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115 comments to “Miley Cyrus Can't Stop Flaunting Her A$$ets! See The Scandalous Snap HERE!”

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  1. Pimplove says – reply to this


    I'd hit it and quit it, just like the others~!

  2. karen says – reply to this


    Even w/ her ass up in the air w/ part of her face obscured, I can still only see that hideous dental work. She needs to gnaw the leg off whoever did that horrible work.

  3. 3

    Desperate much?

  4. MR ED says – reply to this


    She's looking more like brother Trace everyday. Soon they'll be able to strap the harness on her when she's in a doggy style mood. Run Liam for the hills fast as you can I'm sure January has a warm bed to share for the next few years.

  5. 5

    She's presenting herself

  6. lol says – reply to this



  7. sm87 says – reply to this



  8. kiki says – reply to this


    she always wears the same shit

  9. talla says – reply to this


    childish whore

  10. tom says – reply to this



  11. TEAM JANUARY says – reply to this


    TEAM JANUARY : classier, hotter more mature

  12. lol says – reply to this


    she needs to do this cause her music sucks too bad she fugly with skinny ass

  13. 13

    sex appeal of a dead ant..her and justin look like twins ewwww

  14. 14

    I have never seen a girl in such need of attention. This pic looks like something a whore would do. With all your money, you want to be a ho? Sad!

  15. 15

    And yet she asks why people call her Slutty Cyrus.

  16. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Ok this is getting pathetic. Your not cool Miley- get over yourself. Your music sucks! Stick to acting…thats what your good at. Not this lame act you have going on.

  17. 17

    She has an identity issue. Before she was trying to be "Britney Spears". Now she wants to be "Rihanna". Girl needs to find her own identity….

  18. roml says – reply to this


    I'de tap that!

  19. paddy says – reply to this


    hamster with skinny ass

  20. Jack says – reply to this


    All these girls - so beautiful, so talented - and this is how they present themselves. She is posing like a dog in heat. Put your butt away - and have some class.

  21. 21

    Can't figure why she's trying so hard. She's cute, rich, and has a nice body. All of this in-your-face sexuality is unnecessary.

  22. 22


  23. 23


  24. Michele says – reply to this


    Enough already. She needs to get some class. This just looks like she's screaming for attention.

  25. 25


  26. 26

    she looks like shes been done in the ass by one of the old guys who jerk off to her pictures… RETURN THE ring its really quite trashy to keep it…

  27. barney says – reply to this


    I'd look at her ASS ,kiss it and lick it long before I would look at her face and kiss it.

  28. gie says – reply to this



  29. ME says – reply to this


    Girl needs help. Hope she gets it soon.

  30. Leslie says – reply to this


    In her "young girl" mind, this is her attempt to entice the BF back. That doesn't work, Miley. A solid relationship is about more than sex. You'll realize that in a few more years.

  31. boybelieber says – reply to this


    I'd find it more appealing if that were Justin Bieber in that position… In his boxer shorts…. For real though the new single isn't that bad. It's like a matured hannah montana meets rihanna-esque urban sound. Urban pop.

  32. 32


  33. Amy Marie says – reply to this


    It's sad she feels this is the only way to get attention. Sad thing is no one is gonna respect her and she will want that eventually. There is being fun and young and than there is being that girl who has NO self respect and thinks she needs to act like a…. To get attention. Sad sad…. I never was a fan but didn't mind her. Now…. She's just trashy

  34. 34

    Miley why are you doing this? You have no butt and it looks like your pushing out a fart.

  35. 35

    can't believe she has a ass like that!!! miley, i'd bone you just like that in that position!!! HARD GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

  36. bridgegal66 says – reply to this


    It looks like she is very insecure - why does she do the things she does unless she is in a relationship with a passive aggressive guy and she never gets enough attention - one day she will wake up, but she just might be a smidgen older and finally have an ah ha moment - she is beautiful and smart and sexy - no need for that pic.

  37. 37

    Re: sumone – Agreed!

  38. 38

    I think Miley is very young with hormones on fire. She needs to calm her ass down before she gets what she's crying for from the wrong manz. Some beastial pornoplayagraphile is going to grab her and pull her into a twisted womb of sickness.
    Calm your ass down Miley!!
    Find a big strong straight solid stable man, or boy, your own age and relax!!!
    I wish you the best gurl.

