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Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry Are Friends WITHOUT Benefits!

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katy perry robert pattinson friends no romance

No love connection here!!!

Despite reports that Robert Pattinson moved on from longtime vampy GF Kristen Stewart and into Katy Perry's kitty purry, the music babe is JUST his friend.

It's true!

Even though the twosome were seen getting down at a romantic wedding rehearsal, Katy is only doing everything she can to distract him from his heartbreak like the great bestie she is.

A source spilled:

"Nothing is going on between Rob and Katy. They are just super good friends. There is nothing romantic in it. Rob is doing fine since the breakup. He is not particularly cut up about it or anything. He is doing just fine."

Okay, FINE.

We'll stop dreaming up couple nicknames. HA!

It is VERY hard for us to accept that Robaty two such BEAU-TI-FUL people aren't having a seXXXy good time, but perhaps Rob is just too sensitive and perfect for a rebound. Also, she definitely seems to be lovin' on John's Oscar Mayer again, soo…


This just means that we still have a chance to seduce Rob! Right?? LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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24 comments to “Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry Are Friends WITHOUT Benefits!”

  1. not likely says – reply to this


    Perez- no such thing. they are or they were having sex. who cares. the douche and his bag. they have to be able to live on what has happened. done and done.

  2. 2

    Rob should stay single for awhile and not jump into another relationship and if he does, it shouldn't be Kate Perry. She jumps from man to man, and Rob deserves better. Not to say that Kristen did anything wrong. I don't believe all the cheating stuff that happened. They probably grew apart. Maybe they will get back together before long. That seems to be their thing.

  3. a says – reply to this


    Re: not likely – you don't know anything about what goes on in their personal lives.

  4. really? says – reply to this


    Katty can't live without a man, i am pretty sure that Rob and her aren't dating on public because it would look really bad for both, and probably she isn't sure about him, if she finds someone better than him (a dirty manwhore) she would go for it, so friends with benefits is a good thing until than. If that relationship would be up to Rob, i am sure that he would be her official BF already. Katty's publisher's are trying to make her look good… she was on Kristen's face having a piece of her man, and ROb is an idiot,the cheating scandal is nothing beside his crap… He got back to Kristen just to be more important for holywood, yeah, he just use that drama for it. Rob & Katty are vultres.

  5. Miss Anilizerr says – reply to this


    even though their not together… i wouldnt want them to be a couple anyway- Katy seems older in looks and maturity than Rob… she doesnt seem fully like his type or vise versa. Regardless Rob would need some time to hiself, hes been thru a lot in the last year.

  6. Miss Anilizer says – reply to this


    Re: really? – your long paragraph made no sense aswell……. random drivel. also….. how do you know their friends with benefits ya doosh, the whole article was stating thats not what they are …………..and her name is Katy—- shes not a cat haha

  7. Miss Anilizerr says – reply to this


    P/S they wouldnt be a good couple, Katy seems more older and mature looks and personality wise compared to Rob-they dont seem like they match at all….. yeh publishers are definetly trying to make Katy "look better"

  8. surf says – reply to this


    robaty…..too funny

  9. Think says – reply to this


    Robert and Kristen are still together.

  10. 10

    Re: Miss Anilizerr – lol too true. She lokks like my auntie and I am not a spring chicken myself! Otherwise, what the heck!I don't see a reason why those two shou;dn't start dating. Maybe it would work out for them? Nobody knows or will know I guess. Ass most of you here say, public image is very important in this business and the bottom line is always the all mighty dollar.

  11. really? says – reply to this


    Re: Miss Anilizer – so what??? i careless about ur comments… i can call katty cat the way i want to… what i said is my own opinion and it isnt ur bussiness

  12. really? says – reply to this


    Re: Miss Anilizerr – okay miss "analizer" or i would said miss arrogant, many people dislike katty maybe because she is a hipocrite witch, and two faces, who cant be without a man for a minute… u said that she is mature ? yeah… thats because she had sleep with many guys and i wouldnt say that she is mature, i would call it maliciouse…

  13. Douche backstabber says – reply to this


    Oh yeah,then why this desperate attempt to cover up the issue,the whole world is aware of what these two did,horrible man and woman.

