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Selena Gomez Confirming Justin Bieber Split To Gal Pals & Asking Them To Make Sure It Sticks?!

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selena gomez justin bieber confirm split no reunion plans

Uh oh, Biebsy! Sounds like your lady won't be wandering back into your bed arms anytime soon.

We already told you Selena Gomez was giving up on her sort of reconciliation with Justin Bieber, but now we've got the dirt on what's going down!

Not only have they reportedly split for what seems to be the final time, Selenita is taking extra measures to make sure this break up sticks.

Extra measures called her besties!

We're hearing Selenita has been spreading the news of the not-so shocking split to her BFFs, and is putting them to work to make sure she doesn't give in to the Biebs' smooth moves once again. An insider revealed:

"She’s finally taken some of their advice to heart and swears it’s finally over with him, for good. She doesn’t see herself getting back together with him and just needs to move on."

Hmmm, could this all be the advice of Taylor Swift??

We know she'll have NO problem encouraging Selenita to stay away from the Biebs' luscious lips!

And it sounds like even if the Biebs does want her back, he's going to have to do some serious work to woo his former lady love as the insider added:

"Justin is on a downward spiral and Selena wants nothing to do with it. For a minute she thought she could ‘save him’ which is why they got back together the last time. But she’s over him and his childish behavior."

But hey, we're sure he'll grow up one day!

Just probably not any day soon…

…remember, he was just supposedly playing monkey in the middle the other day! LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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49 comments to “Selena Gomez Confirming Justin Bieber Split To Gal Pals & Asking Them To Make Sure It Sticks?!”

  1. brain says – reply to this


    says much about her a girl that will leave when someone is clearly going through something is not worth having..she is such a fame whore she will find someone else to milk for publicity now this is why i hate some girls omg..what a fool..i my opinion he is lucky she is gone cause she was the one that caused him to start misbehaving so she should get the fuck out of here and Justin needs to get it together and fast..and get a new girl this fame jumper is not worth it..think about it Taylor lauther,nick Jonas,Justin Bieber..do you see the pattern..and those people she call her friends are just bunch of fools imagine taking advice from ashley benson when we all know she is a slut who jumps around like taylor swift..

  2. joyce.j says – reply to this


    You are totally right brain she is just loking for fame,she just got back together whit him because she wanted to promote her new álbum.she is so fake

  3. sun says – reply to this


    Rumors rumors rumors

  4. Sel says – reply to this


    Finally,he has to find someone else

  5. Selfan says – reply to this


    Team Selena

  6. SelGomez says – reply to this


    Team Selena

  7. liam says – reply to this


    anyone that is selena is just a joker..imagine going broke and the on people you taught was going to be there turned against you cause she is used to fame and cant date someone that low again this is the case she feels he is going down and she doesnt want to be around..i just told my fiance that i hope she will not pull a selena on me she said she never taught selena really liked that kid that she was just promoting herself because look at it now he never talked bad about him but she keeps dissing him i think he is going about it the right way and he should just forget her

  8. Bullsh*t! says – reply to this


    Stop saying she's a famewhore, okay? Good. Lets be honest here y'all, when they were together did she even make it to the Billboard chart or Top 5 on iTunes in the U.S.? No, right. Look at her now, they broke up and her song "Come And Get It" is a damn hit! Obviously she is doing good by her own, she doesn't need him…HE is the one who needs her to get him grounded because lets be honest…he is a damn mess right now and if he keeps doing what he is doing right now he will not get respect for anyone so he better get himself together if he wants adult people respect him. And how is she using him to promote her album? It's not like Justin's fans will be like, "Oh, she's back with him. She is his girlfriend so i'm going to buy her album." No. It will be the opposite so stoop saying she's using him.

  9. Ryan says – reply to this


    LMAO at how always sources close to Selena claim something and give out their personal stuff and talk bad about Bieber,obviously she is telling her friends to make him look bad.He isn't going downhill idiots,he is doing what 19 year old SINGLE dudes do,party drinking a bit so what?She can fuck off his life,this girl is such a gold digger,she sticks with him at his top and as soon as he gets some criticism she dumps him,he is childish?She is the one dissing him on tv and milking publicy having songs about him so ppl will buy her lame album,Bieber has new song Heartbreaker and if the lyrics I found are true we will all find out a lot truth about Selena and what a true bitch she is,famewhore thinks she is too good for him after having her first top 10 single after 3 flop albums,Bieber better not go back with her.

