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Justin Bieber Trying To Pin Reckless Driving On Tyler, The Creator?!

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justin bieber tyler the creator blaming for speeding

How many people are seriously allowed to driver Justin Bieber's cars?!

Apparently a whole lot because Tyler, the Creator is the latest friend being linked to his vehicles.

But…Tyler wasn't actually caught in the Biebs' car. Instead, the Biebs' security team is reportedly claiming they know it was Tyler driving recklessly on Memorial Day, not their precious little cash cow teen king.

Oooh snap!

Do we see someone being thrown under the bus??

Maaaybe, but maybe not because the security team allegedly claims they have video proving Tyler was the one driving when Keyshawn Johnson chased after the vehicle to give the wackadoodle driver a piece of his mind.

And despite Keyshawn and three other witnesses stating it was most definitely the Biebs driving, if Tyler is willing to be the fall guy, the Biebs just MIGHT get off!

While we guess it could have been someone else driving, we're waiting to find out what's on that precious video!

Considering the footage apparently hasn't been turned over yet…well, we're a leeeettle suspicious.

[Image via WENN/Winston Burris.]

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21 comments to “Justin Bieber Trying To Pin Reckless Driving On Tyler, The Creator?!”

  1. sam says – reply to this


    he is not trying to pin it on his tyler already said he was the one driving the car and keyshawn doesnt make sense first of all he said he saw justin run into the house now he is saying he saw justin change seats with tyler trust me that is not possible my dad owns a ferrari and trust me that space is to small to switch seats..so something is fishy about this story anyways not my business rich people problem

  2. just Saying says – reply to this


    A video with the dude driving could have taken place at any time, UNLESS there are other unconnected people in that video who can attest to being at that place at that time. Geesh.

  3. Bo Duke says – reply to this


    First @AmandaBynes and now @justinbieber lighting his own farts? It's becoming a celebrity trend

    @imnotperez #fart #celebrityfart

  4. 4

    If Justin Bieber is the one driving recklessly in his neighborhood, then he should stand up and take responsibility for it, and not blame someone else for doing it. It's time he time hiding behind everyone else and be an adult when he screws up!

  5. mariposarosa says – reply to this


    He needs a swift kick to his saggin beaver balls.if he has any.Oh yeah he's 19yrs old.Grow up

  6. Rose says – reply to this


    Well, it doesn't matter if bieber is guilty or innocent. He's on Perez's hit list. Once you are on his hit list, he makes fun of everything you do if there is the remotest possibility of him getting to send you to jail, do not pass go.

  7. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    I don't believe shit that dude says, if the tape shows it wasn't Bieber he better stop hating on the kid and accusing him of lame shit and shut his mouth, his neighbours obviously dislike him he better move out they will fuck him up

  8. xander says – reply to this


    “Justin walked outside to grab the car and pull it into the garage once Tyler was back from driving around. But when he saw the police outside he walked back in because he didn’t want to get involved since he wasn’t the one driving. ” Keyshawn is so sure he saw Bieber BUT still the tints are dark as fuck and it was dark outside so how come he be sure it was Bieber in the car? Whenever he drives it you never see is it him behind the wheel specially at night, and also the distance between the houses is huge, Keyshawn just doens't want to admit it he is wrong.

  9. cdainpetrs says – reply to this


    So Mr. who complains about bieber says he is so bad but still he never really got charged or was taped speeding, paparazzi fly across his house taking pictures of him and they never caught him speeding ? He never made any damage or hurted anyone in the community, obviously he dislikes Bieber and wants him out of the neighbourhood and will accuse him of anything to ruin his image. We'll wait for the tape, until then everyone shut the fuck up.

  10. Samuel says – reply to this


    I don't know about these other people but I'll wait until the real truth is out or the tape, Keyshawn could be wrong too, but people will rather trust him no matter what he says cause they hate JB lol if the tape shows he is wrong he'll probably accuse Bieber of something else just to get love from kid's haters. I checked out Bieber's car and the tints are too dark and the time he 'saw' him was dark outside, there is no chance he could see who is behind the wheel, you can't see it even at daytime.

  11. 11

    This crazed kid needs to leave the driving to a chauffeur.

  12. ok_then says – reply to this


    If the security footage exists on Justin's property, his legal team knows they don't have to provide it until asked. If Tyler The Creator has yet to deny it was he that was driving instead of Justin then who is to say it wasn't Tyler that was in fact driving? I'm sure Tyler would have made a public statement by now denying any involvement. As for Keyshawn he has flip flopped his stories twice already and apparently can't tell the difference between black and white literally. The more Keyshawn opens his mouth to the media and contradicts himself the better he makes Justin Bieber look.

  13. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: just Saying – I think security footage is date and time stamped is it not? I think experts could tell the difference. I guess Keyshawn is calling two people liars here; Justin Bieber & Tyler The Creator. Considering Keyshawn keeps changing his story and now apparently has X-Ray vision equal to Superman and is able to see in the dark through dark tinted windows this is just making him look more and more ridiculous. One thing Keyshawn Johnson does not quite obviously possess is the ability to tell the difference between black and white. Is Keyshawn Johnson color blind?

  14. Hanne says – reply to this


    go read tyler's tweet! he admitted it was him

  15. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Didn't dey say dat LIL twist waz driving but no one believed him lolz diss

  16. Mark says – reply to this


    Beiber is a trailer trash douche bag trying to prolong his few minutes of fame.

  17. lololol says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – And you are some obsessed retarded hater who is so pressed by Bieber going on every post and posting shit about him lmao I feel sorry for your poor ignorant ass

  18. Mo says – reply to this


    Of course it was Tyler. Tyler has to give Bieber bj's and pick up his drugs what else are little monkeys good for.

  19. 19

    Isn't Tyler the Creator the same guy who said in an interview that he never drives? So now that Bieber needs someone to take the blame, suddenly he drives? And to all the little fangirls claiming Bieber hasn't been caught speeding, that's bs. He was caught in LA last year and in Dubai just last month. One of the responsibilities of being a friend-for-hire is taking the fall for the guy who pays your way. Of course his "buddies" will take the blame for him. They get to live like rock stars and all they have to do is pretend everything Bieber does is golden and take the blame whenever he gets caught doing something illegal.

  20. 20

    No sane black men would take blame for shit they didn't do.#truth.
    Yes Justin speeds too!, but this time it wasn't him.
    It's quite easy to mistake Justin's friends to Justin. Apperantly.
    Remember when that photographer got killed, well he thought Twist was Justin in Broad Daylight.

    Keyshaw claims he can tell between a black and a white Kid because he's kids a Biracial!

  21. diana says – reply to this


    i love you justin bieber