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33 comments to “Amanda Bynes Disses Dad & RuPaul With One Swift Twitter Slam!”

  1. jb says – reply to this


    she looks like blond octomom

  2. 2

    RuPaul looks a million times more fabulous than Amanda Bynes, and has MUCH better wigs.

  3. dddff says – reply to this


    Do you really need to post all of her crazy twitties! We know that she is a crazy lady. You do not have to make it worst by giving her publicity.

  4. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Oh shove it, Perez. With as much smack as you talked, you've got a lot of nerve to judge her. Or do you not remember getting famous for being an ass who drew hearts around guys' dicks. Now you just do close up photos of them.

  5. Jim says – reply to this


    Once upon a time (true story) I worked with two girls that were good friends and room mates I shall call "Jill and Lacey". Something happened (nothing major, just grew apart) and Jill and Lacey were no longer friends. Lacey moved out over 3 years ago and is enjoying life and moved on. To this day Jill still obsesses over Lacey and her every move. Although they do not talk, Jill still talks about Lacey to everyone and still watches her every move. It's crazy, unhealthy, and far from normal. Kind of put me in the mind of Perez's obsession over Amanda. That's all.

  6. Frankie Alice says – reply to this


    im not going to lie but Amanda has changed alot. Ive grown up watching her and i've seen her change. But in order for her to benefit herself the media should leave her alone and let her get on with her life. srsly.

  7. 7

    Lindsay Lohan is probably thankful Amanda Bynes taken over the gossip headlines for a while. Now she can get some rest.

  8. face says – reply to this


    Like you really want her to stop. Why should she? You repost and comment on everything the chick says and does. Maybe you need to stop blogging her every tweet.

  9. DaVinci says – reply to this


    Sorry I'm late to this post. I had to throw up after I saw that picture of you and your bought child. Three words for you Perez: SHAMPOO AND RINCE.!

  10. Stalkers stalker says – reply to this


    Boil any bunnies lately Perez?

  11. blahblah says – reply to this


    seriously sad. the girl needs to check herself and realize she's messed up,she used to be so great,and now she's so far gone. hope she gets better and finds herself again

  12. James says – reply to this


    she turned 27 recently, she needs to get help before she joins the club…

  13. Nikkielee says – reply to this


    #OhNoSheBetterDont ….talk smack abt RuPaul! She wishes she looked that good!

  14. 14

    Oh please let me see karma in action. Oh please let me see karma in action. Oh please please please.

  15. Jeneee says – reply to this


    This is what she did to her:

  16. jushayw says – reply to this


    The kindest thing you can do is leave her alone. It is really distasteful how your are pretending to reach out when all you are is exploiting her very distressed mental instability. If you really cared for her, you wouldn't post at all about her or at least post about the talent that has brought her to where is as a solid reminder of why she should seek help.

    Her going after RuPaul though, bitch is over fifty and absolutely gorgeous, inside and out; amanda could learn from the wisdom Ru has gained over self love to love others and accepting and embracing all of our imperfections. Amanda has a strong lack of vulnerability which is why she is focusing on other's being ugly. Nothing is wrong with not being blessed with society's standards of beauty, but there is something massively wrong with choosing to have a horrible attitude- you and her both need to keep that in mind.

  17. Smelloitt says – reply to this


    She's faking it for the publicity. Her career didn't hit the heights she wanted, Jennifer Lawrence fame, so she has to seem damaged and sick. I bet the plan is for her to go to a "rehab" and come back as "The Good-Girl that made an amazing recovery"…. It's not going to work though, she's not pretty enough. Her face is kinda wonky.

  18. DaVinci says – reply to this


    seriously! am I the only one that sees that Perez needs a good degreasing and shampoo?

  19. 19

    Lmao. Ugh, that poir girl.

  20. Rikki says – reply to this


    I think it time advertisement Escondido this young lady should be stopped , she obviously in some need of professional help and the amount of articles about her as of late it only fuelling her desire to act even more odd and say the rudest things, she obviously is struggling with some mental health issues and unless she seeks help I'm afraid this will end in another life gone tragety

  21. 21

    She's a pathetic bitch…… Her parents deserve better, and honestly I wouldn't be sad if this skank disappeared. She's doing nothing for the human race. I'm done feeling sorry for the devil.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Awww, I saw a pic of her Dad last week in some article, and he looked fine - like a Dad. Ouch. Hey, parents are people, too. They have no more control of the package they're born with than anyone else. His was good enough to co-create her. Hurtful comment.

  23. Bubble says – reply to this


    Why does she look like OctoMom?

  24. dianallll says – reply to this


    I had never really heard about this girl till you started writing about her, and after what I have read I did not miss anything. You can see that she is sick and needs help, you really have to feel sorry for her. There are so many people with real problems time should not be used on this one, no one really cares. Perez you are like a dog, you get hold of a bone and you just cannot let it go. I have to laugh at the end you always say how they should get help and you always want them to get better, what a load of crap. These kind of people are your bread and butter you are still a bully, you just do it a little less out right. I still read you everyday just to see what you have to say and that is what you want I just never believe anything you say but it is funny.

  25. Kenny says – reply to this


    Aw, hell no! Not RuPaul. LOL Amanda could never!

  26. dianallll says – reply to this


    Perez you have got your body in good shape, now do something about that hair of yours. Try washing and cutting it once just to see how much better you could look. I hope the rest of your body is cleaner they the way your hair looks or people will really have to keep their distance. Do you really think it looks good maybe you should ask your mother.

  27. yolani says – reply to this


    wtf is wrong with this girl. honestly, like wtf i think she needs to go to church this is not christ like at all. amanda you need help

  28. Mallymkun63 says – reply to this


    Amanda Bynes is a nasty ass hoe…she needs serious psychiatric help….someone needs to stop her before she actually hurts someone…she's one step away from it….fuckin nut job, just coz she has become irrelevant, fat and nasty doesn't mean she can do what she's been doing….wasting people's time!!!

  29. 29

    who feeds her this crap to regurgitate

  30. Trisha says – reply to this


    You and the media are doing exactly what she wants, talking about her. We all get it. She's a whack job. Time to move on and let her destroy herself, alone.

  31. 31

    Perez Hilton Is Addicted to Bullying & Using Mentally Ill Celebrities

  32. hexxuss says – reply to this


    #TeamRuPaul - that says it all.

  33. RC says – reply to this


    Re: jb – HAHA She does!!!!