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Justin Bieber Was Club Hoppin' ILLEGALLY!?

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There's always trouble brewin' around Biebs these days.

While he was bouncing through the New York club scene Wednesday night, following his support of Jaden Smith's movie premiere for After Earth, he may have hopped into some illegal territory.

But if that's the case, the clubs are the ones facing the real heat.

You see, as we previously reported, Justin Bieber partied at Marquee, Avenue, and 1Oak. But both Marquee and Avenue had the evenings advertised as 21+ nights.

Justin's only 19…

Now while they could both have permits to allow the minors in, we're sure alcohol was everywhere inside (seeing as how they're nightclubs and all), making it easier for him to break the law and take a lil' sip of some sizzurp. Wouldn't be the first time a teen has done it, but not every teen makes his money off impressionable youngsters!

Ch-ch-check out his clubbin' ways in the video (above)!

P.S. Note the classy ladies toward the end! ;)

[Image via Splash News.]

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14 comments to “Justin Bieber Was Club Hoppin' ILLEGALLY!?”

  1. missy_k says – reply to this


    This is breaking news? Really? It's not really all that big of a deal; He's Canadian, they're legal drinking age is 19, so to him, it really wouldn't seem like that big of a deal.

  2. 2

    Oh please, he's probably been doing i since he was 16. Sad– it's why so many child stars crash and burn– they've done everything they possibly can by the time their 20 so life is too boring after that so they do a nosedive in to trouble. He's next! You'd think he doesn't have parents anymore

  3. sunnyday04 says – reply to this


    Well, I'd like to get married to my girlfriend and I could in Canada….so can I do that in that here in Texas? No. You abide by the laws where are you. He tries to act so ganster, but to be fair… the only people who care about his music are teenage and tween girls.

  4. jason says – reply to this


    and you are posting this becausee??probably because you have know dirt on this kid today look this is not a big deal i am 19 nw and i started going clubbing when i was 17 so this is really not a big deal so please leave this kid alone so he can enjoy life just because he is a celebrity he expect him to be perfect which is not possible..smh

  5. dportney21 says – reply to this


    REALLY?!? Posts like this (and those that say things like, "JUSTIN BIEBER'S CAR PULLED OVER/CRASHED ETC…(oh and by the way he was no where near it)") are not only irresponsible, they are EXACTLY why teen-to-adult celebrities have such difficulty making their way. Every move they make is spun into some lurid story. Did you know or bother to even note, that some clubs have the option to allow under age patrons if they don't serve them…of course not and of course THAT was not included in the headline! This is not remotely news and hardly GOSSIP. Most if not all of the things that you have "reported" on about Justin are things being carried out by every teenager in America…they just don't get plastered all over. One wrong step and EVERYTHING they do or are connected to is turned into "scandal." Just a little blood in the water and the media sharks will swarm. You should be ashamed of yourelf…why not report on his visit to a school while in Vegas and his promise to keep food pantries full?!? Not "juicy" enough for you? I am a huge fan but I am SICK of predators like you preying on decent kids. I am disgusted and disappointed at your hypocrisy. You should pray that your sweet baby never has an ounce of fame…how would you feel?

  6. 6

    Videos should be reviewed from these clubs. They did the same with Lindsay Lohan…now look.

  7. 7

    Re: jason – nothing indicates he did anything illigally from the standpoint of NYC law

  8. 8

    He can't even go to the toilet without having a dozen photographers following him. It sucks being a celebrity.

  9. 9

    He's the definition of "terrible role model".
    Selena deserves better.

  10. 10

    Re: missy_k – or 18 here in Alberta haha

  11. 11

    If you look close it appears like he has a cigarette or joint in his mouth as he makes it to one of the cars from one of the nightclubs. That would be more scandalous if he was caught smoking a cigarette than a joint. As for those women, OMG can we say HO HO HO they look like maybe at best $20 hookers at discount. Really Justin did you spring for some ladies for the bodyguards? LOL Let him have fun he is young only 19.

  12. Ryan says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – It's a lollipop idiot.

  13. Aly says – reply to this


    Nothing new…Don't you remember the reality show The Hills, they were filmed in the clubs drinking ALL the time, then halfway through the show if not the 2nd season it was someone's 21st bday! So they were in the clubs drinking under age according to US laws. If the clubs let them in its on the club not on the person going. In any case, who cares! If he wants to club it up and hang out so be it. Really it should be the club you should be writing about who is breaking the law, it's not like he broke in. lol

  14. 14

    Re: missy_k – Exactly. This notion that you have to be 21 to go to a club in the USA is so stupid. He's 19, so what? In most of Europe, all of Canada, and most of the world teens 18 and up can go to clubs so this isn't a huge deal except in the USA. And in the USA it used to be 18 and over could drink and go to clubs and all they have done with the 21 up thing is make it more attractive for 18-20 by making it forbidden.