  14. Anilizerr says – reply to this


    Re: really? – your an idiot, your clearly not reading what I am saying about this whole thing, im not sticking up for Katy- im not even making an argument over the article. Im clearly saying she seems to old & mature personality and looks wise which made me think they wouldnt be a good couple together. Your trying to create a debate but your defence had nothing to do with what I was trying to say. I NEVER said anything really other than i dont think they would be a good couple, READ MY sentence 1st before trying to create a debate that will go nowhere…. not defending Katy but im sure u clearly no nothing about her life you fool, acting like u know her is f**kn stupid. pce out.

  15. Lana says – reply to this


    I don't believe it one moment! Its funny how hard they are trying to cover it up!!! You don't go with a friend to San Ysidro Ranch hotel!!! You just don't. Also since the break up they have been together all the time. Common do they really think we are stupid? I don't care anymore about Rob and I never really liked Katy or her music. So who ever he is with I don't care but stop trying to cover it up because you sound funny! San Ysidro Ranch hotel says it all. Yes, Rob and Katy you are having sex and shame on both of you for what you did to Kristen.

  16. really? says – reply to this


    Re: Anilizerr – ur an idiot? i just dont thik that katty is wise and i am not creating a debate but u r so arrogant and i can see it by the way u were expressing ur self at the first place… i dont care who is katty perry and i dont want to know her and i hate arrogant people like u who think that know and undertand everything… u r calling her wise and that word dont suits her, i call it maliciose… by the way how many lenguges do u speak u miss know it all? english isnt my first lenguage…

  17. dd says – reply to this


    ROBERRY-the new saga,stop trying to hide ur faces Rob and Kate(so what if u are douchebags?)

  18. 18

    99% I don't believe on you Perez, but you do sometimes make me laugh.
    Actually K & R are not truly split up. There are messages flying around if you look closer.
    Kitty Purry, Rob, Kristen, John Oscar Mayer don't care what's the tabloid says, so you don't hear or read anything coming from them to rebuff all of these.

  19. not likely says – reply to this


    Robaty - I like that….funny. I wonder why their ashamed about the hooking up. They were horny enough to do it. Forgot - it is Kristen who is the courageous one. Rob is the gutless one and Perry Mrs. Robinson of the Graduate!!! Keep on banging Robaty.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: really? – Did you hit your head? It wouldn't look bad for him at all. Half the world saw the cheating pics. Most people would be happy as hello for him, and the gorgeous, vivacious Katy Perry yet? That would just be a huge bonus.

  21. really? says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – rob slept with must of twilight cast than he took kriten away from michael than he was sexbuddy with kitty cake perry than there is bunch of pics and vid of him hooking up with random chick on hotels late at night while he was dating kristen before her cheating scandal; he got back to her to increase his fame and become more important to hollywoods industry than he treat kristen like garbage by ignoring her anb kissing kattys but in front of her face, he dumped her and humilliated her worse then what she did, rob and katty are low scumbags and they are hidding their faces into each others buttholes because they did worse than kristen… kristen isnt perfect and said sorry, she admited her wrong doing and faced it, but just pretend to be better than her and stabbed on her back… he could had end the relation in a better way… he isnt on kristens level, he is way lower than a filthy douchbeg

  22. nicole says – reply to this


    Re: magan2009 – Funny how Katy moaned about Brand screwing around, but therees no qualms about doing it to someone else, hilarious…

  23. Kasey says – reply to this


    Seems to me like she makes a very convenient shoulder to cry on when her friends are having relationship problems and all of a sudden the girlfriend is single.

  24. sweetgirlsometimes says – reply to this


    I think katy is always looking for a guy to date she already dated 8 guys isn't that enough! She should just CALM DOWN FOR A LONG TIME!