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Kristen Stewart Pushed Robert Pattinson Away With Smothering Marriage Demands!? Get Deets HERE!

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robert pattinson kristen stewart break up details revealed commitment marriage babies ultimatum

Our minds are BLOWN!!!

Sources revealed the reason for R-Patz and KStew's split and we're SHOCKED to learn the Rupert Sanders scandal was barely even a factor!

Evidently the loud and constant tick-tocking of Kristen Stewart's biological clock became too much for Robert Pattinson to handle!

After being burned by Kristen's wandering eyes genitalia last summer, he insisted on rekindling their flame as slowly as possibly to protect his warn and weary broken heart!

Unfortunately, Bella wasn't willing to wait! She was desperate to wrap her ring finger in bling and fill her womb with his babies ASAP!

The source revealed:

“Kristen wanted to go straight back to where they’d been before they first split up [in July 2012] and pushed Rob really hard on it. She wanted the whole package: the house, the wedding and even the baby. It was all way too much for Rob to handle…. [It] sent him running for cover… Rob asked for space and it sent her over the edge. She told him if he wanted a break, it would be permanent."

After all the juicy drama, sad splits, and wildly rampant speculation, these lovers were doomed for the most obvious reasons in the world!

She apparently pressured him toward marriage and he was too terrified to commit!

Aww! If Rob needs a shoulder to cry on, he can use ours — we promise to keep it "no strings attached."

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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64 comments to “Kristen Stewart Pushed Robert Pattinson Away With Smothering Marriage Demands!? Get Deets HERE!”

  1. lilley says – reply to this


    Robert wanted to take it slowly, but she was trying to show him how much she loves him. What the heck does he want? Maybe they should go to the country, find a nice home, get married and have kids.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Never give out an ultimatum unless you're fully prepared for it to go the other way. Closing the door on future possibility is stupid.

  3. faithful says – reply to this


    yeah right, Kristen had to have home, ring and babies. First off Kristen owns at least 2 homes that I know of. She is 23, and has years to worry about babies. If she really wanted to marry the drunk, at least make him go to rehab first. Stupid story

  4. Cindra says – reply to this


    Well…. this is probably the most logical reason for their split. She really has to understand that she burned him bad with her affair and his trust of her had to be earned back. If there was an ultimatum, she got what she deserved. I think she felt like she had the upper hand with their relationship and he showed her he was in control. How about a little fanfic? What if they win the award of best romance at the Teen Choice Awards and he does the ultimate, most romantic thing possible and proposes to her on the stage. Wouldn't that make some headlines!!!!????

  5. mls8662 says – reply to this


    This story is total B.S. I don't think we'll ever know the cause of the split. I thought I'd be upset if they broke up but I'm not. What surprises me even more is that if I had to choose sides I'd be team Kristen all the way.

  6. karen says – reply to this


    Robert/Kristen & Liam/Miley- both couples too young to be so serious. They all need to move on.

  7. sayswho says – reply to this


    This jibes with all the reports that she was telling all her friends that Rob WOULD marry her! She evidently was overly confident he wouldn't stand up to her demands-good for you Rob!

  8. deb says – reply to this


    This story is a total load of BS. Yet another attempt by Stewarts thirsty PR to paint Pattinson in a bad light. 'Meany Rob didn't want to commit to poor Kristen'. Lest we forget that the probable reason for this split is the most obvious. Stewart cheated and regaining trust is a near impossible thing to do. He tried, but couldn't do it and the relationship was strained, in all likely hood. He has always deserved better and is well shot of her.

  9. 9

    The story, coming from OK!, is a pile of bullshit… and Perez knows it.

    as simple as that.

  10. 10

    Re: faithful – yea..exactly, she's only 23 and has so so many years to worry bout having kids, she has no clock right now. She's just tryin to win him back and prove that she can be 'faithful'…..he sees past it tho I think

  11. kylie says – reply to this


    Oh please. I'm sure ”marriage & kids” was the last thing Rob wanted with this unfaitful girl.

  12. kylie says – reply to this


    oh please. I'm sure ”marriage” was the last thing Rob wanted with this unfaitful girl.

  13. Sandy says – reply to this


    Ahhhhhhhhhh! What a wimp! How long does he want to wait to have a family? They don't live with you for ever!

