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Oh, Justin! Ya gotta slow it down, buddy! Following the early 2013 incident of his alleged wild driving skills -- the one that ended in a nasty spitRead more…

19 comments to “Justin Bieber Investigated For Recklessly Driving With Children Nearby!”

  1. kevin says – reply to this


    did youu even consinder the possiblity that it wasnt him in the car this child hasnt been on your radar for 6day now you make up this sick liar wow..i see people are really jobless these days

  2. ghji0o says – reply to this


    This report is an OBVIOUS LIE cuz u don't have any PHOTOS !!!
    Heck there are shitty PAPS camped outside Justin's home 24/7

  3. kevin says – reply to this


    Re: ghji0o – tell me about it they cant even prove anything show me videos maybe i will believe for now this is one big trash..perez you need to like this kid alone and go be a father..i wish when you son grows up they will bully him in skool cause of the way you bully did poor kid

  4. Rita says – reply to this


    Jb ur amazing boy in the hole world "i luv u" <3<3<3

  5. Rita says – reply to this


    Jb if u love ur fans don't drive quickly and kill ur self becouse if u wiil die i will die too

  6. Ryan says – reply to this


    And let the haters overreact like he killed someone and call him names in 3….2….1

  7. 7

    I'm trying to concentrate on the story, but I can't get past those awful tattoos!

  8. 8

    Forreal! PEREZ YOU IDIOT! Justin HAZ not one but TWO YOUNG SIBLINGS.

    @RYAN: DUDE!!

  9. Ryan says – reply to this


    Re: secretstar – This must have been the dumbest comment totally unnecessary

  10. ivan says – reply to this


    This article makes it seem he killed children on the driveway. Actually this was at about 8 pm at nite. It's a strange time for kids to be playing in the street. One of the two persons that complained was the same person that complained last time. A few of these neighbors have shown they don't like him and probably would try anything to have him move out-the police of course would take their side. If he is driving too fast and they are not purposely exaggerating, than obviously he should slow down for his safety as wll as that of others.

  11. 11

    I'm sure in that neighborhood they have cameras. If this is true…it shows immaturity on Justins part. He thinks it's wild and crazy, but he's a li brat.

  12. NE1 says – reply to this


    just hope he knows his career is over the second he kills someone.

  13. 13

    leave JUSTIN ALONE!! he is perfection , he is a good person so stop inventing gossips about him, and he can do wathever he wants

  14. 14

    Justin is a good men so leave him alone , i dont hate PEREZ but , why gossips about justin he is so nice , i met him once and he was a love , so please writte things about why selena is so ugly or why taylor swift dates everyone

  15. seriously?! says – reply to this


    Either the Justin Bieber fans here are too young to fully grasp the concept of having adult responsibilities (like driving safely and being a responsible member of society), or they are really really stupid. I really hope that it is more of the former than the later.

    Justin's parents did a BANG UP job raising this kid!

  16. Dumbasses. says – reply to this


    Seriously, SERIOUSLY?

    If a person is accused multiple times about a dangerous tactic AND have eyewitnesses to pinpoint where, when, how and at what time- how can they make that up? If a person creates false accussion towards Justin then they would constantly change their statements. It's been reported almost three times by eyewitnesses within the paper that Justin have been speeding over the limit, no justice yet, oh… wait… he can just pay them off.

  17. Not To Mention says – reply to this


    It despises me how pitifully ignorant you idiots truely are, just so sad. Have you also forgotten that Lil' Twist have his fair share of speeding? Also KILLING a person- yes, true, even though the dumb papparazzi blindly crossed the street, Twist still killed a person… but oh wait, he's still driving Justin's fancy cars without a car within the word.

    Get your facts right children.

  18. Dollymadison says – reply to this


    Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson is the person who followed after Bieber when he roared by dangerously fast. Other people had already reported Bieber. Another NFL star. Eric Dickerson, who also lives there, tweeted "I live in Calabasas too. Justin abieber has to slow his ass down!" An LA councilman, after Bieber was ticketed for speeding on a local highway said Bieber drives like a maniac and should have his license taken away.
    No, foolish Beliebers. No one is out to "get" young dope smoking, irresponsible maniac Justin. It's more like he's out to get THEM– with his car. He lives in a wealthy, gated residential community. The people there are successful in their own right, and if they know who Justin even is, I doubt if they want to waste their valuable time trying to "get" him. He's a danger to kids and adults alike. Justin's irresponsible behavior have forced them to do something. This time, it goes to the LA County Sheriff. We can only hope Justin will go and practice his craft in Canada soon.

  19. C.R.Z. says – reply to this


    You are a great singer Justin and I want to see you in concert but you don't have a concert near Maine.
    Caitlin Z.