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Bella and Edward are dunzo for good??? Say it ain't so! We're sorry to say, Twihards, but it's starting to sound like we all need to come to terms wit… Read more…

62 comments to “Kristen Stewart Is Throwing In The Towel On Robert Pattinson Reconciliation?! Is This Really The End?”

  1. not likely says – reply to this


    Kristen will always care for Rob. She has too much hurt. He will always care for Kristen but he can't let go of Perry. I think Pattinson's and Perry's lifestyle are more similar. John Mayer being around is just a cover for Pattinson and Perry. I wonder how long it will take for Mayer to walk away and Pattinson will step in and have her sobbing in his arms all over again. Just a repeat. I think they have a need to cry in each others arms. What a bunch of losers. I think they enjoy these roles they play.

  2. 2

    Stop it, Perez.
    You know for a fact that this is a FAKE insider and a FAKE story.

  3. Cindy says – reply to this


    I'm not convinced it IS over….

  4. 4

    Good for Kristen, let go of the dreamy fantasy romance and accept the reality that he will never be able to get over the cheating. She shouldn't be with someone who doesn't want to be with her, plain and simple.

  5. "Z" says – reply to this


    Kristen does not want to be with Rob. she is lovers with Tamra. She has chosen a new life style and Krisbians are going to have to get over it and deal with it

  6. FYI says – reply to this


    Wrong. They are in contact and trying to work through their issues, but they are not rushing anything. They want to make it work. Will they be able to? That is their decision.

  7. Lovely says – reply to this


    She is a lovely girl. She's so very young and has a wonderful road ahead of her. She's learning and blossomimg. He was too old and she too young when they began. There's a big difference in early twenties (which he was) and a sixteen year old (which she was). I think they are both just fine and will have many years of happiness, just possibly not together.

  8. twilight08 says – reply to this


    All Kristen and Robert has to do even if its just a fling type of a relationship with a new possible interest (and not Katy Perry for Robert) ASAP. Kristen and Robert stop all this bar hopping, and the dinner meetings with either her girlfriends and/or his buddies and grab the next person who is showing an interest in the both of you. Letting yourself go by getting to know someone else and their interests. Stop wallowing in the past or you will be destined to keep on repeating it with same person and ending with the very same results. Do us all a favor, move on from the mourning. Get favorable storylines out there in the world about yourselves as positives instead of looking like sadsacks losers.There are more fish in the sea, start casting your nets you two PLEASE !!

  9. you're dumb says – reply to this


    Perez you're really a nasty person. You're loving their breakup because of your creepy crush on Pattinson Too bad he wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole.

  10. 10

    Could she look more awkward in that photo? Ghostly white leg sticking out…not sexy. Time for her to go away…there are no more twihard movies for her to sulk through.

  11. Cindy says – reply to this


    Sorry, Perez, I guess you're out of the loop….

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    She had basically already thrown in the towel by choosing to step out with a director, so this news is kind of anticlimactic, imo.

  13. lulu collazo says – reply to this


    He had everything planned from the beginning. He was waiting for the "right moment" to make his move. He chose his birthday, very clever, so he would play the victim, again… He is a coward, a kid and just goes with the flow, like many ass…….. out there, who are selfish and think of one thing, and one thing only, THEMSELVES.

  14. Lou says – reply to this


    They both need to move on from what became a very unhealthy relationship. After she cheated it was clearly never the same. Rob deserves so much more, he has a very bright future ahead. I wish him the best.

  15. LJA says – reply to this


    Well obviously. he has moved on to Katy Perry. What a mistake. Who breaks up with his girlfriend on his birthday? What a douche

  16. LJS says – reply to this


    Re: Zagg35 – I think its time for you to go away

  17. LJS says – reply to this


    Re: lulu collazo – To be withKkaty Perry? They deserve each other.

  18. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Rob and Kristen both are trying to put this relationship behind them. Let them move on with there lives. It was clear it was over when Rob left her house. Only you fools have been holding out up for them to get back together. They tried that when Kristen cheated. It was too much if a betrayal Rob can forgive he cannot forget.

    You crazies blame Rob wake up it is Kristen's fault and she knows and excepts that so you need to as well. He never should have taken her back in the first place. If Rupert and his wife could not get through the cheating what makes you think Rob and a 22yr old Kristen could. Rob is too old for Kristen and has always has been. They are at to different levels in life. They both will be fine.

  19. SarcasticBimbo says – reply to this


    Re: LJA – Well, at least it wasn't on HER birthday.

  20. sheila says – reply to this


    I thought the last breakup was for real. Now I don't know. There relationship was intense & even if they move on I think that a reconciliation further doen the line is possible. Of course I don't know either of them.