  39. DNes says – reply to this


    Being Slutty does not = being sexy? She just looks stupid here and slutty

  40. WhatHasThisWorldComeTo says – reply to this


    Cool style, but this is too far. Miley this pic isn't cute or sexy. It's disgusting. Liam seems like a nice guy, and if I were him I'd be embarrassed and furious. You're supposed to be his wife and you give the world everything that should only be his. Poor guy. I hope you grow out of this soon before you create yourself a nasty label. Worse than what you already have. Put your clothes back on and have some class. Geez!

  41. Jessie says – reply to this


    She's legal drinking age where I'm from. In Alberta Canada you only have to be 18.

  42. ok_then says – reply to this


    I think Miley has spent time in the gym and should be allowed to show everyone all that hard work has obviously paid off for her. I'm sure when she is 80 she will look back on those photos and say "Damm I looked good"! More power to her! I think her straight male fans would agree after seeing her in outfits the last few months especially. She looked her best at the Billboard Awards in my opinion.

  43. ok_then says – reply to this


    For those who are calling her a whore, maybe you should think twice and take a look at what Madonna has done when she was young in comparison. For that matter Rhianna in present time. This is tame compared to what has some other women in the music industry have done before her. She's having some fun and testing boundaries. Big deal!

  44. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – Do you seriously think that she doesn't have young guys as fans? You need a reality check ASAP!

  45. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: WhatHasThisWorldComeTo – IF Liam is too insecure to realize that other guys find her hot especially her male fans, then he needs to hit the road. This is just an image, he shouldn't have a problem with that. It's not like she is cheating on him posing for sexy pics like this. This just a present for her male fans that's all.

  46. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: TEAM JANUARY – January FTW.

  47. 47

    Enjoys being slutty

  48. Phil says – reply to this


    Re: Dianna3000 – WOW !!!! Whatever
    MEDS you're takin' honey , PLEASE GIVE ME SOME !!!!!!!

  49. lol-@-haterz says – reply to this


    She's just doing the most to show the world she's a grown woman and not little disney girl. and her approach is just all kinda wrong. She keeps at it like that Her fully nudes will surface like crazy plus some other stuff involving the chocolates lol

  50. ant says – reply to this


    Why??? Do these 'stars' always have to resort to 'common' disgraceful behaviour?
    I use to like Miley - disappointed now

  51. 51

    All I can think of is "Come and get it, boys!" what a slut!!!

  52. kay_j says – reply to this


    she wants attention…she has no class at all. She doesn't deserve Liam. He is so much better without such a whore at his arm!

  53. 53

    Love that she inspires all the haters ans still has 226 million dollars!!

  54. Bluberri says – reply to this


    What ass?

  55. Bluberri says – reply to this


    Trying to be young while she has it? Being young doesn't mean she has to show her ass everywhere and going around doing drugs or whatever.Being young means,to get a education or not be an attention whore like she's being or be a good role model like she used to be when she was doing that Hanna Montana show,and not getting into shit like this.

  56. arunendu says – reply to this


    I would definately say she is not showing her assets ,i hope her new song becomes superhit she is a very talented singer i would wish her best of luck for her future

  57. 57

    she has just officially hit trash status for me. i was on the fence about for ages but pft how low must your self esteem be to try to garner attention by flaunting your body esp with a pornographic pose? -get a grip miley!.

  58. 58

    She looks like a gender confused teenage boy. Go home Miley, try again another day

  59. Mil says – reply to this


    Como decimos por acá, el que enseña poco, no vende, pero el que enseña de más se le mosquea

  60. 60

    I was just saying what a cutie she was now she is a porn star! damn these girls. I thought taylor swift was a good role model and she became like the biggest whore on the planet. I don't see any I like anymore, these girls all seem to be in a race for the bottom.

  61. 61

    Re: rosebud99 – EXACTLY!!!! When you have to basically strip or pose doggie style to get attention for your music - how bad is your music????

  62. 62

    Someone with way too much time on her hands. Instead of constantly posting pictures of herself making stupid faces and posing in ridiculous outfits, why doesn't she actually DO SOMETHING with this next phase of her life? How about taking up a charitable cause and giving something back. She had a number of little girls who looked up to her as HM. Maybe she could champion a cause that is pre-teen girl related. Anti bullying, self- acceptance and empowerment, etc. She is just so terribly shallow.

