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Amanda Bynes' behavior has shocked us all. From her overwhelming Twitter drama and alleged drug problems to an arrest that she blames on the cops' misus… Read more…

29 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Amanda Bynes' Erratic Behavior Could Be The Result Of Major Underlying Trouble; Needs INTENSIVE Evaluation If So!”

  1. 1

    This doctor says more than once that it could be mental problems. So maybe you should actually have a heart and quick posting these pictures that make her look "crazy," and quit scolding her. You claim to have been her friend, well be a friend. Quit taking her downfall and exploiting it on your blog. Sure, you are a celebrity blogger, but I'd think your old friend would mean something more to you. Especially since ripping on her isn't helping her it's just hurting her.

  2. 2

    I feel really bad for her. Especially because she tweets so much stuff that basically screams something is going on. It's on the internet, if/when she gets treatment, she won't be able to erase it.

  3. 3

    That's bullshit because the freak who ate the mans face in florida was on bath salts & the bullshit fake bud you buy at porn stores. Weed does not make you act how Amanda has been acting

  4. 4

    These are some pretty general answers….she needs someone to see her face to face. She may be having split personalities because she can come off very sane when needed.

  5. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – Thank you.

  6. Rose says – reply to this


    Urrg. Someone like Perez, asking dr.s questions, trying to legitimize himself to mainstream media. Hold my head while I puke. With Perez's pitiful excessive coverage of what supposedly used to be his friend, have HIM committed.

  7. 7

    Uuuuuh, ya THINK?
    Are you actually that stupid or that cold hearted that Amanda Bynes most like is suffering from issues that most likely needs to medicated and extensive therapy -is news to you???
    You're full of crap, you'd do anything for hits on your blog and it's sickening. Stop hounding her (and everyone else in the limelight who's having a hard time on a personal level), you're nothing but a bully. Shame on you!

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Amanda seems very intelligent and good at defending herself, but the thing is something is off as she shouldn't have to be doing that over and over. I hope she looks after herself and sits down with a professional to discuss erratic behavior and what its possible origins could be. Check for the possibility of bipolar condition or schizophrenia, and with the right help it could be back to smooth sailing in short order. I've always liked her, so would urge her to do this for herself and not for anyone else.

  9. 9

    If this really is a mental problem then you posting all this stuff and hounding her all the time is NOT helping like you THINK! It's only hurting her. So if you really wanted to help you would stop posting something ever 20 minutes about her!

  10. 10

    Do you really think this shrink's "maybe" comments have ANY validity whatsoever? why don't you interview Dr. J, Doc Martin, Bugs Bunny, Papa Doc, Baby Doc, Doc O'Thebay, Spider Man, and Flip Wilson and hear what they think?

  11. 11

    Re: @v@ – Not sure why you think she seems intelligent? she sounds like she's pretty ignorant to me. She's Ignorant of the legal system, that is for sure. Drugs don't make you ignorant, they make you stupid and there IS a difference. I'm guessing she'll be EVICTED from her rental apartment soon. She should be on a lower floor anyway.

  12. Jamie says – reply to this


    Perez, look at this! A song called 'The Amanda Bynes Song' hahaah!

  13. Muzzy lu says – reply to this


    Amanda Bynes is suffering from more than just using marijuana! If she was using cannabis occasionally she would be better off. She acts like she is on cocaine or meth. She is aging fast, and will soon overdose, unless she can stop and change her life. Too bad marijuana isn't legal and people could use it much more safely than guzzling alcohol. Marijuana is a very healthy food if taken as an edible, not smoked. There is a great $2.99 e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints.

  14. Mzinde says – reply to this


    Disgusted that you post that crap up there for people to read. You can't accurately diagnose anybody with mental health disorders without actually talking to them!!! That's like going to the doctor with a list of symptoms from somebody else and expecting an accurate diagnoses. That whole interview might as well been a discussion with anybody walking down the street.

  15. Aroo says – reply to this


    You are a horrible person. I hope that when Perez Jr grows up, no one goes out of their way to pick on him the way you pick on others. You say you've changed, but you haven't. You've just lost weight and stop drawing cum shots on people's faces. You are still a bully and an asshole. You act like the fat kid who's got to bully everyone else because he's insecure with himself. I read your blog for the stupid silly shit you post on here, but this Amanda Bynes coverage is ridiculous. You are ridiculous Perez. I thought that becoming a father would have changed you, but you are still the same ole douchebag. I pray that God has mercy on you–seriously.

  16. TEAM PEREZ says – reply to this


    I laugh at you all …. keep coming back and reading Perez' site HAHAHHAHA

  17. 17

    Re: Mzinde – Even talking to someone won't reveal what the problem is. It takes a long time to figure out if someone really has a mental problem or if they are just rebellious.
    I agre with some of you here that she is definitely "screaming" for attention. Something is "off" and she needs help. Whether she will allow anyone get near enough to help her is up to her. People can only do so much for others…

  18. Kipper says – reply to this


    I'm really wondering if its Dissociative identity disorder. I'm not a doctor, but I did fill out a screen test for it, a few months back. A lot of really strange questions were on it…all I can picture now when I think of those questions is her.

  19. 19

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  21. Goldie says – reply to this


    This is so infuriatingly sad. She clearly needs help. Many people with mental illness abuse drugs leading others to mistakenly conclude they are capable of making rational decisions about their health. It appears to me she needs intervention, not for drug treatment, but for psychiatric evaluation. It appears this is not something she is capable of doing on her own. I wish I were family because I would find a way to get her proper treatment.

  22. Isobel says – reply to this


    Marujuana can apparently set off psychosis in people genetically pre-disposed to it

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – Her old work, and an old interview I happened to catch. There's also a noted difference between this almost Spears head shaving stuff and a user/grifter type. One seems truly troubled…and the other is truly trouble.

  24. 24

    Mental issues for sure. She is creepily obsessed with appearance.

  25. 25

    you fucking loser/leech. FOR PROFIT, you've been printing every detail of a CLEARLY mentally impaired person. Now you're coming to the OBVIOUS realization that she needs help??? You are a fucking disgusting (inside and out) piece of shit. Karma.

  26. 26

    Re: Team Amanda – Funniest comment ever.

  27. Matt West says – reply to this


    Drug problems?! GImme a break! Coming from an ex heroin addict being through rehab twice SHE IS SMOKING POT AND HAVING A GOOD TIME! Just because she is a celebrity does that me mean we have to look down on her because she takes revealing pictures? If people find it offensive don't look at it. I personally masturbate to them on occasion. Are you going to judge me because of it? What about my current MJ use? I have ADHD and my doctor prescribed it to me knowing it would be less harmful prescribing an pharmaceutical because they are more addictive than pot.

    Start judging the real people who are a downfall to society, 95% of politicians.

  28. Holly says – reply to this


    How is smoking weed and taking nude photos an indication of mental illness? Don't you think it's a LITTLE bit fucking premature to start diagnosing mood and psychotic disorders based on someone throwing a bong out a window?

  29. lifesizeKEN says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,
    I still cant see why stars which are normal human beings but just have a trait about them thats fantastic. I wish other people can see them as people also and stop putting such a huge weight on these people. But i also have noticed that these normal people are drug abusers and rapists, abusers of drugs and other people, and worst of all KILLERS. Yet the world lets them get away with everything and then the general population start to forget, thus leaving the people they hurt with a lump sum of money and then the star does something good again and the world seems to be blinded to what they did.
    I feel like if these drug abusers and killers and known psycopaths should be let go and put into jail and obviously rehab does nothing for these people. Look how many times these people been. There are billions of people out there with the same as or just as much talent as they have.