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Taylor Lautner Takes Zac Efron's Rumored Lady Love Out To The Ball Game! New Couple Alert?!

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taylor lautner maika monroe

Goodness gracious, this young lady really has had the pick of the litter, hasn't she?!

Zac Efron was rumored to have been dating his At Any Price co-star, Maika Monroe, only a few short weeks ago, but now it appears as though the young actress has moved right along…to the equally sexy Twilight werewolf himself, Taylor Lautner!

The pair attended the Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals baseball game at the team's home stadium in El Lay last night, and according to reports, were even seen holding hands!

Ch-ch-check 'em out together (above)!

We're not gonna lie: we think they'd make a cute couple!

Guess only time will tell if this ends up becoming something serious, though!

What do U think? Do U like TayTay with Maika?

[Image via Splash News.]

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33 comments to “Taylor Lautner Takes Zac Efron's Rumored Lady Love Out To The Ball Game! New Couple Alert?!”

  1. Jamie says – reply to this


    Right from the publicists' office.

  2. MissNavi says – reply to this


    Taylor Lautner is gay! I thought everybody knew that?

  3. Dan says – reply to this


    They must have the same PR team. Let's see…Lily Collins went from a PR relationship with Taylor and tried her best to set one up with Zac and don't think he wanted any part of that. Then this Maika girl's PR tried to start rumors that she and Zac were an item. Don't think Zac wanted any part of that either. SO, she goes to Taylor. I guess it's hard for newcomers in Hollywood to get attention, so they go the PR route.

  4. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    I never heard of this girl until now. She allegedly went 0-60 from Zac Efron to Taylor? He's got a movie coming out this summer and this is good exposure for her.

  5. deanreed says – reply to this


    Beard Alert!

  6. 6

    Why in the world doesn't he get a girls that's not second hand (I mean Hollywood brats second hand). He is a very good looking man and from what I read about him he is really nice, too. Even if he was gay, why is he not getting someone new, fresh, with no idiotic "romance" baggage attached to them. Now THIS I would love to read about :D

  7. kissofdeath says – reply to this


    Come on Perez!! Stop the bullshit and keep it real. He's gay. Big deal! Stop trying to insinuate a fucking lie. He's gay and he should just roll with it. No one cares if he was gay, it's the acting like he likes puss is insulting to us heterosexuals. We're not stupid.

  8. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: Babsy2 – Stories around the internet are saying she is a rumored girlfriend of Zac Efron, and no official announcement of a break. The same with Taylor; he said in an interview 2 months ago he was single but people are stating in comments he has been seen with Sarah Hicks as recent as this month. When an actor does this, he's a playa; when an actress does it, she's a "trampire". This hook up doesn't look clean. You would think he would learn by now you get together dirty it falls apart ugly in the end (see Lautner & Collins).

  9. maddy says – reply to this


    Lilly went from Taylor to Zac .Maika went from Zac to Taylor .Ah-mazing .Either way , Zac finally gets rid of them soon enough.Taylor stays through and ends up heart broken .

  10. 10

    HOLY SHIT!!!


    p.s. he's gay

  11. Mystique says – reply to this


    Well, whether "just friends" or something more I'm happy for Taylor. He's a nice guy. Very chill. He also seemed happy while at the ballgame. :)

  12. lora says – reply to this


    how could u not know he's gay??????????????????

  13. misti says – reply to this


    Re: Dan – agreed!

  14. Beverly Ann Clark says – reply to this


    Taylor lautner you look cute with Manila Monroe and cute couple with her at the ball game thank you for take her away from.Thank you for take her away from him.

  15. Evie says – reply to this


    I do not believe it that they;'re a couple. Lots of friends hold hands in a gesture of playfulness. I never even heard of this chick before, and she looks kind of prissy. Just by facial expressions, and I know what a priss looks like. And, people, shut up about the homo comments. The man is not gay, and if he was, wth is it to you?

  16. Martin says – reply to this


    Strange timing. I think he just don't want to be romantically linked to Kristen Stewart. Her psychotic fans are pathetic.

  17. Quiet_Oasis623 says – reply to this


    Oh please, Taylor is not gay. It's so interesting how some people practically SWEAR that he's gay and and yet they have ZERO evidence to support that claim! Smh……reaching are we? Look, Taylor is probably one of the most "boring" celebrities to try to "catch" in a "scandal" as far as young Hollywood goes. He's not out there with rest of young Hollywood acting and looking like a hot mess. He looks like a good kid who minds his business, doesn't make trouble, and isn't busted on the cover of magazines with drug possession or acting out.

    In fact, I'm surprised his agents/PR people haven't tried to convince him to stage a fake "bad boy" incident in order to liven his image up up a little lol.

    So, nice try with the rumors folks but right now you're just operating on wishful thinking at best lol.

  18. Jess says – reply to this


    What happened to his other gf? Did they break up?

