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Kate Middleton Apparently 'Bland' While Princess Diana Made 'Catastrophic Choices!' Say What?!

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princess diana kate middleton

Evidently, not everyone is a fan of Kate Middleton.

Author Joan Alison Smith has written a new book, The Public Woman, in which she scathingly discusses both Kate and the late Princess Diana’s roles in the public eye.

Of the Duchess of Cambridge, she writes:

"By the age of 30, the new Duchess of Cambridge had done little since leaving university except play a supporting role to her boyfriend, marry him with great pomp and ceremony and get pregnant. She had never really enjoyed an independent identity or income—even her clothes were paid for by her father-in-law—and didn't seem to aspire to either."

According to Joan, Prince William’s wife is known "not for her achievements but her willingness to play the most traditional feminine role of all: waiting for a husband, getting married and not long afterwards becoming pregnant."

What’s more, she writes that Princess Diana "made catastrophic choices about men and showed not a glimmer of insight into why her relationships kept going wrong. Diana exemplifies a species of female narcissism which is repeatedly misread in popular culture, glamourizing stunted ambition—wanting fame and admiration—and erasing any requirement for personal responsibility."

Wow. Talk about harsh!! It might be time to retract the claws, Joan!

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35 comments to “Kate Middleton Apparently 'Bland' While Princess Diana Made 'Catastrophic Choices!' Say What?!”

  1. 1

    At least Kate went to college, has an educated background, and seems like a genuinely charitable person. I think most parents would prefer that their kids look up to her instead of uneducated celebrities who are famous for even fewer personal accomplishments.

  2. 2

    Kate seems like a nice girl, but shes no Diana. Its not a bad thing though. Even though I love Diana, Kate shouldnt have to live up to a dead woman. If she wants to play a supporting role to her husband, then thats ok too.

  3. Unknowable says – reply to this


    EverybodyLovesIt says it well.

    It's a sad thing to think these types think of feminism as having many different relationships will all sorts of different men that always end badly.
    And since when is bringing a life into the world in a stable relationship a weak thing to do?

  4. 4

    Kate is playing a very traditional role, not a crime. She will never embarrass the Royal family, and may do a lot a good with her life. And the criticism of Diana is baffling. How does the author know that Diana lacked insight to her own behavior, and did not take personal responsibility for here actions? Diana was in therapy for years. Another irresponsible "author" spewing garbage and hate. Diana was absolutely fascinating, and the world loved her. Who is Joan Smith?

  5. looool says – reply to this


    @everybodylovesit please everyone knows kate is a whore who just wanted a wedding proposal and stay at home and spend her husband's money and look pretty. That is lame especially in 2013 when women fought so hard for their emancipation

  6. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Alright - I don't want a bunch of hate coming my way. So that said, I will post my thoughts.

    I am a feminist. That's the truth. I like Kate as a person, she seems genuine, kind, charitable, and not a blood princess. I am glad to see she went to college and whatever she majored in, it at least was a complete education. Now, onto what I would like to see change. I would like her to be more proactive to set a good example of what women should be like. She should definitely continue being supportive of her husband, I wish all the best in their marriage, but I would like to see more fire and spunk in the Duchess. She is too feminine and needs to become a little more active, such as become an actual leader of a charity. That keeps it on the more traditional side, yet she is still in charge and doing good.

    Diana. I wasn't alive when she was, so I'll say she was pretty, its a shame she divorced the prince, and its a shame she died. I don't like her fashion choices, but I like Kate's. Its a shame Kate is in Diana's shadow.

    So that said, I will sign off!

  7. 7

    She is a really pretty girl but she is bland, I've always thought so. Her choice of clothing is bland, and she has a fantastic body. If this is how she dresses at 31, I wonder what she'll look like in 20 years. While there's certainly no need to emulate Diana, she could take a cue from her wardrobe here and there.

  8. Heather says – reply to this


    Funny how people seem so eager to take swipes at a pregnant woman - the claws come out when someone is vulnerable. You can't please everyone apparently. I'm so glad Kate doesn't live up to Joan Smith's standards. It is wonderful to see someone who is educated (which she is), beautiful, happily married, and a role model by any standard. Joan Smith is just jealous and is using her position as a writer to make that glaringly obvious. Pathetic.

