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Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus Caught Doing Some Serious Flirting In A Nightclub!

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Is something going on between Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus?!

The evidence is piling up!

First Mileybird was spotted at Justin's recording studio, then the Biebs was spotted taking his conspicuously leopard-printed Audi to Miley's place!

This time the possible couple was spotted getting their flirt on at a Hollywood hotspot in the wee hours of Sunday morning. From what we hear, the two got along famously!


Now we were wondering before if they were making beautiful music together or just making beautiful music together, but something tells us they weren't working on their next single at 2 AM!

More like they were enjoying being single??

Maybe Selena Gomez was right to be jealous!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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56 comments to “Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus Caught Doing Some Serious Flirting In A Nightclub!”

  1. 1

    THE HAT. PLEASE STOP. That is all.

  2. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    OMG…this is sick ! He lookls like a lesbian, and she looks like a gay 12 year-old boy ! If they were to mate, their offspring would look like Pee Wee Herman ! They are prolly getting together to do drugs……

  3. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Hannah Montannah rid'n the Biebs ! Ewwwwwr ! Just had a 'visual' ! Y U C K !

  4. 4

    I HIGHLY doubt that they were flirting or are having any sort of relationship. Both of them are fresh our of a break up, and I can't see Justin doing that to Selena, plus she is no way his type. Miley looks, no offence, but kind of like a lesbian, and Justin goes for the more feminine girls. I think that as a friendship though, Justin and Miley is great. Both of them are going through the same things (fame at a young age, dealing with fans, media, and a mutual hatred for paparazzi), and it's great for Justin to have somebody to relate to.

  5. kali says – reply to this


    When he was good boy ….. he was dating a princess ( Selena )
    Now He is a bitch …. He is dating a whore

  6. Whoop says – reply to this


    If It's true, It might be an upgrade for Justin but a DAMN DOWNGRADE for Miley!!! From Liam to Justin …….. really?

  7. fid says – reply to this


    Re: kali – What is your definition of a whore exactly? Doesn't seem like she's slept around, she's been dating the same guy for the last several years. I'm sure you've blown more guys in your lifetime.

  8. 8

    Two over entitled little bitches that most ppl wish that they would just go away and stay away. Both are just trash and come from trash.

  9. LillyAnn says – reply to this


    Re: kali – For your information you idiot she kept a man for 4 years and was engaged, that means she is a good girl you know, Selena (princess ) dated boys before him for fame, just like him too so now she got what she wanted so she dumped him. Miley is not a slut, just because she grew up doesn't make her a slut, at least she doesn't date people for fame and disses them on tv , is immature and pathetic. Miley is way better ,talented and successful than Selena :)

  10. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: secretstar – Seriously my friend? He'll wear HIS hat however the fuck he wants, just back off this kid already , Gosh you pathetic idiots will find ANYTHING to brag around what Bieber does so you can hate on the kid, just fuck off already, milions wear hats like that, it's none of your damn business if you don't like it just ignore it. Damn, I swear ya'll sound like you're 13 and retarded.

  11. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: goldenyearsgal – yet you're here reading about them on article of them hanging out, gtfo :D

  12. Ryan says – reply to this


    Well I actually think they're good together, Miley seems to be too immature for a man like Liam and needs a younger one who can party and mess around with her, Just like Bieber he is too young for Selena and she expects way too much from a boy like him who wants to have fun, but they're also friends since 2009 and they just went out together, they also most likely have a new song together so yeah, doesn't mean they were flirting !

  13. Vickie says – reply to this


    HES MINE!!!!!!!!

  14. Fazza says – reply to this


    Two recording artist go to a recording studio, obviously to have sex! I mean what else could two recording artists be doing in a studio other than having sex?? It's not like recording artist record music in a recording studio! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!! What is the world now?

