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Justin Bieber's Legal Defense: Deny EVERYTHING!

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justin bieber denies everything

Justin Bieber is facing a lot of accusations lately- everything from spitting to reckless driving!

But according to law enforcement sources, Justin is already mounting an impenetrable defense, and it's the same one for every charge:

Deny ’til you die!

Of course, he's also going to get by with a little help from his friends! The Biebs' posse have told the District Attorney's office that they're willing to swear under oath that Justin never spit on anyone.

His entourage is also denying Justin was driving during the Ferrari incident, but that may be a tougher sell!

According to the police, several eyewitnesses, including Keyshawn Johnson, said they saw the Biebs in the driver's seat!

We guess it's just going to be Justin's word against everyone else's? We'll have to wait to see if the D.A. is a Belieber!

[Image via Rayne/JFXImages/WENN.]

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20 comments to “Justin Bieber's Legal Defense: Deny EVERYTHING!”

  1. marzdom says – reply to this


    this kid is an idiot, he can have the world and is messing it up! where are his parents to teach him how to become a man?

  2. Ryan says – reply to this


    That dude says he saw it was Bieber 100% BUT it was dark and the windows were dark too, the person ran away from him( I would do the same if he blocked my way ) It is confirmed Bieber wasn't driving it was that Tyler dude, also spitting accident is still investigated and people need to chill. I highly doubt he did it, because that guy who claims he spit on him later went to call him a punk and his wife, seems the just dislike the kid so they will accuse him of anything just to make him move out.These stories always have 3 different versions and 'people' claiming they saw HIM but it is always not him.Seems to me they love to lie against the kid, hopefully this will get all done soon and he'll be able to get his shit together from all the drama,I have some common sense about the kid I was 19 too…

  3. Jeff says – reply to this


    Here is the big problem. This kid has never been told 'NO'. He has plenty of money to make problems go away. Most in his position would be reckless in 1 form or another.

  4. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    And wait for the haters comments now lol. Even his fans seem to be growing up but his haters no, those never check the facts or even know what really happened but talk shit about JB, chill the fuck down! It's all still under investigation and hopefully if it all gets to be false I can't wait for comments of those who trashed on him, he might be a douche sometimes and stupid but he isn't that stupid to just spit on someone or smoke weed in front of their kids, being 19 and whole world watching you is hard and I know I would freak out to and send the all to hell because I can't take a shit without someone judging me. Handle it the right way Biebes !

  5. LillyAnn says – reply to this


    I think Justin needs to take a break, all this is too much for someone like him who obviously can't handle it. He is on break now but seems to be all the time in the studio working again ? Kid take a break and pull your shit together! As a mother I would tell my son to just get some time for himself, he didn't take a real break since 2009 he needs one nobody is a robot. His parents should be more with him and his family, his menthor and his manager you can't expect him to think like a 29 year old he is still growing up. Grown ass men did many worse things but people didn't get upset he is still young to be really mature specially with all the media and invasion of his privacy !!

  6. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    I want to get paid what his 'posse' does, it must be a lot to constantly put up with him and be willing to (possibly) lie under oath for him.

  7. 7


  8. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    "Deny ’til you die!" —> seems like he's learning from the Obama administration, etc.

  9. fuckbiebs says – reply to this



  10. amy says – reply to this


    Disappear already!! He's a disgrace to all Canadians!

  11. 11

    he kind of reminds me of obama, everyone knows he's a pos but he has a group around him that will deny and lie all day long.

  12. 12

    That's the point. He may get a hanging judge who may side with the neighbors putting pressure on him to rule against Justin. Justin is practically alone. Keep in mind he faced groundless charges in the past that were thrown out because of insufficient evldence. He was similarly accused of assault by a photographer. His neighbors probably don' t like him and his black friends[racism?] so they want him out. The two witnesses have to prove they saw him clearly at night and while he was speeding. Johnson may not have seen who was driving clearly.

  13. 13

    Remember when a pap chased his car thinking he was driving and got killed trying to take pics and the driver actually was Lil Twist? He had been stalking him. This is one reason we should not jump to the conclusion that he's lying and it was not Tyler who Johnson saw. It was around 8pm at night and the driver quickly got into the house; When you see a guy blocking you twice your size with possibly a gun, the wise thing to do is get away! Weather it was Justin or Tyler his friend who was driving.

  14. 14

    Re: Jeff – Also, if you look at a map of his property and adjacent homes, whoever witnessed anything was at a distance. Perry Mason would have had a lot of good questions to ask of that witness. How far was he, how is his eyesight, how long, he was working, was he looking at the insident, and so on.

  15. ohmy says – reply to this


    Send this jerk back to Canada! Sick of seeing his "wanna be" face.

  16. HipChick says – reply to this


    Re: cardonaivando – LMFAO Perry Mason???? WOW I wonder how many google searches that name is going to get after all the teeny boppers read the name on here and wonder who the fuck that is…what a reference!

  17. glen brown says – reply to this


    Re: marzdom – Never made any mistakes in life before ?.Parents /parent his dad left him when we was a young boy.Now Idiot really this kid has made more smart moves than you have had thoughts in your head X all your hot dinners then multiplied by every negative thought you ever had. Now thoughts in your head,positive doubtful,creative maybe not,belittling yeah,negative well thats got to be a home run.Do you see were we are going.He has the world. and sure he has made some mistakes but as far as being a man come on he has been through more shit in his short life than you could hope to go through in 20,000,000 of your lives. hows it feel to be judged by some one who docent even know you?

  18. glen brown says – reply to this


    Re: fuckbiebs – HATER have a happy life

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ohmy – Yeah. He might heal.

  20. Bieber#theReturn says – reply to this


    Given every sheeple is jumping on the "bash Bieber" bandwagon, don't you think it's possible the public are becoming tired of hearing negative things about him ?
    Maybe you could be first mover Perez and start the "comeback" of the Biebs into maturity. Certainly comments around several sites seem to be suggesting "saturation" surrounding all the negative press. Draw an analogy, if you were in a car and a policeman was constantly following you, what is the probability you would get a speeding ticket ? Probably very high. With Bieber under a microscope combined with his age it seems unreasonable for the public to be prematurely putting him as the model citizen, with the associated high standards, when most of the people commenting had years more experience and mistakes to learn from and adjust their actions. It is hard to criticize without looking within yourself and finding you may be projecting your own insecurities of perhaps how you could have dealt with youth better, or perhaps being a better parent.
    Maybe now that the media has cut him down (in true tall poppy fashion) perhaps it makes more sense to the bottom line to now bring him back from the precipice ?

    This is not directed at anyone on this site, just some general observations from consensus and does not pertain to any specific individual.