  14. Shadow says – reply to this


    OH PLEASE—another phony storey—let's face it —Rob is not enough MAN for Kristen, he is too whiny, a drunk, a phony and chases V every chance he gets when Kristen wasn't around—- just ask KP and her Sl-t friends I bet they could spill some interesting CHEATING stories about RP my guess Kristen couldn't handle his verbal abuse when he was drunk and finally said enough is enough.
    She has many good years in front of her to have kids—she owns beautiful homes, she is a beautiful young women with a gorgeous body, and awesome eyes—no implants or facial repairs like KP.
    Mr. Perez if you can't say anything kind about Kristen then don't print it. We love you Kristen

  15. pondscum says – reply to this


    Re: Sandy – …and besides…the babies would be sooo cute!

  16. Justice says – reply to this


    Sure, that's so true. Every young girl, successful AND rich are longing to get married to a drunk who spend his free time in bars AND bedrooms - with other women. Kristen kicked him to the curb! Good for you girl - don't look back!

  17. Barb says – reply to this


    who in there right mind would believe this story. Robs pr at work, needy, dependent, demanding, and now this bs, Oh no mr perfect would do no wrong, whatever he`s been messing with Katy on and off for a long time

  18. Jan says – reply to this


    If and I do mean IF any of this story is true, I understand. Kristen truly loves this man and I really believe Rob loves her. BUT, Kris needs to think about what all went down last year and she must start to realize it will take time to go back to where it was. I do not believe Rob has left for good. I would be shocked. I do believe she MUST spend the next few months working and growing up and understanding why she can't go back to the way it was. It will take time. She is frustrated and hurt and all the gossip doesn't help her. All you "vultures never missed one single day to rub her nose into her mistake with Sanders. She needs to concentrate on herself and getting better. Rob needs to do his thing and I really feel confident that if he sees changes he will start to look again. She must NOT contact him at all and just work and do the best she can. Smile and be friendly to the papparazzi and they will eventually get tired of it and leave you alonel She is a beautiful girl and has so much going for her. She lost all her self-esteem and assurance and confidence from July last year….She is constantly punishing herself and feels guilty…No wonder she clings to Rob…The one she respects and trusts. So this had to be a slap in the face….He is a tough guy and always runs instead of seeing things thru. Many prayers are being said for both of you and both are loved….Stop Drinking Rob!

  19. Mary says – reply to this


    There is no truth to any of this. The source is Perezs' imaginary friend. You can not possibly believe that anyone close to Kristen and Rob would tell this clown anything.

  20. Rob Dodged A Bullet says – reply to this


    Oh my….if true, Rob dodged a bullet!! Like another said, if you issue an ultimatum, be prepared to lose. She was overly confident that she had him so whipped, he'd do whatever she demanded! Haha!
    I'm so glad Rob broke things off. He deserves someone who will respect, honor & cherish his love….not a cheater who cares only for herself!

  21. Jkc says – reply to this


    She never wanted to have kids. That is such a lie. Or get married either, tooany movies to make.

  22. Loca says – reply to this


    Rob made a good decision wish him the best. Its not easy to rebuild after unfaithfulness.

  23. not likely says – reply to this


    Perez you have genitalia? Let's get one thing down first. You are cakey perry's mouthpiece. Enough said.

  24. anneelliot says – reply to this


    I thought women were looked down and disrespected in the old ages of the witch hunt .Turns out i was wrong.The way you media has been relentlessly hounding and villifying her is horrible.I dont remember anything similar occuring when Woody Allen had an affair with his step daughter,when Roman Polanski was caught with a minor girl,hell,i dont think even O.J.Simpson was hounded like this.I think you media should take a good look at yourself in the mirror and retrospect.Leave Kristen alone.You have pitchforked her continuously for more than a year.Shes a young girl for gods sake let her grow up in peace.

  25. 12knights4Mari says – reply to this


    I smell bullshit!

