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Uh oh, Biebsy! Looks like you're officially yesterday's news! Selena Gomez has apparently been confirming her newly single status, and while she's trying… Read more…

54 comments to “Selena Gomez Sets Her Eyes On A New Man?! Who Did She Get Flirty With?”

  1. 1

    Selena, it is time you started looking for a man, not another little boy.

  2. samuel says – reply to this


    she really needs to leave all this young boys alone this one is 19 and she is turning 21 does she think this will work..what a joke this boy wants to have fun not get into a relationship

  3. samuel says – reply to this


    Re: samuel – i have lost respect for her after this what the hell does she want with all this small boys ..omg selena pull it together

  4. dan says – reply to this


    annoying girl

  5. uhm please says – reply to this


    its just a year difference! she is not pulling a madonna.

  6. patrick says – reply to this


    slutena hoemez in action

  7. miamiforlife says – reply to this


    maybe she thinks dating younger boys will make her look older, since people are constantly cyber bullying her about only looking 10 years old all the time

  8. tim says – reply to this


    he is 19 and she is turning 21 didnt she learn anything from justin

  9. Dev says – reply to this


    Re: samuel – She is just trying to be nice.

  10. lacy says – reply to this


    after a while i have realised that selena was the one who enjoyed the attention probably 80% of the time. justin is only really in the news if it relates to his music, selena or being stupid and all three have slowly become rare if u think about it…yet she is still in the media

  11. ash says – reply to this


    u know she cant keep playing the victim in all this crap and her fans cant keep trying to defend her because she KNOWS how hollywood, showbiz and the media works she has been in it for a very long time so she can easily avoid all of this if she wanted to. but she doesnt. i mean how many stars her age are not in the media because they dont rely on it as a way of keeping them relevant?

  12. yup says – reply to this


    kind of sick of her sorry. the last straw was the getaway trailer. her career is no longer valid.

  13. heta says – reply to this


    Re: lacy – I disagree, any event he is in gets a worldwide news coverage, with or without Selena. Even when he just sits near a random girl at basketball game.

  14. damie says – reply to this


    They look cute n nice together. i think they should try. And Selena also have a childish face and body so people dont be funny. This guy is perfect for her. They r very similar lookin

  15. emily says – reply to this


    anything she does people start criticizing

  16. Hello says – reply to this


    She's a fame and he's not famous so she is not going to date him

  17. Selena is a slag says – reply to this


    Selena leave George shelley alone what do you think your doing he's 19 how do you think it's going to affect us jcats knowing your flirting with George Shelley . What's wrong with you , why do you keep dating younger guys for you should learn from your mistakes. Leave George alone. You go out with him and all George Shelley fans will hate you. Betta not go out with him

  18. 18

    how old is this kid? he looks like he's 16! Selena, start hanging out with some people your age and take Swift with you! She's another one-Kennedy was 17!

  19. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    Their music sucks, they are wanna-be One Direction try-hards, and they try to make him look like Harry Styles, the all look like girls that it's so scary, my god, what's with Selena and dating girls?

  20. Jake says – reply to this


    You girls are so dramatic. She can do what she wants. For fuck sakes

  21. Lol says – reply to this


    Tbh the union j guy looks like a wax figure. They look so fucking fake

  22. TTFan says – reply to this


    She clearly has a thing for 12 year old girls I see…

  23. TeeJay says – reply to this


    This would be a HORRIBLE choice of a boyfriend, on so many levels. I don't know if that video of her saying to call her was just friendly or she actually wants to date him, but I'm hoping it's just friendly. They don't look good together, AT ALL. Might as well just stick with the Biebs.

  24. 24

    justin was a man but this one is a little kid

  25. Jj says – reply to this


    Why r people criticizing her if she wants to date him she can leave her alone. They r only 1 year apart and I don't hear u guys criticizing Demi Moore or Mariah Carey or taylor swift and they have all dated younger guys and Mariah Carey is married to a younger gut so stop already

  26. Kk says – reply to this


    First of all, Union J SUCKS. They are trying to make it in the biz by biting off ONE DIRECTION's hairstyles and look. 1D is A WHOLE LOT BETTER LOOKING THAN THESE WANNABES. Second , this guy is trying to be a Harry styles lookalike. Advice: Stop while you are ahead. Thirdly, hasn't Selena learned her lesson in dating younger guys?? Oh well if she knows what she's doing, or if she THINKS she knows what she's doing, I say let her at it .

  27. sweetmique says – reply to this


    Well if I was Justin I would let those two low rate celebrities have each other. Selena probably wouldn't be as famous as she is today if it wasn't for her dating Bieber. Neither one is on his level and probably never will be. And this George Shelley kid whoever he is, could never be as fine as Bieber. Just saying!

