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Kristen Stewart Spending Summer At Camp X-Ray! Perfect Distraction From Robert Pattinson?

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kristen stewart camp xray new movie role

What better way to mend a broken heart than to head to summer camp!

That's just what Kristen Stewart has in mind…

…well, sort of.

Now that she doesn't have Robert Pattinson's nekkid bod to help her pass the time, KStew is getting back to work! Our lonely Bella is set to star in quite the inneresting, grown-up movie, Camp X-Ray.

And nooo, you naughty readers, the X-ray part has nothing to do with her baring allll onscreen!

The film that is set to start shooting in mid-July is described as:

"Having escaped from her suffocating small town into the military, Cole (Kristen) had been hoping for a tour of duty in Iraq. Instead, she’s sent to Guantanamo. Met with hatred and abuse from the Muslim men in her charge, Cole finds herself forging an odd friendship with Ali, who has been imprisoned at Gitmo for eight years."

Sure sounds like quite the heavy film for our little KStew.

We hope she can handle all the film dramz on top of her own personal dramz!

But just a little advice, keep the onscreen friendship with whoever plays Ali a friendship!

[Image via Andres Otero/WENN.]

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15 comments to “Kristen Stewart Spending Summer At Camp X-Ray! Perfect Distraction From Robert Pattinson?”

  1. 1

    Meh, she has the right to date whom ever she wishes. She's a single women now, right? The movie sounds pretty good.

  2. West wind says – reply to this


    I'm so glad for Kristen!!!!! All the power to her now that she has no stinky dogs and their stinky owner to get her all messed up. On with a new era and a new life!! Freedom!!!

  3. name says – reply to this


    oh, so she finally has a job. good for her.

  4. sunn says – reply to this


    I love KSTEW no matter what. I know she made a huge mistake, but who are we to judge her, she's very young and probably lonely when that happened since Rob always drinking with friends. What's the difference? he dates other woman like Katy Perry. but if Kristen do that, she will be crucify with paparazzi KSTEW should have dump Robert long time ago. She's beautiful and very talented, she doesn't need Robert. Besides, if not for kristen, Pattinson will not be cast on the Twilight Saga. He's a drunk and lazy bloke. She deserve better than him. Either he forgive her and go on with their life or dump him. That's my opinion.

  5. tammy says – reply to this


    KStew is a horrible actress. I am still wondering how on earth she gets the roles that that she does. I wouldn't even watch Twilight because she was in it.

  6. Wisdom Speaks says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart is a wonderful actress dispite what some may say. She has proven her acting abilities to those who empoy her and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Why are so many people caught up in the hype? Media outlets are really not interested in the emotional helath and safety of any Hollywood personality… "if it leads it sells" and that's what all of these suspect arctilcle and headlines are….an opportunity to spread Gossip and to sell a story unfounded. Don't believe what you read! Until Kristen and Robert issue statements of their own, all that is reported is Gossip and Hurtful Rhetoric.

  7. Wisdom Speaks says – reply to this


    Re: Wisdom Speaks – Typos: employ, health, articles—Sorry, typed to fast:)

  8. 8

    Maybe she will try to act better now that there are no personal distractions. I mean, I agree with some of the commenters here and have to say Stewart is not what I would call a talented actress. But, everyone deserves a chance and perhaps this movie will boost her acting career because she ACTS BETTER for change. Her other movies (I've seen two, the first Twilight and the Huntsman thing) were aweful!

  9. sweet_b says – reply to this


    Re: Babsy2 – agree with you, saw the first twilight, SWATH and the messenger, regretted watching them…..she is not that good of an actress…..too stiff and wooden and monotonous….just my opinion

  10. not likely says – reply to this


    @ west wind - she happens to love those stinky dogs and that stinky owner. so she would appreciate it if you lay off her loves. she has never denied loving rob its just a matter of learning to move forward. they both need to get rid of their extra people in their immediate vicinity. they need to try and spend more time together with each other instead of hanging out with each others group of friends. and i think they do that because they cant seem find their way back to each other. rob stop running to ms. perry it makes kristen unimportant when you run to katy instead of her and get rid of those bar boys of yours. kristen distance yourself from all your girls for now and focus your attention on rob. do things together. you dont have to spend it in the city. i dont think those pappz would follow you to yellowstone. they have beautiful cabins.

  11. conniecappadonia says – reply to this


    Kristen its about time you need to worry about yourselfeyouwillfind someone who loves and cares for you good luckiam afan of yourobert is also write a script for moviesa jerk

  12. sheila says – reply to this


    This sounds very interesting and different for her. I enjoy her acting. I haven't seen this news before so I hope it's true.

  13. AMW says – reply to this


    For those of you who hate KS so much why do you waste your time commenting? She is quite a good actress and many seasoned actors have said as much.
    This movie sounds interesting and seems like a good fit. Good for her! I hope she meets a real boyfriend. One that wants to hold her hand in public and doesn't spend all his time drunk. If you read any article about RP since 2008 prior to his secret relationship with Kristen he spent lots of time drinking vodka.

  14. Kris'Star says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is not your friend,she looks you in the face and tells you she is your friend than stabs you in the back.She wants Rob,give her Rob—they both like to party they both like to drink and being on public display .They deserve each other.Kristen,fight back,this time you have done nothing!!! Don't allow Robs management team to take you down.You are alone in this because Ruth is also Katy Perry agent ,she will not fight for you.Please be done with this cold hearted self centered man who has done nothing but bully you for the last 10 months. Don't let his Mean Nasty team hurt you again.They are out there spreading nasty rumors.Find someone to love you for you and not what you can give him.You gave Rob money,fame,and name recognition and that got you nothing from him—just hate for you You go girl don't let him back into your life. You are so much better off without him

  15. Rayn says – reply to this


    Re: tammy – ——You are so stupid! You are a better judge of talent than the directors that hire here? You talk so much crap get a life!