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Chris Brown Could Face Trial After Allegedly Faking Community Service Hours!

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chris brown community service possible mini trial

While Chris Brown AND his lawyer SWEAR that he did not misreport community service hours, the judge isn't so sure.

Breezy was ordered to complete a number of hours of manual labor in his native Virginia for his probation thanks to the 2009 Rihanna beat down, but during his review yesterday, the judge demanded the singer provide clear evidence of his proper participation OR ELSE.

If the famous troublemaker doesn't resolve the dispute between prosecutors by July 15, the judge WILL call for a mini-trial to determine the R&B star's fate.

We bet RiRi's ex wishes he spent more time scrubbing floors and cleaning the stables now!!!

No word on what will happen to Chris if he is proven guilty of falsifying community service documents, but we're going to assume it will NOT be fun.

Between this and the pending Frank Ocean battery charges, could it be possible that he is in for a taste of his own vicious medicine in the slammer??!

There is no way to tell whether or not he is trying to side step the legal system, but we're certainly happy that this judge isn't giving him any special treatment because of his celeb status.

If only it wasn't such a rarity!!!

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5 comments to “Chris Brown Could Face Trial After Allegedly Faking Community Service Hours!”

  1. 1

    he best hope he dont get a judge like chad johnson had and sees thru his bs! or he will be singing i got sodomized by my cellie!

  2. 2

    No worries, Chris. Even if the courts find that you faked your community service, the Grammys will still let you perform… twice. They've embraced the Jerry Springer theory that train-wrecks sell.

  3. Gabo says – reply to this


    The D.A still cannot prove he faked his papers that's why the Frank Ocean case is being brought up. Are y'all claiming cops in Virginia & others who supervised him are involved in a cover up?? the DA is playing to the public gallery..go look for paedos like Polanski..this is past tedious!!!

  4. Unknown says – reply to this


    Gabo you can't be serious. 'Past tedious'? I don't know about everyone else, but I'm tired of celebrities being treated above the law. It's time these people start taking responsibilty (and accepting adequate punishment) for the crimes they commit. Beating someone to a pulp and then not being held accountable is NOT tedious. The book should have been thrown at him the first time around. I'm with LaughtingOutLoud1…why these networks give continue to give him airtime is beyond me (maybe their afraid he'll beat them up- hahaha)… watch and see his knee jerk reaction to ANYONE that challenges him. He has not learned a damn thing.

  5. ListeningLover says – reply to this


    I am not even trying to get on the CB bandwagon but I must state that he is not that powerful to get a whole county police department to lie for him. People get real, I agree with his lawyers saying the attorney for the state is trying to stonewall this process by making sure Chris Brown doesn't get off of probation. If this was anybody else and not Chris Brown his probation would to over and we would not care what he did to Rihanna. We most definitely don't talk about Charlie Sheen shooting his girlfriend in the arm from the 80's. just leave the damn boy alone he's atoned for his mistakes and so should we.