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Russell Brand To Become The Next Doctor Who!?

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russell brand doctor who

We're already preparing for our waterworks when Matt Smith steps down from playing Doctor Who's Doctor after this year's Christmas special!!!

How will we go on??! What will become of our anglophilic TV addiction??? WHO will play Doctor WHO??!

Could it be…Russell Brand to the rescue???!

He's definitely up for the challenge!

The comedian said:

"I'd love to be the Doctor. I'd be like a Tom Baker one, a long scarf, flouncy, wistful, quoting occasional poems, kicking Cybermen in the nuts. I would just travel through time pinching people's arses. Carry on up the worm hole. Like quantum physics, so that is actually perfect. No, we can't have that in the tardis, 'ere it's a lot bigger on the inside."


If only we ever knew when to take Russell's offers seriously!!!

We're not sure producers would go for the funny man, but he would definitely have the time now that Brand X got the aXe.

Do YOU think Russell would make a good Doctor??

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24 comments to “Russell Brand To Become The Next Doctor Who!?”

  1. Youandme says – reply to this


    FUCK NO.

    How about someone who isn't a white dude? Why hasn't there been a female doctor? Or a non Caucasian fellow. I mean he can regenerate into any form… (See river song's regenerations).

  2. You are an Idiot,,FN says – reply to this


    The doctor is a white dude!!! He has aways been a white guy and always will be.
    River Song was from earth parents, the doctor is from galiffra (excuse the spelling).
    So please explain, you are from galiffra, and one day, your dad gets run over by a bus….what now you have 2 moms??…. It just wouldn't work!!

  3. Ali says – reply to this


    I love Russell and will watch him in anything and hope this is true. He's so funny and is a good guy.

  4. omfg says – reply to this


    I'd kill myself.
    The doctor could totally be a POC, his hair and eye color change, why couldn't his skin? But i don't think he could gender cross. Time lords dont work like that. If we want a lady, Bring back romana

  5. 5

    Now I love me some Russell Brand, but if he regenerates into The Doctor someone is getting a sonic screwdriver shoved up their ass!

  6. NO! says – reply to this


    NO WAY!

    I am a AVID Dr Who fan, and even suggesting this TWAT to be the new Dr makes me really upset!!! NO NO NO NO NO! I would NOT watch this wanka as the dr….just…NO! outraged by this….they would not hire him…. get a PROPER actor, not sum celeb tabloid scum! there are PLENTY of GREAT English actors who would be PERFECT for the role….eww…just..NO….

  7. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: Youandme – It's obvious that you don't understand the image that the Doctor has become. It is a character that must STAY male.

  8. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: Ali – NO. You obviously have no respect for any sort of entertainment. Brand is a hairy ape

  9. dddff says – reply to this


    Since they have always gone with an unknown actor I am not sure that they will go with someone this famous or this over the top. Seems like a horrible choice.

  10. hayley says – reply to this


    This guy is so annoying..I have never understood why anyone thinks he is funny. He seems like he would be so exhausting to be around.

  11. N4ad says – reply to this


    No. That will never happen. It will be someone relatively unknown, possibly someone older.

  12. 12

    By the way : the actor has already been chosen. No one knows his name yet, but he has been chosen.

  13. Kage says – reply to this


    You can't change the doctor from vanilla pudding to chocolate pudding after 11 puddings already… I mean, it just wouldn't be vanilla, savvy? No offense to chocolate pudding (and I LOVE me my chocolate pudding and then some, trust me!)… But don't go messing with the recipe after 50 years of vanilla that we've come to know and love and expect from the doctor… (and YES that includes the fact that the doctor has a salami or two between his legs)… If he had already been flip flopping races and sexes over the years then cool… we'd expect it… but i'd like to see the show stick with tradition for tradition's sake… just cuz.

  14. Meredith Martin says – reply to this


    If he is the next doctor I will never watch the show again

  15. annabell says – reply to this


    No! They should just bring David back!! He was and will always be the best Doctor!

  16. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: NO! – this.

  17. Kate says – reply to this


    I've read Russell's book, and despite his appearance and his untimely jokes, you have to understand that he is, in fact, an incredible man. I would totally support this, but I don't know that I could see it happening.

  18. straat says – reply to this


    no.no.no, fuck no.

  19. Doctor W says – reply to this


    Hell no! Here's a list of things I do not want the Doctor to be:
    Russel Brand
    Rupert Grint
    Now I'm a girl, so don't go calling me a sexist. but the Doctor is not a girl. And since River happens to be his you know, wife, that would cause a lot of awkward questioning with the younger viewers 'mom, if the Doctor is a girl what about River?' When the Doctor regenerates he's technically the same person. And why not a non Caucasian fellow? It's different and it's obviously possible. River regenerated from being black to being white, why can't the Doctor?

  20. 20

    This would be horrific.

  21. 21

    Re: NO! – You may be an avid fan, but real fans don't ever abbreviate Doctor as Dr.

  22. Ranting Thespian says – reply to this


    Re: omfg – Actually, it is possible for a Time Lord to change genders. Multiple Doctors have refereed to that, even recently with Matt Smith and the episode The Doctor's Wife:

    "There are no Time Lords left in the universe, but the universe isn't where we're going! (throws the box to AMY) See that snake? The mark of the Corsair. Fantastic bloke. He had that snake as a tattoo in every regeneration. Didn't feel like himself without the tattoo. Or herself, a couple of times. Ooh, she was a bad girl!"

  23. Joey1013 says – reply to this


    Absolutely not! I would not watch Doctor Who again if they get a complete idiot like him in it. The so called classic doctor who shows were not very good and we don't need to go back to the hey day of idiotic doctors.

  24. NO says – reply to this