  9. leesa says – reply to this


    hi, i think that england will have a wonderful future queen. Though not a blood princess but she behaves every bit like a true princess. Nothing wrong with being a housewife like the duchess. She is one tough lady and not many woman is strong enough to undergo what the duchess has to bear throughout her life as the future queen. Bear in mind that playing a supporting role to the next in line to the throne is not as easy as eating the cheese cake. By the way, who is Joan Smith? I am tired with this infamous author who writes about the duchess just to some coverage and to lift up her 'nobody' profile. Pity with Joan Smith!

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's merely opinion that originates from the perspective and belief system of the author.
    Traditional wives and mothers still exist, and their value is difficult to quantify…but most everyone really loves their mothers, don't they.

  11. elishba says – reply to this


    It is very easy to mock people in the public eye. No matter what Kate Middleton does or doesn't do someone somewhere won't be happy about it. Princess Diana is dead for the past 16 years. Let her rest in peace. No one is perfect.

  12. WaityCrotchMonkey says – reply to this


    Anytime anyone tries to criticize Princess Diana they just make themselves look ignorant and they are ignorant -

  13. WaityCrotchMonkey says – reply to this


    God help Eng;land with that exhibitionist b*tch, Waity Middleton. William could do the country a favor and divorce her. I heard her dress went up AGAIN for the millionth time, the polka dot , too-short dress went waist high in a wind at a friend's wedding. Waity is a mentally ill exhibitionist - she could have weights put in the hems but chooses not to…..and it's predictable the dresses will continue to go up. She's trash.

  14. WaityCrotchMonkey says – reply to this


    God help Eng;land with that exhibitionist skank, Waity Middleton. William could do the country a favor and divorce her. I heard her dress went up AGAIN for the millionth time, the polka dot , too-short dress went waist high in a wind at a friend's wedding. Waity is a mentally ill exhibitionist - she could have weights put in the hems but chooses not to…..and it's predictable the dresses will continue to go up. She's trash.

  15. DuchessDoNothing says – reply to this


    God help Eng;land with that exhibitionist, Waity Middleton. William could do the country a favor and divorce her. I heard her dress went up AGAIN for the millionth time, the polka dot , too-short dress went waist high in a wind at a friend's wedding. Waity is a mentally ill exhibitionist - she could have weights put in the hems but chooses not to…..and it's predictable the dresses will continue to go up. She's trash.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: WaityCrotchMonkey – What's the matter, did he pick her over you back in college?

  17. mila says – reply to this


    who cares what everyone says . . . she's a princess, living in palaces, travelling first class all the way . . . ha ha ha ha ahah comment and hate all you want. If you think she is miserable, think again ha ha h aha hah

  18. minstral says – reply to this


    Re: looool – Looool, your all "whore's". That is the reason we were born, to create children. So if you will be be bured with your virginer on-touched??? Joan Alison Smith is ""one of them"", will she think she is. Loooool you must be wearing trousers, thick trousers. "WaityCrotchMonkey/DuchessDoNothing" yes!!! ??? we have then as well.

  19. Ginny says – reply to this


    Right on - Snow Glo

  20. 20

    Re: Elizabeth – Middleton has an art degree. Anyone who is not a certified retart can get this. Her husband has the same. Need I say more. Diana's fashion choices may ot have been in your taste but then, you said so yourself, you were not alive in the 80's and the fashion was different.
    Re: Snow Glow – I wouldn't be so sure, about the "never" embarrassing her husband's family. No one can predict what other person will do. I don't know who Joan Smith is but I like her attitude. She says it how it is. Middleton on the other hand, says it how she was told to say it. I am guessing it's only a matter of time when she will say something they didn't want her to say, but then she already will have the heir to the throne so who gives a fuck…
    I am a "traditional" mother, housewife, and I also make enough money not to consider myself a smoocher. In my opinion everyone in a family should contribute financially as soon as they are capable to. Middleton does nothing, except reading speeches (written by somebody else). She is lazy and cheap. I doubt she will ever grab a vacuum cleaner or wash a sink full of dishes. Heck! I doubt she will see her kid for more than 3 minutes a day and this only to take photos for the tabloids! No, I don't like her. She is a parasite.

  21. Ava says – reply to this


    While I wouldn't take Kate's path, and she appears rather boring sometimes (I still really like her! I'm sure she's lovely to know) - this does NOTHING for feminism. Feminism allows women to take ANY path they want, not JUST having a career. If you want to "play the most traditional feminine role of all," go for it! Career woman, stay at home mom, or anything in between, it's a personal choice and they're all perfectly acceptable AND respectable. Do what you want.

