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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Do Fifty Shades Of Grey After Rehab!?!

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lindsay lohan reportedly interested in fifty shades of grey movie

Rehab can't hold Lindsay Lohan back forever!

Well, technically they can hold her for as long as the court ordered, but once she's out sources says LiLo is planning a HUGE comeback!

In addition to cleaning up her act, the troubled starlet apparently wants to return to the big screen! But she doesn't want to take on just any role. Lindsay is reportedly interested in doing Fifty Shades of Grey!

A "friend" close to the actress dishes:

"Lindsay needs a big high profile role. She needs to be part of a movie everyone wants to see and thinks ‘Fifty’ is a role she would be perfect for. She has read the book several times and knows this is a character that she can play. She wants to be part of something iconic, something that will live forever like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Now, she thinks she has found it."

Hmmmm. We're not sure where this "friend" is getting their information, but this sounds a little bit fishy to us!

We're sure being involved in the 50 Shades of Grey movie would get her a ton of attention, but playing Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick got her attention and look how that turned out! LOLz!

Besides, we're not quite sure playing Ana Steele is the best role to help clean up her image! We'll just have to wait to find out!

[Image via WENN.]

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77 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Wants To Do Fifty Shades Of Grey After Rehab!?!”

  1. Dina says – reply to this


    Sadly, It seems like this same post is recycled every time Lindsay goes to rehab. She is always planning that big comeback and just a different movie name is inserted depending on the year. Hasn't happened yet. Maybe she should try and stay OUT of the spotlight and really get herself together.

  2. 2

    But..her acting sucks. Is someone else going to "ghost-act" for her?

  3. 3

    every waking thought that escapes her squirrel brain makes it to somebody's print. I'm guessing this came from SHIT STAIN DADDY LOHAN. She has absolutely no chance of this part. she's a joke. rehab for her is a joke. she lies and steals and makes excuses that make no sense.

  4. 4

    as simple as that.

  5. 5

    Well, it's good she has her priorities in order in planning the 2000th huge comeback. I predict this one is going to be as successful as the other attempts.

  6. MULDOON says – reply to this


    I haven't even read '50 Shades of Grey' but my understanding is the "girl" (not woman) character is young & naive, no? Lindsay has been ’round the block so-o many times I believe she is being delusional in even thinking that she would be an appropriate choice for this role.
    I'm not saying that Lindsay is not a somewhat talented actress (that could hone her craft after wasting so many years just not CALMING DOWN!) She just needs to remember how old she is and that there are so-o many new fresh-faced talents now to choose from.
    Advice to Lindsey: get clean, Love YOURSELF, remember how old you are, use your life experiences & choose age-appropriate roles. Oh ya, distance yourself from BOTH of your 'toxic' self-serving parents…'anchor' yourself with your higher-being. All the best to you!!

  7. 7

    She's the last person I'd want to see in a fifty shades of grey movie.. Hollywood does not need Lindsay Lohan. She's demonstrated time and time again that she can't handle acting anymore. She needs to buy herself a little farm somewhere and concentrate on her sobriety.

  8. 8

    If Lindsay is picked for the role of Ana, I think I will skip the movie. Lindsay is far from innocent. There is no way that she could pull it off! It would just ruin the whole thing.

  9. 9

    ANCHORS AWAY. right to the bottom of the ocean.

  10. danna says – reply to this


    I am so sick of the Lindsey Lohan comeback story its so played out!! She isnt making any comeback she is rotten to the core.

  11. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    I'm sure this story holds no merit but regardless, she needs to put acting on the shelf for a while and fix herself. No one wants to invest in her antics, shes burned too many bridges. It was an insult casting her as Elizabeth Taylor, but on the other hand it was a made for tv movie.

  12. 12

    Comparing Fifty Shades to Harry Potter and Hunger Games? That's a stretch. The book has minimal plot, minimal character development, and survives only on its very repetitive sex scenes. It is a crappy, crappy book. As a movie, it will probably compare to Showgirls.

  13. 13

    Poor written fake story. Nameless sources are stupid.

  14. mona says – reply to this


    Big fan of 50 Shades of Grey and If she gets the role of Anastasia Steele, I will not watch the movie period..

  15. A Gilday says – reply to this


    Hath hell frozen over! More like 50 Shades of Not in this Lifetime. Gurlfriend, please!!