  21. Mimics says – reply to this


    Still hoping, Perez?! LMAO Sorry, Robstens. The "ABOVE" cap answers all of you. This is the end. It's already known. Get real and have a life. This boy deserves to shine. And KSlut stays on his indie world.

  22. Katja says – reply to this


    Re: lulu collazo – You couldn't say it better!!! Totally agree with you!

  23. Katja says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs. Momoa – Rob took Kristen back for the revenge. He waited the right time to leave her…the time when she truly loves him and thinks that everything is good and she is happy. It is clear that he just wanted to heart her. And he has accomplish just that. Also it is clear that Katy Perry has been big part of Rob's life since Kristen cheated. Katy just kept it quiet, while Rob was pretending to be back with Kristen. I think he has been with Katy since the cheating episode. I would not be surprised if Katy and Rob together platted the revenge. It just looks this way. Rob, you and Katy make me sick to my stomach. You two are low life and you deserve each other.

  24. 24

    hes prob already done katy

  25. B B says – reply to this


    Re: Katja – I do agree!!!

  26. Michelle says – reply to this


    I swear you gossip mongering websites would prefer her to be a trainwreck.

  27. 27

    Re: twilight08 – (post #8) Woot! Well said!
    Re: Zagg35 – lol I thought that too! Spray tan (if not natural sun bake) would do her world of good.
    Re: (post #12) @v@ – Dear @v@! You got it in one, luv!
    Re: lulu collazo – (post #13) Yes, this is the ONLY thing that makes me wonder. Something is just NOT right about this timing. I wonder…
    Re: Katja – (post #23) Ouch! If you are right, than I cannot see anyone getting together again. Revenge is nasty. A payback, no mistake here. Premeditated. But so was the smooching with Sanders (or whatever his name is), nasty and premeditated. No mistake there either.
    Re: Michelle – (post #26) A let us gossip in peace will you? :D

  28. 28

    Re: Bella2u – Quite often I was wondering how come I've made mistakes (spelling mistakes :D ) in my posts. I don't usually do that. So, I copied my above post into my docs. Lo and behold! What I have in my docs does NOT look the same as the post above! What is going on? I mean, majority of the text is the same but there are words that are changed! :O Anyone has noticed that too?
    Please explain.

  29. Colleen says – reply to this


    If it wasn't for her - he would be nothing - he is an asshole

  30. tapon39 says – reply to this


    I sure hate to here that. I was so hopeing that they get back together at some point. I guess the love story is really over, so sad.

  31. jbrad says – reply to this


    Re: lulu collazo – Kristen only did what she did because he was having affairs left and right with all of his co-stars, remember when she went to visit him on cosmo set he wasn't there they had to call him back from his date with the producers daughter he had them to put her in his trailer and he pretended like he was signing autographs to keep them away from her, almost busted but she was so young and in love she believed all his lies, but after filming SWATH she wised up and showed him what she could do, and it liked to killed him he was only thinking of her embarrassing him in public, What a Man only thinking of himself and his needs. I don't think he's going to make it alone without someone who will be there to wipe up his BS. Because he certainly can't act he can't let go of the fact people have told him how handsome he is and it show in every movie. For once make a movie without all the making love with your eyes and body because you don't have a good body you have no ass and I keep waiting for those pants to fall off of you. Grow an ASS and some Balls. and MAN UP.

  32. AMW says – reply to this


    I just saw pics of Rob and KP at a concert this past weekend and laughed when I saw that they left through different doors. Why doesn't anyone comment on the fact that Rob and KP have been spotted together for many years. He left Kristen alone to be with KP. Did he just use Kristen to further his career? How sad if that's true! Hopefully Kristen who was just a teen when they met has learned a lot.

  33. me says – reply to this


    I think they belong together and wish them the best.

  34. SJB says – reply to this


    Re: LJA

    Who cheats with a married man–her boss–as she befriends his wife and children? A self-centered asshole.

  35. lmp says – reply to this


    Cindy that's not the most graceful pose of the many shots taken that night, but it's still a pic of one of the two most beautiful legs in HW. Forty years from now it will still be beautiful, because she has the sense to keep it "pasty white" and not damage her skin with a HW tan.

