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Taylor Swift Does NOT Want Selena Gomez Dating Justin Bieber Because She's JEALOUS?!

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taylor swift not a belieber selena gomez

If Taylor Swift's tongue-sticking action and her luke warm congratulatory speech directed toward Justin Bieber at this year's Billboard Music Awards is any indication…

The RED cutie is so NOT a Belieber!

Which must be awkward, seeing as her BESTIE Selena Gomez seems to be BLINDED by Bieber fever!

BUT, could one of the driving forces behind Swifty's negative feelings about Justin be because she's JEALOUS?!

One alleged insider reveals:

"Let’s just put it this way: Taylor is not a Belieber. She loves Selena and wants her to be happy but she doesn’t think going back and forth with Justin is the answer. That being said, Taylor’s also a little bit jealous in a weird way.

Taylor is jealous that Selena still has Justin as ‘her person’ to go to, but she’s not jealous of who Selena’s on and off with. She thinks Justin is a brat and that Selena could do way better."

Bieber a brat?! Naaaahhhhh… LOLz!

And yes, it must be annoying for Taylor to hear about Selena's constant back and forth with JB…

But for a girl who never shuts up about her various romances (literally, she's always singing about them), you'd think she'd be a little more understanding, LOLz!

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91 comments to “Taylor Swift Does NOT Want Selena Gomez Dating Justin Bieber Because She's JEALOUS?!”

  1. 1

    Taylor, maybe one of your exes might still be willing to be your go-to person if you didn't act so psycho after every breakup and embarrass them with your music.

  2. james says – reply to this


    thank you men this chick taylor is so psycho who would want to date her after she disrespects them with a fucking song..i am not a fan of bieber and selena but them she should get a life and theirs alone….let selena make her own life

  3. Christy says – reply to this


    Re: sskiles
    This is the most intelligent thing I've ever read.

  4. james says – reply to this


    i hate taylor swift she is crazy she keeps acting childish writing songs about her ex men girl grow up she is more of a brat than justin bieber and it is none of her business who selena wants to date at least selena knows how to keep a man for long…smh brat

  5. danielle says – reply to this


    Taylor isnt jealous. leave this girl alone

  6. joca says – reply to this


    Taylor isnt jealous bc she's so much better tham them

  7. pontie says – reply to this


    this article is crap, obviously

  8. dani says – reply to this


    Another fake story about this trio.

  9. lol says – reply to this


    I dont believe in this shit but I think justin is a brat.

  10. dina says – reply to this


    Drama queens! I hope no one believes this shit

  11. ppp+ says – reply to this


    slutena homez!!!!

  12. dynamit says – reply to this


    Perez, you're obsessed with jelena. It's almost boring as them.

  13. patry says – reply to this


    she's right. Justin is a brat

  14. perezito says – reply to this


    crap crap crap

  15. 15

    Really, she jokingly sticks her tongue out of humor and it has turned all of the little girls and single male bloggers in their mid 30s into a frenzy.

  16. doon says – reply to this


    insider? you mean perez mind

  17. candice says – reply to this


    Re: lol – .mxm more lies about taylor swift leave her alone

  18. TaylorSwift13 says – reply to this


    Lolz… Comment 1-4 (4 comments is hating on Taylor (She's A-W-E-S-O-M-E ) and Comment 5-9 (5 comments) is protecting Taylor… Well now comment 5-10 is protecting her… could you weirdos please stop hatting her! Conclusion comments 1-4 = Beliebers Comments 5-10 = Swifties = we win by majority douche-bags! Swifty out…

  19. Swifty says – reply to this


    This article is crap! Stop putting your opinion as the source Perez! Lol. Taylor is probably looking out for Selena because they keep breaking up!!! Taylor is a good person! Stop making Taylor look like a bitch Perez!

  20. Natasha says – reply to this


    That's because Taylor wants Justin (who would not)and because Justin won the award, now her jealousy is shining through like a sore thumb. Unlucky! Leave Justin and Selena alone. They hot together.

  21. ddon1 says – reply to this


    selena and justin are the most annoying couple . two brats

  22. adele says – reply to this


    I couldn't agree more with taylor. Justin Bieber is the biggest brat I've ever seen in history of entertainment. That little kid has so much pride in himself that can swallow the whole Texas. Selena might be dating that kid for money and fame.

  23. jess says – reply to this


    Taylor may be more famous and have more money but she is lonely and immature and you can't buy love or class with fame and money.

  24. Natasha says – reply to this


    Leave Justin and Selena alone. They got it and you don't.

