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Kim Kardashian Is 'Elegant' Says Great Gatsby Director, But He's Praying For Lindsay Lohan!

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baz luhrmann talks lindsay lohan kim kardashian

You're not alone Baz, we're ALL praying to for Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos!

Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann, who has apparently been a long time acquaintance of Lindasy Lohan, is worried about the actress who is currently ensconced in the bosom of Betty Ford.

The visionary filmmaker recently expressed:

"I have known Lindsay since she was very young. She’s a talented girl. I pray that she can bring herself back to the place where she came from because she is a talented actress. I feel for her, I really do."

Oh we couldn't agree with you more!

But hey, at least Baz can focus on the ever "elegant" Kim Kardashian when he's getting down about Lilo!

Mr. Luhrmann also shared:

"I met her the other night, about two weeks ago. I had dinner with her and Kanye at a friend’s place. She’s an extraordinarily elegant woman, pregnant. I was really struck by her grace."

Yep, even while VERY pregnant, Kimmy does seem to maintain an effortless air of sophistication…

Which makes sense, she IS the Queen to Kanye West's King, which means she's ALWAYS gotta royally represent the Kimye nation, LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Kim Kardashian Is 'Elegant' Says Great Gatsby Director, But He's Praying For Lindsay Lohan!”

  1. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Lindsay People do support you ! Lindsay WILL make a come back . You can do this Lindsay !
    IN Your Corner LL Girl !

  2. Jennifer Smith says – reply to this


    I always thought that Kim Kardashian is very classy, beautiful and elegant. I am tired of the extreme negativity that goes after her on a regular basis. They are unfounded.

    Kim Kardashian remind us of the good old Hollywood beautiful.


  3. 3

    That would explain that debacle of a movie. He has NO TASTE! NONE

  4. 4

    Re: Jennifer Smith – You need Betty Ford worse than Lohan. KK is an ugly over priv. skank. I can't wait till she gets the hell out of here.

  5. 5

    Prayers have never helped anybody.
    Prayers are a way of saying : I'll never do anything for you. God will.

    God does not exist.

  6. Catie Menzie says – reply to this


    Def not seeing his film now! What a sell out he is…

  7. 7

    Yeah, because elegant women let men pizz on them, pose in Playboy and wear clothes to expose their naked azz and nipples. That's real elegant.

  8. Hookem0720 says – reply to this


    I really, really hope this is a nod to Emma, where Gwyneth delivers the line "When pressed, I say she is elegant."

  9. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Kim Kardashian…elegant??? Is he high??

  10. don'teventry says – reply to this


    Re: fabulousdivabuns – If anything you would need help more than anyone. It's obvious that you are purely jealous of her. You are so transparent.

  11. don'teventry says – reply to this


    Re: Wrenn – Jealous!!

  12. joy says – reply to this


    Re: Catie Menzie – Sell out to whom you moron. You go out of your way to look up articles on Kim and then get mad if someone important has something nice to say. You choose to stalk her and hate her for no reason. So how about you stfu and I'm sure you couldn't name one of his movies.

  13. gotcha says – reply to this


    Re: Stacey10 – Then why are you always following her every move? Gotcha!!!!

  14. Tsk, tsk, tsk says – reply to this


    Re: Taylor, It is stunning to me that u get all happy & excited that this guy WISHES LL well. It seems wishes for L gettiing better are only valid when they come from 'relevant' people in Hollywood. So this guy gets points for having kind THOUGHTS about Lindsay but the hundreds of people who have actually busted their asses & actually DO SOMETHING MORE than WISH her well, they don't matter. & U r still harping on that she can make a come-back is BULLSHIT and it just screws with her head to have her get her hopes up about getting out of rehab and making a comeback. Noone CAN hire her for any projects that require a COMMITMENT from her because she has FAILED all attempts before to GET THROUGH PROBATION. Notice this DIRECTOR says NOTHING about wanting to HIRE HER! L. needs to learn how to take care of HERSELF before she can even think about a come back. No matter how many times you clap ur hands and tell LL she can be a tangerine if she wants to, she will NEVER BE ABLE to turn herself into a tangerine. Try rooting for her MIND/BODY HEALTH to RECOVER, NOT HER CAREER. U R PRESSURING HER TO DO SOMETHING SHE IS NOT EVEN CAPABLE OF DOING FOR YEARS TO COME! Quit encouraging her to attempt things SHE IS NOT READY FOR.

  15. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Tsk, tsk, tsk – LISTEN UP . I have NOT seen anyone public on this board wishing Lindsay well . If they did I would be happy to see and tell them Great also .
    Does Lindsay need to get well YES . But you do not KNOW LL is not capable of making a come back . Lindsay has the Talent . Not you nor Anyone can say for FACT that LL is not capable of making a come back . I encourage Lindsay because I Believe in LL and her Talent .
    Soooooo With that being said Once again LINDSAY YOU CAN DO THIS !

  16. TO TAYLOR says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – U are given FACTS & you do NOT even THINK about HOW THEY APPLY TO LINDSAY'S REAL LIFE & CIRCUMSTANCES! When Lindsay gets out of rehab she has TWO YEARS OF COMMITMENT SHE HAS TO ACCOMPLISH –BEFORE she is even in the POSITION of being ELIGIBLE to be hired in any MOVIES. She has probation where one dirty test of alcohol, illegal substances or Rx drugs that are not prescribed FOR HER can get her months in jail. She CANT stay clean Taylor. Do you expect Lindz to walk out the doors of BFC in a few months & BE CURED of all her problems. U don't think L is facing STRUGGLES with fighting cravings for drugs & clubbing? She has community service, therapy, probation meetings, drug test, all these things take up time. She has NUMEROUS LAWSUITS AGAINST HER, many CIVIL suits she has blown off giving depositions for, she has to clean up messes FIRST. She has a lawsuit against DNAM & they have one against her. She has to find LAWYERS for both those cases & FUNDING for such lawyers just so she can defend herself. Where do u think she is going to find TIME to audition & work in Hollywood? Lindsay has to work on getting her problems MANAGED, and her lawsuits settled. Her cleaning up her current messes will take up all her TIME for YEARS!!