  36. Kate says – reply to this


    Why would anyone want Rob? He's scrawny and girly with that whispy little voice that tells you he is probably lousy in bed. Plus, he is an egomaniac who can't forgive and seems to be completely lacking in self awareness. By all accounts Kristen never slept with Rupert so the fact that Rob was so fired up about whatever happened tells me he huge ego couldn't handle everyone know that someone might have cheated on him. I find this a pretty odd outlook for someone who gets paid to kiss other people on camera… So, Rob gets miffed after the incident, breaks up with Kristen and then takes her back only to make her repeatedly prove herself. Kristen proved herself while Rob was in Australia and then again when he came home and it still wasn't enough for Rob. That tells me that nothing would ever be enough for Rob because the man doesn't know how to forgive and forget and I think he should have known that about himself before he took Kristen back and made her prove herself to him! No woman should want a man who can't forgive and who doesn't know himself. Throw in the fact that Rob is a Momma's Boy who is a tad too fond of the bottle and again I ask, Why would anyone want Rob? Kristen is better off without him! Plus, now that Rob has been with that tramp Katy Perry no one should want Rob until 6 months have passed and he's had blood tests and antibiotics!

  37. kate says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – I'm sure he's done Katy. Katy doesn't know how to keep her legs closed!

  38. Margaret says – reply to this


    I think it was preplanned before he went to NY. He was out partying dancing clubbiing ubbing seeing plays going to concerts all with KP and a few hangers on. He would have kown itwould get back to KS. Maybe he was hoping shed not come to the MET BALL?
    He said timne and again he hates confrontation. Thts probably why hes no freinds.
    Im sure Kristen will have sused it out what really happened and why KP of course.
    It doesnt take Einstein to work it out. Now they are togethe arm in arm At a Concert
    So we can safley say hes as much of a cheater as she was so tit for tat hes had revenge
    Hope its sweet for him. I dont condone what KS did nearly a year ago. BUT he forgave her they got back together she gave up a film she stayed in I htink from view point she did everythng she could to make it work but I cold have told her ENGLISHMEN dont forgive and we English are known for our Vengence. I hope hes happy with KP. NO I mean it WLL OK if you belive that you will belive in faires in yor garden hehehehe

  39. 39

    I hope they make it work. Those two are perfect for each other & Mario needs to get over it.

  40. elise says – reply to this


    He makes me sick. A user who is also a liar. I have no desire to ever see him "act" again. The only reason I ever had interest is I thought he was honest. Now he is sneaking around with KP. Total d-bag..

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: elise – Pssst. If a couple's broken up, and one of them starts dating,
    it's not sneaking around. It's moving on. Then there's the saying that if it has tires or testicles it's gonna give you trouble.

  42. 42

    Re: SJB – (post #34) We are on the same page on this one, SJB.
    Re: pradagirl7 – (post #39) Why do you keep calling Perez "Mario"? Just give it up, will you? The man calls himself Perez on this site. Is that so hard to accept? Why would it matter if the name is real or not? Not much we read here is real so why picking on a name? And, as to the "perfect for each other", I disagree. People perfect for each other wouldn't carry on like these two did. Two cheaters do NOT make a person who believes in fidelity.

  43. 43

    Re: @v@ – ROTFLMAO

  44. Timmy says – reply to this


    Kristen did not throw the towel but she throw rob to the curb! Hahaha pattsy and cakey deserved each other backstabbing cheating liars! Karma will get them!

  45. Caroline says – reply to this


    So what if she cheated!!!!! Get over it already!!!!! So glad she dumped that British asshole.
    Go back to England. You've hurt Kristen enough!!!!!
    And any movies you make Robert this family will not be watching. Your not that great of an actor. If it wasn't for Kristen your career would be over. Your not a good actor.

  46. shania williams says – reply to this


    I think its about time, she does everything she can think of too get him to forgive her for what she did , she did one stupid thing. He needs to get his head out of his ass. SSometimes you have to give up on things you want so bad. If he really loved her he would forgive her if it was him I think kristen would forgive him.but they both do deserves better.

  47. 47

    You mean Perez, you will STOP taliking either one of them about lies. It mean they are at peace finally from you. That is their plans.

  48. Tia says – reply to this


    Kstew is a dirty cheating skanky slut and when all is said and done she and Rupert broke up a family rob was right to move on with his life the twilight movies were based on a book that we all loved Bella and Edward were fictional characters rob and Kirsten are real people and the sooner people get over that the better kstew needs to take a good long look at herself and think about the 2 kids of Rupert's who will always be reminded that their dad cheated with that slut

  49. X says – reply to this


    On Please; Robert and Katyhoe are not in the same place. She's been working and playing Robert. Katy did that to Russell Brand. Oh passing each other in the airport, I wonder where Katyhoe is off to? Please don't be surprised where is heading off to; we know she has to keep working and playing Robert. If she is not there HER FRIENDS will be working and playing him too.