  10. whatever says – reply to this


    hi ..we have seen that before stop making drama from nothing plz and no hate ;dont make rumors)) just plz dont ;) )

  11. lololol says – reply to this


    Well I am taking Bieber's side he is doing what dudes his age do there's nothing THAT wrong he did already, her friends are speaking bullshit we all know he gave her a career boost, she is the one who disses him many times at least he kept it classy and didn't respond her stupid actions you know. Selena Gomez is gone without Bieber in couple of years, she can't sing or dance, she can't act she is only pretty and fakes to be America's Sweetheart but is a huge bitch inside and it's showing off, Bieber needs to find a regular girl not a gold digger who will haunt his fame, she would never be this overrated without him just another Disney Little Princess, there are way better girls than her but people focus on her because of him. Hopefully Bieber won't take her back if her album and tour flops because he is still in love with her, shame.

  12. Ozzy says – reply to this


    She's using him. Many Justin's fans became Selena's fans. And now she dont need him anymore coz she saw that she cant take anything more from him. Good for him now, hope he will find better

  13. 13

    How old is this girl now 22, and she needs her girlfriends to help her keep away from something she doesnt want? She may or may not be 22 but she is sure as hell acting like she's about 12 years old.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Re: Bullsh*t! – You are such a moron you cant even understand your own logic!
    This little girl got a huge PR push from dating JB, and she's still reaping the rewards from it, with all the makeup-breakup BS. That alone has allowed her to achieve some extra notoriety.

  16. desiree says – reply to this


    u need to stop hating selena gomez is way better then justin bieber they were a great couple and i think they need to get back together but justin is being stupid i hope they get back together best couple ever!!1

  17. 17

    No need to worry Selena. Soon he will be on the moon and with any luck the spaceship will return without him. Re: lololol No, he is not behaving like your typical 19 year old. If my son spit in the neighbour's face he would be going to the moon too, on the end of my foot.

  18. Bullsh*t! says – reply to this


    Oh, shut up! But that's the fucking truth! And i agree, he did gave her something…fame BUT he gave her HATE, too (A LOT)! Yeah, hate because his little fans are so damn obsess with him that they don't want him to be with any girl. Many of us don't know if she's a bitch or not because we haven't met her, we don't know what's going on with THEIR relationship. But as long as i know Bruno M, Katy P, Taylor S, Taylor L, Nick J, Kim K, etc…they are always talking nice and good about Selena so i doubt she is talking shit about her ex, she is a very secretive person, she keeps her private life to herself and if you seriously believe this article you're so damn stupid because we don't know shit. I will never understand how he helps her with her acting or singing career, for a movie they need TRUE talent and she is so damn good at acting it's not like just because she is Justin's ex or girlfriend people will choose her for a movie, directors want a person to have TALENT! And yeah, she doesn't have the strangest voice but she sure has a very soft voice and besides she sings for her fans ONLY. She said before, she only sings for her fans because her priority is acting. So get over it, it's not her fault that MANY hot, handsome, popular guys ask her out. So, stay jealous bitches…

  19. Bullsh*t! says – reply to this


    Re: Strangeasitmay – Bitch, please he also gave her hate! And how in world would you know they have a makeup-breakup shit? You're a moron if you believe all this articles…as for your other comment..you you're so damn stupid smh

  20. xander says – reply to this


    Re: Gracie 2004 – Oh shut the fuck up my friend, that shit was NEVER proved and heard of did it really happen shut up, we don't know did he really do it so don't pretend it was 100% confirmed, kid might be douche sometimes but you need to check your facts before speaking bullshit you know, Selena isn't perfect she just plays to be she just also has a better PR team that covers her bullshit, Bieber's team seems to be asleep lately , yes his behaviour is a regular 19 year old, when I was his age I did the same, shut up please, you sound pathetic and dumb as fuck :)

  21. LillyAnn says – reply to this


    Re: Bullsh*t! – You sound like a typical 13 year old ”selenator” just like all her fans are kids you seem to be one too, your whole rant is pointless and full of bullshit actually :) trying to look smart is not fitting you kid, go home do your homework your logic has amazed me.