  25. heart59 says – reply to this


    Insider? uhum. Probably a justin or selena source

  26. 26


  27. A new swiftie says – reply to this


    But seriously jelena broke up and got back together more times than Tay had boyfriends, litterally
    I'm all taylor here, cuz this roller coaster of drama is just way too fast and dramatic to be a real heathy, stable and real relationship
    If u think about it

  28. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    It's kinda funny that Taylor is Selena's "go to" for relationship advice LOL Selena has way more experience in this department than Taylor!

  29. Moi says – reply to this


    Re: Natasha – they are hot together? Lol see that proof that all u fans don't care about the real relationship, u just care about the 'looks' of the relationship
    Looking "hot" together doesn't make a heathy relationship
    This comment u written shows that you are just a tween with no real understanding of what really makes a relationship
    And no taylor is the good person here, she's stopping the drama!

  30. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Taylor (whore) proved my point and was being rude to Justin and making remarks when he won his awards. She is such a stalker bitch.

  31. Silly says – reply to this


    Well, media is not going to fool me with their nonsense reports about T.Swift.. People just gave lots of meanings to things that don't even have meanings. She's not a psycho. Those people believing this piece of shit should be called PSYCHOS! :D

  32. Regina says – reply to this


    This whole thing is ridic… but i sort of believe it. It's your typical high school situation… your friend has a BF and you don't so you want her to be single. I'm over all three of them….esp Taylor.

  33. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    Hahaha….Taylor is calling Justin at brat?!? Yeah maybe, but so is she! "Ms. Bitchy/Diva/Drama Queen.

    Of course they are all brats, I'd be a brat too if I had that much money, and a herd of people around me constantly trying to please me! Absolutely! Anyone would, but at least Justin remembers to use some of that power for charity.

  34. swiftie13 says – reply to this


    taylor is not jealous. THIS IS FAKE …. Proof 1: justin and taylor have been friends for a long time her concert for fearless at msg was his first concert he ever went to.

  35. sol says – reply to this


    Always unknown sources… this article is crap. jelena drama is enough, dont try to put taylor in this drama too

  36. Calise says – reply to this


    haha sure Taylor's jealous, if she's jealous of anything it's that many of her past fans became beliebers and have been loyal fans of him since no matter how much attention she thinks she has with her RED album. Justin Bieber is not into either of those weird-looking girls these are all stunts say something believable.

  37. Mary says – reply to this


    Honestly Perez, you are a d*ck for writing articles like this. I know that YOU KNOW it's not how you're making it to be. Taylor is so nice to you, you don't even deserve it.

  38. Leon says – reply to this


    Re: jess – You would think you know him personally. How do you know he is brat? Because the media says so. Well if that is the case Taylor is a psycho cuz the media says so. I guess you think it is OK to believe all the crap about Bieber but not Taylor. Kinda hypocritical huh. I think they are both great young people who have achieved so much for their age. I think Bieber does a bit more charity than Taylor but maybe she does stuff I don't know about. How about giving them both a break!!!

  39. leo says – reply to this


    Leon - yah, taylor does a lot of charity. that's why she was named the most charitable celebrity of 2012. If you search you will find.

  40. helen says – reply to this


    jealous????? hahhahahaahhah ok hahahhaha

  41. leslie Seelander says – reply to this


    Taylor is very jeolous of Selena and Justin together. Beacuse , she knows that Justin loves Selena. Taylor has never been loved by any man till now and she does not know what to love is……This is why she is jeolous and trying to ruin the relationships of Justin and Selena. Very self centered individual.
    I think, she got a very bad name in that department too.

    I would not want to be like Taylor in my entire life.

  42. Adam says – reply to this


    not a belieber but i dont think selena is so innocent as she seems and her fans are all blind even u perez. Its not all Justins fault id say because it takes two to make a relationship work.

  43. joel says – reply to this


    Taylor's sneezing is more relevant than haters all together.

  44. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Taylor is so jealous and it shows. She is mad because Justin turned her down for sex. Nice going bitch Taylor.

  45. larry says – reply to this


    Selena and Taylor are just bunch of teenagers, without knowing their place. I will actually think, they are over spoiled and rather ill behaved.

    On the other hand, Justin is a hard working , very succesfull young man. I think, Justin should find himself nicer women than these two. He deserves better and he is a serious professional.

    It seems to me that press is always on the side of Selena and taylor, against Justin. Unfair.. Since these girls are not innocent at all and they are playing games with everyone.

  46. Dan k says – reply to this


    Taylor isn't jealous. The idea is absurd. Bieber is incredibly immature, way too childish for mature Selena. I'm still not sure if Swift very briefly stuck her tongue out because shec saw Selena kissinngvJustin. If she did–I think it's a natural reaction. Selena shoud have dropped Bieber ages ago.

  47. 47

    Or pehaps she doesn't want her friend to lose her career. Selena Gomez shouldn't be with Bieber because he's a drug addict and she has a Disney image.

