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Melissa Gorga Reveals What Would Make Her WALK AWAY From Real Housewives Of New Jersey! Find Out HERE!

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rhonj mel

When the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey returns this June, viewers can expect the drama to be as intense as ever!

But according to castmember Melissa Gorga, there's even a limit to how much cat-fighting and feuding she can take…and the starlet recently revealed what would have to happen for her to walk away from the smash Bravo reality series!

As she explains:

“I feel like if it ever really starts to affect my family you won’t see me anymore. Until then, here I am!”

Wow! Her family must have a really high tolerance for DRAMA!

Because we'd have thought that a family fist-fight breaking out during a christening, let alone the seasons-long feud between her husband and sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, would warrant the show really affecting her family!

But hey! If she's happy to allow the cameras to capture it all, then we are MORE than happy to keep watching!

What do U think?? Will U be tuning in for Real Housewives of New Jersey when the fifth season premieres?

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19 comments to “Melissa Gorga Reveals What Would Make Her WALK AWAY From Real Housewives Of New Jersey! Find Out HERE!”

  1. 1

    I HATE MELISSA! I have since the beginning and NOW everyone is starting to figure out she's a bitch. Told ya so

  2. 2

    She ruined the show. Lip-syncing gold digger!

  3. 3

    they're is NOTHING that could happen that she would willingly give up those cameras. Joe who?

  4. Mary Jane says – reply to this


    I envy Melissa,
    and I think a lot of other women do also
    She has a very hot/sexy husband

  5. 5

    Can't wait til this Sunday!!! TEAM MANZO/GORGA !

  6. johnny says – reply to this


    haha yea ok.. she ruined her family so that she could be on the show. jealous squidward

  7. Hellkitty says – reply to this


    The ONLY thing that would make Melissa & sidekick walk away from RHONJ would be their "OWN" show. Wondering just exactly how bad things would have to get to realize that their children are eventually going to see all the pictures, comments & videos of their parents. No matter the age, children don't really want parents who walk around pretending to be a saint in hooker heels or constantly exposing themselves. What kind of moron posts a video of a small child pretending to be performing a sex act & think that it is cool.

  8. Bonn says – reply to this


    Her family is fine….if any family is messed up? It's Teresa's. Of course NOTHING would make Teresa leave the show…not a bankruptsy, spouse in jail, cheating spouse…fake recipe book…naw…she's there till she dies.

  9. PJ says – reply to this


    I cannot stand Teresa OR Joe….they are the BIGGEST LIARS!!! BOTH of them….Teresa is a fame whore and Joes just a whore!

  10. Hellkitty says – reply to this


    Re: PJ – Did I miss something? Question asked was "what would make Melissa walk away from RHONJ?" and somehow Teresa & Joe end up being called names. Just finished watching the RHONJ marathon & definitely leaves many questions to be answered. According to Melissa, she & her family were moving to get away from Teresa & her family especially the kids. According to Melissa, SHE was never going to speak to Teresa ever again. According to Melissa, Danielle contacted her first even so much as begging Joe & Melissa to film with her. According to Melissa, Teresa is a "crazy bitch". According to Melissa her house was built & furnished before Teresa & Joe's, yet Joe Gorga admitted they "moved" to Montville to be close to Teresa…….so who is the liar. Sprinkle cookies????? Weren't those Danielle's favorite cookie? Melissa nor Joe will give up the spotlight. According to Melissa, SHE was a teacher during the Looker days, but according to Joe she was attending college…..which is it, "teaching or attending" as it is hard to do both.

  11. carol says – reply to this


    I think it is distgusting how caroline runs her family. I just don't like those touchy feely sons of hers. A little to close for me. Her husband dosen't touch her like her kids. Caroline, let your kids grow up, they don't have girlfriends because of you, nor do they know how to treat a girl. Stop talking about everyone else, worry about your own

  12. HotPants says – reply to this


    Melissa is nasty. She deflects everything that is guilty about her onto Teresa. Own it ex stripper. So tired of the Walkalies what that frogs face name is and her piglet sister.

  13. Amanda says – reply to this


    Everyone has got to be starting to see through Melissa right now..are you kidding me????

  14. IJS says – reply to this


    What Melissa leave the spotlight. never. She worked too hard to get on the show. I saw through Melissa from day one. I can't believe people still dont' see through her. She is very passive aggressive. She did everything she could to get on the show and become who Teresa is. Her purpose was to show that she is better than Teresa and to bash Teresa. They both are very competitive and envious of each other. Melissa is so caught up in trying to be famous and out do Teresa that she can't see that it has already hurt her family by being on the show. Joe Gorga is all messed up. Melissa is manipulative and I hope everyone see through her soon enough. Teresa is no angel, but Melissa definitely is not the person she is trying to make herself out to be. IJS

  15. Hellkitty says – reply to this


    Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride and be sure to bring the No-doz because if the first episode is any indication of what is going to take place this season, massive doses are going to be needed. Apparently, we are going to be subjected to another round of family dysfunction in an attempt to stay relevant. Same old "bully Caroline" butting into someone else's family matters, another Joe/Melissa "closet" talk to stir up inedible sh*t. Feathers, fedoras & magical beads…..and of course, a Bentley always looks appropriate in a cheesy parking lot. Boring…..dull & moronic for a first offering.

  16. justwatched says – reply to this


    Just watched this show on a marathon. I guess Melissa got on by complaining Teresa was mean to her about cookies. Her whole story is I'm a scrapper standing up to mean Teresa. That and my hot but totally whipped hubby will strip for you. She is a beauty, but without Teresa she has nothing to say or do –And God please don't let her sing it lol.

    She seems to be the problem and if she cared about her family, she'd have never pushed her way onto Teresa's show in the first place. She said it herself in the reunion. She's a victim and she'll happily keep her husband from his sister and parents to 'survive' the 'abuse' for which she volunteered and is mostly responsible.

    I think all the women are coming to realize this season that all their stories revolved around Teresa. I think they'll all make up with her or try to create their own drama this season since I'm betting Bravo must have made it clear that she has been the driving force. Who'd watch the rest of them without her? She is perfectly flawed.

  17. Mary says – reply to this


    HAHA didn't she come on the show knowing her story line was going to be exposing her sister in laws family drama? No one even knew Teresa had family problems until this famewhore came around. She likes the family drama as long as it keeps her in the spotlight so she can pretend she's a regular ol' Jennifer Lopez. I don't think she'd leave the show even if they asked her to do all her scenes naked… oh wait she was a STRIPPER LOL

  18. Maria Rios says – reply to this


    Ewwwww. Talk about a real snake. Appreciate Melissa. Thanks to her we see your face on tv

  19. Iris says – reply to this


    she is stuck up.I have had enough of her and her family. she is nosy. Always in people's business. Ugh, I can't stand her! She is nosy!