  50. Val says – reply to this


    Kristen needs urgently to change her appearance, she is completely overexposed and we are all sick and tired of her efforts of demanding to be treated different when she continues to act as an inmature teen.
    She needs to change her hair cut and ditch the boring blah bella swan face that we are sick and tired of.. get a short hair cut, dye your hair, change your clothes, you do whatever It takes to help us forget the Kristen bella, the Kristen cheater, the Kristen begger, the Kristen obsessed with Rob, and of course the Kristen home wrecker

  51. hypo says – reply to this


    Kirstn good move to move on. Wipe his phone number off your phone, computer, tablet, whatever. picture piling it all together set it on fire, then picture this bridge burn it also. Now picture that its been only a dream. and move on….I used to move to a different apartment so they couldn't find me(really I couldn't be tempted to find them) It always worked and my mind was free to not wonder about them. know this is hard in your business, but try it. Don't jump into another relationship, especially with anyone you work with… your beautiful, talented and young. Don't let the news people drive you into another relationship where they can make fun of you best of luck and happiness

  52. 52

    Re: Val – (post #51) What a fabulous advise! Well said!

  53. moe says – reply to this


    Have you seen Rob and Kristen post break up? Kristen SMILING, LAUGHING AND HAPPY! Rob still somber and rough looking. What ever happen… Kristen looks like she is happy to be single and free. As for Tamra, Katy assistant. has disappeared. Tamra was the mole, getting Katy information, to break up Rob and Kristen. The second Rob and Kristen break up. Tamra is gone. Kind of makes you wonder who started the fake rumor of Kristen being with Tamra. Katy is low. Rob is a che/ating creep. And Kristen is FREE

  54. AMW says – reply to this


    I was reading old posts and found one from Nikki Reed saying Rob is a storyteller. Also, Michael from the Twi saga said KS and Rob were always on and off. My guess because Rob was always in bars with other women. Rob never wanted to admit they were together and seemed more upset over KS apology than the infamous kiss. I also read KP loves to go after other girls guys. Who knows. But, if pics are true, Rob has been seen looking stoned or drunk for years and KS is seen with friends and coffee. No matter how many times Rob has been seen in bars with women it was always written like this was perfectly normal to be with other women while he was supposed to be with KS. Whatever. IMO, Kristen was played because she fell for him and believed his stories. I think she woke up, and is done. She looks happy because she finally had the courage to end this unhappy relationship . Is it true Rob told other women he was hitting on that he was in an open relationship?

  55. mary gomez says – reply to this


    Re: Colleen

    I was just on youtube and i came across a video with rp in a GAY movie kissing and.
    Having sx with a nother boy. "Little Ashes-Lorc and Daii" cheack it out!

  56. conniecappadonia says – reply to this


    Ii don't thhink its,over they still love each other they both have work they are in conct with each othettheir are so many lies that are printed just to make money off them

  57. toni says – reply to this


    I surely hope Rob and Kristen have ended their relationship and moved on. Kristen is so dishonest and from the start she couldn't be trusted. Rob should have never got involved with her knowing she was dating Michael A. at the time. Sure he regrets it now. Their are to many pictures are Kristen and Rupert up close and personal. If Rob ever needs a recap of why he dumped her, just google images of Kristen and Rupert and there is plenty to feast on.

  58. granny73 says – reply to this


    I was all for them until during the Rp thing one of his mates said Rob would be okay because he was in it for the long run but would never marry her. Also the pen he gave her for birthday was engraved From Rob not Love Rob. Tells it huh he used her.He was nothing until Twlight . Maybe KP will loosen the leash and let him open for him on her next tour

  59. Everly says – reply to this


    I think this relationship is finally over. As much as Rob probably still loves Kristen, he still cannot fully trust her. She blew that big time. Things happen and some couples can make it work, and they already tried once, but I don't think it will happen this time. They both need to move on. I can't picture Kristen in any long term relationship, without either temptation or boredom getting in the way.

  60. terry says – reply to this



  61. Katy P is a SNAKE says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is a SNAKE. She played a major part it the break up of this relationship. She said she did not have sex with him but she made it clear to the world that he wanted to "get busy" with her. She is such a blabbermouth. Then she through the fact that she had boobs in Kristen's face and said that is why everyone thought her and Robbie boy was hooking up. Katy Perry should have distanced herself from Robbie and she did not. She was emotionally attached to him and played with his emotions making him believe that could have something more. He blew it with Kristen to move forward with KP. Katy couldn't take the heat and ran back to JM for cover. She caused the split between them the 2nd time around. She also played Kristen by pretending to be her friend. Katy Perry is snake and a famewhore. She sold both Rob and Kristen to the media to promote her new music. Rob should run back to Katy since that is who he wants and wait for JM to dump her. JM is just a cover she really wants Robbie.

  62. 62

    Fine one stwart