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Miley Cyrus Is Titillating!

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Or not!

Is she trying too hard???

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60 comments to “Miley Cyrus Is Titillating!”

  1. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks shes tying too hard.

  2. 2

    She's a trailer-park skank and you're one seriously ugly fucker. Jesus god you have the ugliest fucking face I've ever seen.

  3. URP says – reply to this


    Mahahahaha, trying too hard, yeh, she's trying too hard. So are you. So pitiful. So sad. Awww. You are not cute. I've seen some beautiful trannies. I've seen some that look like you. Richard Simmons is not a look to go for. He pulls it off because he's sweet and kind. Course he has a normal face too. By the way, I really don't mind being cruel to mean people.

  4. Robbie says – reply to this


    You give gay people SUCH a bad name…

  5. 5

    You are one ugly ass motherfucker who has totally run out of shits to give on how you look, yet you criticize other peoples looks everyday you hypocrite. Miley is a trailer park whore. She lives in a double wide with her brother.

  6. MarioLardvagina says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ you are hideous. Do your retard baby a favor and kill yourself.

  7. Ewwwww says – reply to this


    Ewww she's fuckin nasty..no one wants or needs to see that shit..she's got realizes no one thinks a girl that looks like a 12 year old gay boy is attractive..she's a fuckin skanky ass trailer park ho

  8. LookatYou says – reply to this


    You have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies.

  9. dfsdf says – reply to this


    Re: LookatYou
    ahahahha this was so funny and accurate

  10. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This horse-faced fug WHORE will do anything for attention…she really is so pathetic - trying to shed her Hannah Montannah image, when, well, that is/was the only thing you may have been good at, and even that silly little role coulda been done by a million little Disney Retard actresses, so cut the 'tude, and weird behaviour, and go back to your Toluca Lake mansion, and go smoke yer drugs…..yer a pathetic smelly ugly little creepy creature, who will be showing her stink'n gnarly TWAT on the internet in a few years to get attention…Just say'n. All you Disney retard actors from childhood go off the wall, eventually…you have started, MileyWhore…..

  11. Be-Atch says – reply to this



  12. guest says – reply to this


    All these motherfuckers here going against Perez for absolutely no reason in this situation, go fuck yourselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can be happy he still let`s you comment. I certainly wouldn`t you useless pieces of shit.

  13. 13

    HAHAHAHA ur amusing in the 1800s they had dandys which were perfect people cool and into the modern times at the time then there were FOPS people who tried to be dandys but failed and looked ridiculous … miley isnt even a FOP shes just some dum girl that has a face of a chipmunk and the voice of a chipmunk her attempts to be sexy make a free way to her porn star status which is all shell prob have left and will be breif…in short shes just effing ridiculous

  14. 14

    Perez, what the f*ck do you have on your head?

  15. 15

    She made all her money off of young girls who looked up to her, now of course she thinks nothing of them and is the worst example possible, miley is nothing but a skank and an ugly one at that

  16. 16

    Re: pollopicu
    Doesn't he though? The other day he was slamming the Olsen's for their fashion sense and a bunch of other people…what a set this guy has on him! He's gross and he has the nerve to comment on others?

  17. 17

    Re: guest
    Ahh STFU Perez. Pathetic.

  18. Faye says – reply to this


    Someone, anyone, except her father….please do an intervention with Miley BEFORE she self destructs.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    The tunes should be enough, and an artist can promote without sinking their own image.
    Don't let the crunchers talk you into something that feels wrong to you just to boost their bottom line.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Plus it's one thing to 'shock,' and it's entirely another to go so far that you put people off.

  21. 21

    I noticed with her recent look she is trying to emulate Rihanna… And I finally heard the song, and omg another Rihanna vibe(ok but not as good)! Sometimes it ok to copy, but she was already successful and I was hoping to see a more grown up/unique stuff from her..Oh well…

  22. Adam says – reply to this


    Perez I honestly think you're trying to hard. You're a nobody with a blog. Yes people read your blog, but that's because we laugh at the stories you upload about celebrities that are superior to you. Even Amanda Bynes can say you're a non factor. Miley is not trying too hard, she's just trying to up her career which is successful so far. I don't see you releasing singles, albums, or on the big screen so you have no room to talk.