  22. ivan says – reply to this


    He should move on and date other good girls. As long as he is with her, Selena's friends and family including Swift will not be friendly with him. They were not that friendly at Billboard when he needed their support at his being booed. Too bad they did not show their reaction to that. I only saw Ed Sheeran stand and support him.

  23. Xoxoxo says – reply to this


    If you believe with this fake rumor then you're STUPID!!!

  24. wember says – reply to this


    When come and get it was out it landed on # 42 first week. and that weekend she went to oslo to reunite to the bieber and the second week it climds from #42 to #20
    and keep going up to #6. now she knows she is secured enough she kick him out again. smart girl

  25. fid says – reply to this


    She needed buzz to promote her album that will most likely flop and her movie that already flopped and he needed to get some good PR since he was having such a bad time during his EU tour. Not surprising that suddenly now that those things are over that they "break up"

  26. Ruth says – reply to this


    Re: Xoxoxo – As for your knowledge, she actually stood up and Taylor was smiling when he got an award. You are so stupid to believe all these fake stories. Are you a friend of theirs or what…? do you really know what is going on? If you do, please say so everybody will know

  27. Somebody says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – Are you really that stupid to believe these fake stories?

  28. B Diane says – reply to this


    Re: brain
    Seriously? How old are you??? She is supposed to be maturing and taking care of herself, and he is supposed to take care of himself. That's what maturity is! You're basically suggesting that she should become a codependent and "fix him" every time he gets into trouble, which is constantly because that's what he does. SHE HAS BEEN THEIR FOR HIM, and he is not looking any better as regarding his dangerous driving, taking off more and more clothes, hooking up with other girls, etc. Girls who stick around for this sort of thing end up with cheating husbands!!!

  29. peter says – reply to this


    selena can never sell like JB.she knowz dat too.selena grow up am tired ov u.justine date some one else dia

  30. Dionna Bieber says – reply to this


    Re: Bullsh*t!
    its funny that you think Justin is a troubled 19 year old. Because I show don't see you on my television screen doing tons of interviews and etc. EerThink about Selena dated Taylor Lauther (he was famous for doing twilight & the she dumped him) Nick Jonas (he was famous for The Jonas Brothers & she dumped him), Zac Efron (he was famous for high school musical & she dumped him) now she was dating Justin Bieber but dumped him Cu's he Sheba's gotten enough boosted into her "so called" career. If it was up to me I would let her ho back to Barney but she might dump him. So before going around and calling people female dogs look at the facts.
    Have a blessed afternoon and I hope you have a great summer!

  31. carissa says – reply to this


    no i think she cares about him but has been hurt too much by him. you guys all know he's head over heels for her. he loves her and she loves him. but she's tired of him being disrespectful to her. i love jb but i mean he's idk they both got their issues and they need to STOP taking advice from their FRIENDS its making this WORSE

  32. djFaithFlapjacks says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan
    This guy hit it dead on! I hate Justin Beiber- he doesn't obey the rules of the road, he is incredibly rude to other celebrities, he made a bunch of kids at his concert wait two horus on a school night, he smuggled his pet monkey on a private plane, and more. Selena has done way better than him! Selena is a great person, and I am happy that she is finally and truly over him.

  33. rb says – reply to this


    There is a video of Selena inviting George Shelley of the Union J to 'Come and Get It!!' I think he should!

  34. jasjasd says – reply to this


    And where did you get all this info from Perez?

