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Well, this might be good news? We mean, considering her dramz-filled family, it could be good for Lindsay Lohan to just not include them in - well - anyt… Read more…

25 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Left High & Dry As Family Counseling Gets Canceled?!”

  1. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    This is strange - I mean why is Dina staying away? That's weird.

  2. dj says – reply to this


    Who writes this dribble?

  3. 3

    Maybe BF should tell Lindsay to expect that her parents will always act like inbreed rodents, so she should either just suck it up and deal, or stop seeing them.

  4. 2 Bobby Fisher says – reply to this


    Re: BobbieFisher2 – TROskie. Formal or informal DINA HAS BEEN BANNED from physical contact with L. DINA is insane & a hurricane & tornado of out of control bitterness & rage & Linds is FINALLY being protected from that psycho shit. Dinas NOT COOPERATIVE & SHES A BIG LIAR. NOTHING BFC could do in family councelling in house could/would POSSIBLE HELP LINDSAY. DINAS BEEN BLACK-LISTED FROM BFC. And rightfully so.

  5. Mike McKenzie says – reply to this


    They were all too hung over to do family counseling. Let's do it next weekend.

  6. gort says – reply to this


    die whore

  7. fidget says – reply to this


    Jeese louise…..get that girl some new parents. Poor thing …. no wonder she is alll
    &^%$ up. Put her up for adoption or at least get some foster parents. Anything would be so much better than what she has.

  8. CONSERVATORSHIP says – reply to this


    Re: fidget – It looks to me that Lindsay Lohan will not be capable of staying clean & living an honest life/lifestyle if she doesn't cut ties w/her parasitic parents (at least until parents themselves have gone through YRS of therapy themselves). Lindsay's recovery isnt dependant on her folks working out their anger over marital issues decades old. All they need to do is QUIT HARMING & EXPLOITING THE LILOS MELT DOWN/FADE OUT. Most parents 'phuck-up their kids', it's a rite of passage. But, lets get on w/it. Shes been an adult age for about 6yrs now! ? . I know kids raised by canabalistic swamp monsters but many of these kids TURN AWAY FROM WHAT HURTS THEM & SCRAMBLES THEIR MINDS and move to a different culture. Her parents aren't just inadequate parents, they're not even losers, THEY'RE EVIL. Lindsays parents believe their shared child is a valueable side-show attraction. Shes been FAMILY BREADWINNER for DECADES. Seems all her parents must really be fighting about is whose scam, who's idea for the next master grift using Lindsay … who has the best IDEA for the familys next CON? If they loved Lindsay Lohan, the human being, even a little, they would STFU.

  9. 9

    Seems her family needs it more than she does at this point.

  10. Stevied54 says – reply to this


    I can understand "high". But "dry"? Why does she need lubrication where she's at?

  11. gina says – reply to this


    Lock her up in jail and throw away the key.

  12. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    Why do you put words in your article, then cross them out?

  13. Kirk says – reply to this


    Piece of crapshit lower than dirt family will sell each other out for money. All of them are strung out on drugs. So who wants to see this festering puss load of people on any show.

  14. only1halo says – reply to this


    Re: JungianQueen – Maybe the whole family should be in rehab with her, Just saying

  15. Dina&Dad Do Grand Cany says – reply to this


    For the next 'Lindsay Lohan's Parents Get Together To Save Lindsay' media story & TV ratings booster, 'Lohan parents make efforts to help Lindsay get her shizz together" docu-drama special. — How about an Evel Kanevil-type 'jump the Grand Canyon' publicity stunt, one that would actually HELP Lindsay? IMO, the only thing thats going to help Lindsay is if her parents compete against each other, again. This time with all they've got in them -to see who can jump the Grand Canyon on a pogo stick, -get to the other side FIRST. For Lindsay. Please. Pogo sticks oiled & gloves on guys, do it for Lindsay. It's her only chance left.

  16. WHERE TO GO NEXT? says – reply to this


    This is horrible. Lindsay is basically a homeless person who would have great difficulty qualifying for a rental or buying a place of her own. She moved backhome last sept, think it was. I read that Lindsay claims her home is now at Dinas house, that got a foreclosure on it. I hope Lindsay goes into a sober half-way house after Betty Ford, cause Lindsay will be wasted and 911 called in 3days or less if Lindsay goes from rehab to moving in with her mom. That is a homicide in the making right there.

  17. TEACHES SUCCESS says – reply to this


    Just another lesson from mum to her mealticket on how to contract for a gig, show up, refuse to do what you contracted for, get the check, slander someone while screwing a production team over on your way out the door AND how to turn such devious behavior into money, fame and yet another gig out of it all.

  18. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    This is just a shame . I am sure Lindsay loves her Parents . Come on now LL Parents it's time to put it aside and show some love for your Daughter Lindsay . Right now it should be All about Lindsay . Get it together Dina and Michael

  19. WAY TO GO, TAYLOR! says – reply to this


    I left u a reply on another story & I mentioned how I found it odd that u spent a lot of time rooting for LL to be an Actress but rarely mention her real life problems that she is dealing with IN THE NOW. In fact for someone who so easily blames other people for Ls problems, u havent really ever addressed L's parents are very destructive to L & out-of-control. Ur pom-pom things pretty generic & basically same cheer all the time:'Go Lindsay, You are an Actress!' But here I see u actually acknowledge&address the issue that Lindsay's parents are emotionally out-of-control & are really needed to pull their shit together. Unfortunatley, they hate each other much more than they love Lindsay. IF THIS WAS NOT TRUE, they would lay down their swords, concede to any terms, & weep in each others arms over their dying child! - But, they just keep EXPLOITING & HARMING, w/their greed for $ and their BLATENT INDIFFERENCE to their daughters quality of life & genuine suffering. Their egos&hate consume them. Hating each other, and making $ off their Media Rage Events …that's the highest PRIORITY in their lives right now; hating each other pays more than loving Lindsay does.