  22. millicent says – reply to this


    Being King is a "role," and being the wife of the King, is also a role. If she will be Queen (or even does not get that title) she must still be constantly in the public eye while performing royal duties. If she didn't perform well in that role, then the press and the public would be all over her with snide comments and constant criticism. So my take is that this life takes a certain type of person to fulfill the obligations. While it certainly can be "glamorous," it can also be not all that easy. I recall that she did have a number of jobs over the years, and even though they did not turn into a "career," once she realized she'd be marrying the future King of England, I'm sure she had other things on her mind that needed to be done rather than bringing home the bacon. Diana was too young and totally unprepared for the expectations that were placed on her. She also received very little training from the royal "firm" she worked for or understanding from them. Charles was also a victim of this situation as he was expected to marry a suitable virgin when he reached the venerable old age of 30. So I think things have come full circle, and things should go very smoothly. Let's hope so.

  23. 23

    Re: millicent
    @millicent- EXCELLENT comment! Everything I would say. (o=

  24. dianne says – reply to this


    you were not alive when Diana was so everything you know is based on today's irresponsible media that no longer requires fact checking. Diana made every little girl believe in princesses and fairytales come true. she showed us young mothers that we were not alone in our doubts and fears, She was an amazing model to many designers and changed the views under 'the tents'. She was loved every moment she was alive and ever since her death because she showed us that money doesn't buy love and royalty is a job. i cannot say anything on kate because frankly I know nothing of her. she presents to me someone who may actually bring the word royal back to royalty, in that she manages to keep good appearances while saying little lest she cause dissension in an already tenuous palace. i feel she is good for the royal family, and Wills.

  25. Zelda says – reply to this


    stop being so rude to her she lives in a palace she flies first class stop being jelous assholes and live you own life gosh! There both amazing women and kate has a degree and was working before they got together

  26. collett says – reply to this


    that is such a mean thing to say………. do you even know what a whore is?

  27. collett says – reply to this


    Re: equality for all hom0s – No wonder so many people cant stand gay people…… you are crude, mean and always trying to get a reaction…..She wasnt a slut, you idiot……..

  28. Victoria says – reply to this



  29. Martina says – reply to this


    This is only an opinion of one person. Every person on the planet could write their own book about these two famous women. They are two completely different people, with different personalities and while Diana was thrown in at the deep end, Kate was fully aware of the extremely public role she would have. True love was the reason she and William tied the knot. Diana was not in that fortunate position. Diana had personal problems, an eating disorder and suffered with depression. The Diana years sold papers and made the media and authors rich. Kate's happiness does not provide people with a lot of material to use and analysis of famous people is attractive to those who want to make money.

  30. Martina says – reply to this


    The woman who wrote this article wishes that Kate Middleton was having problems. She would be able to make more money and that is why she views Kate as bland compared to Diana. Sad Diana stories sell. Happy Kate stories don't. I think that this is what really annoys the author - Joan Alison Smith

  31. Donda says – reply to this


    Yeezus, what does this bitch want? Egg in her beer? Kate has been elegant and proper. William is happy. The baby is beautiful.

  32. lena says – reply to this


    I dont understand when people say that Kate Middleton is "bland". Honestly makes no sense. She's the duchess of cambridge and married to the future king of England, how do you expect her to dress and act? She dresses modestly, wearing appropriate clothing, nothing too flashy yet still adding her own personal taste to her wardrobe. She is a quiet and low-spoken person because everything she says or does is always going to be criticised in the media. She's not a movie star or music artist, she's practically royalty, and i bet if she loosened up a little bit, people would be judging her and saying that "that's not the way the future queen should act"- i don't get it

  33. Juliana says – reply to this


    I love Kate, William and Georgie! Kate is doing just fine. God bless them. Who is Jon Alison smit? Can't find a man to lick her? Can't measure up to Kate?

  34. sue says – reply to this


    waity is miss nude france, anorexic fashionists ugly, that is why she hid wrinkles under the hair, she cant speak, she walks like a muscle bound rugy player, willy where did u get that trash from!

  35. Makka says – reply to this


    I think everything the author says is true, and there's nothing wrong with it.