  17. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Wow have u ever shown ur cards. U don't VALUE any of the SUPPORT that L has recieved from ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE, people who have tried to get L to join them for a AA/NA meeting, the people who tried&tried to get her to stop drinking&drugging. U say u don't see anyone on these boards that wish her well but that's because u only count people who r obsessed w/ her CAREER COMEBACK &that's an ABSURD subject to focus on when the girl has been at the airport 3 TIMES IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS & SHE COULDN'T EVEN GET ON THE PLANE! There are lots of posters who ARE wishing L to HEAL HER SERIOUS ADDICTIONS TO DRUGS/ALCOHOL & HER CRITICAL MENTAL ILLNESS. & yrs ago HUNDREDS of people were on these type boards ROOTING for her, wishing her well…& SHE GOT WORSE!! Taylor, what you read on gossip blogs IS NOT THE WHOLE WORLD. U have what LL has, this DELUSIONS that INTERNET MEDIA, blogs & blog comments are RESPONSIBLE FOR & CREATE REALITY. LINDZ IS SICK SHE IS SEVERLY DSYFUNCTIONAL… do u NOT UNDERSTAND she is AN ADDICT&DEEPLY 'MENTAL' & HAS BEEN FOR YRS! Its a LOONG ROAD AHEAD FOR HER to just be 'NORMAL' again. Linds IS CRITICALLY ILL. U keep writing "U CAN DO THIS LINDZ" …DO WHAT, TAYLOR? DO WHAT?

  18. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Taylor, I do NOT mean to tell you that Lindsay can't possibly make a comeback SOMEDAY. What I am trying to get across to you is that Lindsay has many, many SERIOUS: legal obligations, problems, issues & LAWSUITS that are HIGHER PRIORITIES IN HER LIFE than focusing on Lindsay making (yet ANOTHER) comeback attempt. She did HAVE talent, but she hasn't been using her gift for yrs because she can't FIND it through all the drugs,booze &fantasies she is full of. Liz & Dick was awful. It was a terrible movie for her to try to show she has talent, because she was awful in it. LLs healing takes more than just Lindsay wishing she'd get better. She hasnt been able to stay clean for yrs. Six probation FAILURES. She didn't WANT to flunk probation, she just couldn't help herself. U are hoping that Lindz will MAGICALLY just get over her drug addictions & dysfunctional way of interacting with life. She has to not only WANT it, she has to do the WORK, most of it UNPLEASANT work, to rise above her addictions & dysfunctions BEFORE she is ready to consider work in Hollywood.

  19. jules says – reply to this


    That's why I just laugh to my self when I hear people talk about Kim being ugly cuz I know it is their Envy of her that would make them say that. Kim is Gorgeous

  20. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – "U CAN DO THIS " Means Lindsay you can get through this rehab , probation and get back your life . No I do not believe LL is "mental" I Believe she has a panic attack disorder . Yes LL has to work at it to get any respect back in the industry .
    FACE IT no matter what LL does no one is going to let her live it down and will still point fingers . IF LL is so Ill it is because LL is being eaten alive from the inside out . People who are "addicts " Are usually trying to escape or fill a void .

  21. GET HER LIFE BACK. says – reply to this


    I think a considerable amount of Lindsays distressed has been caused by her trying too hard to get her life back. Specifically, i think Lindsay has been trying to get back her glory days around the time Mean Girls came out & she was really getting the attention & admiration that is so important to her. She seems to think she is still that 'hot chick'& it's been near a decade since she did that movie. So, its nice u want to see her get her life back, but SHE CAN'T GO BACK to her old life. The purpose of rehab is for the patient to come to an understanding of what life choices they have made that ended up PUTTING THEM IN REHAB. So, Lindsays last DECADE of life has not worked for her. She can't return to the life she had. & rehab goes on long after one leaves the rehab center if one is sincere is WANTING & CREATING A NEW LIFE that isn't based on substance use. One step @ a time, girlfriend. Lindsay is very dysfunctional w/limited abilities to manage her adult life. She MUST LEARN & PRACTICE a whole new way of life. So for now, best to focus on Step One: get through rehab & utilize what is offered to learn skills in how to stay clean when stress & cravings hit hard.

  22. MENTAL HEALTH says – reply to this


    You say u don't think Lindsay is mental, which is a word I don't like & is actually inaccurate given that anyone who is conscious is mental, in that they are using their mind… However, u also state that she has panic attacks which are a very over-whelming mental health problem so I can't see how u acknoweldge that she has panic attacks & drug/alcohol dependencies & yet u don't see her as mentally ill. There is no such thing as a mentally HEALTHY drug addict. Further, anyone who has constant problems with the law & consistantly has serious problems finding & maintaining employement in their chosen field. . . Well, six yrs of legal problems & career failures & social problems w/a lot of people is an indication & meets numerous criteria for serious mental health problems. If she isn't struggling w/serious mental health problems that would mean every lawsuit, every job screw-up & every personal relationship she has had that has turned sour - is because her mentally healthy self is making an active CHOICE to create all these problems. So, how could she be mentally healthy if she is choosing to cause legal, career & social disasters for herself? She can't be mentally healthy if she has spent the last 6yrs screwing up & does not have the discipline to get through even 1 of 6 probations. Can't make her life & her chosen behaviors fit into any kind of definition of a mentally healthy or emotionally stable individual.