  20. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: WAY TO GO, TAYLOR! – First My Pom-pom cheer has also been for Lindsay to make it through rehab not just her acting . I don't blame others for Lindsay's problems but I do feel there are many contributors to why things happen .It takes a lot for me to bring up LL Parents because they are her Parents and I am sure LL loves them . Just as I would fend for my Parents . BUT to hear that D&M are fighting about LL on a talk show well come on now how will this help Lindsay . I feel stop looking for the Spot light and help your Daughter . LL has been there for them so as Parents be there for LL Stop the Blame game because they both have Blame and get it together for Lindsay .

  21. Thrilled to see it. says – reply to this


    Its so lovely to see u address real issues that are part of whats happening in Lindsays life AS IT IS HAPPENING. Dina & M. arent just disappointing Lindsay, or even just letting her down. Her parents, EVERY DAY make personal choices that HARM Lindsay. I am thrilled to see u address real people that ARE INFLUENTIAL IN HER LIFE. Her parents are so ego-driven, self-centered & SELF-SERVING. They CHOOSE to allow their personal hurts from a disapointing romantic relationship between them ruin their entire lives. & always shitting on the lives of those around them; always end up heavily polluting everything they touch/everywhere they show up because of their ever present EGO SELF-INDULGENCES. L parents are BAD people. All these stupid stories that have come out since shes gone into custody r being MANUFACTURED &HUSSLED TO MEDIA FOR $. MONEY FOR THEM, Taylor, NOT LINDS. Her parents are too far gone in being wrapped up in hate & hate-games. They are crazy people who CANT GET IT TOGETHER to save their own lives. They dont care about Lindsays LIFE. They only care that she make money, FOR THEM, off the Fame Game.

  22. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Thrilled to see it. – This is just so sad . To think there are three other kids involved . If D&M can't get it together for Lindsay what is going to happen to LL siblings

  23. WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS? says – reply to this


    I hear so little about her sibs & what I hear is they are mostly quiet, quality kids. Linds is the eldest of d&m's kids & she was The Star. Mom was her manager, so I think Ls sibs are healtheir because all the attention, pressure, etc was focused on Lindz so her sibs probably weren't involved in (as much of the) devious/dishonorable TRAINING of how to make money off of media. Kids, even identical twins, can grow up in the same house, but because they are individuals, each kid has their own unique perspective/interpretation of what they experience growing up in the same house. Linds sibs have appeared (to media) to be stable kids who appear to have enough personal gusto that they have chosen not to follow Lindsay path. IMO it is a miraclle Aliana did not follow in her sissys foot steps. The hope of Linds sibs is they were ignored enough - they weren't brainwashed to be a fame machine like she was. If Linds continues to trust that Mommy knows best, and daddy will fight anyone over anything (in public) just because he loves her so much. …Aaaah, if Linds doesnt figure out her parents are harmful to her, regardless of what they SAY, she wont be able to get healthy. U cant stay clean & sane hanging out with & BELIEVING in people who use drugs & r totallly dysfunctional people w/ hysterics as their main asset. Linds is in a big pickle jar.

  24. SWWWA EEET, PEREZ says – reply to this


    As I write this, you havent had a fresh story on Linds/HER BOZO PARENTS in 3 days!? Way cool. Saw a gutter media outlet with the headline, "Lindsay Lohans mother refuses to pee….." PLEASE DONT STOOP THAT LOW, Perez. Please dont use your site, your influences, to make STARS out of the Lohan parents. Surely you can ponder what glorifying & financially rewarding sociopaths & their vulgar antics against a healthy society COULD DO to that society (and aspiring sociopaths). Its one thing to report on garbage that happens as news. Its quiet another to MANUFACTURE such vile puke - & then feed such swill to kids and tell them its important NEWS about IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Please adjust & MONITOR your EWWWW meter, dude. -Carry ON.

  25. FOLLOW UP? Perez? says – reply to this


    Can't help but noticed all the big media hype about Michael Lohan getting on a plane to go talk to Holley and the city attorney about having Lindsay transfered to Lukens just died like a fish fart @ 1500ft in the deep blue sea. Looks like his big heroics to save Lindsay from a common-mans rehab was scheduled around a tv appearance that went terrribly wrong for Team Lohan. At least the daily dummy reports of what Linds says, does, wishes for, begs for, is desperate for, is threatening for, is hoping for, is planning for ….wow dude, like 4 or 5 DAYS since we've been treated to a Lindsay Lohan Rehab Desire PR story?, Michael Lohans not screaming that BFC aint good enough for his kids anymore & Dinas been outted for abusing a childrens charity to stuff her pig face & drink liquor on the tab of kids 'better life' funds. Good week, my man. I bloody luv me some PROGRESS. Cheers Perez!