  16. Acting for Probation # says – reply to this


    Lindsay can NOT even been hired in Hollywood for anything more that a spontaneous walk on/cameo on tv. The girl is going to be on probation for two yrs. No movie company would hire her knowing that in the last six yrs she cant get through so much as one probation. She tested dirty for coke while on probation (when she claims she only did coke a few times …so she thought doing coke while on probation was an appropriate time to "try" coke?) Lindsay acting abilities are about the last thing people take into consideration about her anymore. But her acting in L&D was a joke & her acting out diva on canyons was a noose areound her neck. No one wants to work w/her. #1 big issue: THE PUBLIC DOESNT WANT TO SEE HER. She has had all kinds of come-back attempts and they only reinforce her time in Hollywood as a big league player is over. Noone can hire her for a movie when Lindsay cant get to work on time, doent play well w/others and her finished product is a joke. To hire her then have probation be violated again would ruin a movie & a production teams finances. This is just another PR attempt like the DWTS "offers". Lindsays PR is fishing for offers & trying to create the illusion lindsays still a real actress.

  17. 17

    Re: Prince Charming – Oh come on. Read between the lines. It's either her mommy/drinking buddy or her grifter, deadbeat Daddy. Probably it's her father. He earns his income from leaking these stories. And now he's selling out the whole family for some reality ahow.

  18. Christy says – reply to this


    I think this is bullshit. If Lindsay needs a true comeback role, she needs to be hired by someone with serious material, NOT 50 shades of whatever. I've heard those books are total garbage anyway. If Lindsay wants to recover, I'd suggest her trying to get on one of the franchise films like the Hunger Games or that Divergent nonsense that would have a large audience and a serious cast. She should take things slowly out of rehab.

  19. Reality Show? says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – Maybe Team Lindsay is going for "Locked Up: A (really dumb) Broad". Or "Can't Be SCARED STRAIGHT". - Just find the idea of a "Reality show" based on the antics of people so deeply OUT OF TOUCH with reality quite ironic. Whats a real disaster is these endless stories Team Lindsay keep pushing into media. They are only harming Lindsay and making her look like a total idiot. Shes in rehab to get off drugs & compulsive lying. She's spending her time in rehab using Betty Ford Center as her PR headquarters. It degrades Lindsay everyday when these stories come out that make her look like she's lost whatever part of her mind she had left after Brazil. Why cant her folks SEE all the stories make things WORSE for Lindsay? They're public idiots & yet, somehow they enjoy being public idiots so much, they keep repeating their idiotcy & rush to blogs to publish their Lohan Insanity Events.

  20. c says – reply to this


    50 shades is not going to be 'iconic' like HP or THG lbr. that book is a joke and the movie will be even more laughable. i truly hope it never gets made. any respectable hollywood star would never sign on for this junk.

  21. 21

    Re: Reality Show? – ther is no shortage of total idiots going public with their idiocy, getting paid for it and creating a fan base. KUNT TRASH IANS with a mother who P I M P S her children and make sex tapes. Logical? no. but never over-estimate the intelligence of the imbicilic general public. Think FOX NEWS, aimed right at the marginally retarded.

  22. 22

    What's this I hear about DR.PHIL producing the SHIT STAIN DADDY LOHAN's reality show?

  23. YawnE says – reply to this


    Yesterday Lindsay Lohan was reported as wanting to halt her treatment for drug addiction to be set free for a day pass the judge told her NO WAY on. O.k. then. Today we get headlines Lindsay Lohan wants to star in 50 shades of Gray. Never read the book but heard the lead in the book would need a much younger star than Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan can play 40, but she can't play young & naive. Her personal life that has been made so public colors public desires to see her in films AND the limits that the movie viewer is CAPABLE of suspending their reality -in order to let make-believe in their minds ALLOW them to fall into the story, and buy into the story IS REAL or COULD BE REAL -or at least MAKES SENCE. There r movies out there that are so miscasted & poorly executed that all a viewer can do while watching the film is to become really annoyed & say, "Thats soooo fake!!!" Lindsay has a better chance of playing Othello than being convincing as a young woman who is experiencing her sexual bloomings. Lindsay has AGED in a way that has left physical 'scars' of what addictions to toxic chemicals do to your bod. She aint gonna look "ingenue FRESH" ever again.