  63. canadiangirl says – reply to this


    Real nice! For someone who claims to be so progressive she sure is posing like all she is good for is being objectified. Have some class and respect for yourself and your fans who look up to you. If Miley can't see how this is so wrong then she's a complete fool.

  64. RebelleMckenna says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – How is she slutty? She's been with the same guy for years. Just because she likes to flaunt the body she's worked for (that's probably better than every other person who feels they have to make a negative comment about someone else's life that doesn't involve them) doesn't mean she's a whore or a slut. You all need to get over yourselves and find something better to do then tear someone down who's obviously made it.

  65. 65

    What did Al Pacino say? "Great ass!" Lol.

  66. Jane says – reply to this


    She's trying too hard to be cool. It's like that awkward kid in high school trying to fit in with the "cool" kids in school. Miley seems to want to shed her former Disneyesque image and be seen as some kind of independent/outrageous sex goddess a la Lady Gaga. In doing so, she just looks trashy and desperate. I hope she doesn't become one of those former child stars that burned out too young.

  67. taytay says – reply to this


    why did you cut of your hair and become a blond

  68. WhatHasThisWorldComeTo says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – both rihanna and Madonna have already created a whorish stigma that will forever be attached to them. Miley is still young. She doesn't have to go that route. She was super famous already without having to do this. Look at Selena Gomez or Demi lovato they both have that edge without having to take their clothes off. All this sexualizing yourself to make it big is totally unnecessary unless you're Paris hilton or Kim kardashian who only got famous after they released a sex video. But they're a joke! No one takes them seriously.

  69. Annoyed says – reply to this


    Re: thelmalouise – nobody is hating on her. I could care less about fame and fortune. I know enough about the industry that I prefer to stay away. All these chicks losing their minds not knowing what to do with themselves. No thanks! I can only speak for myself but if you're gonna be putting your ass in my face everywhere I go then I have a right to say something. The magazines at the store, when I open safari and its the first news I see, or even when I turn on the radio. It's really annoying.

  70. WhatHasThisWorldComeTo says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – it's not about insecurity, it's about respect. No respectable guy wants their wife to be showing off a trashy image like that bc it reflects on him. He wants to be a respectable actor and his wife should reflect that. Not some crazy chick flaunting herself everywhere she goes. Ppl won't take him seriously. You can be sexy and classy. This is just gross already. I feel bad for him bc I'm sure he loves her.

  71. 71

    Re: WhatHasThisWorldComeTo – I agree with you on the Rihanna comment, but Madonna may have been seen a a slut, whore, what have you, but it was all completely intentional…She herself came up with the ideas. Miley and RIhanna…I feel like someone else is pulling their strings. Madonna did a lot to piss people off, but she could dance, sing and do videos, shows, performances where she wasn't being sexual or being slutty. AND, she wrote most of her own songs and had the final say in her videos, tours, and artwork. It's totally different.

  72. WhatHasThisWorldComeTo says – reply to this


    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – I agree with that. For Madonna that was her MO and that's fine. She made a career out of it. She didn't care about the stigma attached to it. She used it to her advantage. But also she wasn't 20 years old flashing her ass in everyone's face. She reinvented herself many times. Miley started off on the Disney channel for goodness sakes. I dont even wanna go into all the shadiness going on behind the scenes there. I'd be concerned for any kid watching Hannah Montana now.

  73. @v@ says – reply to this


    The pic looks like a vivid audition. She used to have dignity. Too much 'dancing with Miley.'

  74. 74

    It is getting so old to just see hateful comment after hateful comment on every super famous celebs article. Obviously she is well liked because we all still care what she is doing. Plus unless everyone commenting is a born again conservative Christian we have all taken sexy pictures of ourselves before and shown or posted them some where. You are not a whore because you take an overtly sexual picture. People are taking shit waaaaayyyy to seriously. If there was a cock in her mouth than I would understand these horrible judgments. People are just so two-faced, want to blast people online and forget how fucked up their own lives are. Also, has everyone forgot that Miley's fans aren't 8 years old any more either. They are close to being adults and they are probably taking worse pictures of themselves and sexting their boyfriends. Stop with the holier than thou bullshit people. Personally I think Miley looking fucking hot in this picture and I would jump her immediately.