  15. ailee says – reply to this


    him alone just hanging with miley will piss selena off like a lot. we all know that she easily gets jealous remember the barbara palvin incident? shes a big fan of justin not to mention a VS model who is stunning. selena quickly tweeted a pic of barbara and justin with the writing "…" meaning that he probably said that he doesnt know her that well or didnt hang with her and she got into a bitch fit. i adore selena but ive lost interest over the past year because she just doesnt seem as nice not to mention stuck in this fantasy of how she should be treated like a princess.

  16. Kathleen says – reply to this


    hi we like them so cool Justin bieber and miley Cyrus

  17. xander says – reply to this


    Re: ailee – Well Selena is a bitch lately, also Bieber is single she dumped his ass again so he can do whatever the fuck he wants, he will go out with girls and party like single guys do, she doesn't own him or is married to him or something. She believes she deserves to be treated like a princess yet she treats others like shit as soon as she gets bored of them, fake sweetheart image is fading away if you pay some attention.

  18. Racquel says – reply to this


    What happened to the other photo?

  19. Racquel says – reply to this


    If they need to hide their psychos along with that their frauds, I would proceed with caution. The group they belonged to thinks it's cute they took a field trip yet with our world in such uproar in National Security and Boarder Protections and so on and thus forth the change was a bad call. So It's on, He's che4ap and cheapning

  20. LoveSelenaJUstinSTOPPP says – reply to this


    Re: xander
    I have a feeling Justin cheated on her and that's why they,ve been so on and off.
    It's so mean of him is he's hooking up with Miley, selena + miley + nick jonas, remember that hate love triangle :( It's like Miley,s revenge and Justin's douch move… so sad!

  21. belieber says – reply to this


    they are just friends, miley is a good person for justin im glad they are friends and i wouldnt mind a couple tho

  22. Gag says – reply to this


    He will get STD from her and die soon. :)

  23. OneEyeJim says – reply to this


    Re: Racquel
    Can you repeat that in ENGLISH

  24. Racquel says – reply to this


    Now what does that mean, I don't argue yet I smell a fat rat. I want him out. Now Jerry Sandusky and forever tasteless in my mind eww yuck and I have an strange feeling that the connection was Holy Canoli in Seattle Washington and Larry Blick Blick Dawes. Smh nasty :) I felt naked for the first time.

    I thiunk, thought that in 2012 they, the girls ruined my school year to put Jerry Sandusky in jail and I pray this is not about Quentin because with tasteless as they come so do the old mansions and someones wrongful imprisonment. Look and coming back from Ocean City with Alexander and Mike last year we stopped in Bowie for an rest stop with his son Elan or Alan whatever it is so out of curiosity what are you saying, aliba or ariba or arabic because as an child that's all I had, He got an Town House and a Mansion for his mother and because of the stupid decisions he made we couldn't get married, I told him stop talking to the dirty girls and the black girls that ruined his life and the white black girls are all the same and just alike, I'm glad I'd rather date a cow or grass , yet when they move out of my way be it court , life what have you I will be minding mines as well as….

  25. belieber says – reply to this


    u should back off justin just cause he went out to a club with miley does not meen theyre dating and if they are so every human has the right to date who they want

  26. Chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Racquel – What the ??? 's up with the mumbo-jambo?

  27. ivan says – reply to this


    I can't believe how dumb the usual haters of Justin Bieber are. I could write an essay showing that. These is no proof he ever cheated on Selena. Besides, he treated her like a princess if you bother to check. Their breakups had to do with trust issues and the fact she probably does not like a few of his friends. They both probably are jealous types who suspected the other of fooling around. The media did not help with their stories involving his being seen with some girls particularly one in London that actually had a boyfriend. She was just a fan and friend.

  28. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Racquel – I get the feeling he is getting over Selena. He is single, he could date whoever he wants, so can she. By the way, when is the stupid idea he looks gay or lesbian going to end? Some lesbians may look like him, not the other way around. Are not some of them trying to look like guys. Maybe some of you haters look like dogs so you have to put him down.