  48. fuck justin says – reply to this


    Okay…i adore justin bieber but .seriously the speech at the billboard awards was a clear indication that the guy has issues of some sort…taylor swift deserved that award and she should have got it…and yes i am pretty sure she resented the idea that he got the award when she deserved it alot more than he did…just for the recors perez we understand you get paid to criticize other celebrities but dont lower yourself to that level….and yes if taylor is concerned about selena she has every right to be!! I mean look at the guy!..

  49. 49

    so jealous.because she will never ever get a good romance(because when ever there's a split there's a hit).she never just see's romance she see's song material .face it swifties it's the truth

  50. Court says – reply to this


    Re: Dan k – JB is far from a stand up guy. He only cares about the money and not his fans otherwise he wouldn't be showing up to his own concerts hours late. Mind you it has happened more then once so it's not like it is a one time my bad scenario. Most teen artists seem to always have his or her head in the wrong places now a days. It is a damn shame that you can't find a role model in the younger generation of this industry anymore.

  51. Tommy DisCool says – reply to this


    If Popeye were alive today, he'd be dating Taylor Swift.

  52. guest says – reply to this


    Re: joca – That`s one of the most stupid comments I`ve ever read in my entire life.

  53. 53

    to be clear taylor is the brat not Justin

  54. Iris says – reply to this


    Taylor is jealous cause she can't keep a relationship.I don't like selena but she makes a cute couple with bieber and taylor should leave them alone cause selena is mature enough now to make her own decisions and doesn't need an immatures girl help who has dated more guys than anyone i know.Taylor Swift is the last person in this world who can give someone a relationship advice,like seriously!

  55. 55

    First of all I just wanna say being a mom I appreciate Taylor Swift and the music she puts out. Im glad shes not married, a hussy who has 3 kids with 4 or 5 baby daddys I mean the girl is 23 she deserves to be young and date whoever and how many ever guys she wants to!! Next Im pretty sure shes not jealous she just wants more for her best friend I mean thats any girl who has a bff and the guy shes in love with is a hott mess and can only bring her down. No offence to Justin Bieber hes just to immature for Selena. They all need a fresh new romance and words for the girls pick a guy who is older than you:)

  56. nzgirl says – reply to this


    perez Hilton - another completely made up, crappy, shit stirring article,….. can you please find someone else to pick on, cause these articles are becoming really ridiculous

  57. nz girl says – reply to this


    perez Hilton - another absolutely crappy, shit stirring, made up of complete and utter rubbish article!!! can you find someone else to pick on please,… your stories on taylor swift are so lame!

  58. esther says – reply to this


    so fake. leave them alone, just because they are in the public eye doesn't mean bullshit should triumph.

  59. Hydar says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is as credible a writer as Dwight Howard is a free throw shooter.

  60. 60

    Taylor Swift is a lesbian, my gaydar has never been wrong. Just wait and see. I have thought this for years. So funny that she made that "yuck" face when she saw them kiss.

  61. cb says – reply to this


    Taylor has issues and she sings about it… Justin and Helena are younger have like a lot if us, have relationships that have moments of confusion. Look at Jhow many couples have public issues. So they broke up 2 or 3 times, get over it. And Taylor if ur a friend u will be a friend. Helena is not a child nor are u an example of great relationships…

  62. donkurr says – reply to this


    Gomez and Bieber are in that weird phase of the breakup: "the we can't get back together, but we can still make-out" phase. And lots of people would be jealous of the "open" benefits of that arrangement: all the fun without any strings attached! I getcha, Swift. ;)

  63. jm says – reply to this


    Just like most girls, when one breaks up and tells her best friend all the bad details of her ex, and when that girl goes back to the ex, the best friend knows all the sh*t about him. Of course the friend is usually mad because they know that best friend will end up hurt again. Always happens.

  64. maria says – reply to this


    oh no i want Justin and Taylor together i love them as a couple

  65. maria says – reply to this


    Re: dynamit – yeah u are right

  66. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Now I will get drunk. Does anyone know where the intelligent people went?

  67. ok_then says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift: Pot Meet Kettle. She kind of gives off that vibe of being frigid. Icy demeanor.

  68. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Tommy DisCool – You know she does kind of remind me of Olive Oyl in a way…! Same figure in all.

  69. sweetmique says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift is definitely just jealous. She really erks trying to ruin someone else's relationship just because she can't keep one. She just wants someone to be lonely with and Selena is a fool if she lets Taylor's input keep from committing to Justin Bieber. I am sure that if and when Taylor finds a (temporary) new man she will dump Selena like a old sack of trash and if Justin has moved on by then Selena will find herself miserable. Selena should wisen up and commit to Justin. I honestly doubt she will find someone as rich and as fine as him and when he moves on she will end up regretting leaving him.

