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Russell Brand Discusses Cheating On Katy Perry! Did He Finally Confess His Sins?!

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russell brand esquire monogamy difficulties katy perry marriage

Russell Brand, such a delicious enigma!!

Whether or not the British bad-boy cheated on our beloved KatyKat while they were married is still a heated topic of debate, but Russell spoke recently and finally divulged the deets once again skirted the question!

In this month's Esquire, he he admitted monogamy was preferable, but not necessarily likely. He said:

"When I'm in a relationship I'm diligently monogamous and stick to the principles agreed on within that relationship. You've got to, I think."

But what about Katy Perry!?!

Did the Rock of Ages star poke his pencil into another lady's sharpener or was he completely faithful???

Russell continued:

"But it's going to be hard if I go into a monogamous relationship. I live a life where I have a lot of freedom, so if I meet someone and I go, 'Right let's be monogamous', that's a f**king change. But I tried it and I loved it. I really think [Katy's] a lovely beautiful person. It's just hard, isn't it? She's got a lot of options, I've got a lot of options, so you've got to really, really want it."

Uggh! Way to NOT answer the question, Russ!!

We can't imagine why anyone would ever cheat on the magnificent, magnanimous, and mammary-flaunting mother of all things good, Mrs. Katy Perry, but some folks are beyond our comprehension!

Hopefully he eventually finds happiness and monogamy with someone!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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23 comments to “Russell Brand Discusses Cheating On Katy Perry! Did He Finally Confess His Sins?!”

  1. Dana says – reply to this


    OMG, when will people realize that not everybody in this world likes this piece of coloured shit? Now every ex-boyfriend has to public apologize forever for not being able to bear her fucking shit? Let Russell be, he obviously tried to bear someone with big boobs and small brain and he did it for long enough.

  2. lezzie says – reply to this


    He is gross, talentless and married her for her fame and money. He needs to change his smelly, stinky sweaty leather pants, and get his head out of everyone's ass in yoga class.
    She can do sooo much better than that greasy, pseudo spiritualist loser.

  3. 3

    Another misleading headline. If anything, he is saying that he didn't cheat, and just maybe, she did.

  4. 4

    Um, since before they even broke up, there were many rumors about Katy cheating on him. From what I heard, the reason they split was because of her constant partying and because he found out she had cheated on him . I think what he says sort of indicated that's what happened, not the other way around.

  5. canadiangirl says – reply to this


    Uh… FYI. Monogamy does not equal happiness. A LOT of people have open relationships and are 100% happy with that; Perhaps Katy and Russel's ideas of a happy relationship differed but that doesn't mean neither can be happy in different relationships, one a monogamous one, another open.

  6. Rose says – reply to this


    Sounds like she did. With a boy or a girl, or creature.

  7. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – Right you are. She was doing some pretty heavy partying and with some pretty skanky broads.

  8. 8

    Re: lezzie – bitchhecan do better than that big titty brainless bimbo. poor guy must have been starved for intelligent conversation. I mean, once you finished playing with her big baps what left is there to do with her? she cant keep a man thats obvious. meanwhile russell has women falling at his feet because he's intelligent, funny, charismatic and charming. Perry is none of those things!

  9. 9

    AND by all accounts SHE IS THE ONE WHO FUCKING CHEATED BUT RUSSELL HAS BEEN A GENTLEMAN AND NOT RAGGED ON HER! you Perry fans are fukin dumb as a brick and deluded about what she is.

  10. debz says – reply to this


    Re: lezzie – he married her for fame and money??? just because he wasnt well known in america doesnt mean he didnt already have both - hes infamous ffs!

  11. Amerika says – reply to this


    1. I REALLY wish Perez would stop making SO many typos! It's annoying.
    2. The things Russell Brand said in the interview don't even hint that he cheated. Like, at all.
    3. I'm pretty sure your precious Katy (who I actually like) wasn't the perfect wife. She was too busy partying with Rhi Rhi to know what Brand was up to!
    4. This has nothing to do with the story, but what is with Perez' obsession with weed? If there's a celebrity within a million miles that even thinks about smoking, he had an alarm that goes off or something. Please get over it.

  12. vampire22 says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – why would she cheat watch her movie she cryed she saw him as much as she could on tour when she had days off or a few days befor her next show she didnt sleep much not trying to be mean

  13. Tatum says – reply to this


    Re: vampire22 – Im not trying to remove any rosé colored glasses BUT believing ANY movie is beyond silly, in my opinion. Maybe you arent old or cultured enough to understand the industry yet? I also think Russell is an honorable man (with a rugged past, like any living creature) and I also think he politely hinted at OTHER infidelities, not that it's anyone's busines but there's my two cents. As for Kitty Kat Pery, to me, anyone who sells out (lyrically) to anything that is painful to her parents isn't winning in my book - difference in doing something and rubbing it in your parents face :( If a lady can publically do that to her father with no remorse I don't want to even imagine what she could do to her husband.

  14. Tatum says – reply to this


    Re: vampire22 – then again, WHO KNOWS! I don't and I like her as a musician and him as an actor. I like Perez too ;) I'm a lover not a hater BUT there's always 4 sides to a story: his, hers, the medias and the truth =) You might be right? I sure don't know. I do wish everyone peace, healing and forgiveness. Nobody is perfect!!

  15. Immy says – reply to this


    "so you've got to really, really want it." he was referring to really wanting the monogamous relationship with Katy, not referring to really really wanting to cheat.

  16. 16


  17. guest says – reply to this


    If the attraction between two people is not enough it`s not going to work.

  18. 18

    He doesn't have to answer that question, it's none of our business ;)

  19. Redsonja1313 says – reply to this


    He is a considerably older(than her)recovering Drug,alcohol & sex addict. Who takes his sobriety seriously and is a self confessed homebody.. She is a 23 year old pop star w/o addictions and fairly new found fame (when they got married) is it so hard to see why this didn't work out ?? She want to go out and enjoy her fame, he's been there/done that and really can't go with her w/o jeopardizing his sobriety. They should have just dated and lived together.

  20. whateveryou says – reply to this


    I agree with the other posters saying it sounds more like a no . If you're head & heart are totally in it, the person in good looking someone you get along with well, why would you. Most that do that are in bad relationships to start with. Trying to force the relationship to work & of course you can't do that. I don't think a 3rd party broke up their marriage - they both said it was the distance & way too much time away from each other.

  21. Louise says – reply to this


    I think they would have made a quirky boyfriend/girlfriend for a while, but jumping into marriage when they didn't know each other well enough was a mistake. They must have known their work schedules were going to keep them apart and it seems their careers were more imortant to both of them than each other. That's not a criticism, just an observation. I don't think for one minute they cheated on each other, nor has he hinted at that. I think he is referring to general career/life "options".

  22. AMW says – reply to this


    I think he was saying it was hard but he really wanted his marriage and he did not cheat. Wasn't KP hanging with Rob Pattinson the entire time she was married?

  23. pin says – reply to this


    haha when will anyone learn that this man will never be monogamous. find the prostitues he's slept with. before or after they got married. i still find it hard to believe that these celebs still dont get caught out when they all do it. he will always be a cheater coz he cant help himself.