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Dina Lohan Doesn't Care About Underprivileged Youth!? Stiffs Charity Thousands Of Dollars!

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dina lohan stiffs promised charity donation

The classiest of moves, of course!

Lindsay Lohan's mama, Dina Lohan, just scored a $50,000 paycheck for fighting with Michael Lohan on TV and appears like she wants to hold on to that hard-earned money VERY TIGHT.

So tight, in fact, that Dina ducked out of a $4,000 donation expected at the Ferrari charity at Andrra Waterside Restaurant in East Hampton event last year.

According to restaurant lawyer Edmond Chakmakian, Dina drank up $2,500 and pledged $1,500 to the Clamshell Foundation funding local charities for underprivileged kids only to skip out on the bill!

But Edmond isn't going to take Dina's bullshiz lying down!

Since Dina won't respond to Edmond's emails regarding the dine-pledge-and-dash, he filed a lawsuit Mondsay against the mama of four on behalf of the restaurant.

The lawyer explained:

"She feels very privileged and entitled because of who her daughter is. She acted like she was doing them a favor by showing up."

Unfortunately, that doesn't sound too hard to believe based on her past behavior.

Pay up, Dina!

The underprivileged children of East Hampton are waiting!!!!

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