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Katy Perry Barbecued John Mayer's Pants' Bratwurst On Memorial Day? Find Out How They Rekindled Their Flame HERE!

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katy perry john mayer back together memorial day housewarming party

ZOMG, we don't believe it!!

OK, we totally do!!

Katy Perry is living the Teenage Dream once more!!! Folks saw the sweet and sassy singer getting super flirty with John Mayer at her Memorial Day housewarming party!!!

According to one source, the Hot N Cold couple had more chemistry than a Breaking Bad marathon!!

The partygoer revealed:

"They seem to be back together — or back together-ish. They were very flirty and having a really good time together. They have good chemistry."

Holy shish-kabobs, we never would've thought those flames could be rekindled!!

Last we heard, she was playing "hide the sausage" with an agent friend and Johnny boy was just The One That Got Away!

Another source confirmed:

"They were definitely friendly."

Other celebz at Katy Kat's party included Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, and Girls star Allison Williams.

As far as we know, Miss Perry was considerably less flirty with all of them.

[Image via Splash News.]

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24 comments to “Katy Perry Barbecued John Mayer's Pants' Bratwurst On Memorial Day? Find Out How They Rekindled Their Flame HERE!”

  1. 1

    Fake partygoer and fake source.
    John was really there, though.

  2. 2

    Hmmm … did John Mayer hear about Robert Pattinson breaking up with Kristen Stewart so now he's going after Katy again to try to stake a claim to her before Robert does? It's looking like Katy has TWO big stars competing for her romantic attention … and maybe that Hollywood agent Michael Kives too.

    It doesn't surprise me at all. I think Katy is one of the most eligible single ladies in the LA/Hollywood scene … heck maybe the whole world. I'd be a little intimidated and on my best behavior around her if I was dating her.

  3. Dana says – reply to this


    Well done, CAA. Well done.

  4. Gina says – reply to this


    Its a lie!!! Katy spend Memorial Day with Robert Pattinson!!!! What a lie!!! Katy Perry you are so manipulative!!! No wonder you were able to break up Kristen and Rob and now trying to cover it up with John. Very low Katy but that's what you are.

  5. Sasa says – reply to this


    Katy spend weekend with Robert Pattinson!!! What a lie! Just a cover up!!!

  6. Bell says – reply to this


    Re: Sasa – Actually, check Tmblr. There's a picture from yesterday. He's def at KP's house.

  7. BigMachine says – reply to this


    Perfect timing, ain't it?!!

  8. 8

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  9. not likely says – reply to this


    Uhhu….I have a bridge to sell you. Damage control i think its called. Back-pedal - back-pedal-back-pedal. o' yeah pattinson says he'll only date blondes and not have sex for a while- back-pedal - back-pedal - wait we are suppose to assume since katy is not blonde therefore he didnt have sex with her. back-pedal -back-pedal. Damage control. They even got John Mayer out of wherever he was. What a bunch of losers. We're being played. Supposedly Pattinson wasn't with her. Uhu. It was that look-alike that was spotted in San Barbara. I dont know how much more Pattinson and Perry can fall.

  10. bean says – reply to this


    Cutest couple ever

  11. allergic to scum says – reply to this


    Gossip Cop confirmed it. I waited to see if this was true. John is beyond stupid. He will never learn. He proves that he can be bought and sold. Hundreds of girls have put tickets up for sale to his tour for as much as $200 a ticket on eBay and Craig's List. I just read that one girl threw away 21 tickets that she paid a good $5000 or more for. Hope it was worth it John Mayer. Don't know what women see in him when there's men out there who treat women better, are also famous and aren't cheating scud buckets who will sell out.

  12. Greatest Bastardo says – reply to this


    Ladies, I'm here to tell you not to give a crap who this big headed, bitty and uneven eyed scrumigeon of a bastard dates or if any of you feel let down by him, yet again and he's disappointed you for the 1,000,000 time again because I just came from a place in Los Angeles, for an interview where it was literally raining men that were hunks in suits with big fancy titles and careers behind their names! I can't wait to start my job! Lol! No more tears ladies or getting your panties in a bunch. Get out in the world and find yourself a respectable man that you will be happy to introduce to mommy and daddy, who's not the 'world's greatest bastard' - that's a song by Damien Rice! Take a listen to the song, and you'll feel better instantly! Listen ladies, you can't put too much faith or trust in a guy like JM! Tootles!

