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Amanda Bynes' Downward Spiral Is Outta Control: A Recap Of Events!

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amanda bynes recap of drug arrest scandal

Things have gone from bad to worse for Amanda Bynes!

We knew something was out of whack with the retired actress, but shizz REALLY hit the fan in the last few days and now her downward spiral is moving faster than EVER!

If you're not sure what we're talking about then take a minute to relive the whirlwind disaster, starting with the story about the shocking release of pics showing her HORRIBLE living conditions:

Amanda Bynes' Living Conditions EXPOSED By Revealing Photos; Surrounded By Drugs And More!

Amanda Bynes Furious With Tabloids, Calls Dirty Drug/Sex Pics Doctored! Read Her Diatribe HERE!

Amanda Bynes REJECTED From Private Jet For No I.D., Tries To Use GOOGLE Instead!

Amanda Bynes Continues Her Hate Against 'Ugly' People; Tweets Borderline Racist Message!

Amanda Bynes Is Drowning In Denial!

Amanda Bynes Arrested In New York City AND Taken To Psychiatric Hospital!!!!!!

Amanda Bynes & Her Blonde Wig ARRESTED! WATCH The Video HERE!

Amanda Bynes' Drug Arrest Proves She Needs Conservatorship?!

Amanda Bynes Bares Her Bald Head In MUGSHOT! See It Here!

Amanda Bynes Post Arrest: Arrives At Court With Her Head Down And Wig Platinum

Amanda Bynes Released From Police Custody!

Amanda Bynes Claims She Threw A VASE, Not A BONG! Plus MORE Deets From Her Arrest!

Amanda Bynes Reportedly Called 911 ON HERSELF! Said Cops Were Going To ASSAULT Her!!

Amanda Bynes' Trouble With The Law; She's Not Alone!

Amanda Bynes Post Arrest: Covers Her Face Through The Crowd On Way Home!

Amanda Bynes Moving Out Of Dirty Apartment & Into Jail Due To Probation Violation?!

Amanda Bynes' Poor Mental Health To Blame For Drug Problems!? Parents Want Her In Hospital, NOT Rehab!

Amanda Bynes' Wigged Out Arrest! Deets On Her Stripper-Inspired 'Do!

Amanda Bynes Allegedly Stiffed Her Cabbie $7 After Leaving Manhattan Criminal Court!!

[Image via Twitter.]

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13 comments to “Amanda Bynes' Downward Spiral Is Outta Control: A Recap Of Events!”

  1. 1

    This all makes me so sad, just a little over a year ago she seemed to be the only starlet not heading down a troubled path…she was so bright and comedic. Hope she seeks whatever help she needs to get over this.

  2. 2

    I have to say that I find the way you and other gossip sites are covering this is completely nauseating. She clearly has mental issues and I don't think it's right that the media takes advantage of situations like that. She really needs help and the less media coverage she gets, the better. When someone has the type of mental issues she does, they see any type of media attention as being a good thing and the more attention they get, the more likely they are not to get the help they need.

  3. Disheartening says – reply to this


    If I didn't know better I would say this article looks like a witch hunt.

    I'm not pro Amanda Bynes, but posting she "stiffed a cabbie $7" REALLY?

    Not interesting news, nor really relevant.

  4. Tom says – reply to this


    I bet her parents are really proud of her!!!! Stop making excuses for bad behavior. She is ultimately responsible for her behavior.

  5. Rose says – reply to this


    Clearly Perez is stalking bynes. Reason? I suspect revenge. He's either psycho or it's revenge and he's cyber stalking her out of spite. One thing is painfully obvious, he doesn't care for our opinion.

  6. Duh says – reply to this


    I don't think I'll be coming to your site anymore.

    It's unfortunate to see how YOU and the other gossip sites are writing about her issues. I really hope that you don't go through a similar situation in your lifetime and get the kind of harrassment that Amanda, and the other celebs have gotten over their personal issues.

    It's not a story. It's someone's life.

    And I thought you were anti-bully? All I see is bullying and flashing banners to draw attention to her issues.

  7. 7

    Perez you need to back-off a little bit. You are poking this girl too much. She needs help, and you wont help with so much stalking, give her a breath, this is not a "cheating some boyfriend" issue, this is obviously a really serious problem. Its her health man. Give her a break.

  8. 8

    Re: Disheartening – It is.

  9. yes says – reply to this


    this is not entertainment, this is sad…also, the men who crack on her and make sexist comments are disgusting…I can only hope you do not have a sister or a daughter that EVER suffers from mental illness…the way the press gives us a play by play is also vile…leave her alone….look at her, yes she chose this life, BUT she surrounded herself with enablers and now she has issues with mental illness…this is tragic…not funny at all.

  10. yup says – reply to this


    AND leave it to the one man on this thread to be unsympathetic….men somehow like witch hunts the most…sexist much???? Fools.

  11. Rose says – reply to this


    Sub human Perez.

  12. Laneisha Walker says – reply to this


    When is her birthday? I think she's trying to join the "Forever 27" club. If she's not trying to kill herself then this is all just an act, like she missed acting and created this role for herself that no one would have expected and she never would have been picked for by a casting director. Wouldn't it be funny if it came out that she was faking all this and she was like "See, I told you I never did drugs.". Lol but for real, if she's not faking this I can't say I feel bad for her because she chose this, she doesn't have mental problems that she can't help (unless she has an untreated syphilis infection, which is causing brain damage or sudden adult onset schizophrenia… It could happen), shes

  13. Drew says – reply to this


    Anybody see some Britney Spears (circa 2007) in this poor girl?
    I absolutely love Amanda and applaud her for breaking free of the typical 'teen star' image and not letting anything get in her way. She obviously has issues and I hope she gets through them because at the end of the day, people like Perez are egging them on and making them feel worse and eventually they'll end up like Britney Spears (circa 2011+). Scared, awkward, unable to make their own decisions and afraid to show that there is talent hiding underneath all the troubles. I hope Amanda finds her way and even if she doesn't, I'm on her side till the very end. Nobody deserves to have stuff like this written about them.