  28. 28

    Selena's been tainted by Beeber Blood. Tainted for life. Bad for her. Bad for anyone she touches. Beeber Blood is no good and she's been tainted for life. Bad bad bad. Bad Beeber Blood.☻☻☻☻

  29. 29

    SHE SEEMS TO LIKE girly boys

  30. Iz says – reply to this


    Slutlena Hoemez at it again. she needs to fall off the face of the earth already, move along little girl.

  31. kylie25 says – reply to this


    c'mon selena you can do so much better than these lame young pop singers

  32. 32

    im not even sure these guys dont have vaginas

  33. Selenator972 says – reply to this


    She was just being friendly when she said it. The media always exaggerates stuff and of course some people fall for it and other just take the opportunity to talk bad about the celebrity. I'm pretty sure dating is not something in her head right now.

  34. Gala says – reply to this


    She wont date him his not that famous we all know that slut only goes for the famous ones :-/

  35. asdakdj says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous I was really hoping she would go out with Gregg Sulkin or any other real man! Who is a few years older than her!

  36. Amii says – reply to this


    Goodness, did any of you actually watch the video? George has had a crush on her for a while and she was just poking fun. Relax. Not everything is meant in a sexual way.

  37. James says – reply to this


    Where is the video of her saying this??? I cant wait anymore! I need to see it! omg everyone is so selfish no one is posting it or showing a link!!!! post a link guys and now! you better -.- lol

  38. 38

    Re: kylie25 – She can't. No older guy wants her.

  39. 39

    She dates those younger than her because they are the only boys stupid enough. #true

  40. Belle says – reply to this


    Re: sweetmique – When I first saw Justin Beiber I thought he looked like Ellen Degeneres. So Justin is not even that hot.

  41. steph says – reply to this


    shes being friendly!! y'all need to chill!!

  42. amy says – reply to this


    Re: lacy
    um are you joking? Justin Bieber has had so much bad press this last year he is always in the tabloids.
    Meanwhile selena is rarely in it besides stories about justin

  43. ivan says – reply to this


    If he looked like Snoop Dog, he would not be criticized as much if you understand what I am saying. Anyway the media likes sensationalism so they will make a big deal over any story. She was probably just being friendly and even possibly trying to make Justin Jealous. If true, then she was not truthful about wanting to date older guys.

  44. anna says – reply to this


    Re: damie – the way you look has nothing to do with a relationship at all

  45. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: anna – You did not get my point. I am talking about the way some respond to a kid like that calling him girly, gay, etc. This is the typical response toward an good looking young man by guys who would not say that if it were a relatively unattractive kid. They did that to Timberlake and others and continue to do it. I know the psychology behind it.

  46. sweetmique says – reply to this


    This is in reply to Belle, Just because you thought Justin Bieber looked like Ellen DeGeneres doesn't mean that he does. Justin Bieber looks nothing like that woman she has a big hook nose Justin has a cute little nose, he has brown eyes and brown hair. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. They look nothing alike. Your probably saying that because Justin was a pretty boy when he first came out because he was super young. Bottom line Justin looks nothing like Ellen, ewww yeah right! Justin Bieber is fine as hell and he is definitely finer than this Union J singer, whoever he is and 100X richer. People please quit hating on JB he is a respectable successful young man and a lot of people are just jealous.

  47. Skates says – reply to this


    Selena is obviously teasing him after she found out that he has a big crush on her! Lol!

  48. selenatorbitches says – reply to this


    You guys realize that she turn 21 on July 22 and he turn 20 on July 27 so how the fuck is she too old for him she is 20 not 30 not 40 so everybody saying she need to leave boys younger than her need to shut the fuck up cause he is 1 year and 5 days younger not 10 not 20 but 1 year so stop acting like jealous bitches and get the fuck over yourselves cause y'all is nothing compares to her but jealous weak little bitches who wish to be her.

  49. David says – reply to this


    Hope he gets some

  50. David says – reply to this


    She'll have Emblem 3 under her belt before long..

  51. caitlin bieber says – reply to this


    listen here rosebud justin bieber was not a little boy so i wouldnt go there or else you would have a hole bunch of beliebers on your hands. you got me!

  52. 52

    Re: Selena is a slag – she is not a slag a couple years difference who cares its not like she is doing anything wrong. the justin bieber didnt work out. i know. but she wont get hated for dateing a guy she truly loves so all you guys critisising her are just a bunch of saddos who have nothing else to do because you have got nobody who cares about u.# if any one sees this who is on fanpop add me cat_bieber thx

  53. 53

    Re: early modern human – listen here i wouldnt say anything horrible about bieber if i were you cos i know where u live

  54. 54

    He looks like harry styles =/ so why not date him instead of the child