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The Voice's Blake Shelton Gives Some Marital Advice! Talks Life With Miranda Lambert!

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blake shelton miranda lambert marital advice

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s marriage has been put under one extra-strong microscope as of late.

But though the two are still in cahoots with one another, it seems their second year of marital bliss has been full of many lessons for the Voice coach.

Blake recently revealed:

“I think I’ve learned a lot about marriage, especially in the second year. We spent a lot of time together in bigger blocks than we had in that first year. I think I’ve just learned to shut up and listen and not always have to have a comment about every statement.”

He added that the key to a healthy marriage — really, a healthy relationship — is to be mindful of the other person in every way:

“I think it’s more about just listening and understanding who she is and what her insecurities may be and how to approach our marriage as an open minded listener and a shoulder to lean on.”

We’re also really glad to hear this man is ok with letting his wife be the strong woman that she is:

“When you’re married to Miranda Lambert, you’ve gotta give her her room because she’s a powerful force. That’s the thing I love and respect about her. You’ve gotta let her be Miranda and understand who that person is.”

We know it takes two to play this game, but Blake sure sounds like the perfect husband!

Miranda’s one lucky lady!

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14 comments to “The Voice's Blake Shelton Gives Some Marital Advice! Talks Life With Miranda Lambert!”

  1. 1

    These two have spent a lot of time lately defending their marriage and going on and on about how it "works," which of course makes me a little suspicious. If all is well, why go to great lengths to say so? He is on the cover of this week's People and for several weeks they - mostly he - has been yammering on and on about their wedded bliss. They each have albums or other projects to promote? I do like him, although he seems mighty fond of drinking, and she seems a bit ornery. Don't know much about their music as country is not my favorite.

  2. 2

    I think they've got about 5 more minutes before that implodes.

  3. 3

    He cheated on his first wife WITH Miranda. He's in NO position to give advice about marriage. He's the antithesis of marriage.

  4. imio says – reply to this


    LOL! The perfect husband? Does his first wife think so? He and Miranda both knew he was married when they started carrying on together. I enjoy Blake as a personality, but he's no perfect husband for sure.

  5. Isolde says – reply to this


    Yeah. She's the one he cheated with during his first marraige. He needs to notsomuch speak about marriage or respecting it, or how to handle it.

    I am waiting for the end of their marriage. It's coming. People who are actually happily married don't have to go around telling people that they are. They're busy being happy.

  6. Jim Fergus says – reply to this


    I think Miranda is a very gracious and caring lady, She showed her true emotions at the show in Okla city, She has a great band I play a steel Guitar and enjoyed hearing him play the fills to your song. Good job, Best of luck in the future.

  7. W.D. Coe says – reply to this


    Blake did NOT cheat on his first wife with Miranda. His first wife divorced him before he and Miranda even started dating. But, if you want to bring that old dirt up, how about remembering that Johnny Cash cheated on his first wife with June Carter ? Tammy Wynette cheated on husband #2 with George Jones . Faith Hill cheated on her fiance with Tim McGraw. Blake is not a cheater and Miranda is NOT the other woman . So what if he drinks a little bit, and so what if she's a little tough ? They have had to defend thier marriage because so many people are trying to start the "breakup rumors" . They met, sang a song together on a duet show when he was still married …but they did not start seeing each other until AFTER his first wife divorced him AND he had been legally divorced from her for over 6 months . I happen to like both of them . But, the "Hollywood "types don't like or believe in them because they just don't understand real country people with careers .

  8. Julieb615 says – reply to this


    Re: W.D. Coe – ::APPLAUSE:: ::APPLAUSE::

  9. nessmes50 says – reply to this


    Re: imio – Blake did NOT cheat on his wife with Miranda.They were going through a divorce,at the time these 2 met…Miranda was cing someone also.Blake and Miranda started dating AFTER,he was divorced.They were NOT going 2 be 2gether till it came through.So get your story straight…Just bcause the 2 of them hung out at functions does NOT mean something was going on..Men and Women hang out all the time .

  10. Dee Dee says – reply to this


    Blake and Lynette were married when Miranda went after him. You only have to google it to get the whole story. She knew he was married, and she didn't care. When he cheats on her, if he hasn't already, she will know what it feels like. Blake and Miranda both drink a lot, but Blake borders on being an alcoholic. He shouldn't give marriage advice to anyone, as he's one big failure at it himself.

  11. Dee Dee says – reply to this


    Re: Julieb615Re: Julieb615 – You have lost your mind. Blake was married when he met Miranda. He and Lynette did not get divorced for another year. Miranda chased him like hell, and now she is worried he's going to cheat on her. Once a cheat always a cheat. Why don't you google it and find out the true story about his marriage and subsequent divorce.

  12. Renee says – reply to this


    Re: Dee Dee – And how do you know this? Why are you being so defensive? Are you his ex-wife? And you can't always believe you read on the internet also.

  13. pebbles1991 says – reply to this



  14. Joe says – reply to this


    When celebrities make comments on marriage its usually the kiss of death for their marriage.