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11 comments to “Jennifer Lopez's 'Diva Act' Called Out By John Legend's Lady!”

  1. Scorpio13 says – reply to this


    Maybe she should practice what she preaches. She was extremely rude to me when I was a PA on a show that she was a guest on. Krama is a b^tch and she too can go "kick some rocks"!!

  2. 2

    Perez, I've enjoyed your site. Obviously there are a lot of reasons we find celebrities interesting, talent or no, and I'm one who is entertained. But WOW! "To be fair, it is J Lo". That leaves a really bad taste in my mouth, and I have no issue with J Lo. These folks are no better than others. Other celebrities, other non celebrities. This Diva stuff is getting excessively grotesque.

  3. Leslie says – reply to this


    Jennifer Lopez IS THE WORST SINGER ON THE FREAKING PLANET! I saw her monsterosity of a performance with Mary J. Blige yesterday and I was sooooo embarassed for her- Bitch CAN NOT sing…and she's up there with MJB? I couldn't stand to watch it straight on… so hideous and ridiculous that she actually gets on stage to "sing"… LMFAO!!!!!

  4. Kimmy says – reply to this


    Meh Chrissy Teigen is a bitch, she got what she deserved. She spazzes out on people all the damn time. She fueds with people, then blocks them from respond. I guess anything to stay relevant?

  5. 5

    JLo's the most overrated talent of the past two decades. How does she get so much work? I wonder…

  6. 6

    the only time i hear about this Chrissy girl is when shes complaining about something.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Typical alleged J-Lo antics. Girl needs an official name tag with pin that says "I'm with John Legend' or something else official sounding. How about 'Stage Manager' or something.
    Next time, just quietly say no to moving, that you're watching from there, were there first, explain who you are and advise THEM to kick rocks. Then stay there.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Christine should remember, though, that Jennifer's act has dancers and a lot of production, so they may need that particular staging area free to keep things flowing once she starts her show. She's just audience, not a performer on that day.

  9. kay says – reply to this


    Chrissy should stick to what she knows, shut your trap and just model. I've never liked this girl because she's always running her mouth, she's fame hungry.

  10. Elena says – reply to this


    Re: Kimmy
    I agree! Lopez didn't belong on the same stage with the amazing MJB. What were the organizers thinking? Mary J. should have had her own set and not duet with JLo. On the positive side, MJB killed the song! She was great!

  11. Plain Jane says – reply to this


    Who is this Pissy Seimen? She is just trying to be relevant. I was upset that Amanda even gave this unknown person a mention. Chrissy Twhatever is trying to gain fame. She has an ugly face and an ugly mom. She's just tall and skinny. Massive pie/pan round face. John is just with her because she's telling him that he can be with whomever he pleases as long as he keeps her his main. John never stood up for her. He actually called her a b****. If he stood up for her he would have addressed her as his fiancee. John is dumb because if he marries her. She will do him like what tiger woods "model" ex did to him. Have a fake agreement between you and your man. Tell him you're ok with him sleeping around. Then show your face when you are sure the law will entitle you to half of his $$$$.