  70. sure says – reply to this


    How is Justin Bieber going to bring Selena down when he is all the way on top. Seriously? and quit advocating Taylor Swift that's like saying its okay to be a whore jumping from guy to guy and not respecting other people. Taylor Swift is just jealous, she wishes she had a relationship like Selena and Justin because they truly care about each other and she is alone. All the money in world can't buy you love. Sorry Taylor but you won't get very far trying to ruin someone elses happy ending.

  71. 71

    she is just jealous that justin way more famous than her at least he doesnt secrel date just to make a song he.

  72. nesha says – reply to this


    Uhm, I don't think TSwift should be handing out romance advice & judging Selena going back and forth, seeing as how she doesn't have one herself…

  73. LORD_Kk says – reply to this


    i dont think taylor is jealous i think she dont want them 2getther becuz she know how selena is and how her feeling work that her best friend she don't wanna see her get hurt in the long run she just looking out taylor had a jerk's in a out her life so she just don't wanna see her best friend cry and be sad no more but if u really look at it justin really did selena wrong

  74. dodgyend says – reply to this


    Re: kittystarr – Not only Taylor sells more albums she is def. more talented as well.

  75. emily says – reply to this


    So if you are going to trash Taylor Swift, who like Shania Twain before her, broke into mainstream pop charts, then you might as well criticize all of country music. And then there's others who write to sing about their love lives! Pink (So What), Maroon5 (Songs About Jane), Avril Lavigne, even greats like Fleetwood Mac. Get over yourselves, she doesn't like JB and she's not alone. As for Selena, the poor girl will never get to move on if she continues on this path. And it would have to be a brave man to be her new guy! The medias obsession is causing a stigma that may just end any chances. Might be a good idea if the Biebs move on first! And Selena, David H will wait, he's waited this long:)

  76. isabella says – reply to this


    she didn't jealous. she feels sorry for bieber. selena is not good for him, selena is a fame whore lol

  77. Kojisa says – reply to this


    Oh I really love Gomez and Bieber together because they are so cute.I don't think Swift should be jealous about them. Infact, Justin chose to accept Selena everytime she went "back and forth" in their affair and Tylor should step back.

  78. Veronica Nevarez says – reply to this


    Well I say that Taylor swift should let selena Gomez do what she thinks about Justin bieber cause they should be ment to be together forever because Justin bieber LovE's selena Gomez with all his heart and that he thinks that selena Gomez is the one for him thought and selena should decide I she wants to go back out wih Justin bieber or NOT..

  79. DStaine says – reply to this


    Swift is 23? She needs 2 grow up. Just because she can not keep a relationship doesn't mean her BFF Gomez shouldn't. The kiss seems like it was a comfort 2 a friend. Anyway I thought they were all friends so she should have been there 4 Bieber 2 unless she was jealous that he won the milestone award?

  80. DStaine says – reply to this


    Re: sskiles – U r so right & misery loves company just because she is not with anyone she wants Gomez 2 b alone 2. Y r they even best friends didn't they date the same guy?

  81. geraldnasasiira says – reply to this


    Taylor, if u do love go

  82. geraldnasasiira says – reply to this


    Taylor, if u do love him go back 4 his love. i do support u.

  83. Marina says – reply to this


    I know taylor is a Ugly Slut
    but i dont think she wants justin , taylor is just a bad friend , but
    Selena is a bad person 2 so lets move on i really dont care about Taylor and Selena They could DIE or something

  84. Lola says – reply to this


    Re: joca
    Ha, yeah better than them in being a bratty asshole. Sure.

  85. Tina says – reply to this


    Taylor is jealous! Selena & Justin are perfect for each other! I think Taylor should seriously BACK OFF! Jelena is perfect!

  86. Sissy says – reply to this


    I don't think she's jealous, she want the best for her bff. Justin changed a lot, he's now doing drugs and drinking a lot, I understand why Taylor doesn't want Selena to date him. Yeah, it's her life, but maybe Selena is too in love too see what Justin has become…If I was on Taylor's place, I would do the same! ;)

  87. Aliza says – reply to this


    I love u Selena Gomez please be famous because angelina poppie is tring to be better

  88. 88


  89. eric says – reply to this


    shut up

  90. eric says – reply to this


    if Justin was able to crash the party and kidnap selena disappear with she
    she willingly or not justin goes to hell to search her
    and nobody stop justin
    only death can separate justin
    of selena

  91. 91

    Taylor once went vaca with Justin right? They were friends she probably had hots for him but he wasn't interested now he's dating her friend and she's butthurt all too common story I love Taylor but she should knock it off