  24. reality show says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – Your last sentence there scared me. Creepy thought. I was late to understand why, when kks sex tape came out, kk didnt go hide in a cave to let it die down. I heard (but could never watch) that tape was really, really nasty & kk participated in extremly degrading things. I remember hearing about the tape and I FELT SORRY FOR KK. I thought, poor dumb girl was just trying to keep her man happy & just didnt know these things have a way of gettiing out. I felt ashamed FOR HER. But then, she's all over the place. Tweetering her shopping trips, trips to the drs & dentist and it because clear,… OMG . & then our National Sports Hero the studdly Olympian, that did amazing things, shows up on TV saying HE'S PROUD OF KIM. Dude looks like the prototype for Phylis Dillers 27th face overhaul. Our Olympian Hero has turned into an impotent lap dog for a housefull of girls obsessed with make-up and chothes -who lie to him & sneak around on him …which is shown on TV a few weeks later. I SO DO NOT GET IT!!! …and people PAY MONEY FOR THIS SHIT? Wow. Reality sucks. No wonder Lindsay avoids it at all cost.

  25. DR PHIL - LOHAN SHOW? says – reply to this


    I hadnt heard that gossip that dr phil is in talks to do a show with The Lohans. His go-round with Dina last time wasn't well recieved or appreciated by dina or lindsay. Well, if this is true Dr. Phil will loose millions of fans because this is just too tacky and for a therapist to exploit such helpless and deeply disturbed kinfolk whom the public hates? Dr phil would be helping these sociopaths to achieve wealth & high status FOR/BECAUSE OF the Lohans anti-social acts & other Lohan Lunatic Logic events. -I have difficulty believing dr phil would ruin his reputation. Even moreso, I can't imagine that Oprah would be supportive of any such circus freak show on her network. Dr phil has deep ties to The O. Wouldnt be suprised Lohans are FISHING for such an offer. But I can't believe O would ever condone such a mud-wrestling contest being associated with her name or reputation in any way. A lohan family show appeals about as much as a Manson Family Christmas Reunion. A Lohan show endorsed by Oprah? Ewwwwww.

  26. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    LOL ! But…she can't act ! 'Memba her as Liz Taylor ..? ? LOL ! She belongs in low budget girl on girl porn ! Dumb druggie !

  27. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This HoHan broad has seen more ceilings than MichaelAngelo ! LOL !

  28. Tick Tock says – reply to this


    These Lindsay Lohan stories just get worse by the minute.

  29. Stephanie says – reply to this


    She may get a part in Fifty Shades. I think she would be a great Layla, the crazy psycho bitch that stalks Christian and Anastasia. I think that role would fit her perfectly, but that's just me.

  30. 30

    Re: reality show – that's an insult to the amazing Phylis Diller.

  31. 31

    Re: DR PHIL - LOHAN SHOW? – Oprah isn't doing so great. Her "network" is tanking. AndI never did see Dr. Phil comment on Lohan's mom after the fact. He paid her and she skated away. Lohan style.

  32. 32

    Re: Stephanie – this has GOT to be Lohan's mom. Unless Lohan agrees to work for free, that's the only way a production company could offset the cost of the insurance on that notorious LIAR THIEF DRUNK DRUGGIE Lindsay. She'll ruin any production. Film people are professionals. Every single minute of a production is cost evaluated. Every single member of the crew and cast affects all the others. Bringing on a ball of mess like Lindsay Lohan could NEVER be good for a production. She's poison and garners NO RESPECT.

  33. LADY says – reply to this


    She might be fit for playing Ana Steele's best friend Kate…I BELIEVE IN RECOVERY.

  34. LADY says – reply to this


    She fits the description of KATE, Ana best friend.

  35. I DO APOLIGIZE says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – You're right and Phylis Diller want even who I was actually thinking about. I was seeing JOAN RIVERS in my mind. Her surgeries have left her looking like an alien and Jenner looks like one of the same species as Rivers. I stand corrected. Diller is a one of a kind legend and pioneer. And i couldnt care less what she looks like. River is too commercially twisted for my personal taste; in appearance & in performance.

  36. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I would rather see a used tampon in that movie than this druggie broad ……

  37. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I think there has been a mix-up…she actually wants to do 50 lines of COKE… ! Broken telephone situation…..LOL !