  13. 1-800-Psycho-Psychic says – reply to this


    I don't see them ever getting married to each other. I'd be shocked if they did, but my radar says "nah"….and if they were to get married, I don't think it would be good; not in the long haul. I'm not saying I think either of them is bad. Quite the contrary, actually. I just don't see them together.

  14. bestsummerever says – reply to this


    I can't wait to not show up to any of his concerts!!!

  15. TG it Takes all Kinds says – reply to this


    Re: bestsummerever – Well goody-good on you. I, personally, can't wait to show up to 3 of them this summer. Life is good.

  16. Berry says – reply to this


    Re: allergic to scum – How old are you? 8? These are adults who are friends and/or lovers and who do what they bloody well feel like doing. They don't care in the least what you think about where they party or who their friends are or who thy date. And you need to understand the difference between your life and theirs. Hello! You are not part of this equation. There is no overlap.

  17. AmAlleric too says – reply to this


    Re: Berry – Are you nuts?? Cause it does matter. Most are done with even caring to hear about the Lothario and his conquest. And the public buys the music. Many are not supporting him anymore. They do overlap cause they are public figures acting like whores!

  18. spencer says – reply to this


    Re: not likely – How far they can fall? He's single. Nice try, though. Stewart doesn't have her claws into him, and her team is SEETHING. lol

  19. gotta agree says – reply to this


    I'd gotta agree with Greatest Bastardo! There are successful, respectful, trustworthy, loyal, amazing men that not even katy perry could get and when push came to shove, many men would rather be alone if she was the only woman left on earth. It takes more than boobs, fame and money for the men who aren't fame pimps. Same with Mayer. All she can score are men like John Mayer and Rob, but he's seriously no catch. Even Kirsten can do way better. Katy seems to think that she's entitled to any man of her choice or that she could get any man, but all she manages to get are shallow Hollywood men who pimp her name out. Rob looks like a woodland creature, with or without makeup. Mayer may have had his shot at many decent well respected and successful women, but maybe he blew it and has figured out that he better go back to Katy and scrape the bottom of hollywood's yeasty and festering kettle because he's proved that he's no good for a good woman. Idk. I wouldn't go to his concerts, not even if he paid me to go or gave me a free goody bag! The real world with powerful and successful men who rule the financial aspects of our world do not involve people like Katy Perry and John Mayer, although their pubs make them feel and think they're important, along with delusional fans who are doped up on E.

  20. Berry says – reply to this


    Re: AmAlleric too – No it does NOT matter! They are all doing fine without you. You can huff and puff and blow yourself apart. It makes no difference. You are the one who is nuts if you think you have any say about any of it. You don't! Repeat after me, "no one cares what I think about their personal lives….., no one cares what I think about their personal lives…….. maybe I should ask myself how it is I am so delusional as to care so much about who other people date…….no one cares what I think about their personal lives……" and maybe it will sink in.

  21. speak.for.joy says – reply to this


    John has a hard time with commitment because he has soul mate he was wanting to meet..deep inside he knows because he and her made promises the three years he was single and kept stressing how he was not dating… and if john himself says that is not true and there is some evil games going on and ladies are being majorly played by real spirits around then , and either or the situation needs addressed.. babybluezzz on tumblr has been documenting proof of such said soul connection claims . He really is a good hearted person..just has some deep souled confusion going on..

  22. stormchaser says – reply to this


    Anyone that wants to slam or call speak for joy comments about how crazy a person is for talking souls, I would suggest looking for jesus in your life..

  23. wow! says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – Totally agree with you, this is just a cover up! She is just a big trimpire, yeah, she was doing Robert on Kristen's face then now she actually want John Meyer back? XD if that is right it would be just to cover her crap up, as you said she is manipulating things… But she is doing this to keep a good repitation that she doesn't deserve. she is a low pig trimpire.

  24. looknforanswers says – reply to this


    I thought my dentist visit hurt today..imagine..having proof of real soulmate ties and not eeven being able to get in touch with the man, simply because , everybody thinks your nuts for talking about spiritual stuff.. nobody will pass the message and keeps ignoring , and what is sad, is john can provide answers for the benefit of the world and not one good hearted soul will help me get in contact with the man..I have been documenting proof and all he needs to do is answer a few questions. With these answers I can provide some very credible info about a few so called spiritual gifts..why would the man fear me?? Bring armed guards to talk if he has to..Iwill come alone .. the good part of the world deserves answers.. come on john.. please respond.. if u care. Let's solve some problems together..