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Avril Lavigne's Ex-Husband Deryck Whibley Has Seen Better Days!!

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In fact, Deryck Whibley has seen MUCH better days.

And when we say better days, we immediately flash back to the time when Deryck and his girlfriend dressed as his ex-wife Avril Lavigne and her Nickleback fiance Chad Kroeger for halloween!!

But back to the present. Deryck and his posse hit up a Tom Petty Concert at the Fonda Theatre last night for what we’re sure was a great time.

He just didn't look …like the playful Canadian fox we're used to!

Maybe he should stick with darker hair!?!

Check out some more photos of the night, mixed in with previous looks from the Canadian musician! (below)

[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “Avril Lavigne's Ex-Husband Deryck Whibley Has Seen Better Days!!”

  1. Brad says – reply to this


    reminds me of one of those troll pencils

  2. 2

    but at least he's rid of that middle aged hag has been who still thinks she's a teen punk! thats worth losing your looks for. And he's enjoying his food.

  3. 3

    HAHAHAHAHA holy shit poor guy

  4. 4

    Holy crap!! Somebody ate Derrick Whibley!!!!

  5. Forrest says – reply to this


    Not many people seem to remember this, but he dated Paris Hilton back in the day…he clearly has great taste in woman haha

  6. lala says – reply to this


    Oh my.

  7. Erika says – reply to this


    You seen to forget that he was assaulted a couple of years ago and his face was bashed in really badly.

  8. Dirty old man says – reply to this


    And I thought perez was ugly.

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Holy f*ck ! He looks like one of those crazy old ladies who lives in an old delapidated house with 14 cats and yells at children when they play near her side-walk. Holy f*ck…did he look at himself in the mirror before he went out - Prolly not, `cos he woulda decided to stay at home. Too funny! What is he on Mind you, the dude Averil is f*cking now is SO ugly…that Kroeger guy ! He is ugly, too…maybe she is into ugly dudes ….

  10. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Bloated faces can sometimes indicate drug use………

  11. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    He looks like he could be the 'leader of the lolly pop guild, the lolly pop guild, the lolly pop guild' …..Ke-Rist ! WHAT happened to this guy …Fug-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  12. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    He has more chins than a Chinese telephone book ……………..Just say'n …………

  13. 13

    Avril Lavigne was married to Heat Miser?

  14. 14

    Re: Be-Atch – if your feeling sad, just come to perez Hilton, read the comments and lyao.

  15. kaitlyn says – reply to this


    oh that's traumatic. i had the biggest crush on him in middle school.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hey, sorry to hear about the lousy assault. My friend had that happen, and had the same kind of facial swelling. He finally did facial toning exercises along with a fairly easy fitness regimen, and he got all his facial tone and pretty angles back after about ten months, I kid you not. It'll come, Deryck…and it'll still never be as bad as a 49 cm dump and having to get your dam car out and try to slide to work without hitting anything. xo.

  17. Vegan 4-evar! says – reply to this


    Typical Western eatin' habits. Face it America, unless you stop eating fast food, pizza and guzzling soda, you will all look like that. Or you do already!!!
    I don't eat like most of my neighbors. I am stubborn, will never be in the mainstream of fat food and in-the-box thinking, and not to forced to run with the pack.
    Assert your independence People! Like Perez Hilton! Just Say No!
    God Bless America!

  18. 18

    Oooooooh have mercy! He might need to lay off the alcohol and late night dinner. He looks bloated! Poor thing looks miserable!

  19. ClownAround says – reply to this


    OMG, he looks like a clown that only has half his costume on - he forgot the makeup.

  20. Jordan says – reply to this


    OHHHHH NOOO :O. Talk about somebody letting themself go! He used to be SO good looking.

  21. 21

    what the hell has happened to him?

  22. r u serious? says – reply to this


    What the hell are some of you people talking about? This mofo was ALWAYS ugly, he's just MORE ugly now…just because you were 12 year old girls when you thought he was "cute". Girls think the ugliest retards are cute because they're in a band. Did you see the guys from N Sync, Backstreet Boys, The Beatles back in the day or any of the 80's rock bands? Google their pics, they are all HORRID looking, yet these dumbass girls with no minds of their own think they're 'like OMG, so cute"….you guys need to get some self esteem

  23. kerikins says – reply to this


    0MG! He looks like an old fashioned Christmas special character…maybe it was in Frosty the snow man…? I think he is a dead ringer for,' Mr.Heat' ? I think that was the name…lol!

  24. Nat says – reply to this


    holy shit, he got old. he looks like a punk version of John Belushi.

  25. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Ugly Ugly Ugly….can you imagine him NUDE ??????? Yuck ! Litlle fugly Troll…should be an elf in some Christmas school play !

  26. 26

    The weight gain isn't apparent in other parts of his body, really. Just as an aside, this rounded "moon face" and lower stomach ponch could be a side effect of prednisone or some other systemic corticosteroid given to him to decrease the inflammation caused by his back injury.

  27. Megandale says – reply to this


    He is obviously a huge boozer, that puffiness comes from nowhere else.

  28. 28

    I thought we weren't supposed to say mean things about boys with pink (or orange) hair. Kind of hypocritical for a guy who wrote a book on the subject. Delete this comment if you want, but if I am thinking it, so are a LOT of other people. Have a nice day.

  29. 29

    That kids is a good old fashioned bloated alcohol and cocaine face. One too many deli trays backstage

  30. Pennywise says – reply to this


    Think someone wants to look like Fat Mike from NOFX, but hahahaha HE doesn´t get away with it!!! Poor basterd, no wonder she left him……………..

  31. ToWriteLove says – reply to this


    This is not funny! People shouldn't be making fun of him! You can tell he has a drug-use problem! he didn't gain weight cause only his face is swollen not his whole body. He probably struggles with health problems or he's doing drugs again. This is not funny, stop making stupid idiotic comments about it!

  32. nomorehate says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – shut the fuck up you're probably more ugly than him

  33. gootiegoo says – reply to this


    Re: Pennywise – you probably have no idea even who he is. shut up he's not trying to be anyone, he has a drug problem its not funny you ass*ole

  34. unicornflex says – reply to this


    Re: Vegan 4-evar! – noone cares about your veganism and Deryck isn't even American, so your point is invalid. He's not fat because of fast food, for the last time HE HAS DRUG PROBLEMS!!!