    :) p.s. to the savages that lash out to celebrities- get a life because in the end any celeb you hate on is gonna win. (Perez doesn't count. He's just a hormonal homosexual nobody with a blog)

  23. 23

    I have never seen a person work their body so hard to pimp a record. Damn I wonder what this girl will do to pimp her album. If it sells it sell and if it don't she would just look desperate.

  24. 24

    Re: Ewwwww

    Why not do your parents a favor and kill yourself. Doubt if you would be missed!

  25. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She DOES look like a 12-year old gay boy !

  26. ajp says – reply to this


    Re: tessiemae – seriously with all the hate out there and teen suicides you would say that. Ignorant ass listen to your own advice bitch!

  27. Kate says – reply to this


    Re: guest – loser!

  28. Riel says – reply to this


    She's BEEN trying too hard. She has to prove to everyone that she's oh so mature by getting married, getting a edgy haircut, wearing slutty clothes, and making raunchy music. She's not a little girl anymore you guys, like, she's an adult and, like, she's got it all figured out so, like, let her live. YOLO. Smh..

  29. Little says – reply to this


    Jesus. I think she's trash. And oh god, I don't get how everyone thinks she's hot, she's really funny looking. I really have to wonder what type of people like her "products". I think it's either the really retarded or the really insecure wannabes.

  30. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I see her in low low low budget porn in a few years…strung out (even more) on drugs ….She is SO pathetic !

  31. Leslie says – reply to this


    Miley is a young, uneducated girl. The only kind of "knowledge" she has is about sex. The limit of her young existence is about sex. Makes you wonder why/how she got this way. She behaves like a girl who was sexually abused when she was very young.

  32. kay says – reply to this


    It's a no brainer, yes she is .. the people who don't think that she is are probably her 13 y/o fans. What does she know "bout that life"?

  33. 33

    Perez you horse faced moron - why don't you stick your bone thin pimply dick up her unclean poo smudged asshole and force yourself to sperm inside of her torn rectum - and have her shit out your spooge all over your face while you sanitize your bony smegma laced dick with bleach to rid it of infection of girl feces.

  34. Tony Montana says – reply to this


    Miley Is an amazing artist who is growing and i think its terible to judge what she is doing, she is exploring new things you don't know how things are with her and it's wrong to call her a W**** or other names so i believe she will shine when it's her time and she will not STOP (not to sound corny) But #teammiley all the way !

  35. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Yes, she is trying too hard.
    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip realized she was no longer Hannah Montana at least 6-8 months ago.
    Although I do not know what was so bad about being Hannah Montana, I was at the movies one day when a new HM opened and there were HUGE lines waiting to buy tickets.

  36. 36

    I like me some cheesy dance music but that track is over produced, generic garbage! The following Bill Hicks' quote comes to mind: "I go to dance clubs…about once a year just to justify the other 364 days I spend in my apartment going 'God, what idiots!'"

  37. 37

    Re: guest – My thoughts exactly!
    Re: sumone – (post #21) Totally agree!
    Re: Adam – (post #22) Time for you to "come out of the closet"?
    Re: tessiemae – (post #24) I Think Ewwwww has a point…
    Re: Little – (post #29) There one thing that comes to my mind when I see a photo of this girl: clown face.
    Sooo… this video is not about Perez it's about the Cyrus girl. Most of you morons seemed to have missed that. Thank you Perez for entertaining us. And as Plato said, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Just because you guys don't think Perez is attractive, it doesn't mean the rest of the world thinks so too. And no, I am not gay, and I am a woman so it's not a gay person's point of view.

  38. 38

    i just wish she would return the ring its clearly done and dusted

  39. Herb says – reply to this



  40. 40


  41. 41

    She's an unattractive corny broad.

  42. Bevi says – reply to this


    You washed your hair Perez! Very nice. That pink headband though… well, your hair looks clean and that's a good thing.

  43. swan2906 says – reply to this


    trying waaaay too hard..

  44. 44

    Good god are you ever hideous

  45. steph says – reply to this


    wayyy to hard!!