  35. rb says – reply to this


    Re: jasjasd – Selgomez-news

  36. rb says – reply to this


    Selgomez-news then go to vidoes

  37. 37

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  38. TEAM SELENA says – reply to this


    Selena is Notnlooking for Fame! Selena is better without justin, justin is going down hill! For sure! She wont want that messed up boy

  39. rb says – reply to this


    It was not PR to promote her album, and SG's light switch was never on after their 2012 break-up. The question is; can two people madly in love in a relationship, and one try to destroy the other because of his or her actions? The answer is yes! I bear scares from such a relationships. Let’s look at the bullets, and read the tattoo’s of the bearer:
    Bullet 1-30 Dec. 2012: Rumor has it that S gave J an ultimatum: Marijuana your friends or her! S was deeply hurt by J’s decision, and she went on to display publicly: revenge dressing, kissy faces with other men, exchanging phone numbers, holding hands, affection for another man, public intoxication, and complaining publicly that her ex was communicating with her a 1000 times a day.
    Bullet 2-27 Feb. 2013: Ella-Paige Roberts Clark and Natasha-Jane Beech. Case and point: VSM Barbara Palvin. S took her rage to the next level by publicly going on international TV, radio, and the web to diss her ex until their reunion on 28 Mar. 2013. The point is, he is not allowed to have other female suitors during a break-up!

  40. rb says – reply to this


    Bullets 3-18 April 2013 meet in Oslo, Norway: J & S pic, you can see the purity ring on S’s left point finger. I believe she gave up her virginity while with J there, because she has yet to be seen with it on after she left, and J got the S-angel on his arm. 25 April, J’s bus is busted for drugs; ironically S is back in England. (1 The bus has the state of the art air filtering system, and it was only 30 minutes to the venue. 2 The police only found traces of drugs on the floor of the bus. 3 I am sure the police searched the hotel that J, and his group was staying, and found nothing. 4 E on TV made a comment: If you have ever been to Oslo, marijuana is not a big deal, and there suspicion is that this might be a set-up? (JUST THINKING, who would be the best person to set him up)?? 13 May 2013 S-I’m single!! Big smiles as she left the studio. Scripted on the Kiss 108 radio show just like the David Letterman show, “I made him cry”. 19 May 2013 at the BBMA you can see in the video that J was waiting for S. She grabs his neck, which is a sign of affection, and kissed him on the cheek instead of the lips which is a sign of “see ya”! 20 May 2013 S instagram pic of the hug & kiss with the captioned a ‘Vegas hug + kiss’. What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas!! 3 Jun. 2013 J at the game has his right hand over the S angel!! JB run!!!

  41. rb says – reply to this


    There is a personal invite video of Selena inviting George Shelley of the Union J to 'Come and Get It!!' I think he should! There are also rumors that SG & TS will hook up with the Emblem 3 brothers. There is a video of them talking about hugging SG at the BBMA's. They got a lot more love from her that what Justin got backstage at the BBMA's. Justin it's time to get rid of the Selena tata on your arm, sell your home in California, and move to Florida where the taxes are cheaper. Selgomez-news then go to videos.

  42. Suzane SMith says – reply to this


    Re: Bullsh*t!Re: Ryan – The mintue he was booed at the BMAs Ms. Gomez said let me get the hell outta here. She was with him in person for exactly 12 days, counting Norway and time back in LA). You can't try to help someone in 12 days. She was pressured by her friends and wants to save her ass. If that is all you are worth, get the hell outta her Selena. Justin is better off without you!

  43. Suzane Smith says – reply to this


    Re: Bullsh*t! – Yeah, she keeps her private life to herself! Just like she did on Letterman and by texting photo of Justin and Barbara Palvin and making dance videos to diss Justin. She keeps real private doesn't she!

  44. brad says – reply to this


    anyone wanna make a bet on when they will get back together AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN………………

  45. Somebody says – reply to this


    Re: rb – Are you that stupid or what is wrong with you? Do you believe these fake stories? if yes, I am so sorry for you

  46. #1 Selenator, Bitches says – reply to this


    Team Selena All The Way, Hey! :)

  47. Jbfan says – reply to this


    Justin bieber


    selena gomez

  48. Ariana says – reply to this


    Oh please…..everyone knows that Selena Gomez is a bitch she's only using justin for he's fame if she really loved him then she wouldn't constantly brake up and come back together again or say “i made justin cry“ in a interview Selena ruined he's life and Justin´s heart is broken and its all Selena´s fault and this is the reason why i hate Selena she's a whore!!!

  49. Lashawn . . says – reply to this


    U are a very sweet women