  38. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    * after re-hab ……

  39. SOLICITING says – reply to this


    Poor Lindsay is just spending all her rehab time trying to recover a career that was over a decade ago. Her movie star days have been gone for years and years and here she is in rehab still soliciting for a job in a horney, crappy movie. Trust this, Dina: If anyone wants to hire her for anything, they KNOW where she is and how to reach her. Its sad to see her delusional desperate play out in public, just BECAUSE YOU CANT GET A JOB!

  40. NO, SILLY, says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – RE: Stephanie. –Stephanie isn't Dina. Stephanie is Ste(ph)ven Spielberg! It's sooooooooo obvious!

  41. 41

    Re: I DO APOLIGIZE – i met Joan Rivers. You'd never guess by her public persona but she was so amazingly kind, truly sophisticated, and without the hot lights, she looked as good as any Upper East Side woman of a certain age. They ALL have work done. She's golden in my book. I met Bruce Jenner also, way back. I can't understand how he ended up in a house of prostitutes with a wife who P I M P S out her own children.

  42. 42

    yuck, nobody wants to see that.

  43. IF @1ST U DONT SUCCEED says – reply to this


    Re: effyooseekay: It seems L/her parents just will NOT accept that The Lilos commercial appeal is not only gone it has turned into tainted, putrid goods. Some posters write LL is an Actress,she can ACT; she can do it! & Lindz says she's a damn good actress too! But she HAS NOT BEEN a quality actress or professional for about a DECADE. & its not like she was out of the field for 8yrs & is NOW attempting to make a re-entry/"comeback" from having been on spiritualal sabatical or taking a break from acting to graduate college. Its been 8yrs of comeback ATTEMPTS from a delusional ignorant. Trying to gain the admiration, popularity &respect she EARNED as an obedient, cooperative, sparkly-spunky CHILD ACTRESS. Her comeback ATTEMPTS have been a Seasonal Event for YRS & YRS. Her acting on film & her acting out has been disasters & publically humilating SHOWS. Her off-scene acting out when she is HIRED to be a professional talent, (who allegedly has rare gifts to ACT like anyone from a Queen, to a Whore to a Nun.) An ACTRESS IS EXPECTED TO ACT LIKE A DECENT HUMAN BEING. Linds is a SHITTY EMPLOYEE. It matters.

  44. IF @1ST U DONT SUCCEED says – reply to this


    Re: effyooseekay: It seems L/her parents just will NOT accept that The Lilos commercial appeal is not only gone it has turned into tainted, putrid goods. Some posters write LL is an Actress,she can ACT; she can do it! & Lindz says she's a damn good actress too! But she HAS NOT BEEN a quality actress or professional for about a DECADE. & its not like she was out of the field for 8yrs & is NOW attempting to make a re-entry/"comeback" from having been on spiritual sabatical or taking a break from acting to graduate college. Its been 8yrs of comeback ATTEMPTS from a delusional ignorant. Trying to gain the admiration, popularity &respect she EARNED as an obedient, cooperative, sparkly-spunky CHILD ACTRESS. Her comeback ATTEMPTS have been a Seasonal Event for YRS & YRS. Her acting on film & her acting out has been disasters & publically humilating SHOWS. Her off-scene acting out when she is HIRED to be a professional talent, (who allegedly has rare gifts to ACT like anyone from a Queen, to a Whore to a Nun.) An ACTRESS IS EXPECTED TO ACT LIKE A DECENT HUMAN BEING. Linds is a SHITTY EMPLOYEE. It matters.

  45. TRY, TRY AGAIN?? says – reply to this


    Re: IF @1ST U DONT SUCCEED – That's swell & just keen saying, that, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." ? Well, try, try again means 3 striked your out. So, here's my take on that nifty very misunderstood quip: If at first you dont succeed, but you tried, tried again -without success; try, try some other idea to make a living.

  46. TRY, TRY AGAIN?? says – reply to this


    Re: IF @1ST U DONT SUCCEED – That's a swell & just keen saying, that, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." ? RIGHT? Well, try, try again means 3 strikes and you're out. So, here's my take on that nifty, very misunderstood quip: If at first you dont succeed, but you tried, tried again -without success; try, try some other idea to make a living.

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's kind of the opposite/antithesis of the Fifty character. The friend, mehbe.

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    If she did a bio movie of her real life, and went balls to the wall censoring nothing, it might be the hit of the year. She would play herself.

