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Mariah Carey's #Beautiful Performance Gets Sweetened For The West Coast Airing Of Good Morning America!

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As we've all seen by now, it was certainly not as #Beautiful of a morning as it could have been for Mariah Carey!

The diva took the Good Morning America stage in Central Park this AM for their summer concert series, and between her on-air s-bomb, a SERIOUS wardrobe malfunction, and her general wacky one-liners and quips scattered throughout the set, it was pretty much controlled chaos from the get-go!

And that's NOT even factoring her, ahem, surprisingly "off" vocal stylingz!

However, those folks watching west coast feed may have had a less cringe-worthy time, as three hours after the live debacle back east, Mimi seemed to have no trouble at all hitting some of her famous high notes… which means gurlfriend had some post-production help in the meantime! LOL!!

See the STRIKING difference between the two versions back-to-back (above)!

So yeah! She was definitely off her game, which won't help the lip-synching drama from American Idol last week!

But hey! We all have our bad days!

It happens, gurl! Better luck next time!

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51 comments to “Mariah Carey's #Beautiful Performance Gets Sweetened For The West Coast Airing Of Good Morning America!”

  1. angelia says – reply to this


    -> actually proves that she sang it pretty damn great live!

  2. James Grey says – reply to this


    Omg it sounded like a dying Rabbit.

  3. Frank says – reply to this


    this vid is obviously fake. im sorry but how stupid does perez think we are. It sounds like he recorded his own voice doing a weird murmur an octave lower than Mariah. This doesn't sound like her at all. Prick

  4. Tracey Johnson says – reply to this


    Omg someone obviously tampered with that audio. That sounds like a man auto tuning her voice. I saw a footage on YouTube and she sounded great! I'm not a huge fan of hers but there's no denying her talent.

  5. Joseph C says – reply to this


    Yechhhh. It amazes me that the standards for what is considered a "talented" singer have sunk so low. Even the most average of Opera singers could have knocked this one out of the park. But since we are living is an era when so-called "Musicians" can neither play and instrument or read a note of music, it doesn't surprise me.

  6. Matt says – reply to this


    This vid has been tampered with!! Not a massive MC fan but clearly is fake Perez get your facts before posting mate!!

  7. Marcella says – reply to this


    Guys, this was not tampered with…A friend was there and she taped it on her phone, Mariah's voice without a backing track is as bad as Whitney Houston's before she died…Her clothes don't fit, she can't sing and seems to be back on the "Jesus Juice"….The "Grand Dame Happily Married Diva" act over, glad to see Mariah Carey is acting like her drunk-self indulgent-too fat for her clothes self again :)

  8. amy says – reply to this


    it's not the real video!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch the iphone recordings of people. she did hit those notes live…please do your fucking research next time before posting crap about people!!

  9. amy says – reply to this


    —> this is the iphone recording of a fan who was there…those whistles are live!!!!

  10. amy says – reply to this


    watch this iphone recording…she did hit those notes live

  11. Mike says – reply to this


    Oh please, someone clearly messed up the audio. I watched the East Coast feed live and it didn't sound anything like the first clip.

  12. Mimi 2013 says – reply to this


    WOWOWOW Perez, check your facts before posting things like this. There are heaps of fan recordings live from the venue that nothing like what you've posted. E.g.

    Just shows that people will do anything to hate on Mariah because she is the Queen!

  13. 13

    OK, it's time for the hardcore Mariah fans to wake up and accept REALITY. I am NOT a Mariah-hater (I recorded the show for a reason!), but I'm also not blind. I live in Buffalo, NY (East Coast) and I DVR'd the LIVE feed. It was a disaster. I can't believe her "people" allowed GMA to continue filming. After seeing that performance, I wasn't surprised AT ALL to see the "new and improved, edited" version for the West Coast. It is significantly altered from the actual performance. The people that were there that aren't hardcore Mariah fans are all talking about how bad it was. The people on the east coast who either 1) saw it live or 2) DVR'd the live feed (like me) are also talking about how bad it was.

