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Zach Galifianakis & 'Diva' Bradley Cooper Stir Up Feud Rumors During Hangover 3 Press Tour!

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And you thought gurls were the cattiest!

Apparently, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis haven’t been too accommodating during their Brazilian press tour this past week. Ranging from Zach’s unwillingness to participate in a local press conference to Bradley’s alleged “diva” behavior, it seems it’s been quite a PR disaster.

While the cast made their way to a scheduled press junket on Wednesday, Zach pulled out at the last minute due to a severe fear of heights. The conference was set to take place at Morro da Urca in Rio de Janeiro — a peak near Sugarloaf Mountain — but Zach just couldn’t handle the 220 meter cable car ascent.

Warner Bros. revealed:

"Zach is afraid of heights, and called into the press conference to let participants know, and made a few jokes.”

Yet, local news reported that the Hangover actor hasn’t been getting along with his co-stars:

“The gossip behind the scenes is that there was a disagreement between the team on Tuesday night at the hotel.”

What’s more, Brad has reportedly been acting up as well:

"Bradley Cooper, even [though he was] quite late, was not even a little friendly nor receptive to questions from reporters. When asked about how his bachelor party was when he married Jennifer Esposito, whom he broke up with months later, or how he would want it to be if he marries again, [Bradley] replied: 'I never had bachelor.' That is it."

This sounds a bit fishy to us, given that the gang was spotted hanging out together on Wednesday night.

We hate to think that either of these two are anything but professional! We just love these movies too much.

Specifically the hotness that comes with it!

UPDATE: Bradley’s rep told PerezHilton.com that there is, in fact, no feud between the actors. Zach and Brad remain good friends. Phew!! Glad to hear it!

[Image via Karl Piper/WENN.]

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16 comments to “Zach Galifianakis & 'Diva' Bradley Cooper Stir Up Feud Rumors During Hangover 3 Press Tour!”

  1. Diva hell yeah says – reply to this


    Feud…probably not. That's a bit high schoolish. But then Bradley is dating a girl who looks 14 and didn't finish high school so she could model. 38 dating a barely legal model, not acting interested in interviews, looking a mess and still expecting to be called a sex symbol, partying a lot lately, a cheap load of insincere academy award campaign commitments, saying one thing and doing another…noooooo not Diva behavior at all (cough, cough)

  2. TBT says – reply to this


    Re: Diva hell yeah – its all faux press.He is not a Diva. And nobodys perfect.

  3. shayjay says – reply to this


    Bradley's dating a girl who's basically still a child while he's nearly 40. She is a real bimbo, look up 'Suki Waterhouse.' I thought he was dating her for pr, but I guess not. Now this shit? Screw him, he is so blessed and doesn't appreciate it.

  4. Smexie66 says – reply to this


    Bradley is obviously still drinking!! Guess he lied about being sober. He is acting like a supreme dickhead lately. No longer am I a fan. He dates a teenage looking whore who basically begged Weinstein to introduce her to him while she was with her serious boyfriend. She clearly is in it for the fame and nothing more. Hell she has not been since with him for a month. Says it all. Guess she is a f*&k buddy and nothing more. He also took his real lady friends to events. She was only at Whitehouse lame dinner as Harvey invited her. Bradley is losing fans fast due to his lowlife, douche behaviour. I threw all my videos out. Hangover 3 is doing really badly, and I am guessing it is because of him and all the negativity he is spewing.

  5. Smexie66 says – reply to this


    Let's hope Gloria kicks his ass when he returns to LA. She will ensure he ditches the teen whore. Seems Coop is already bored with her anyway. Seems to me the Paris date photos were staged. Boston, New York and Washington he looked bored. I am sure they are not a serious couple. Just a bout of lousy sex. Maybe he is not well endowed, so has hang ups. The Nip and Tuck episodes showed him to have very little when he was in in his undies. Maybe that is why he has issues with women…..he is way too hung up on it. A 20 year old has little to no experience so knows nothing. Hell imagine him talking to the teen tramp? He has ruined his image by spewing lies in interviews and claiming to want marriage like his parents had. Hmmm don't think 20 year olds will provide that. Especially those using him to get legs up on ladder. Wonder if he and Heather get it on while on the road. They seem cozy!!! Brad get rid of the suki whore and clean up your image. Quit boozing and snorting!! Your behaviour shows signs of addiction again.

  6. Elle says – reply to this


    Why would he be happy to answer a rude question about his failed marriage?!

  7. It's not that says – reply to this


    It's not that question, that was wrong its his whole approach since award season. He always seems bothered to be places, there are runors he's partying and drinking again, he's dating a girl half his age who's former 27 year old boyfriend said she was young, she hangs out with people who drink and do coke (google Cara D.and cocaine) …he's lost a lot of fans. Yes some people don't care but read the comments in hundreds of threads, lots of people think he's having serious problems or is a Hollywood Diva like this says. And that came out months ago. He also sold his fans a huge PR line of good family guy BS and now he's acting like DiCaprio.

  8. Dizzy Izzy says – reply to this


    He's so Hollywood now. Yes, he still looks hot but there's something creepy about him now. I haven't seen Hangover 3 but he gives me that gross Pedo feeling now. He's hit his career peak, he's just crashing hard.

  9. TBT says – reply to this


    Then if he was a party boy…why he go visit vics in Boston who were injured by the bombings???? Or visit ppl in neighborhoods in Rio? YES he may have issues…..but some fans do understand that and live him no matter what! ( AND NO im no a twenty something party girl.im older than that)

  10. TBT says – reply to this


    And how the hell does his actipns prove he is drinking and snorting again? His wake up call eas when he gashed his head open in 2009 when he fell being hammered and high.U really think one would forget that?? Especially when he has a great support system as in Gloria his mom?

  11. TBT says – reply to this


    Re: TBT – whoops ! Typo. I meant the gash in his head happened in 2005.sorry. he was drunk and high at an xmas party.

  12. GW says – reply to this


    There have been lots of reports of him drinking since the Elle Style Awards (coincidently the night he "hooked" up with Suki for the first time. Lots of people apparently saw him and he clearly looks it in several photos from that night and other events. I've heard nothing about drugs other than Sukis friends are known users and Cara is actively trying to play down a coke scandal to keep her Victorias Secret contract. All that can be googled. Face it folks, Bradley Cooper is not the guy he portrays himself to be for PR. That's not uncommon in the industry.

  13. TBT says – reply to this


    Re: GW – the eye thing usually occurs when too mant camera flashes go off in your face.it totally dilates the pupils.i should know.

  14. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: TBT – I think he got sober in 2004, not 2005. He mentioned he was 29, so that would have been 2004.

  15. TBT says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – thankyou for the correction! I thought i had yr right.cuz i read that a bunch but your right! :)

  16. G says – reply to this


    There are some rumors that he's dating someone else. "Alex" is supposedly the woman's name.