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19 comments to “Courtney Love Is Team LeAnn Rimes! Brandi Glanville Watch The Eff Out!”

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    I'd prefer to never have Courtney on my side for anything ever.

  3. 3

    Nice to have crazy on your crazy side.

  4. e says – reply to this


    White trash stick together…

  5. Suki100 says – reply to this


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    I am a fan of Leann's music, but she could do herself a big favour by staying away from social media.

  7. DebSays says – reply to this


    Why does Courtney's clothing always look like it's falling off of her?

  8. simone says – reply to this


    Re: DebSays – because she's a trashy whore

    I personally dont care about either of them but bitch, you fucked her husband while brandi was pregnant… you deserve every bit of hate people brings you.

  9. Moody says – reply to this


    This happens every single day. Housewives and just everyday Women. What's the big deal just because it is Brandi. I do not see how any Man could put up with her. She is gross…..

  10. 10

    Courtney's like a house mom of fucked up whores.

  11. Freda Mans says – reply to this


    From one douche to another….. Courtney is not that scary. She's just a disease waiting to happen.

  12. 12

    Stop trying to act like some prude, Perez. "but maaaybe it would have been cuter if the word choice was more carefully selected." When did you suddenly become some proper old white lady? Fuck, fuck, fuckity ruck.

  13. poopy666 says – reply to this


    team leeanne, it takes a small read of CLs wiki to know she is not "white trash" she went to an expensive boarding school in the U.K., her mother inherited about 30 million in the early 70s, she attended Trintiy College Dublin and SF Art Insititute which is the most expensive art school in the country, adding up, to Courtney being a rich hippy kid, and a bad ass of her own making, given she has a few assault charges in her background long ago i would not f..k with her, and i think Leeanne is the type that reads comments. If i was a celebrity i would never read the comments. Its enough to make anyone mental.
    What i DONT get is that they make an odd couple, but maybe Courts was just feeling like Leeanne was heaped on and you never know whose friends, Courts is friends with Gwyneth, and lets not forget once a movie star - always a threat.

  14. e says – reply to this


    Re: poopy666 – WHITE TRASH are a definition of her because of the choices she have made, not where shes gone to school. There are lots of rich ppl who are white trash. Leann fucked Brandis husband while Brandi was carrying his child and will not stop competeing with brandi throughout the media. Always throwing hints and wearing the exact same outfits Brandi has wore. Lets not forget the fact that she copied her wedding and went to the same plastic surgeon and asked for the same boobjob.

  15. 15

    mommy and daughter been very busy lately…

    team brandi…

  16. Kate says – reply to this


    This speaks louder than anything. Skanky white trash whores are alike.

  17. isjeh says – reply to this


    just like courtney whose children is not in her custody… LR is not fit to be a mother because she do not know how to be sincere, how to respect a mother esp. the mother of her husband's children…. Letting her songs be sung by BG's sons about how she became the "other woman" comparing herself to the ex-wife which happens to be the mother of the boys is just insane and it is early education of her husband's sons on how to be a cheat like him… i wonder why EC tolerate this because … how disgusting!

  18. 18

    What bothers me the most is how she loves to point out to the world that she is only human and that absolves her of any responsibility and makes it okay for her to do as she pleases and not change her ways. I pray at night too but that doesn’t mean I’m free to su^k a di&k in Times Square with no repercussions. And while she’s so busy adding God to her game, how does she explain her attempts to ruin an entire family? Did God also bless her actions on that? She sought out this person’s phone number in a shady manner and proceeded to call them, yell at them and curse them. Oh wait, then she took offense and SUED them for being offended enough to tape the insults. WTH? She deserves forgiveness? But they deserve hell fire and brimstone??? Fair? I think not. Gofundme.com/HelptheSmileys

  19. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Courtney killed Kurt.