  26. dayz, says – reply to this


    it is the other way round, biggest lies of all….Firstly Kristen is not into marriage yet, she doesn't like big weddings, and she feels that she still too young to have a family…. Ever since this stupid cheating scandal of no sex….with that sanders… nothings is the same….I think Robert has set HER up to take the fall…. He was not happy and decided he needed help with friends to get him out of the relationship….He hasn't even bother to try….. WHY DON'T YOU JUST STICK TO THE FACTS…..HE IS AN IDIOT, he should have a long talk with Kristen herself…..instead of involving too many people…..HE SOUNDS LIKE A..PATHETIC, DOUCH BAG. jUST LIKE PEREZ

  27. Laryn says – reply to this


    *worn…..not "warn"

  28. Syn says – reply to this


    You should learn never to trust gossip sites LOL

  29. 29

    It's kinda sickening that mr "Perez" is taking the side of Pattinson, since it was pretty well known that Pattinson is a womanizer and while "dating" Kristen, he was rumored (according to "sources") to have slept with all kinds of chicks, from fans, to Twilight costars (Ashley Green/Nikki Reed) and other somewhat famous people and even a couple of bar flies here and there. It's really so sickening that Kristen was crucified, for really just trying to pay this parasite with his same coin, after so many rumors of Pattnson being a male scank and whore…

    Kristen would have fared better with Rupert, at least it seems that he really respected and loved her, to the point of risking everything for her, his entire career and his marriage for Kristen, and in the end, he and even Kristen lost out. Pattinson is a weirdo, and a Bi-sexual. Kristen needs a REAL MAN.

    I am not surprised that Kristen simply went into the Arms of someone that saw her real worth, her potential and her greatness, which is apparent to all that see into her eyes, and stand in her Aura… Pattinson owes EVERYTHING to Kristen Stewart, she made his career happen, she helped him get into Twilight, and this lame sucker could not even go to the birthday party that she lovingly organized for "Spittinson"… Pattinson = Bisexual, Aids spreading loser!

  30. @Petrus_anugrah says – reply to this


    Edward top

  31. @Petrus_anugrah says – reply to this


    RobertEdward top

  32. 32

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  33. 33

    Re: puma12 – You werote: "Kristen would have fared better with Rupert, at least it seems that he really respected and loved her, to the point of risking everything for her, his entire career and his marriage for Kristen, and in the end, he and even Kristen lost out." The thought crossed my mind many times, to be honest.
    From what I read (I am not saying that THAT was true) the old fellows marriage was on the rocks at the time he and Stewart "hooked" up. His wife (now an ex-) was never too broken up about the whole thing, anyway. I am sure that it would be a whole different story with his cildren. They would suffer in their own way, but if parents cannot be together and force themselves to, it can be even worse for the children.
    I know of couples where the age ifference is huge, yet they are happy together and would part for anything in the world.
    Yes, the girl is still very young. She doesn't need to tie herself up to anyone permanently one way or another.

  34. Danielle says – reply to this


    Kristen is beautiful, highly sucessful and obscenely rich. I only wish that she would choose someone of higher calibre. Rob was a no one before he hooked up with her and is still behaving like a roudy frat boy. Now it seems that he is spoiled and without standards hanging with that old divorcee. I really don't want to see Rob and Kristen back together it seems as if she wants to become an adult but Rob is stuck in adolescence. I do wish that Kristen would take care of herself - and stop trying to emulate her "old biker chick" mother.

  35. Gie says – reply to this


    Bravo for Robert Pattinson's PR team. They have thought everything they can to cast away the doubts from RP and his Katy Perry. (1) it was the text message by Rupert, (2) Kristen was too dependent, (3) Kristen too demanding about marriage. Smokescreen is up… I wonder what they can think of next….

  36. Maria Irani nogueira says – reply to this


    FRe: Gie – Robert pattinson should be shamed of his self, the only he is where he is now, it's only because of Kristen who stood by him for the role in two. Even Catherine(director) wasnt sure he the right one, but kristen convinced her to do só.If wasnt for her, he still be in england sitting in pub with his guitar pretending to be a singer, with by the way he is not a good one, you cant hardly understand what he is sonhins. Só pattinson remember who stood by you when your so called career was going nowhere, as you said yourself at Ophra.

  37. 37

    What the heck, Perez you will never understand a woman stand point when it comes to relationship. Kristen is not the FIRST woman in this world of thinking of sesttlling down.
    Living with a BF for four years, what do you expect. I though Rob is a marriage material, wanting to be a young father. So what gives. If Kristen gave Rob an ultimatum I guess living for four years, she can demand. Ask any woman. Rob might not be ready for this, ’cause they still have some, this is more make sense, not an ultimatum.

