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Michael Fassbender Screams At Mystery Woman To Stay Away In Front Of The Paparazzi!

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michael fassbender stalker affair cheating

Michael Fassbender may be an amazing thespian, but it sounds like there may have been some bad acting going on this weekend!

The X-Men Days Of Future Past star is currently filming in Montreal, across the Atlantic from his new lady love Olympian Louise Hazel.

On his day off, Michael was spotted walking with an unidentified blonde woman!

But when he saw the paparazzi trying to snap a few pics, the Fassmember reportedly screamed at the woman to keep her distance!

Gurl did NOT look happy about it, but she still gave him a little space- up until she followed him into a building!

So does Michael have the world's least threatening stalker? Or was the super-villain worried about his bad boy behavior being caught on film?!

Too bad he couldn't just use his magnetic powers to wipe all the cameras clean! LOLz!

[Image via Splash News.]

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8 comments to “Michael Fassbender Screams At Mystery Woman To Stay Away In Front Of The Paparazzi!”

  1. Dolph89 says – reply to this


    Oh phoo I thought this actor had true class and was cool. I’m hoping Michael isn't such unintelligent valueless septic dog s—! Although I now admit he sorta reeks of a stale womanizing creep that well…. doesn't deserve love’s paradise or anything genuinely worthwhile. Used to think he had a cut above swag with rich merit…. now he seems like nothing but a shallow douchy manwhore! She looks like a pornskank/prostitute. Omg get tested STDS!!!!

  2. sam says – reply to this


    look more pictures

  3. Winter90 says – reply to this



    "You took the words right outta my mouth"—Meatloaf

  4. miaminativesrule says – reply to this


    Dolph89 right on…. people need to realize that actors and actresses are NOT their characters! Fassbender is NOT classy magneto, hes just a mere mortal guy who happens to be into women… a lot… a lot of women. or at least it seems that way and he is constantly contradicting himself, saying he finds overweight and liberated women sexy meanwhile he dates super fit and super petite light skinned black girls exclusively and no I am not jealous or overweight I am quite fit myself body tight as a drum but I still find his hypocrisy annoying, what's strange is that Michael has been in several movies where he has to act sadistically towards women and treat them as sex objects or just objects and actors are people too so they start to believe that they are the characters, in the Dangerous Method he had a sort of bdsm relationship with keira knightleys characters, in Jonah Hex he got to beat the crap out of Megan Fox and in Shame well.. you know.

  5. miaminativesrule says – reply to this


    I initially did not find him attractive and only found him hot and sexy after watching him play magneto and I soon realized that he is NOT the character, he is not a tortured, wise beyond his years old soul who is quiet spoken and mysterious he is a fun loving, non-tortured, drinking, smoking, dating, womanizing, aging guy who just happened to choose acting as his job and thats it, I think most women who are attracted to him are crazy about him because they confuse him in real life with the characters he plays and he always plays tortured souls and you know soft hearted women fall all over themselves to love and nurture a tortured soul hoping that they are the ONE who will change him and make him see the light, some women have a primitive need for that validation, I on the other hand don't find womanizing appealing AT ALL, and I know these pictures don't say much but if he is a womanizer that's gross especially at his age, no offense. Moral of the long a** comment: Stop confusing actors with the characters they play!

  6. miaminativesrule says – reply to this


    But you know what at the end of the day it's his life let him carpe diem, it's none of our business what he does with his life, if you like his acting them stick to watching his movies

  7. valantine malloy says – reply to this


    Did it occur to people who witnessed it that Michael was at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal then. Do you know how loud those engines are? Been there and wore ear plugs! If they were exiting the building into the carrying noise of the engines and she was behind him, maybe he said something and she did not hear it so he had to look back and yell it. The people around them don't seem too appalled in any way. It appears Michael is looking for someone he was to meet and a no show. The woman just seems to be standing there not too into the races. She could be anyone from a person working for him as an administrator, to an acquaintance. The End.

  8. Grace says – reply to this



    Male/female? Your post makes it seem that you are dipped in a vat of bitter acid. What did he do to you? Did he refused your offer to be his doormat? While I will not defend his behaviour; but will continue to support his work via the art movies.

    I will suggest that you get a hobby; it seems that fan-girling is unfulfilling as it should be. Please stop your obsession before it consumes you. Ciao!