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11 comments to “Hillary Clinton + Twitter = AMAZEBALLZ!!! See Her First Tweet HERE!”

  1. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    There is nothing amazing about her (how much do the Democrats pay this website, it must be substantial). Remember kids, she is going to be SIXTY SIX on her next birthday-older than your parents, probably your grandparents and most of the noblemen in Game of Thrones. Remember she stayed with a serial cheating husband, a strong independent woman would not. She also lied about Benghazi and Vince Foster (go look it up). The Clintons are for some reason worshipped by idiots who think they are so great, because on paper they left a budget surplus (it was only on paper, as it wasn't real, go look it up). Remember her husband decided NOT to go after the World Trade bomber in 1993 and look what happened. He also did nothing about the poor kids killed on the Cole. But that's okay, her plastic surgery looks good and she looks much younger than almost 66. Doesn't she. So she's pretty ugly and always wears pantsuits, who cares. Perez wants you to start thinking she'll win in 2016. If she does, the people of this country are even dumber than they are for voting Obama. The Clintons aren't the great people that paid websites like this one want you to believe. They are morally bankupt bottom feeders.

  2. 2

    Re: UglyMichelle – You're a retard.

  3. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Ok, attempt #2: Wonder how she will react to people tweeting her questions about Benghazi. Ignore or deflect, ’cause she'll never tell the truth.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: WillowWynde – 'What does it matter!'

  5. 5

    "what difference does it make" Hillary Clinton on 4 dead Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens who was raped and drug through the streets. those guys fought for their lives for over 7 hours and NO ONE CAME!. WHO ordered the military to stand down. Mr OBAMA want answer that. there is only one person who can order the military to stand down its the POS in the WH.

  6. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Ugh, it sickens me every time I see that clip of her righteous indignation. Wonder how she sleeps at night.

  7. whhhhhaa says – reply to this


    ..hair icon? lol.

  8. ~jersey~ says – reply to this


    Did you seriously just refer to our Fmr. Sec of State as a baby momma?

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: WillowWynde – I actually do think her remark was taken out of context and used later to refer to things that it didn't . She should have clarified it right away. She doesn't make many mistakes, but that was a bad one.

  10. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – I’m going to have to respectfully disagree, leave it with the fact that she is a very bad person, and was deflecting.

  11. 11

    Re: WillowWynde – read the FULL transcript of the hearing. she was answering (ridiculous) questions re the *talking points* used by Amb. Rice on MTP. (we now know those talking points were provided to Rice directly by CIA which was all that was known at the time)
    Hannity lies to his viewers who he counts on to be too spiteful and/or intellectually lazy to care to fact check both sides and uses the soundbite to back up his bs :\