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President Obama 'Goes Off Script' After Being Repeatedly Heckled During Speech!

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Having been commander-in-chief for over 4 years now, President Barack Obama has learned a thing or two about keeping his cool.

The prez proved his patience and empathy yesterday when he was heckled, not once, but TWICE by vocal Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin during a speech at the National Defense University in Washington D.C.

It's pretty clear that Obama and Medea have differing opinions about the closure of Guantanamo Bay and his use of drone strikes! LOLz!!!

But while he could've very well dismissed the activist's screams, Obama insisted that her opinions are important even if they disagree.

The world leader even cracked a joke about her verbal outburst to cut the tension!

Ch-ch-check the uncomfortable, surprising moments (above)!!!

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15 comments to “President Obama 'Goes Off Script' After Being Repeatedly Heckled During Speech!”

  1. 1

    Probably South Carolinians

  2. Impeach The Bitch says – reply to this


    Bitch is going to have himself a long hot summer with all of his administrations scandals hitting the wall. Bitch had his henchmen go after perceived enemies. Bitch has fascist's happy with his UN-AMERICAN administration.

  3. terribletim says – reply to this



  4. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    Code Pink constantly heckled Bush when he was President. Obama needs to get a thicker skin. I know his party pays money to this website, but Obama is a terrible President. Gas as $1.84 on his 2008 inauguration day and is now $3.53 a gallon. But no one cares. Did you know Michelle has bangs and there was ANOTHER concert in the White House. That is all the press wants you to know. He got re-elected because all the dummies who know nothing about politics or the economy voted. He has an IRS scandal, Benghazi, an EPA scandal and more every day, the economy still sucks, yet no one cares. WHY?? Where did all the thinking people go?

  5. amari says – reply to this


    this is so rude.but im impress how he handle this.

  6. frank says – reply to this


    Medea has been protesting this Presidents foreign policy and Bush's foreign policy for years. She was a vocal protesting against DRONEs and WARS longer than all of us. BRAVO TO HER!
    I think SHE handled him well. She is right, he is Commender in Chief and he can CLOSE the horrible place and he promised in 2008. This President and his administration have authorized drone strikes that has killed hundreds of innocent CHILDREN, MEN and WOMEN who are no threat. We are the terrorist and Obama is as guilty as all those who supported and funded these undeclared wars.

  7. 7

    While Ambassador Stevens was being murdered in Benghazi with three others this sob ordered the US military to "stand down" just weeks before an election he wasn't giving up campaigning for 4 dead Americans. I don't they have the balls to impeach a black affirmative action president but lets think about dropping obama, clinton peneta and rice off in Benghazi and let them fend for themselves. seems fair, its time for another vacation anyway

  8. 8

    Re: amari – shut the hell up !!!! can you do any better!!!! (BOOM) I aint seen you run for president (YA SCARED)

  9. 9

    Re: terribletim – you a bitch when they start callen men bitches (STUPID) let see you run for president (BITCHHHHHHH)

  10. 10

    He promised to close Guantanamo. That's why he got my vote the first time he ran, not the second.

  11. 11

    Re: UglyMichelle – gas is up to 3.90 where I live, I'm graduating from university in a few weeks and I'm scared of not being able to get a job to afford gas and other necessities all the while taxes and healthcare are going up. Obamacare is the worst for people trying to get a job. At this point I'm pretty sure a lot of people would rather be able to work than get obamacare.

  12. TRUTH says – reply to this


    he was not HECKLED. that is the wrong word to use here Armando. if you listen to the actual audio footage, you will hear that it is a passionate woman with a very very valid point that even Obama himself suggests we listen to.

  13. TRUTH says – reply to this


    Re: amari – being passionate about policies that are bullish*t is rude? take your diapers off chica.

  14. Laur says – reply to this


    The States is a Capitalist society. Obama cannot control the cost of things, including gas. Gas is a luxury not a necessity. Free market idiots.

  15. 15

    ….a better response would be…."shut the hell up you dumb kunt, I'm talking here " !