  49. @v@ says – reply to this


    You want to succeed in a big way? Do what you know.

  50. 50

    fucking joke of a human being

  51. 51

    Re: Be-Atch – coming back to that lame ass boring line. Seriously find a new one, it is no longer funny or cute.

  52. Fantasy Bio Lohan says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Agreed LL life story is sure to be made into a movie someday. However, it needs an Act III. Also, L is genuinely scrambled as to her real history &her perspective of her life has to be quite different from real world events. So it would have to be a movie about how LL REMEMBERS it & sorta, kinda, maybe thinks, like, what happened to her. If she got sober&clean MINDED & had developed the ability to park her ego & come clean w/HERSELF &others w/what she has actually done, that WOULD be interesting, but even 5yrs of being clean&sober &living in a Temple of Healing, that commitment & determination would have to be REAL & SUSTAINABLE before anyone wants to see HER relive her life so we can pay to watch her be an idiot all over again. Another docu-drama of a yet another faulty "Intervension/Comeback " starring Lindsay Lohan The Movie Star! IMO: Umm, not a major block-buster maker/idea there. Until she's INTERESTING & INTERESTED in something beyond her own fame; nobody gonna PAY to watch that shit happen ALL OVER AGAIN.

  53. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Geez this has to be the most boring book ever, who would pay to see a movie of this?

  54. Shirley Ujest says – reply to this


    How confusing. The quotes from Lindsay's friend says Lindsay need a big role for a big comeback, NEEDS Star billing in a blast-ya-all-out-at-the-next-Oscars kinda movie, right? Is'nt this book soft pornography at best? Can we be real for a hour about how low this girl has gone? Canyons was described as dark, empty, soft porno something & the teaser clip of canyons was just another Liz&Dick mockery/shockery for a delusional & wishful Lindsay. Then she wished in media she could work with or model for some high-end chothing company - when her leggings line can't sell/move at all unless DNAM pulls the labels out & ships them wholesale to foreign naive countries. & she & "her people" are begging for an offer for her to work in yet another low-end soft porn movie? …and Linds & 'her people' think this will be her BIG COMEBACK VECHICLE? …Hello! Aint no comeback if you only comeback to point out you still livin' in da gutter and wishin' for trash to blow in your fancy. Sorry Linds, NO.

  55. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    Who's Ana Steele?

  56. 56

    Hell no! She will ruin it for everyone that loves that trilogy. I hope LL James shoots her down if any of this fantasy of hers is true. Crazy Beatch

  57. sickofwatchingherbeg says – reply to this


    Re: iamsickofit – It makes me sad Lindsay cant see what she is doing. Or maybe she thinks other people wont catch it, or think about it much cause Lindsay Lohan stories just never add up. By the time you read a story and add a comment yourself, the story has become obsolete or been updated by news that states the last story was invalid. Its gibberish, its Lindsay & her PR peoples efforts to keep her name in the news & land her jobs DURING HER 6th REHAB STAY. These stories, this Lindsay constantly putting her wishes in media and believing her pathetic begging to industry decision makers is going to spark off the 'comeback' shes been attempting for years? So humiliating, for most. Wasnt Liz&Dick her comeback role. And canyons was going to really shoot her into great wealth too, because she had points in the profits? Anger Management & SNL, were those some kind of comeback attempt, or at least another public announcement that Lindsay Lohan is going to make a comeback. Her comeback days have come and GONE!

  58. Oh, Man. says – reply to this


    I was expecting her to not be so delusional once she got off the drugs. This isn't a good sign that she's been off the stuff for almost a month and she still hasn't touched base with reality yet. Too weird that she has people being supportive of this and helping her to keep humiliating herself in media. Maybe it's actually going to end up helping her, to look at hardcopy of how crazy she sounds when she puts her stuff out for the whole world to see. If she ever does come out of her bubble of fantasy and superiority, she has a lot to look at, a lot to be ashamed of. That's suppose to be part of bottoming out, seeing how low you did go. Why hasn't she seen how stuck on her bottom she is, a month after being in treatment?

  59. Meh says – reply to this


    She may want to do a soap, who says they are going to give this bitch anything?

  60. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Fantasy Bio Lohan – You're probably right. Right now, I could see the protagonist stopping and giving money to a homeless person.