  46. Chris says – reply to this


    You know I have followed you for many years.. I do like your'e site but I don't agree with a lot of things you say. Its funny you support people when they are doing well but when they fuck up or are having a bad time like Amanda or Britney in the past you are mocking them and putting them down. This is so hypocritical!! For me you really have no room to judge or talk shit. Why cant you just report the news like other sites. Making it funny and interesting is great but when its mean spirited that just shows what kind of person you really are inside. UNHAPPY AND INSECURE!!!

  47. 47

    Re: tessiemae – so you are no better. Don't hate the haters, you just end up eating yourself.

  48. Hailey says – reply to this


    I don't think she's trying to hard, I think she isn't hiding who she really is anymore. She's probably always been this way, but was never allowed to show it being with Disney. Her new song is amazing, and that's all that matters.

  49. Loue2013 says – reply to this


    whether she is trying hard or you call her a whore, ugly etc…You buy the idea…She is winning your ATTENTION…..thank you guys…Go Miley…show off your sexy body, immaculate face and you talents…Let them get pissed off…Ha haha…

  50. 50

    She is trying way to twerking hard. She's at the pathetic stage right now.

  51. debby says – reply to this


    Miley is looking for attention, just like a child. Bad attention, is better than no attention at all.. Grow up , people can't pay attention to you all the time. Be mature, act like an adult. That's probably why your boyfriend broke up with you! And if your sending out messages to your boyfriend (see what your missing) then he's seeing, your willing to show it to everyone… Not good…

  52. Matt says – reply to this


    LISTENING TO PEREZ LITERALLY MAKES MY EARS BLEED. you act like your so fucking perfect PEREZZZZ or should I say MARIO.while you sit on your little pedestal and talk shit about everyone, you make yourself look obnoxious and hypocritical. Even now that your skinny your still utterly repulsive and annoying. Ah, glad I got that out of my system.

  53. 53

    Re: Matt – (post #52) Yeah! I am glad you got it out of your system too. Now you can be quiet and let us enjoy reading Perez's blog in peace. I just need to remind you, it's a gossip blog. Most of the stuff in here is a total bullshit. I enjoy Perez's personality and that's why I come back. Why do you come back and read this stuff (or watch videos) if you so hate it?

  54. Martha says – reply to this


    I think this whole thing is old news, she is trying too hard obviously. I don't believe this is really who she is. Christina wasn't "dirrty" and Miley, in my opinion, CAN be tamed, and she's just trying to turn heads with her tacky ass outfits and crassness because that's the only way she's going to stay famous. The music business calls it "reinventing" I call it bullshit. No one cared about her last album, and she knows she's not going to sell records this time by keeping her tits in her top. People like Miley and Rihanna are disposable, they're entertaining and good at buying good songs and showing their bits and pieces, but those who will last in this business are the ones with talent and longevity, and those who have the courage to stick to it and not put it on the back burner for the sake of shock or fame.

    I know Miley can play guitar and piano and write good music, so can Justin Bieber, that kid is sick at guitar and drums but he's been packaged by bullshit reps and that part of him is gone, and its sad because those are the elements that would have made them last past their 30's.

  55. 55

    yey! your opinion made me so happy! this is my jam too! all the way from Argentina perez! love you!

  56. Redsonja1313 says – reply to this


    If you have to ask the answer is yes

  57. Diana says – reply to this



  58. Britt says – reply to this


    I think she's trying too hard because Liam is done with her and she is
    flaunting what she has to get his attention back. I doubt this will help.

  59. Kara says – reply to this


    She isn't trying to hard. This is who she is as an ARTIST. She works hard, but also likes to have a good time once in awhile. She doesn't care what anyone has to say about her because at the end of the day, it's about the success of her music. Haters are only ones giving her the attention that you don't think she deserves. It doesn't matter if you don't like her because she has millions of fans who support her and her music. Most of the reason why you think she is desperate for attention is the news who looks for anything "shocking", therefore people think she is seeking attention. Miley appreciates her fans and has a good heart. But people only focus on the negative. You can keep on hating, but it's not going to change anything ;)

  60. mileysgirl says – reply to this


    noooo. youre the one who tries to hard. go suck some dick and leave miley alone. youre a low life scumbag living off celebrites. AHAHAHAH LOSER. if i was her id sock you for fun.