  75. 75

    Don't attempt if you ate a bean burrito!

  76. MAESY says – reply to this


    What ass?

  77. Hey There says – reply to this


    Re: poshicles – you obviously don't have children or any self respect.

  78. thatretrogirl says – reply to this


    Re: Jack – LMAO!!

  79. thatretrogirl says – reply to this


    Trashy as hell!!

  80. jace mace says – reply to this


    so hard, right now

  81. 81

    Re: poshicles – Haha! You just basically called all Miley's former tween fans sluts…I wonder whose to blame.

  82. 82

    Miley wants to be Rihanna so bad, it's hilarious. Liam, is this your future wife? I'd be so embarrassed :/

  83. dd says – reply to this


    Her boytoy dumped her so she is trying to control the situation by going all desperate and look at my AZZ slutty to take away the fact that she got dumped by possibly one of the hottest guys in hollywood. She is in so much pain and very very sad that if she has to resort to this. I guess money and fame doesnt buy happiness.

  84. Ann says – reply to this


    She doesn't even have an ass. Give props on her nice body tho. Also just noticed she fixed her crooked tooth whoa.

  85. Lady says – reply to this



  86. 86


  87. Fool says – reply to this


    Re: RebelleMckenna – yes, she has been with the same guy for a while and… Look at the girl, if she wasn't famous, if she was a normal high school girl what would you think about her?

    If this was my daughter I will be REALLY embarassed. Her actions speak more about her parents than about herself. She should start acting more her age

  88. Bad says – reply to this


    This is why young girls act as prositues, by celebrities like her. Many younger girls look up to her and probably think that whatever she's doing is right. The fact that she's been dating the same man for a while doesn't hide the fact that she's a whore. Taking pictures like that and dressing like that it's like telling every guy around her how desesperate she is.
    Grow up Cyrus. Imagine yourself in 10 years with kids of your own, how do you think they wold feel if they saw pictures of you posing these way? I will be embarassed.

  89. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    How LOW can this Disney Retard go ? ? ? She is one fugly ugly smelly vile piece of crap…and, from this picture, it looks like this fug freeak is about to let one of her drug-induced take off…! So sad…sad…..

  90. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Therapist could have a field day with how this broad acts….yes, some of it is for publicity. She has no talent, and her record cannot itself. So, her P.R. people do have her commit such poses in order to get her attention…however, she does have the right to refuse, and she obviously is SO hungry for attention, SO hungry for fame, she is willing to sexualize everything she does, and in such a bizaar fashion. She obviously has no morals, and just wants to be noticed…quite sad. IF I was Billy Ray, I would be taking her sorry stink'n ass to Tenesse, and have her work on the farm, and gain some self-respect. I would ensure there were no cousins around for her to play with, and do cyrstal meth with….Really, she is getting more pathetic by the minute. It is gonna be sad when her new album peaks @ 150 on the BillBoard charts……

  91. @v@ says – reply to this


    What's she selling?

  92. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    STAND BACK ! Ole HorseFace is about to let go one of then Cyrus family famous farts….consisting of tacos, corn-on-the-cob, chocolate cake, diet coke, and her own twist: cystal meth. It is gonna be a STINKER !

  93. Paula says – reply to this


    Re: karen

    Jealous are we hunny?

  94. David says – reply to this


    Her dad must be proud.

  95. Selene says – reply to this


    lmfao what ass?? she's bending over as hard as she can and i still see two pointy knobs thats supposed to be her butt, give me a break … lmao

  96. 96

    Disney sure does pick the SLEAZIEST WHORES!

  97. 97

    Miley "STICK IT IN ME…NOW!"

  98. cybersecurity says – reply to this


    She is gross. She is trying to steal Pink's look. Sweetheart, you are not Pink …you will never be Pink… you don't have the talent to be Pink. You look like a stupid slut …so desperate for attention. And for the record, Pink would never pose like that. Child.

  99. 99

    its ok for Madonna or Christina aguilera do to stuff like this ( Or worst) but not Miley ? please poeple GROW UP and let her do what she wants smh

  100. 100

    Re: Leslie – I agree

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