  14. 14

    This shouldn't be a surprise to ANYONE, even her biggest fans. She didn't lip-sync the ENTIRE performance on Idol like some haters are saying, but she absolutely lip-synced "Hero." That Idol performance was pre-recorded for a reason! It took several takes for a reason! She just isn't the superstar she used to be and more importantly, she isn't the SINGER she used to be. She knows it herself, which is why she was smart enough to lip-sync the "Hero" part of the medley on Idol. The part of that song that made it such a huge international hit is the big crescendo into the chorus towards the end of the song. Rather than butcher it, she gave her fans what they wanted to hear, which was the version they all remember hearing on the radio back in the day. After "Hero," she went back to singing live with the backing track, which in 2013 is no big deal, but for a SINGER like Mariah Carey who used to be one of the best in the world, it IS a big deal, especially when you try to deny it.

  15. 15

    I saw the whole thing. I always beef her but this time I have to say I truly felt sorry a lot for her. She struggled with all the notes, her voice cracked multiple times and you could even notice it by her expressions, sometimes she would just giggle to kind of forget the moment, she babbled so much… wth, it wasnt like she was drunk, it felt like she smoked pot and was kinda high.
    This performance was shameful, her attitude was embarassing. Why did she accept to sing with her voice being so damaged?, you dont have to be a genius to notice that. Whatever the fans (they are fans at the end, will consume anything no matter what) but I agree with the previous poster, they need to wake up. It was bad.

  16. skyhigh says – reply to this


    I watched I was so surprised cuz I love her. N yes she changed something up cuz it horrible live here n chicago time.

  17. 17

    I saw it in real time it sounded bad, I felt sorry for her) = I was proud of her for not lip synching she hasn't done that in a long time(stupid people stand down) I love aretha franklin she doesn't sound like her old recordings. She is always SOOOOO self conscience about how she looks (she wont or says she can't stand up because of her dress) she stands britney S. weird , even though brit has a great bod. MC is rocking in that chair like she has to poop why isn't she standing up? Maybe that throws her off and it shouldn't she's beautiful for those people who don't believe…..do you work for her?

  18. Ho says – reply to this


    It's not autotuned; they removed the live vocal.

  19. 19

    I was there when she sang this performance. For the live audience it seemed that she sang perfectly and hit all those high notes. This was because she had the very loud backing vocals being played for us. For some reason that loud backing track did not broadcast with the east coast feed. After good morning america finished airing we stuck around because she actually was going to see if they needed to redo the performance for the west coast due to some "audio difficulties" They didn't end up needing to and as you can see for the west coast they just made sure they added the backing vocal track that the live audience heard. I am a fan and I was shocked at this. No one is sabotaging anything. This is just the same old tricks that singers keep doing all the time. kind of annoying already. just sing live all the time. She needs to stop picking and choosing what to sing live

  20. 20

    Re: amy – I was there when she sang this performance. For the live audience it seemed that she sang perfectly and hit all those high notes. This was because she had the very loud backing vocals being played for us. For some reason that loud backing track did not broadcast with the east coast feed. After good morning america finished airing we stuck around because she actually was going to see if they needed to redo the performance for the west coast due to some "audio difficulties" They didn't end up needing to and as you can see for the west coast they just made sure they added the backing vocal track that the live audience heard. I am a fan and I was shocked at this. No one is sabotaging anything. This is just the same old tricks that singers keep doing all the time. kind of annoying already. just sing live all the time. She needs to stop picking and choosing what to sing live

  21. rachy says – reply to this


    I am in no way a Mariah fan…I despised her on American Idol and that she was an absolute disaster, attention freak, diva and a child. However, I do feel bad for her…she has amazing vocals but she's just puffing into the mic trying to get something to come out. I guess it's time to go back home to your kids and wear mom jeans like a normal person!!

  22. Ck says – reply to this


    Re: jmac123 – I saw a video captured from the audience and you can clearly hear those whistles on top of the backing track. There was something definitely wrong with the east coast feed imo

  23. astr0 says – reply to this


    If it was that bad why is that Fan recording exactly the same as the West Coast broadcast! I'm sorry but why everybody keeps bashing her for those 'bad vocals'… Of course they don't talk about her 'Always be my baby' and 'We belong Together' performance … she had amazing vocals and 100% Live. It was 8:30 in the morning .. it was raining and god knows she's a nightbird type of persons! I think she did a very nice job! And also to anybody who thinks she 'LOST' her voice like Whitney.. i suggest you to go check out some of her Australian concerts footages early on this year! The voice is not gone at all! Trust me!