  29. Suzanne Smith says – reply to this


    Re: kali – Could you BE any more naive!!! Honestly some of you Justin & Selena fans are children! Miley has more in common with him than Selena ever did! Justin is a bad boy and Miley is exactly what he needs; if only for a night OR even just as friends. Time you accepted reality and accepted that Justin wants to live on the wild side. JUstin wasn't giving Selena what she wants which is someone to kiss her ass and put her on a pedistal. JB's not gonna do that sweetheart! Have some fun Justin; hit it!

  30. Racquelpart says – reply to this


    In English why ask Jackie Robinsons Rachel why she shouldn't at 24 and Katherine , please. Try again. I said Justin Beiber blew it. The Boss of Who? With none of my real typing seeming to post I would say you all get stuck in Italian bathrooms from time to timeto.

    Confidant says trust me it's ok to approach her in that mannerism she's just so accommodating, ok sir. Christ loves you Good night

  31. Michelle says – reply to this


    so just because Miley and Justin left the place together so do you think they had sex? -. - How old are you, you can hang out as buddies

  32. Racquelpart says – reply to this


    I am tired, I will post what happened and my exact thoughts later, this is not enabling you do not be confused it's intruding on my rest.

  33. Betsy says – reply to this


    So what if they are flirting or not?! What makes u think u have a right to judge them? Its not like u know them personally. They're musicians so focus on their music not their personal life. And if u don't like them just shut up. Just imagine how it feels to be judged everyday. Instead of hating on them go and do something useful for this world. Instead of giving up,fight for the world u dream of to see. Leave these people alone! They can do whatever they want. I'll say it again, u have no right to judge them or call them all those inapropriate names. Give them a break!!! They'll explain when they want.

  34. 34

    hey they both are lesbians. i say go for it.

  35. rb says – reply to this


    So this means the girl on the rollercoaster ride with him is part of his team, because she would have been with him at the Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. So let’s put that rumor that he has a new girlfriend to rest. Miley and Justin are long time friends and are going through the same issues with their relationships. They are not holding hands, or kissing. Don’t start a new rumor!! Selena is the one doing the break-ups. She is causing her own issues with Justin. They should just go ahead and get married. First it was Justin being mean to her? Then it’s his maturity? Justin is on a downward spiral? Justin cheated?

  36. Lakshmi says – reply to this


    Oh Yuck ! Please don't do that !
    She is a jerk and she dates only popular people like u :( :(

  37. mzdom says – reply to this


    just because 2 people hang out doesn't mean they are flirting or theres more to it! + I doubt they are each others types! stop being so nosy and instigating!

  38. Ashley says – reply to this


    Dam smh you hate on her and call her a slut all cause she with justin when she had Liam for . 4 fucking years omg she hoe , umm no she not and what to you that if you goes out with justin that them that has nothing to do with us . If they wanna date let who are we to say she can't date him -____- smh

  39. Belieber says – reply to this


    Idiots. They're friends. Miley is engaged and she isn't a slut like Taylor Swift. Leave them the frig alone!

  40. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This HILLBILLY WHORE sleeps with anyone with pants…….cuzins included ! Woof !

  41. Jj says – reply to this


    They should be together because they r both screw ups fucks and stupid idiots. Justin doesn't deserve a girl like Selena she way to good for him and Miley she's just plain stupid and Selena is way more talented then her

  42. Therealdemilovato says – reply to this


    They are not together miley is almost married come on guys u know better

  43. Miley Cyrus says – reply to this


    Hey guy I would just like to tell you Justin and I are not together. I promise you that. ~miley

  44. Racquel says – reply to this


    Just like I told the Duke of Cambridge not marry Katherine, and I hope he didm't do it for me; Just like I told My old security officer not to marry Shauna it 2months of my up to date 2013 information to realize what I didn't know from the past yet I sensed it, She was white, had a church her and her entire family is German with spanish hostages and she brought all of the blacks with her including those in the stars, not impressed…The number you have dialed has been disconnected…Please Try Again

