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Taylor Swift Talks Boyz!!! What Makes Her Tick Vs. What Makes Her Ticked-Off!

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After being in a gazillion and a half quite a few relationships herself, Taylor Swift has gained some serious relationship knowledge!!

She recently shared certain things that absolutely do not fly with her, along with some pretty useful dating tips!!

Here is her number one no-no when it comes to dating:

“Never be jealous. You can be competitive, but never be jealous. If you’re jealous in a relationship, it’s because you’re not confident in yourself."

We totes agree!! Jealousy is never necessary. It could lead to Never Ever Getting Back Together, ha!

Next topic: anyone ever wonder where Tay Tay finds her boys?? She carefully selects them from her circle of friends, of course!! The singer says:

“I think it’s always good to be somebody’s friends first. If it escalates into something more, that’s awesome. If not, now you’ve got another friend.”

Very true!! And who doesn’t want more friends, right!??

Now, when it comes to telling a boy you like him:

”I ran into this problem a lot when I was in junior high because the guy I liked never noticed me. The best thing you can do is give little hints. Go up and talk to him! But don’t seem desperate. And never chase a boy, because it’s their least favorite thing.”

See, even country princesses like TSwift have trouble, trouble when it comes to getting attention from her crushes sometimes!!

Lastly, Taylor revealed that first kisses can lead to relationships! She said the following about her first kiss:

“I was 15. I was one of the last of my friends to ever kiss a guy. It wasn’t a bad kiss. I think it was cute. We ended up dating for a year! ”


And now you know everything Taylor has learned on the dating scene! Take note, people, LOLz!!

[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “Taylor Swift Talks Boyz!!! What Makes Her Tick Vs. What Makes Her Ticked-Off!”

  1. danielle says – reply to this


    I love her

  2. pp says – reply to this


    I love all her interviews. she's the best

  3. oelard says – reply to this



  4. Paul says – reply to this


    I'm the perfect man for her.

  5. barney says – reply to this


    With all the Plastic Surgery she is having done on her face she is going to replace Joan Rivers as the Queen of Plastic Surgery.It is helping her appearance she is still Ugly and way over rated.Taylor could not hit a High are low note if her life depended on it.

  6. pp says – reply to this


    Barney- Taylor is so beautiful that you think she had plastic surgery, but she dind't.

  7. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    ”I ran into this problem a lot when I was in junior high because the guy I liked never noticed me. The best thing you can do is give little hints. Go up and talk to him! But don’t seem desperate. And never chase a boy, because it’s their least favorite thing.”

    -Gurl, you need to follow your own advice cuz writing about all of your boys equates to chasing them in desperation.

    “I was 15. I was one of the last of my friends to ever kiss a guy. It wasn’t a bad kiss. I think it was cute. We ended up dating for a year! ”

    - The last, Taylor? LAST? C'mon ho, you know you faster than that! Like, Speedy Gonzalez & The Flash's love child faster than that.. silly ho & your lies. warning to all guys who cross her path; make sure to have your 10ft poles on you and wrap EVERY SINGLE CONDOM ON IT BEFORE EVEN YOUR HAND ROTS & FALLS OFF!

  8. pp says – reply to this


    fred you again?

  9. jules says – reply to this


    Honestly - who cares.

  10. pp says – reply to this


    fred. its sad and hilarious how you dindt understand nothing hahaha

  11. dani says – reply to this



    I CARE. Love this girl

  12. jules says – reply to this



    Perhaps if Ms Swift had some life experience, education and enough integrity not to complain about anyone that didn't ever do what she wanted she might be someone to respect and care about. But not the case.

    There are ample educated individuals with integrity to look up to - wisdom is not always part of the world that many young celebrities live in.

  13. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    This is for the anal Taylor fans and Truthspeaker is not me and you can tell by contents
    but then again you are Taylor fans and really stupid. Taylor looks so awful and totally used up and she is now going to ruin the song with Rolling Stones.
    -Truthspeaker and I should be become friends soon.

  14. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    The only thing that Taylor knows is spreading herlegs and causing problems in Rhode Island. nasty white trash.

  15. lex says – reply to this


    Oh and she forgot her best dating tip yet! "Oh and most importantly don't forget to bitch and moan about every guy who gets fed up with you, through song."

