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Justin Bieber Flaunts SHOCKING New Tattoo While Fighting Through His Sea Of Fans! See It HERE!

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justin bieber new tattoo new york city king arthur

After an alleged hearty party with After Earth star Jaden Smith earlier this week, The Biebs emerged from the shadows a little different than we remembered him!

No, Justin Bieber hadn't grown any taller!

And, sadly, neither Selenita nor Mally, the 19-year-old's abandoned monkey, was back at his gloriously gifted side!

The Great Bieberoni was sporting a new tattoo!!!

On the forearms of a lesser human, one typically only finds skin, hair, and, ever so occasionally, traces of Doritos. JB is not like lesser humans, however — on his forearm rests the soul, spirit and portrait of King Arthur!

The photograph isn't crystal clear, but it looks like Justin commissioned a flesh-engraving of a medieval knight drawing Excalibur from the stone!

Wowzers!! We aren't sure what he's trying to say!!

Is this a metaphor for the performer's unique talent — the stone representing his legion of Beliebers, the sword representing the money, panties, and adulation he-and-only-he can draw from them?

Perhaps Justin is merely paying homage to his favorite Disney film, The Sword in the Stone!

Or maybe we've miscalculated all together!!! Squint real hard and it almost looks like the assembled form of Voltron!

Hmmm. Either way, Justin now carries more ink than a 19th century poet!

We hope he uses it to write a song about us, LOLz!!

[Image via Splash News.]

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32 comments to “Justin Bieber Flaunts SHOCKING New Tattoo While Fighting Through His Sea Of Fans! See It HERE!”

  1. Adom says – reply to this


    and what is so shocking about this tattoo?

  2. 2

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  3. Rose says – reply to this


    It's shocking to Perez because, he knows NOTHING about chivalry, or taking a commitment to it.

  4. 4

    What does the 19th century have to do with this article? Are you saying that you think the 19 century is the medieval period? If so, you need a fucking history lesson. You're about a thousand years off. 5th century to 15th. King Arthur was late 5th/early 6th century.

  5. 5

    Enough with the tattoos already Bieber. You are going to regret them later when you get older or simply get bored with them and end up with a long slow process of getting laser removal of those tattoos. I don't think teens should be allowed to get permanent tattoos and there should be regulations in place similar to liquor laws depending on states 19 or 21.

  6. 6

    Yet ANOTHER photo of Bieber all hunched over like he is some kind of ape. Might as well hand him a cane.

  7. HB says – reply to this


    Re: jd20133 – probably trying to hide from Perez's relentless attacks.

  8. 8

    The problem is that King Arthur looks a bit too relaxed to be pulling a sword out of a stone. So when you cover up the bottom half of the tattoo, it looks like he's yanking on something else…

  9. 9

    He gets the dumbest tattoos. He might as well get stickers too. Won't take long to fill his 8-year-old arm anyway.

  10. Uh says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – you realize justin bieber is 19? And then to say "teens shouldn't be allowed to get tattoos I think the legal age should be 19 " you realize 19 is still a teenager? Like who gives a shit if hell regret his tattoos in ten years? Will you personally be affected?

  11. 11


  12. f* word says – reply to this


    An ape is walking like an ape. No surprise.

  13. Grace says – reply to this


    Re: HB – Umm if you had half a brain you'd realise that he's trying to hide from the paparazzi as he makes his way out of the cinema…

  14. Grace says – reply to this


    Re: Uh – All his tattoos have a meaning to him, and who are you to judge what tattoos he gets? It's his body let him do whatever the fuck he wants to!

  15. Guest says – reply to this


    He started off so perfect. He's ruining himself.

  16. Ryan says – reply to this


    These idiots on here are so annoying and childish. His body his tattoos, all of them have meanings to him and if you do some research you'll see they have a huge meaning. Tattoos don't make someone a bad person, I have 9 tattoos so I'm an idiot for that? No. Fuck you, I like them my thing, he likes them his own thing get over it. Knight tattoos are very interesting to me,might think of getting one too. And he's hiding from paparazzi's on his way to cinema, for the dumbasses.

  17. mike says – reply to this


    His mother failed as a parent.

  18. Dev says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Justin.cheated numerous times with his girlfriend., has one night stands with his fans, nearly ran over a little girl in his neighborhood, spot on the father..let his fans bully a 15 year old girl, is up to 3hours late to conserts fill led with very young.girls harassed a woman while she was working out…the list goes on and none of it showed chilvary

  19. 19

    Can't he just stop taking new tattoos?

  20. MB says – reply to this


    Re: nelenator – Can't he just stop everything, period? This boy is an assclown poser. Without a doubt. Nobody over the age of 20 (I should hope younger… I mean come on… does anybody over 20 shamelessly take this kid's career seriously? Anybody?) gives 2 shits if this kid is around.

  21. 21

    he is a thug, give him more drugs.

  22. Dev says – reply to this


    He is going to have more tats than skin heads and the gang members in prison.

  23. rowsdower says – reply to this


    He's becoming the human version of those "I-Spy" books. Just a bunch of nonsensical 'stuff' drawn all over him.

  24. Adam says – reply to this


    Does he really have a snake tattooed on his …..?

  25. Roger says – reply to this


    Really, Who cares

  26. Jesse's girl says – reply to this


    Re: pradagirl7 – Ouch…SOMEBODY'S jealous! Justin is sexy and you know that.Anyone who "hates" him: "Haters don't really hate you,they hate themselves because you're who they want to be." -Demi Lovato.(Love her).

  27. mamanelle5 says – reply to this


    Justin has gotten too big for his britches. I think he needs to enroll in a Anger Management course………………soon.

  28. 28

    Re: f* word
    oh your talking about you or your mom
    YOUR JUST A HATER!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29

    Re: rowsdower
    Your face is a bunch of nonsensical 'stuff'
    YOUR JUST A HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hi:) says – reply to this


    I love u Justin but u should stop getting new tattoos, but either way I respect you

  31. RandyS says – reply to this


    UM…TRASH simply TRASH

  32. 32

    Not a shocking tattoo… as far as all the money he has, he sure has a lot of bad tattoos. I know he can afford the best and if I were him I would have gotten the best artists to work on full sleeves for me lol