  38. ana says – reply to this


    um, it's spelled evidently…

  39. Gordon says – reply to this


    Kristen said no kids. She would end up In the California hills alone with the the kids, having given up career while RP is all over the place partying and what not

  40. bjsmith says – reply to this


    WOW!!! You are to involved. Get a grip. You act like you know these people personally. You like everyone else is entitled to hour opinion but gees you sound crazy.

  41. Stephanie says – reply to this


    How the freezing mug does anyone of their private affairs? Who is this source? Lol. Pressuring someone is the worst thing to do if someone wants to take it slowly. I've heard of relationships being in the boyfriend-girlfriend zone for fugging 15 years before they finally married! At least, this couple reached some kind of compromise even if it was an ultimatum of some sorts.

  42. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: mls8662 – mis8662, you have been all over the internet trashing Pattinson. I don't believe you. lol I don't believe this story either. I do think she's a control freak. And I think MANY of his fans were waiting for him to wake up. She treated him terribly. Publicly.

  43. spencer says – reply to this


    Re: Jazz108 – Sorry, Jazz. Love isn't about "demands". She cheated. Why would he want to settle down with someone who cheated on him less than a year ago?

  44. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: puma12 – Puma, come now. You know it's not true. Those were all lies from Kristen's BESTEST BEST fan, Kiko! She was a nutcase fan who spread lies about Rob in the name of saving Kristen from him. Nevermind that she barley had a grasp of the English language, but she was a super-stalker. She went super-stalker crazy one time and sent the list of women she'd been harping on for years to Jezebel.com. They printed the lies with no proof. It's all a lie. Ask yourself this. Why would Kristen Stewart stay with someone who was having sex with 30 women? Famous costars, daughters of directors…anyone he stood next to? She wouldn't. But thanks for spreading the lies again!! So happy that Rob Pattinson is getting far away from her nutzo crazy, lying fans as a lovely bonus to breaking up with her. About time.

  45. David says – reply to this


    Re: puma12 – "She helped him get into Twilight." Uh, she didn't know him until he auditioned. What are you talking about? She was a little known independent actress with no power. Summit was spending 35 million on a risk with Twilight. They would NOT bend to the demands of a independent actress. Sorry. He won that audition against thousands of actors. She approved, yes. She said it had to be him, yes. But it was Hardwick and Summit's decision. I did read that Stewart put it out there that SHE was the reason he was hired. WOW. What a self-centered actress to say that. She really thinks she had some kind of power to get people hired onto a multimillion dollar franchise? As one of the most important if not the most important character, Edward? SURE Kristen!

  46. Lucy says – reply to this


    It's actually sad , seeing them both in love and watching them grow, they do have love and just because she wanted to feel secure he pushed her away that is just rude , but hey there life isn't as bad as Amanda Bynes.

  47. Lucy Treharne says – reply to this


    Re: lilley – very true!

  48. Lucy says – reply to this


    Re: Shadow – You are right!

  49. anon says – reply to this


    Don't you think this is why she cheated in the first place because he wouldn't give her the love and commitment she wanted? so she found someone who showed her the attention she wanted can any of us say we wouldn't do the same thing if we were feeling that way? we've all made mistakes and as long as you learn from them which Kristen obviously did she shouldn't have to keep "paying" for it. she tried to devote herself to him and he led her on giving her his grandmothers ring then split cos she wanted commitment what a selfish idiot. and who would listen to katy perry for relationship advice especially since shed already told Kristen she wanted rob anything that comes out of her mouth is for her own benefit.

  50. mls8662 says – reply to this


    Rob is always saying that Kristen knows him better than anybody else. She could probably write a pretty good tell all. Anybody know a good literary agent?

  51. mls8662 says – reply to this


    Re: Kay – All over the internet? I really don't care if you believe me or not. You have a the right to believe what ever you want. You will notice that I'm not the only one who is sick and tired of people trashing Kristen. I used to be a fan of both of them. I'm not so sure about him any more.