  16. pp says – reply to this


    Fred1259 - you're so dumb. ahahhahahahhahahhahha. I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! you dont know… How old are you?

  17. oops says – reply to this


    as an informatic expert I can see

  18. daneylle says – reply to this


    She's right. cant wait too see her this weekend in uk.

  19. aldana says – reply to this


    I love her. !! she's nice. and what's the big deal if she dated a lot of guys?? she's just learning…

  20. Jess says – reply to this


    OK, let's see if I can understand this girl… she prefers being friends first, if it doesn't become more than that, she has another friend… but if it does become more than a friendship and it doesn't work out, then the guy has her as an enemy who will use her work to ridicule him in front of the world? Gotcha.

  21. franko12 says – reply to this


    Re: jules – ,Who the he– do you think you are telling someone who they should look up to and who they shouldn't. I promise you and that d head truthspeaker which is nothing but a lie wouldn't say this to me face or you wouldn't be dying anything after that. Taylor is better than your a–will ever be and more successful so stfu!""!moron

  22. Jules says – reply to this


    franko12 ,

    Taylors immature fans obviously relate to her high school mentality. Most people hated people like this in high school. Free speech bud. You get your opinion and I get mine and alot of people just think her portrayal of herself as a victim is pathetic.

  23. barney says – reply to this


    Re: pp – Open your eyes, the fact that she has had Plastic Surgery is obvious. The most notable difference is the shape of her eyes. And she is far from beautiful.

  24. rb says – reply to this


    Thanks for all of the advice, but what do you do when no one wants to date you because you're a serial dater that writes break-up songs about your EX's??

  25. diname says – reply to this


    taylor is the best! haters gonna hate.

  26. ? says – reply to this


    barney you're obsessed with taylor. you're still for so long. use always the same name honey, please. its annoying.

  27. jaroel says – reply to this


    this interview is old. why are you guys talking about that again? taylor looks so beautiful in this pic

  28. beautiful says – reply to this


    WOW! You look amazingly beautiful… way to go girl

    Love your music, style and perfume too!

  29. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I miss having a good country radio station in LA (used to listen to 93.9 until some A-hole dj they had got them in trouble in the next day they were playing "dance music". Yuck.).
    Can remember seeing the late Waylon Jennings back in the day, good times!

  30. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Hey PP-(Moron)-Did you even graduate because you are as stupid as Taylor? I laugh at you all the time and love to get you going. Taylor's security accused of harassing volunteers and this bitch thinks she owns the beach. She is so arrogant, fake bitch
    and hopefully she will leave country music forever and go pop where she belongs.

  31. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Taylo looks so old, ugly in this picture and looks like the bride of dracula. She needs to stop having plastic surgery and looks about 40.

  32. Lylac says – reply to this


    Re: Fred1259 – How about show some maturity? u know, it up to her fans if they wanna support her. who u to call them with names? if u like someone and i dont like that person, and i call u with bad names, what u feel? please.. u say she causing trouble in Rhode Island? then go and complain to the cops and let them investigate it. i mean that their duty right. its much more functioning compare to saying things here right cz here, we can't help u to solve the issue. And arrogant? i doubt so cz as far as i concern, she always do charity and all artist that met her seem to like her and adore her. so which part of her is arrogant? and i doubt u know her in reality life cz if not, u wont bother to write here and just talk to her directly. And her song? well, i think its not wrong to be versatile singer and she still do country songs. What's wrong with the idea to be better??funny.just becz she make different genre song, people say she not country no more and like she make huge sin while she is not. and the funny part is about the plastic surgery. I doubt she did plastic surgery but even if she did it, so what is the problem? its her money and her face, so who u to complain? its not like she using ur money right? other peoples do plastic surgery too, so y u bother? its individual choice. and if u think her face annoyed u, dont bother to follow her news then..cz i won't find her news except i type her name in google. as simple as that.tq.

  33. 33

    Re: barneyRe: barneyRe: barney
    You don't know what your are talking about. She hasn't had plastic surgery, and she is naturally beautiful. Your jealously shows through.

  34. 34

    Re: Fred1259
    How many fake accounts do you have? It's obvious you are trolling, troll.