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Wendy Williams On Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: 'She's Going To Be A Single Mom!'

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Wendy Williams recently came clean about her thoughts on Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Yet, it seems this TV show host wasn’t exactly finished speaking up about famous celebrity couples. This time that unlucky arrow pointed to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Wendy stopped by the Ellen Show this week and exercised only slight caution when discussing the parents-to-be. When asked for her opinion on the very preggo Kim, Wendy ominously said:

“I mean, I’m happy for her. She wanted a baby… I’ve been saying she’s going to be a single mom, and he is going to be a lot to deal with with her.”


Ch-ch-check out the interview (above) and hear it all for yourselves!!

Wendy also warned that anything can happen once Kim and Kanye move in together:

“I don’t think that you find out the fiber of who somebody is until you’re actually living under one roof and sharing space.”

With fifteen years of marriage under her belt and a son to show for it, it seems like Wendy might know a thing or two about relationships.

Let’s just hope, for Kim’s sake, that things end with a happily ever after!

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23 comments to “Wendy Williams On Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: 'She's Going To Be A Single Mom!'”

  1. 1

    Ha! So true. I feel bad Kimy………. Enough about you, because you are going to be a mama.

  2. 2

    Unfortunately, I think Wendy is 100% correct. A guy who near abandons his baby mama during her pregnancy and/or has her flying across the country that late in her pregnancy just to see him, is a sorry excuse for a partner. Something does tell me though, that Kim knew what she was getting into in terms of their relationship, but I hope those mommy instincts kick in HARDCORE for her!

  3. 3

    She picked the wrong brutha to pull the oops trick on. Kanye is not pleased. He doesn't conform so all this "but she's pregnant" shyt don't wash with him. He'll pay the child support but he will publicly dis Kim.

  4. 4

    On another note, for the longest time I thought Wendy was a guy.

  5. Pink Poodle says – reply to this


    Like the rest of the comments, unfortunately, I agree. I think its extremely suspicious and selfish for a man to abandon his pregnant girlfriend.

    He's way to much of a diva and I think Kim doesnt know what she's gotten into. I hope I'm wrong for her and the baby's sake. He just isnt a humble down to earth guy. I wish Kim wouldve been patien and taken her time after the divorce.

    Side Note: Is it me or is Ellen making it super obvious that she doesnt care for Wendy Williams. Her face look so serious when Wendy is being playful.

  6. 6

    Ellen does not like her.

  7. Incredible! says – reply to this


    Re: amazingman – I got the same vibe from Ellen as well. I don't think Ellen liked that she was basically gossiping. At one point Ellen asked her if she knew them. The transvestite kind of hesitated then she mumbled that she's met them. So Ellen realized that she was talking out of her blow hole. By Ellen posing that question only validated that "Windy" was just making shit up. Ellen is a really nice person and does not tolerate this hateful behavior. I think "windy" was talking irresponsibly about a situation she is not nor will ever be privy to. It's going to be interesting when Momma Jenner starts her show on the same station"Windy's" show is on.

  8. J says – reply to this


    You guys make me laugh.. Wendy is a tranvestite? Yet Ellen looks like a butch guy and she sleeps with a woman or whatever you ppl call it (married). I have never liked Ellen and she wasn't very gracious with Wendy. Ellen almost seemed to be on the defense for Kim, but her job should be to stay neutral. Wendy knows her stuff and made good points n has met them both. Needless to say most woman share Wendy's opinion. Tired of these LA based shows acting like their team Kim despite the facts. Love her or hate her Wendy speaks the truth even down to her thyroid issue

  9. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Think Wendy is right. Never watched her and only saw Ellen show 2-3 times so I have no ax to grind here.

  10. 10

    I hate how Ellens dumbass audience went silent when Wendy spoke the truth. I'm glad Wendy said it out loud that kim is going to be a siungle mom. I've been trying to blast that shit for at least two months and all i hear are crickets too. I know people pretend not to hear me, but they cannot pretend not to hear Wendy Williams. tell it on the mountain!

  11. fedup says – reply to this


    I think the only people that wish this horrible statement to be true are jealous haters. I'm glad Ellen put her on the spot. Wendy should not have carte blanche to run her mouth without any facts to back it up. That was irresponsible. The audience was silent because they were not used to having a loud mouth gossiper just get up their and spew mean speculation about a pregnant woman. Why would Kim and Kanye buy an 11 million dollar home when she's going to be a "single" mom. Why would Kanye sell his La and NYC homes when he's not going to be around for Kim and his daughter? Haters how about you take a seat and stfu!!!

