was a fan of theirs back in the day. I should have said it would be nice if they got back together.

  96. 96

    Re: Mandy – Please don't compare this "relationship" with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones it was obvious that MD loved CZJ from the first time we saw them pictured togethered, I don't see that with Johnny and Amber I see 2 people who are friends with benefits.

  97. 97

    re=6425082]Re: Mandy[/re] So what if they didn't talk at the concert it doesn't mean that Amber didn't leave the tickets for Tasya and her new girlfriend.

  98. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – You keep telling ridicolous things. There are just a few of pictures in all the web of Amber and Valentino Lanus and do you really think you can judge if they were happy just watching 3 or 4 pictures of them??? Oh yeah, what an accurate analysis on their whole relationship you can do just watching a couple of pictures…. you must be crazy if you think that a few of pictures can show us everything we need to know. Then how do you know it lasted 9 months??? Where did you read it??? I hope you can link me a reliable source instead of rumours and in any case, Valentino wasn't the only man she dated. She mentioned that she had successful relationships with men and not with one man, so she surely dated other men and we don't know how it lasted with some other and how serious it was. Then her relationship with Tasya wasn't that long either. They dated for about 3 years because it has been said that they separated early in 2011 but they just didn't announced it. So 3 years is not the longest period of time and now we'll see if with Depp the relationship will be longer.

  99. RICH says – reply to this


    Michael douglas is an old man sick and decrepic.Poor katherine zeta Jones.The same will happen to Amber with Johnny.

  100. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – But the fact of the tickets was just a rumour, we don't really know because honestly it seems that Amber doesn't care abouut Tasya anymore since she just used her as a decoy when she wanted to hide that she was dating Johnny. She appeared with her just two times last year and both of them after some days that she was caught with Depp, so she needed a cover. Anyway I really don't care about Tasya. I just want to say that people should stop to judge if a couple is happy or not by watching just a few of pictures because we should live with them everyday when they haven't paparazzi around who take pictures every minute to understand how their relationship is going, but here a lot of fool people think they can have an accurate analysis of their relationship just watching a few of pictures. Come on, be serious this is absolutely ridicolous! Just stop of being jealous and get a reason that they are together since november 2011 or even more maybe, who knows.

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