  24. CARLOFORNIA says – reply to this



  25. Nate says – reply to this


    I never leave comments on Perez, but I will once to come to Mariah's defense. If you look up videos on youtube of this performance that was filmed by people in the audience, you definitely DO NOT hear those flub notes. She sounded perfect.

  26. Rob says – reply to this


    Saw a live vid from the concert (not a network video) and she hit all the high notes. This is pure bullshit…so sad for Perez that he has to go this low to "try" and get a story. Shame on you!

  27. Scottish lad says – reply to this


    Absolute rubbish this is such a fake ! Y u always hating on mariah Perez ? U wouldn't know talent if it bit u on ure stretch marked ass !

  28. Hurst says – reply to this


    So I work in TV broadcast sound and I'm also a HUGE Mariah fan. I'm pretty sure this is what went down from my experience and this method is used so much by many artists nowadays. Mariah sang NEARLY all of it live apart from she was supposed to mime the end high notes. The sound guy mixing the sound for the audience in the park faded out her mic at the right time whilst the guy who mixed the broadcast sound left her mic faded up therefore we heard the live vocals (which we're out of tune - as Mariah wasn't expecting anyone to be actually hearing it). So the people who were at the show would think she sounded great but those watching at home wouldn't. This is because there are 2 sound engineer mixing - one for audience (front of house) and one for broadcast.

    I love Mariah and accept she definitely can't sing like she used to - no-one can deny that but she still does mainly sing live, she also writes and produces amazing tracks. I heart MIMI!!!!

  29. Ginger says – reply to this


    She sounded amazing did u her we belong together? This video is total bull shit, thought u were a lamb, losing mad respect

  30. kadie says – reply to this


    They both did it live off air abt 3 times for us and it was superb plus they were having technical difficulties throughout da entire show and they were trying to fix it!!! They did a great job… dnt kno what u guys saw on TV but it was was a great show and am sure it was enjoyed by all of us who were there in Central Park!!!!

  31. 31

    Re: Ck – Well I guess you didn't read my post entirely. I was actually there. I do actually have many videos that I myself have recorded. The audio problem with the east coast feed is that they didn't play the backing track! This backing track was being played for us live, it just didn't carry over to TV. People don't seem to understand how TV works lol. Just because someone recorded something with an iPhone doesn't mean thats exactly what we should be hearing on TV. And listen closely to these iPhone recordings. You can actually hear underneath the backing track her singing live. What you can hear is that the squeaking raspyness. I'm not saying she didn't perform live. She did a great job during the rehearsals and other songs. She just decided to have a loud overpowering backing track for the end of #beautiful. Maybe she realizes she can't sing high notes in the morning. idk

  32. mhor says – reply to this


    here's fan cam

  33. Andrea says – reply to this


    She cannot sing anymore, she even lip synced in AI.

  34. 34

    Re: Ck – Actually in those videos you can hear a double whisper. It wouldnt surprise me that her background vocalist was the one hitting the notes and she was "trying". It happens many times, it has been done before. Also live audience generally have a very hard time hearing from a live microphone even when its open as the background music (overall if it comes with vocals) is louder.

  35. 35

    Re: jmac123 – I actually know what you mean. I thought it was her vocalist the one hitting the notes while she was trying to. But now that you mention I do remember that to Enrique Iglesias it happened once but instead for tv it was for a radio and people could notice how bad he was singing for the public in the radio but for the people watching him live it was different as they were hearing the backplay. To Britney Spears happened once, tho she always has the mic closed because she has to dance once it was opened and it sounded a disaster, but I dont think she meant it at all tho, I guess she was singing while still dancing to make the "lipsynch" more real but the audio engeneer screw it up.

  36. Shawn says – reply to this


    Perez you are an awful human being…..you obsess over talentless idiots like The Kardasians, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes and bring down others. This video was obviously tampered with, it's Mariah Fucking Carey she has nothing to prove to you or anyone else!