  52. Marenda says – reply to this


    Hi I think that's Kristen should leave Robert alone
    She's already given him a bad time so I think
    They should continue twilight but stop ackting
    Like they broke up I think they should just forget
    About the break up because its just going to make them feel

  53. Kristen says – reply to this


    Hey Kristen I'm Kristen and I have a brother
    Robbert now I want to tell you guys that you's
    Have to leave each other alone
    It might be hard but you's don't really have a
    Choice Kristen u either leave him alone or forget
    You's were ever together and robbert she says she loves
    You so you've got a choice there are many girls out there so a
    U don't really have anything to worry about
    But why don't you move on or take her back I think u should forgive her
    Hug for get that ever happend and think that Rupert is ugly and your handsome

  54. Christina says – reply to this


    Don't worry robbert ignore what all those idiots that
    Don't like u anymore for not forgiving her because
    I would forgive but it's not our choice it's urs u go man keep
    It up love ur biggest fan in the whole entire world I live
    You's but Kristen u have to learn better stay out of his way give
    Him some space to think about forgiving you or not ok!!!😕

  55. lulu collazo says – reply to this


    Doubt that!! very absurd.. in fact I believe she is smiling again!!! not to change her image, but because she changed her life. She has a great future ahead of her and I am sure someone with courage (not a coward, like Robert) someone who will not be ashamed of forgiving and forgetting (unlike Robert) will treat her like she deserves, like a lady… Let’s make a short examples of women who have struggled with their partners and after their breakup are better than ever: NICOLE KIDMAN, JENNIFER ANISTON, SANDRA BULLOCK, HALLE BERRY, KATIE HOLMES, just to name a few because they were married to or in a relationship with a je…k. True love will come her way and mend her heart. Our hopes are with her and we all fans wish her the best. Keep smiling Kristen, the worst is over, Robert is in your past. Cheers!

  56. finally says – reply to this


    If this is TRUE, who in the right mind will marry a cheater. Rupert, she is all your now BE A MAN…MARRY YOUR MISTRESS!!

  57. Diana says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart pushed Rob away by cheating on him with ugly old guy Rupert Sanders. Very stupid from you Kristen!!!! End of story!

  58. Diana says – reply to this


    I mean what Robert did is not nice either. He took her back just for revenge. Then he cheated on her with multiple women including Katy Perry and broke up with her when Kristen least expected. It looks to me like real revenge. So they are pretty much equal now. But Kristen started it all. I am not surprised that Rob could not get over those pictures. They are horrible. I am actually Kristen's fan but I have to be objective. Girl you screwed it up a lots by cheating with old married man who was your boss. You just don't do that. If you wanted to cheat how come you couldn't find someone young, single and handsome. I mean you should not have cheated on the first place. So we cant really blame Robert now can we. Both Katy Perry and Rob betrayed Kristen but Kristen have brought all that to herself. So I am not fan of either Rob or Katy but the truth is the truth and I cant twist it just because I like Kristen. I will pray for you Kristen. I think you need help. What could you see in Rupert, unless you have some unresolved issues with your own father and you needed that father figure. In this case you need help. I am sorry that you are hurting now but you deserved it in a way because of Rupert scandal. Hope you learn from this, get appropriate help and find someone who makes you happy. Robert is past tense.

  59. Nina says – reply to this


    Re: puma12 – How do you know that he is bisexual? I am just curious because I was thinking the same thing but people were saying that he is straight. So just wondering. He acts and look like Bi but don't have any evidence to back it up.

  60. Nina says – reply to this


    Re: David – For your information both Kristen and Rob himself have acknowledged that he got the role due to Kristen. I think even the director said so. Second Kristen was not independent unknown actress. She was well known actress at he time. it is very said that they broke up. They looked like real soulmates. Having said all this I have to say that I am overly surprised that Rob could not forget the pictures. I don't think any guy could forget those pictures. Maybe he forgave her but obviously he could not forget. Kristen brought all this upon herself…..

  61. 61


  62. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: Jan – - Thank you Jan. My thoughts exactly!. I believe this might not be the end to "them as a couple". We just pray for them, and i wish Rob could stop drinking (He must be hurting)!.

  63. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: David – Thanks David….but i beg to differ. Listen to both confessing it in clips (Live coverage), how it happened, and you will realize out of more than 3000 contestants she picked him with reasons!!! Professional reasons. They both need some space, mostly likely they will be back on……..

  64. Nancy says – reply to this


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