  12. amari says – reply to this


    i never thought about this but she right,one day kim will end up being a single mom and she can be talking since she been married for 19 yrs alot longer than all kim's marrieges

  13. riisey007 says – reply to this


    Wendy big manly butt was all pissy when people were confronting her about being a man but she feels just fine talking crap she doesn't know about other people. Kanye new song where he says he is gonna start talking and airing things out, it seems he knows a lot about some people he has kept quiet about. I hope Wendy is one of them. He also states he is moving his little family out of the Country for a reason. I prefer to hear things from Kanye himself. He loves Kim and his baby. So what Kim has made mistake haven't we all? I wish them peace!!

  14. Da phenixx says – reply to this


    Ohhhhhh my goddddd!!!! I wanna thank you for your comment hunny!!! I coudnt of said better!!Well ok i could of put you put the woerds better… However, I will say I cant stand when someone is runnin their mouth like they are in the same household and can witness what the hell is goin on in their freakn house!!!! Seriously Wendy have several seats and you irritatin me now!!!!!!

  15. val says – reply to this


    I love Wendy for she says the truth when others don't. And I like her better than any other talk show including Ellen who seems to want to dress more and more like a guy and now looks worse than ever.

  16. cindycindylouwho says – reply to this


    Wendy you are one honest, fierce-looking lady. So tactfully done about the K & K situation. Kim asked Kanye to get pregnant for ratings, to get sympathy about her contrived and fraudulent wedding, and for Kanye to hang onto the hangers in his very dark and nasty closet. He so gay, I hear a Liberace everytime he sings. He has no interest in the Daddy scene. I am so over the Kardashians. Don't watch and never will again.

  17. Lola says – reply to this


    Yes Ellen is a nice lady and felt uncomfy blasting gossipy shit on her show but whatever. She is being polite. Yes Wendy is loud and bossy but the lady legit said what's up on tv. I'm sick of always hearing people beat around the bush.

    It's obvious kim and kanye signed a contract to have this baby. Folks, Kim's and many other lame celebs' to do lists are contracts. Don't tell me celebs working in the industry for years all of a sudden realize they are in love. She is aging and no one actual wants to marry her sorry slutty butt so she found yet another dumbass rich rapper/ athlete whatever and agreed to have their baby. If there is a marriage it will only be so that when the contract ends they set a new blast out to divorce so that the tabloids will continue to feed news on her. It's calleda business and her business is media. If she did her own thing and stayed out of media coverage and reality tv, her inome would take a big plunge duh.

    Quit whining yall itsnot like Wendy is wishing death on her or something lol she is just stating what she feels of their so called (contracted) "relationship"

  18. Lola says – reply to this


    We all know kim k will end up like her momma…..injected pork face with a soggy old fart husband that is chained to her p***y lol.
    And she'll have children from multiple men and have them turn a sexy profit.
    Chip off the old block lol.
    I hate when people say "but you don't know her/him!" Let's take the dumbass Zionist brainwashed media glasses off for a quick sec and get real.

  19. Amelia says – reply to this


    Re: Incredible! – But Ellen was asking the questions. So if she thought that Wendy was gossiping then she shouldn't have asked gossiping questions

  20. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    All he needs to do is make a mess somewhere in the house or leave a towel on the floor, and his ass is grass. She'll throw a hissy fit heard round the world.

  21. lifeisrainbows&daisies says – reply to this


    OMG! that was BEYOND awkward to watch. Ellen made no attempt to make Wendy feel comfortable. If she doesn't like her or feel that she is too opinionated then don't invite her to the show, simple! Contrary to what most people are saying, I think the audience reacted better to Wendy than Ellen did. She had to run that show basically generating her own energy because Ellen was definitely not bouncing off any good vibes. We'll see if Wendy is right, too bad Ellen is always too much of a coward to express how she feels in fear of backlash.

  22. 22

    maybe shes better off than being someone to circle his massive nucleus at least her family as effed up as they seem cares about her

  23. jules says – reply to this


    I agree with Wendy on everything except the moving in together. I don't believe there is no way Kanye is taking it that far. He is not moving in with Kim and definitely not moving into Kris Jenner's place. Kim will be luck if he's there for the delivery but moving into Kris Jenner with those cameras. Never happening. If he moves into Kim's house, Kanye will be so absent it will be just like he doesn't live there. To me Kim wanted to pretend that Kanye and her are in a committed relationship and they really aren't. A baby doesn't make their relationship committed. They each are only committed to the baby not each other.