  61. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Lindsay is an Actress that is what she does . If LL wants to try for this part that is her business .
    If you don't like LL then don't watch the movie . Pretty simple .
    Lindsay Go For It !

  62. Lindsay WAS an actress says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Why do you capatalize actress? Lindsay has had the lead in TWO MOVIES in the last 8-9 yrs. One, a TV movie, was RIDICULED BECAUSE OF HER ACTING. Her second role was the lead in a group-sex soft porno film that was rejected by two totally different film festivals, with scathing rejections from one. The Movie Stars second film in a near decade is still sitting in the can w/no takers. She isnt a movie star if she doesnt star in but one Tv movie & a soft porn film thats so bad it hasnt been a released. In the last decade. You write if we dont like it dont watch it. Your missing the point: If people don't like the IDEA of Lindsay being in a movie, the movie AINT NEVER GONNA STAR LINDSAY LOHAN.

  63. SOFT PORN ACTRESS? says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – You write like you really care about Lindsay and she is a real Actress and can be a great actress. If you care about her, why do you think her doing SOFT PORNO in degrading parts is a good thing for her and an appropriate meduim for her (alleged) Great Actress Grand Talents? Are you also so fame-is-everything minded that you think it's a GOOD thing that Lindsay ASPIRES to soft porno to show off her talents for her next COMEBACK? You think being a porn star is an admirable, respectable form of Actressing, do ya? NOT A LOT OF RESPECT or Oscars involved in that, Taylor. & she was already considered barfy in her first attempt of being a soft porn star, an naked actress, in her attempt at making a comeback by stooping to soft-Porn, Group Sex Actress. Do u have NO concern about the QUALITY of Lindsays work …or is a check & a movie credit the whole value of FAME and the definition of a Successful Actress? U cant love Lindsay if u think her turning porno is a good idea. No way. Boooooo on Taylor!

  64. LINDSAY IS A CRIMINAL says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – You write, "Lindsay is an Actress that is what she does" Well, her acting has been MINIMAL FOR THE LAST DECADE. Lindsay hasn't been a professional actress in a long time. FOR THE LAST SIX YEARS, LINDSAY HAS BEEN A CRIMINAL, THAT'S WHAT SHE DOES! She hasn't been a real actress for years & years &years & years. There use to be a saying in Hollywood: You're only as good as your LAST MOVIE. NOT you're always as good as the last movie you were good in. Wake up, shes done in Hollywood. Let her be what she IS …NOW.

  65. I CAN SEE WHY says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair: I can see why posters have accused u of being Dina but I have never believed it for long, but now ?? Here's the glitch: u say u CARE about L. U write ur just never gonna give up on her. But for mnths now all I see u write is excuses, BLAMING EVERYONE BUT LINDZ. Blaming Holley was just TOO far off-the-wall. U seem obsessed w/L, yet u never write anything about REAL ISSUES in her life, her HEALTH. HER REAL CIRCUMSTANCES, how she's drowning in debt &lawsuits. U dismiss these real life catastophies: she could go to PRISON for IRS FRAUD! She's got a $5mil COUNTER-SUIT (meaning SHE STARTED IT) case AGAINST her. She's a total scrambled mess & her PARENTS CAN NOT HELP HER! WHAT COULD U BE THINKING WHEN U WRITE, 'GO FOR IT LINDSAY!' Who's going to solve her real life problems w/the law &tons of lawsuits she's involved in? Just blow off her real life legal responsibilities to go do a horney, smutty film? Dont u realize shes got REAL LIFE PROBLEMS TO SOLVE FIRST? U r so FOOLISH to keep harping on&on about nothing but Lindsay recovering AN ACTING JOB. She has to manage, then solve, about 30 different very serious LEGAL OBLIGATIONS in the next 2yrs. Who else can do it but her? Her parents ARE LEAD ANCHORS. She is In so much trouble that needs HER TO BE THE SOLUTION. & just like Dina, all u want to see is that Lindsay hurry up & get A JOB AS AN ACTRESS. & porns ok.? Really?

  66. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: I CAN SEE WHY – First I am not obsessed with Lindsay . I enjoy her acting and I believe LL is not a bad person and she CAN get her acting back on track . I have not seen the movie the Canyons but plan to . NO I do not think LL should do soft porn in any way LL is too good for that . Now you say LL has legal problems well anyone with Legal problems still WORK while they tend to them . If YOU had legal problems to tend to would YOU stop working?
    Lindsay Still needs to make a living and Acting is what LL does and does WELL . Note it is up to the producers , directors , and the Studio to choose whom they want in their movies not people . ABSURD !

