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Kim Kardashian FLIPS OUT On 'Idiot' Paparazzo! Watch HERE! Profanity Included!

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You do NOT want to mess with Kim Kardashian right now.

ESPECIALLY if you're part of the paparazzi!

After baby-daddy Kanye West knocked his noggin' on a metal pole, all thanks to the flashes of the paps, pregnant Kimmy is in no mood to play these days. And her recent incident at LAX is full proof!

Check out her outburst for yourself (above)!!!

Honestly, we totally take her side on this one. She kept her cool the entire time, but as soon as one pap touched private property and opened the opposite car door to take photos of her in the van, all bets were off!

We don't know which is more epic to watch — Kimmy flipping out or the fight that ensues between management and the paps right after!!

[Video via Pacific Coast News.]

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36 comments to “Kim Kardashian FLIPS OUT On 'Idiot' Paparazzo! Watch HERE! Profanity Included!”

  1. uaskedforit says – reply to this


    I cannot stand them and the people who support them. They wanted to become famous - for no reason at all - no talent, no love of art, and now they want to bitch about the consequences? Sorry, you aren't Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie - you are people who manipulated the media to use it to your advantage, to make money off of pure fame. This is what the consequences are.

  2. 2

    If you call them you can't complain DumbA$$, that was for you Kanye so you would think kimmy wasn't hocking the baby. Did you notice that gross K Jenner stayed a couple a feet away so paps could get a shot of Kim w/out KJ in it. If that were your preggo daughter and you really didn't want paps there and you don't have to carry any bags wouldn't you get beside her? That is Kim's only job….paps take her pic….. Siding w/ Kim? They take such liberties w/ KARTASH because they call paps to take pics of them…………………..

  3. Sammykin says – reply to this


    Hey, this is the life she so desperately sought!!!

  4. J Biebers Monkey says – reply to this


    This silly woman wanted to be famous for being famous, and now she's upset that she's famous for being famous, and she's mad at the people who made her famous for being famous.

    I gather she doesn't have any ability to think.

  5. 5

    Kim created this situation, so she doesn't get to complain. She's just in a lousy mood because things have gone sideways with Kanye. First, she and her mother - mostly her mother - got into a screaming match with Kanye backstage at the SNL studio on Saturday.

    Then Kanye flew back to Paris…. alone. Kim and Kris followed separately to Paris the next day only to have him immediately leave for Berlin. So of course Kim is grouchy. She thought getting pregnant by Kanye was her golden ticket to the "A" list. Instead, it's turning out to be one humiliation after another for her.

  6. 6

    I would NEVER want to live life that way. Zero quality of life. Surrounded by uneducated, bottom-feeding, maggots (including Kim).

    But I guess water seeks it's own level.

  7. 7

    If I were a celebrity, I'd stop pose for pictures & answer a few questions. When finished, I'd say "I'm going to step away now and would like to get to my car. Remember, I'm pregnant. " The chaos we see, is because she's walking and avoiding. Like, stop give them the picture they want and all is well.

  8. JJ88 says – reply to this


    The funniest thing is that they have to cars for each one, instead of just having one for both, Then Kris just happens to put down her window when there are some paparazzis to get some coats while smiling, instead of getting them before. Paparazzi stunts
    I admit that I to watch sometimes their show and I've always thought Kim and Kriss Jenner are always trying to show off with whatever publicity stunt they can have. It's so sad Bruce Jenner has to be married to this woman, Khole and Kourtney seem to be more down to earth. But Kim, this is your karma for wanting to be a famous person for not having any talent except having sex with any celebrity or athelete.

  9. hollie says – reply to this


    I love how the cop says " I didn't see it", I'm surprised that criminals go to jail for crimes when I'm sure cops witness less than 99% of them happen. ( oh your husband hits you, well I didn't see it") when did " being famous" mean being hounded by cameras. to me personally, being famous means being largely acknowledged for your craft. And regardless if people think the Kardashians have no craft, they have millions of people curious about their lifestyles, and that is an art right? Or everyone would have a T.V. show on ETV. Also, how long has Keeping up with the Kardashians been on air? I dont even know, but I do know its been on for more than just a couple seasons, which confirms that people are interested, the proof is in the ratings. So for those who question Kim and her family's talent, or lack there of, have to realize they are only making a fool of themselves by not acknowledging that they are sought after b/c they are entertaining to large group of people. I myself can't understand why baseball and football and basketball are aired on t.v. but I don't see a lot of people blowing up NFL.COM because they hate that sports shows dominate half the channels on t.v. People who hate watching the Kardashians should be grateful they are only resigned to one channel, 2 if you count high definition. Not to mention, that Time Warner Cable and Direct T.V. have made it possible to totally skip over their program by the visual t.v. guide on screen.

  10. 10

    Whatever she calls them. This is what SHE wanted. It's not she had a movie and then it was a surprise hit or something and she didn't know she would become this famous, she PUSHED FOR IT. STFU KIm!

  11. 11

    It's like flies on sh*t

  12. Blondy27 says – reply to this


    I agree that Kim and her family have invited the paps and attention into their lives, but I found the behaviour of some of the paps (the one pushing the driver with his chest and yelling at him for being a "hero") disturbing. I get that they have the right to take pictures on public property, but why are you getting mad at the driver for trying to clear the way for his client? Is there a need to be abusive to the harmless driver? The guy is just doing his job, as you are. Don't pretend being a pap is so hard and try and goad innocent people into confrontation. People like that are who give the paps a bad name. Get a grip!

  13. irishjess says – reply to this


    This is what Kim Kardashian and her fake momager wanted when they leaked the porn years ago, so now that they got the attention suck it up and deal with it. That whole family is a bunch of fame whores!