  19. 19

    Re: Madame Verseau – True. I guess whatever these young people do will be scrutinised and milked until dry. Fabricated or not…
    Re: Quiet_Oasis623 – I like the way you think, Quiet_Oasis. Your perception of how things are is quite plausible. Much more plausible than some parts of this article I've read here.

  20. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: Martin – That is a possibility about the new GF, if she is one. Taylor and Kristen have hung out together this year when Rob was out of the country filming. Some tabs have questioned if there was more going on. That accusation has been flying on these two for years. Now that Rob and Kristen have split, and it's been an ugly one, my guess is Taylor doesn't want to get dragged through the gossip mud like Katy Perry has been by being accused of being a contributing factor to the end of Robsten. Taylor would look like a dirtbag for hooking up with Kristen. Plus with a movie coming out this is bad press neither he of the studio would want. So out comes this new girl.

  21. Chad says – reply to this


    Its funny how Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner are gay….but the tabloids keep thinking they are dating women. Come on. I live in LA.

  22. Quiet_Oasis623 says – reply to this


    Re: Babsy2 – -Thanks! I like the way you think too. I've just never understood this newfound obsession with assuming every good looking actor is gay (funny how UGLY actors never get questioned about their sexuality ha) when there has been absolutely NOTHING backing up that fabrication.

    Re: Martin – and Re: Madame Verseau – -Wow, you know what I've never even thought about this possibility but you guys might be on to something here. There have been rumors for a while now that Taylor always had a secret crush on Kristen for years while filming the Twilight movies, but she of course was always with Rob. Then of course the pictures of them hanging out together a few months ago while Rob was over in Australia filming. Plus, his name was already in the articles this week when Robsten broke up because supposedly he went and consoled Kristen. Hmmm… maybe he's trying to give people a message loud and clear that he did NOT have anything to do with the break up of Rob and Kristen. Personally, I don't even think Kristen is his type (he tends to go for more girly girls) but go figure! Lol. I had never even considered that before.

  23. beardwatcher says – reply to this



  24. lipkin108 says – reply to this


    Re: Chad
    hmm sure you live in LA…
    bragging much?

  25. aquarius64 says – reply to this


    Re: Quiet_Oasis623 – This relationship is questionable if Taylor is presenting Maika to prevent any hemorrhaging of his reputation. There is no indication there were quietly seeing each other at first then they decided to go public at the Dodgers game. All we know of her history is that Zac Efron was allegedly there first LAST MONTH then she went on to Taylor. And if he's going to do that pick a girl that does NOT look like a blond version of Kristen Stewart.

  26. 26

    Click it!!!
    She is waiting for you to take her home. Come on, everybody!!!

  27. tara says – reply to this


    Taylor Lautner is so handsome and mature for his age……….if he was out publicly with a girl ….and holding her hand………..then they are dating. She is VERY lucky………..he's a great catch. Talented , humble…………….and just beautiful all over…………..but maybe she already knows that……..lol!!!

  28. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: tara – Taylor's not confirming to the press when asked about the Dodgers outing. I don't see the point; the whole world has seen the pictures by now. Just admit it and move on. If that's the case Maika is NOT lucky because he's treating her like a fling, not worthy of formal acknowledgment. When you let yourself get papped at a public event the privacy argument doesn't hold up. P.S. - someone has said he was seen out of town with Sara Hicks at her sister's volleyball game TWO WEEKS before his "date" with Maika. He said he was single in March, what was he doing with his alleged ex two weeks ago? And I'm not buying the friendship claim either.

  29. Lisa says – reply to this


    This girl is ugly and she doesn't look terribly bright. Taylor can do better!

  30. Tracy says – reply to this


    Nooooo! Taylor needs to get together with Kristin Stewart! She needs a real man after that wuss Pattinson!

  31. Hey it's your bday says – reply to this


    I heard she is a good actress which is good because she isn't the prettiest girl around town.

  32. taylors girl says – reply to this


    I cant believe the gay men in this world! They think every great looking male star is naturally gay! You never hear this shit if the actor is just ok looking! the comments saying its just pr for a movie they are doing is absurd. Do you see other actors and actresses pretending to be dating for a movie release? No! Some gay guy on another site said look at her face does she look like shes having a good time? So fucking ignorant! I have seen some of those shots and she is smiling in alot of them. Also Tayor is not gay! Not one of you the people that state emphatically that he is has any proof whatsoever! All it is is wishful thinking. they wish both Taylor and Zac were gay so they could justify their own feelings and fantasies. The guy has dated many beautiful girls one of whom wrote a song about how much she wished she never let him go! There is nothing wrong with being gay, but stop pushing your beliefs on the rest of us, as well as judge someone you have no clue about and what goes on in their lives! He is an consumate professional and a really down to earth guy who does what he wants when he wants. If he was gay he would be the type of guy to say it! So stop all the drama!!

  33. Hmm says – reply to this


    Re: Quiet_Oasis623 – THANK YOU that's exactly what i said!!!!