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Kim Kardashian Cheated On Reggie Bush With Kanye West?! So Says Kris Humphries' Ex!

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kanye west kim kardashian cheating reggie bush

The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West rumor mill is endless. But could this be true?!

Kris Humphries’ ex Myla Sinanaj has claimed that she caught Kim sneaking Kanye into her hotel room back when she was still dating Reggie Bush!!

While Myla took to her Twitter to prove that Kim’s lawyer Laura Wasser sent her a check as payment for her participation in Kim and Kris’ divorce proceedings, she quickly revealed the potential cheating scandal!

Read Myla’s tweets…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

YIKES! Assuming this actually happened, we can't imagine Reggie will be too happy about this. Though, what's the use in dredging up old news?!

Enjoy your fifteen minutes, Myla.

[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “Kim Kardashian Cheated On Reggie Bush With Kanye West?! So Says Kris Humphries' Ex!”

  1. 1

    ok this is interesting we are all ears …. what else do u know?

  2. 23232323 says – reply to this


    "enjoy your 15 minutes" is right.

    this myla bitch is traaaashy


  3. Junior08 says – reply to this


    Kanye, you better get a paternity test. You may be raising a kid that's not even yours!

  4. 4

    Old news, new news, archived news, hot off the press… who cares! How much more proof do people need that she is nothing but a disgusting, vile, worthless, ugly, fat ass, crackwhore slut? There truly is no other person, place, or thing on this earth that is more revolting than Kim Kardashian! (Although, Rihanna and Bieber are very close behind)

  5. Dubstephard says – reply to this


    havent heard this rumor , interesting, i would like to know what else she knows since she doesnt work at the hotel anymore

  6. truth says – reply to this


    Let;s stop this shit now. Reggie cheated on Kim with January Gessert. Kim broke up with Reggie March 2010. Her music video(pic of Kim and Kanye from music video that Kim posted on her site-so she had nothing to hide) was around Jan or feb of 2011. This bitch wants attention for her "fat girl" bikini line. She has signed up with the same management that Farah Abraham is with. The management co. is very sleezy with sleezy Z list clients.

  7. 7

    Re: truth – GOOD GOD…GET A LIFE! Who takes time to research this shit? It makes sense for people to know Kim's life story because its blasted into our faces everyday by the media but my God… you even took time to dig into these little people's lives (Myla) and find out their life stories! Thats just weird… but whatever floats your boat I guess.

  8. The Truth says – reply to this



    Reggie dumped Kim via texting and Kim and her supporters are still trying to spin the break up.

    The really funny part is Kayne has never said in public that the baby is his, never, ever. It is all said by someone else.

    The Truth Hurts

  9. 9


    This is not shocking news…

  10. 10

    Way to go Myla Sinanaj…

  11. kIMS bEST fRIEND says – reply to this



  12. 12

    About time for this site to bow out don't you think? Exit gracefully :-D #15minutesareup

  13. doucheNozzle69 says – reply to this



  14. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    This girl needs to get over herself, she was fired from the hotel were she use to work. If she going to bring up old irrevant stories, she needs gives the deets on Kris Humpries. What about him calling her boss at the hotel to say she was running a proutute ring out of the hotel. She was going to testify against Kris when he was denying their relatioshipvbut when he paid her off by giving her his white Mercedes and she changed her tuned. Myla had the nerve to get up on the stand a lie. Thus girl is a liar and opportunist and I don't believe 3/4 of what she says. At this point who cares anyway. I hope the hotel can press charges against her for breaking confidentiality of their customers, she could be liable even if she doesn't work their anymore.

  15. 15

    Re: Mrs. Momoa
    Kim Kardashian is also a lying opportunist as well as a vile pig. I would say in a test of "class" Myla is definitely one up on Kimmy (gag!)

  16. 16

    Re: Prince Charming
    One could only hope! Less and less positive comments regarding Perez and the dumb fuck can't even come up with an original story. I only visit for the comments (always a good laugh). He is a nasty, judgmental hypocrite. One thing I do agree with Bynes about, who would want to suck his dick? Probably only himself.

  17. 17

    Re: Prince Charming – speaking of that u said u were leaving ur still here lol

  18. 18

    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – when did I say that Mario?

  19. 19

    Re: PorshaJo – Cheets

  20. 20

    Re: PorshaJo – Cheers

  21. 21

    Re: Prince Charming – u said u had enough about a month ago im not mario

  22. robin says – reply to this


    I believe it. She's a skank and he's a tool.. Whenever I see them together, I think of that Meatloaf song, "Paradise by the dashboard light."
    She is stuck with that douchebag now for the rest of her life, and I think that she will be lucky to retain custody with the type of lifestyle she leads.

    Not to mention that when Kanye is ready to bolt (which I suspect he already has), no respectable man is going to want to touch her.

  23. Da phenixx says – reply to this


    I mean seriously!!! Excuse me but get the f***k out of here with that dumb ass story. Regardless if it happened or not they are no longer married and everyone is moving on. I feel you should do the same thing….

  24. Da phenixx says – reply to this


    So there is always something or someone that always want to try and hurt my niece and i'm not happy about it…However kim k have made mistakes in her life but she learned from her mistakes. sorry kris u were the one mistate!!!!

  25. mktb says – reply to this


    This chick must've ran out of birth control money.

  26. mktb says – reply to this


    Re: PorshaJo – Oh, does Kim break confidentially agreements to get quick cash? Yeah. didn't think so. I'm not a big fan of hers, but we all know this Myla is just looking for another 15 mins.

  27. 27

    I always liked Myla. She seems more real than any of these people.

  28. 28

    Well, a couple things…1–Amber Rose said flat out that Kanye cheated on her with Kim, and thanked him b/c if it wasn't for that she never would have met Wiz Khalifa…2–Kim K's former assistant was on Z-100 in NYC and said that whenever she saw Kanye at Lakers games she'd follow him all around the stadium. In both instances, she was still with Reggie Bush.

  29. yeahrite says – reply to this


    Re: PorshaJo – "Class" is not the word for a desperate b*tch who lied about being pregnant to try to keep the guy. Don't even try that crap. Is this Myla by the way?

  30. comeon says – reply to this


    Re: MissEvonne – Then Amber Rose retracted her statement and said it wasn't true. She was committing slander and was threatened with law suit. Amber was just scared to lose her meal ticket. She's the "Gold digger". She's just lucky she found another meal ticket in Wiz. She doesn't work and needs a guy to take care of her.

  31. mariebal says – reply to this


    this ex is just trying to get some sort of fame. She signed up with some agency that reps. Z-list people.
    SHe should just continue her efforts on her fat-girl tacky bikini-line

  32. Bevi says – reply to this


    "Yo Reggie, I’m really happy for you… Ima let your wife cheat with me because she has one of the biggest butts of all time! One of the BIGGEST butts a' all time!"

  33. maybemaybenot says – reply to this


    Lol this is old news. Even Amber Rose admitted this twice on a radio station interview that she caught Kim sending Kanye dirty pictures and she confronted Kim about it. Kim never denied it either..silence is louder than words. This was also at the same time Kim was dating Reggie too. So yes this "rumor" is in fact not a rumor but TRUTH.

  34. maybemaybenot says – reply to this


    Re: comeon

    When did amber rose retract her statement? The only thing she did was apologize for calling kim a home wrecker but she certianly stood by what she said.