  14. 14

    yes we know Kim calls the paps, but being called isnt an excuse to cross lines. i mean really, opening the car door? these days paps dont have a line between doing their job & going over board.

  15. lisa says – reply to this


    Kim has enough MONEY to protect herself and her unborn baby from the media if she wanted them away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would hire a team of people to keep me away from the media, thats what money is for….. to give you things you REALLY want. So ask yourself does she really want them to leave her ALONE!

  16. 16

    Wow? He opened the door? He is frucking brazen. Those paps are dangerous and obviously only think of their target as property rather than a human being. That is crazy.

  17. HotHayley says – reply to this


    OMG - this is so disturbing. Kim is PREGNANT!! Take your pictures but opening the door?? Then the photog cussing out the assistant or the guy in the suit helping escort Kim and Kris to the car - who are these people? Why aren't they prosecuted for threats or something? If Kim was not a celebrity and some guy opened her car door, took her pic and someone helped her and got cussed out and chest bumped - he'd be considered a psycho, a criminal and arrested!!

  18. Bridget Gonzalez says – reply to this


    First of all.. regardless if she wanted the celebrity status or not, or if you like them or not. Pap's are out of control and out of line. There should be some sort of law against them on how they take the pics. They have no manners and are animals and don't care about anything except for taking the money shot at all cost. I remember when Brad & Angelina son was going to the school right next to my building. It was a nightmare.. they would camp out in the morning and afternoon for that one shot.. it was insane. I would tell them to move so i can get in or out of my bldg.. and they wouldn't.. One day when I was trying to get out of my parking spot, one pap was literally on top of my car and wouldn't move. I'm like listen i need to get out you in the street you need to move, he just cursed me out.. but if I would hit him with my car then I'm the bad one. Again these guys are out of control and have no respect for anyone. I was so glad when their son was not in that school anymore.. the peace had return the day they left.

  19. dewlissa says – reply to this


    They are fucking assholes, I'm not a K fan but the girl is pregnant, and how the hell can you walk straight when all these people are flashing lights in your face. I would have called him worse. Kudos for her not

  20. sprinkles123 says – reply to this


    Kris Jenner eats this shit up. They both were loving every second of this especially Kris. She probably will never get tired of the papparazzi even if it means putting her pregnant daughter in danger.

  21. Jaz says – reply to this


    "Do something, somebody. What's happening here?" hahaha favorite part. But besides the jokes, I know that Kim wanted the fame and the paps re apart of the deal, but she's still a pregnant woman. I don't understand how it isn't illegal for the paps to get that close to someone carrying another life. Those vultures are sick.

  22. 22

    And the day those cameras arent following her around she will be forgotten like yesterdays news……

  23. Kiki says – reply to this


    She's pretty much at the end of her pregnancy and I can't blame her….you don't feel good, your swollen, hormones insane, plus hearing all the bulls*** people say, you get enough of it! I would've probably already shot somebody by now….she handles it a lot better than I could lol!

  24. sue says – reply to this


    The only stupid one there was that filthy whore. pathetic disgusting piece of fat lard and her old hag tagging along like shit off a cows ass. its a complete joke that they actually believe they are important. wait till the kid is born it will be three ugly ass bitches. Please cameras stop filming those disgusting whores so they can disappear.

  25. sue says – reply to this


    Who the heck was that idiot screaming on his minimum wage job acting like those two whores are more than filth. Get ray j to piss on the two whores.

  26. Debbi says – reply to this


    Shes just a fuckin slut,hoe who slept with 10

  27. thatgirl says – reply to this


    as much as i hate the kartrashians, paps shouldn't be allowed in the airport. they take it way too far 9 times out of 10.

  28. onlinebabe says – reply to this


    Re: lisa
    It doesn't matter how much money you have she can not stop the paps from following her or taking pics plus they make their living this way and she can not sue them because they are working legally.

  29. Hsbs231 says – reply to this


    The paparazzi is the fucking scum of the earth. They should all be shot. Fucking low lives.

  30. okwhatnow says – reply to this


    Wtf are you saying? Are you writing a script or a novel? Gtfoh! Kardashians are losing their empire and most people are thrilled. So get use to it. Now let the church of common sense say amen! Lawwwd… We dont care about their money. We just want them off of the air.

  31. antikimk says – reply to this


    Aint nobody got time for Kim. She going off and her mom is eating this shit up like apple pie. The paps are doing what they do for a living. It does not mean that its right but its what they do. Kim knows it and she loves it too. Why didnt her mommy dearest say anything or hover her? Hmmm i wonder why? They are so lame. Kim, the next time comb your hair before you call the paps.

  32. Wtf says – reply to this


    What the fuck, people don't need to be so evil towards her. She is still a human being, how would you feel if some psycho did that to you? She has rights and on top of that she is pregnant. And even if she did seek same, she still is a human being and should have herself and safety respected.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yeah, that's elegant.

  34. Nic says – reply to this


    The Kardashian's should have thought as the saying goes be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

  35. Misy21 says – reply to this


    Regardless of how Kim started out and how she got famous.. Those sisters have made millions working everyday, they have perfums, books, shoe lines, makeup lines, clothing lines, and many other things, they are worth 100 million for a reason… People may not agree with what she does but she does work hard for her money now. She's no different then any other socialite that is famous the rest of them really don't do anything at all but attend events. Kim and her sisters actually work everyday.

  36. sue says – reply to this


    Misy21 these are disgusting thieving dishonest hussling pigs. their wealth is based on this. they are filth. this heard are a disgrace to humamity. if you can justify this garbage then obviously your either bling or support their standards. they are dishonest thieving pigs.