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Selena Gomez Is A Parisian Princess As She Pauses To Promote Herself In France!

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Selena Gomez is looking as FIERCE as that ferocious lion on her top, LOLz!!!

The darling Miz Gomez stopped by to chat with NRJ Radio in Paris over Memorial Day Weekend, and she just looked ADORBS doing it!!

Selenita wasn’t camera shy at all, and even paused to sign autographs for fans! You go girl!!

She was sporting a sassy bright red pout that was a perfect contrast to her awesome green sweater!! And we can’t get enough of those stylin’ shades!

Also, is it just us, or is Selena's hair getting gradually lighter all the time???? It was looking pretty ombre at the Billboard Music Awards, and here it looks like she's sporting some major highlights throughout her luscious locks!

Whatever she's been doing, her look screams Come And Get It, ha!!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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27 comments to “Selena Gomez Is A Parisian Princess As She Pauses To Promote Herself In France!”

  1. bridget says – reply to this


    she is so ugly , like she is losing alot of fans , not only because she is a bitch because of taylor swift sorry Selena

  2. Dianna says – reply to this


    she isnt sassy at all she is just a little girl with low esteem , sorry S , you are not ho you used to be , deal with it
    with hate - D

  3. Marina says – reply to this


    she is pretty but i just dont like her , i think i dont like her because i love justin bieber sorry selena xoxo , selena kill yourselfe

  4. 4

    I hate selena She should stop making movies and please sropp singing please!
    and justin is better , she could get someone eslse
    i mean look at you
    you are a mess of person

  5. teresa says – reply to this


    Holy crap shut up if you hate her why you reading this then dang get a life. U you don't tell someone to kill themselves! Wth!

  6. Tomahawk says – reply to this


    A sick 10 year old girl is spending too much time to post horrible comments. Needs a thorough mental check up and some proper treatment. Where's her parents and why they even let her use internet?!

  7. Jrdn says – reply to this


    she looks like michael jackson. not a good look for anyone

  8. Dylan says – reply to this


    She looks absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Jamie22 says – reply to this


    I wanted to like her. I thought she'd be a cute new addition to Hollywood. But all she does is have fake relationships for publicity. Her and Taylor Swift are so desperate to be the hottest things in media. So pathetic this girl has become.

  10. punto says – reply to this


    ugly bitch

  11. oel says – reply to this


    Selena is so annoying. she looks like a clown with red lips

  12. daniel says – reply to this


    no boobs?!? I dont like her

  13. Heather says – reply to this


    all you little girls making negative comments should take a look at the BEAUTIFUL young woman and how she carries herself, No wonder Justin Bieber is so in love with her, he'd be a fool to be..to the girls who type all these ugly comments, I would love to see you say this to her face, oh yes even better say it while she is on the arm of Justin Bieber and see how he looks at you…Think before you type or speak…to anyone..

  14. who cares?!? says – reply to this


    who cares about her?

  15. LC says – reply to this


    Re: Heather – you're talking as if she was some respectable person… she's an average actress and she can't sing for shit, she knows it, yet she makes our ears bleed for money. She also use people (boyfriends) and charity to back up her lack of talent. There's nothing to be envious about this girl. I'm not a hater, but I agree with the comments above. Without her "relationship" with Bieber and all the make up she uses she'd be nothing but a Disney reject today. I'm far from being a Bieber fan but the way she mocked him when she thought she could sell and then got back with him made everyone realize that she's a bitter fake bitch no one should spend time for.

  16. Selenator1 says – reply to this


    @bridgit, she's not ugly she's beautiful. What if you we're her? How would you feel?

  17. Kevin says – reply to this


    Re: Dianna – AGREED, she thinks she's sooooo hot it's like bitch I can wipe down 90% of ur make up

  18. Jady says – reply to this


    Re: bridget – I wonder how your parents raise you. you are probably one of the ugliest people in the world

  19. Jady says – reply to this


    Re: oel – you are the most annoying here

  20. Jady says – reply to this


    Re: Dianna3000 – excuse you you should watch yourself before you comment. are you better than her

  21. reza says – reply to this


    I love you selena she is very pretty

  22. veronica guerrero says – reply to this


    selena gomez is such a beaitiful teenager or should i say lady i dk why r u guys making a big deal that she is dating justiN bieber or shes doing something else u guys just like to make up stuff of celebreties u guys could never leave them alone not even let them breath u guys should go after chris brown,rihanna,lady gaga and just let the two beautifully celebreties selena gomez and justin bieber let them breath thats why they treat u like they treat u bcuz u guys dont let them enjoy there i know there a lot of fans out there that r a big selena gomez and justin bieber.Then u guys ask urselfs why is the 2 celebreties r sometimes mean to fans bcuz u guys r all up on then. i am a big fan of them but just bcuz of that i am not gonna be all up them or be looking at everything they do and judge i think that they make such a good relationship.stop telling her to kill her self justin bieber will never be looking at us we r just fans of him and mariana dint tell selena to kill her self u should kill urself justin will never looking at u or anyone his only love and eyes r for selena OMG! u guys making a big deal stop being so jealous and continue ur life.mariana how much u wonna bet that she is prettier than u and stop so jealous hustin will never be looking at u, stop judging people u should go to jail for thatRe: daniel

  23. lola says – reply to this


    stop judging people let them enjoy the life and the people that r saying that selena should kill herself she dosent needs to listen to u u guys r mental by telling selena to kill herself u guys should kill ur self and u guys r jist jealous stop being so jealous! leave her alone i bet she is prettier than the people r saying bad stuff about her

  24. Ann says – reply to this


    Re: bridget
    First Selena is very beautiful. Second who you are to think she is bitch and are you perfect?

  25. Ann says – reply to this


    Selena is one of the most beatiful teenagers. You shouldn't judge her because nobody's perfect.And ok maybe you like JB but if you are his REAL fans you should be happy for him and his girlfriend. Just stop jealous.

  26. krizzie says – reply to this


    she is very nice girl thats what important..

  27. hedvige says – reply to this


    Selena Gomez Concert, Online Live Streaming (HD) (5 septembre 2013) (Paris)