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Brandi Glanville Takes Stabs At LeAnn Rimes AND Homeless Kenya Moore In Candid Interview!

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We can always count on Brandi Glanville to speak her mind!!

Especially when it comes to her long-time feuding buddy, LeAnn Rimes!

But we never thought she’d pick on the soon-to-be-homeless!!

Brandi supposedly did just that recently at an interview, during which she was politely brutal about both LeAnn Rimes and fellow Real Housewife (who may soon be house-less) Kenya Moore.

Here’s what Brandi apparently said about LeAnn and coparenting:

“LeAnn said in an interview recently that she had the kids by herself for two nights and was overwhelmed: That shouldn’t happen. If Eddie is out of town, I’m supposed to have my kids, so it’s frustrating. But the boys do love her and that gives me peace in my heart.”

While she obvi doesn’t trust LeAnn with her kids, hey — at least she ended on a positive note!! That’s a start!

As far as Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore goes, Brandi reportedly doesn’t like the fact that she talks about getting married all the time. Brandi said that Kenya:

“…reeks of desperation. The whole ‘I want to get married, I want to get married’ thing is not hot for anyone to say.”

But maybe if Kenya had a husband, she would have someone to remind her to pay her bills!!! She just might need that if she wants to stay off the streets!!

It wouldn't be fitting at all for a Real Housewife to not have a house OR be a wife!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Brandi Glanville Takes Stabs At LeAnn Rimes AND Homeless Kenya Moore In Candid Interview!”

  1. 1

    that wasn't a stab at leann…

  2. 2

    brandi is a no talent washed up model and just needs to STFU,

  3. 3

    People have got to stop saying "she speaks her mind." What she does is bullying. Speaking your mind the way she does is a mental illness. This chick is nuts.

  4. 4

    Gee, I guess I'm like camel-toe Glanville…jus' speakin' ma' mind.

  5. 5

    Brandi needs new people. Whoever is telling her that her actions are a good idea needs to be fired ASAP!

  6. straighttalkfromasista says – reply to this


    Enough already! How sad Kenya has resulted to calling the landlord a "b*tch. Where is all the class and grace she professed during the season?! Kenya, either outright deny you don’t owe the rent shortage, were previously delinquent on rent, now owe June rent and eviction fees or own up to your irresponsibility. Don’t quote Biggie or trash the woman’s reputation because you are living beyond your means. You are a sad representation of real women. Real women work, real women pay their bills, real women have dignity, real women uplift other women, real women know when to exit a relationship with grace and not trash a man’s reputation because he didn’t want you and the relationship was fake from the start, real women know how to forgive (maybe it’s time you stop trashing your Mother), real women acknowledge another woman’s accomplishment (you ignore Carol but acknowledge Vanessa. Why?) and real women know when to exit gracefully. You are not a role model for anyone. As Kandi once remarked, "…ball on a budget…" Stop trashing the landlord’s reputation and handle your responsibility. I’m sure if she wanted attention or money, she would have been in front of a camera by now. You slammed Porsha, disrespected Cynthia, got stupid with Phaedra and slandered Walter. When do you accept responsibility for your actions and behavior?! Pay your financial obligations, shut up about trashing the landlord and move the hell on.

  7. loca says – reply to this


    I don't know what Eddie saw in either of these women I bet his next wife or girlfriend will be a private keeps to herself kind of person. Obviously he had drama with Brandi and Leann at one point its just going to be too much for him to even want to handle anymore.

  8. 8

    Brandi Glanville is not outspoken or someone that speaks her mind. She is a glorified bully and in true bully form when confronted she turns tail and runs. What I do not understand is the energy she expends on being angry and bitter and constantly fuels a fire that went out long ago. Anger and bitterness I guess is how she is making a living. She allows people who have no interest in "her as a person" to make her just another product to sell. When the product is no longer the "hot" item of the minute she will go from the D list to the no list at all. Cant't wait.