  67. TaylorTFair says – reply to this



  68. To Taylor says – reply to this


    U write something of would I stop working if I had legal problems? Well, ur flaw there is LINDSAY DOES NOT HAVE A JOB. She has to FIND work. & Lindz isnt looking at A lawsuit or 2, she has legal problems w/her criminal cases, numerous civil suits, civil judgments shes blown off & now the DNAM $5 mil lawsuit against her -that she needs to DEFEND herself against. L can't make a plane she has tickets for, even when she is at the airport. She is late almost everywhere she goes & blows off LEGAL COMMITMENTS. So u think Linds is capable of managing a dozen different lawsuits, probation, community service/therapy, defending herself for a huge lawsuit &shes gonna have time to track down&show up&WIN auditions, then DO THE WORK? Yeah, she needs to work, but she CANT FIND WORK. & directors&producers CHOOSE their actresses BASED on what the public WANTS, or MORESO, DOES NOT WANT -TO PAY- TO SEE.

  69. CANYONS says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Totaaly confused about u saying u want to see Canyons but no soft porn for Lindsay, shes too good for that. Do u not know that Film Industry People have been very public that they consider/classify Canyons as soft-porn? A big reason it has been rejected by film festivals &hasn't found a distrubitor or any genuine commercial interest is that film festival insiders SAW IT, gossiped about it & it got around, along w/some clips, that Canyons is nothing more than soft-porn w/a dark/no substance to the movie/story. It was labeled gratutious soft porn w/no story line. Lindz did a buck-naked looooooong GROUP SEX SCENE -w/3 other dudes? She was paid $100 DAY. That's EXACTLY what u say she is too good for, but it's exactly WHAT SHE DID -& what u claim u want to see. 50 Shades is another soft porn/trash film. Dont u know that Lindz last film WAS soft-porn, GROUP SEX w/3 guys? ($100/day?) & this 1 she wants will be soft-porn too.

  70. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: CANYONS – I have only seen clips of the Canyons I can admit I do not the story line of the movie . I believe Lindsay is trying to go for 50 because of the hype and popularity of the books . I do not know the Script of 50 or how they would convert the book to movie as of yet . If they choose to go the soft porn direction then NO LL should not do the movie . I was not in favor of LL doing the L Lovelace movie either . Lindsay look for a better part you are too good for soft porn .

  71. Quality Parts says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Glad to hear u are not supportive of lindsay doing nasty films for $100 a day. I can understand if L thinks a high profile book will bring her attention, but one must be considerate of the TYPE & QUALITY of attention one choose to create for ones self. This has been an issue of Ls for yrs. It seems she has had great difficulty grasping that bad press is bad for the girls reputation and personal reputations ARE part of the whole package of public appeal. Taylor, I never read 50shades but heard flight attendants felt it strange that so many people were openly reading 50 shades on planes; these flight attendants were perplexed, as many of them had read the book & considered it nothing but porn. If a book is all about sex, & little else is even part of the book, i think its a fair assumution that a book based on sexual encounters will be a movie that SHOWS sexual encounters. Quality of work matters to an actresses persona. If Linds turns to have a career of nothing but naked group sex scenes, she wont be considered for quality/wholesome roles in hollywood.

  72. ana says – reply to this


    Oh hell NOOOO you've got to be kidding me Lohan is already like road kill (Or rode hard & put up wet) and I don't think she's the one to play Ana not ever

  73. Cheri says – reply to this


    NO ! NO ! NO !

  74. Jenn says – reply to this


    As if they'd want her anyway? She is too "used" to play someone who is an ingenue. I used to like Lindsay but all her antics and "princess" treatment got old real fast!

  75. Jenn says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – OMG! You're my hero!! You said what I've always thought!! The women in my office all swooned over that book. I considered it toilet paper!

  76. 76

    She is NOT Anastasia and she will NEVER be. And if she gets chosen I refuse to watch the movie

  77. chrissy says – reply to this


    she looks gross, why would anyone want to want love scenes with someone who looks like they've been under the needle waaaaay too many times? No thanks. That would ruin it for everyone…