  37. Nick says – reply to this


    That clip was taken with a cellphone, the notes aren't as "perfect" as west coast's but they dont sound as bad as this clip either!

  38. Dante R says – reply to this


    Actually, it's live. I LOVE MARIAH CAREY MORE THAN ANYTHING!! But it's live, I heard it on TV AND I WAS SO SCARED FOR HER… Btw, she didn't lip sync american Idol… I know when she's lip syncing #L4L… But she was straining, and struggling which is why they put a prerecorded track behind it so THIS didn't happen completely live…. I did and still am praying for her…. This is live and her nodules were messing her voice up …. She really has been making this album (singing) since about Dec.mof 2011. She needs rest again or her voice will definitely deteriorate again. </3

  39. JJ says – reply to this


    there's no way that is her singing on the first portion of video - its a fake video - it sounds like a guys voice whimpering. If Miguel saw Mariah was having trouble and needed the help - he would have jumped in to smoothen it out - she clearly did not have any issues hitting her highs. the second video is the real.

  40. LAMBILY says – reply to this


    Clearly it was a rough morning….. she sang wbt and abmb FLAWLESSLY and #beautiful wasnt stellar but trust me it wasnt the worst…… she wouldnt have had trouble if the bitch interviewing her would have let her catch her breath….she said she needed to catch her breath…… watch this summer mrs carey blow yall away…… WATCH

  41. Dylan says – reply to this


    Can't she sue this is defamation of character

  42. Jame$ says – reply to this


    It was a debacle but it wasn't Mariah's doing. Try watching the performance from videos people shot from their IPAD. She sounds amazing, and no it wasn't a redo! She actually had a really strong and great 3 song show! I'm glad to see her on top of her game, she is doin it WAY BIG AND BETTER than most if these girl almost half her age!
    QUEEN DIVA: Mariah Carey!

  43. P says – reply to this


    Yeah this video "comparison" is definitely fake and produced by a hater. I was standing in the audience and the notes sound just like they didn't int he second version, and when I returned to Philly and check my recorded version on my DVR they were just the same. There are actually plenty of cell phone camera recordings on YouTube from people in the audience. All sound fine. Someone is just a hater. I'm not even a MAriah stan, but this is just poor journalism and rumor spreading. Shameful. Mariah girl you did that, sounded just fine to me considering it was 8AM girl! Most of these young girls can't hit some of your lower, high notes at 8PM.

  44. P says – reply to this


    Re: angelia – Yes, take it from someone who was in the audience - she sounded just wonderful live. This video was indeed tamper with, but not o sound better. Someone created that first one to make her sound worse. Look at all the cell phone videos on YouTube. Mariah did that! People are just haters. Look at Miguel grooving as she hits the notes.

  45. P says – reply to this


    Re: Frank – Definitely agreed.

  46. Melki says – reply to this


    Fake video. Perez, have some credibility by posting the ACTUAL videos puh lease.

  47. giorgio says – reply to this


    I was there. That's the first time I hear this audio, it didn't sound like that live. I'm not sure if she sang it live or not cause I can't really tell, but even if she did sing it live, if she knew she couldn't sing that, she would've stopped singing and say something like "Sing it" or something, I doubt she'd just continue. And again, this is NOT what it sounded like live.

  48. Mandela says – reply to this


    Mariah would never soumd like that even if she tried. She may miss a beat here and there like all professionals singing live, but c'mon this is fake and shame on Perez for posting this. Reminds me of The "Bully Days" This audio was obviously tampered with.

  49. Fb: reyes_vino@yahoo.c says – reply to this


    Sometimes u don't have to use famous people to be heard, or to trend anywhere. . .
    Matabal ang bibig mo. (thats our language here in Philippines. Thats tagalog so u wont understand)

    haha, do u think ur sources are always right? U Bullshit! Lol

  50. Jim says – reply to this


    hey perez, she actually did hit those high notes. Watch the raw footage on youtube and you'll see she did sing it. PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER POST and not ruin her image, the video defiantly has been tweaked. #1 MARIAH FAN

  51. jim says – reply to this


    Re: Hurst – SO TRUE!! MAriah isthe best even though she cant sing like she use too..i still love her