  45. Racquel says – reply to this


    Also Justin Beibers- Baby is the Las Vegas styled layout for what happened this morning when he was with her , I'm still watching to he movie Congo and Amy was all in the Congo news so I will continue it and see what kind of conclusion I come to , All blacks are out of the question so whats the answer and yes Ryan he is too young and I don't team with girls. The weird thing is something at 15:34 and paused gives me the Heebie Geebies about that black guy in the film it's as if he really does that , whats in the movie the (Monkey signify sex trade) and Kidnapping ewwwwl…

  46. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Oh, Um…Miley, dear. No one really gives a sh*t. Thanks, tho' !

  47. 47

    I can'tebe live what Justin Berber did do Selena Gomez I fell so bad for her

  48. 48

    U go girl no one likes Miley anyway and her new hair cut eww I

  49. 49


  50. Racquel says – reply to this


    And while were on the subject , He can marry Cressida, I told Prince Harry not to [Dejavu'] her family is all the same just like Kate's Ms-13ner's violent and the Red and Black mob filled with black people, so if that is the kind of life he wants then let him do that, I hate premonitions and psychic ability but you know what the truth is the truth and since a child I have never been wrong. my typo changer said Creaminess just not Bailys Flavored Irish Cream :D Which was changed to Spell Chasnger

  51. Racquel says – reply to this


    Who is Jimmie Dimmick ? in Pulp Fiction and why are Harry's Hits that and Grease
    Pulp Fiction (1994)
    Pulp Fiction
    Saturday Night Fever (1977)
    Saturday Night Fever
    Savages (2012)
    Hairspray (2007)
    2007 and John Travolta including me My college was Grease 2. And believe me everyone! :D :) :* Let's go Maryland and Perez I don't blame you for living in California! lol :]

  52. jelena forever says – reply to this


    they really do not fit together miley cyrus is a bitch

  53. ok_then says – reply to this


    The funny thing is about all this speculation surrounding Miley & Justin is that their own fans think their pairing is a great idea. Justin's fans like Miley over Selena. Miley's fans would go crazy if she hooked up with Justin. A PR dream come true for both sides. I think he would be a perfect match for her, Liam seems a bit too straight laced for wild Miley. And Justin is heading towards that rebellious stage. We shall see I guess what happens.

  54. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Suzanne Smith – He totally should. She could teach him about how to handle fame at an young age, considering she went through it. Plus she is almost as rich as he is so she wouldn't be after his fortune or use him to further her own career. Both their fan bases would love to see them together.

  55. Racquel says – reply to this


    I just finished watching Ryan's Daughter and Precious, The movie of course and I am shocked and appalled at how much I could relate between the two movies put together in separate sets through conversation, actions and place settings, the shock and awe comes from the fact that so many people want to be gangsters and they do it so classically with, conversations, winks, well mannered tones and fashion , yet why is the hustle that the girl in this movie said my middle name, and where are we headed? And why do the ladies in the movies look like Super Stars from Stardom, such as Beyonce, read an mouth say Oprah and saw Lady Saw in it, a few other characters and faces and Perez ironically enough Mariah Carey's daughter and the daughter she held in her hand with the special abilities need in this movie resembled on of my greats an white guy that puts any black guy to shame in his fashion and street culture and business class not to mention me and the family both love pretzels with mustard and mayonnaise lol with Extra salt. The point is on our secret mission on campus to save Rachel this little child shows up in an movie looking just like him yet it is a girl, Hmmn. and yes I am all girl and Perez , I still want to hold you , You need love while cleaning up your fan base to an more conversationalist and deep freethinkers I have realized this. :) Her head band was pink and all I could think of was you, and some secret about springs and coiled ones.

  56. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Racquel – Raquel: Shhh listen to the nice voices in your head saying it's time to take your meds!